"Ah! Kurokocchi~!" An annoying voice resonates in my ear interrupting my peace. "What are you doing here?"

I looked up and saw Kise was taking a seat in front of me. Not that I mind. I continue to sip on my vanilla milkshake and subconciously eating up the man in front of me with my eyes.

"Ne, ne, Kurokocchi. How have you been doing? Man it's been such a long time since we last hang out together~" The blonde continue to ramble up nonsense whatnot. "Nee~ Kurokocchi do you have someone now? Is it Kagamicchi?"

The phantom player almost spurt out the content in his mouth when he heard the last two questions from the blonde. Thank god he didn't or he would just embarrass himself and make the blonde dirty of the shake.

Instead he choked and started having coughing fit. Kise panicked and got up from his original seat and went next to Kuroko, patting his back and apologizing furiously. When the Kuroko finally calmed down Kise remained next to Kuroko.

"I'm so sorry Kurokocchi. I didn't mean to butt in your bussiness." The blonde cried comically and wrapped his arms around the teal-haired boy.

"I don't have anyone of interest, Kise-kun." Kuroko answered his previous question. "Please let go of me. You're making me feel uncomfortable." Kuroko said in his usual poker face.

"Kurokocchi~ so mean~"

"Why do you ask me such question Kise-kun?" Kuroko asked without further ado.

"Mou, so straightforward. Because I still like Kurokocchi~" The blonde declared easily and happily yet still staring into those beautiful soulful soft baby blue eyes expecting a discomfort or a flinch.

Instead what he received was shock and a glimmer of hope which send his heart running 1000 miles per hour.

"Is that so.." Kuroko said rather quietly. "What happened to the…girl?"

"She's not Kurokocchi. You don't hate me right, Kurokocchi?" Kise voiced out his worries.

Kuroko looked directly at Kise and he saw something rather unexpected. A small smile seems to be ghosted over his lips. "I could never hate Kise-kun." Thump. Then he resumed back to drinking his shake. "Or the other Kiseko no Sedai for that matter."

"Kurokocchi~ so mean~"

"What do you mean, Kise-kun?"

"You always say something that makes me nervous but the next second you'll add something that makes me really down." The blonde pouted.

"I see. My apologies then." Kuroko nodded. "So what makes you come here, Kise-kun?"

"Ah! That reminds me. Kurokocchi, you have to help me!" The blonde pleaded. "My modelling partner cancelled at the last minutes. Can you replace him, Kurokocchi? Please." Kise-kun grabbed Kuroko's and looked at him with puppy eyes and Kuroko could even see imaginary puppy ears.

"No." Kuroko rejected down flat.

Kise-kun continued to cried comically. "I'll buy you vanilla milkshake half a year worth." He tried persuading Kuroko again.

"Okay." Kuroko replied, deadpanned.

"Really? You will? Kurokocchi~ thanks so much."

"Stop clinging unto me Kise-kun. It's rather irritating."

"Uwaah, you don't have to be so honest."

"Managercchi. I found someone to fill in the other models absence." Kise-kun yelled loudly as they arrived on set and spotted his manager.

"Hmm? That's good news Ryouta. But where is he? We need to get started now." The manager's eyes seems to be fleeting to every corner not noticing Kuroko standing right in front of her until...


"Huh? Eh? AHHH!" The manager was confused first then shocked kicked in.

"I'm Kuroko Tetsuya. Kise-kun bribed me into this." The tealhead said.

"Eh..ah..alright. You seem perfect for the job." The manager said trying to calm herself down. "Has Ryouta told you what the shooting was specifically about?"

Kuroko shaked his head. Kise was already gone as he was dragged by the make-up artist a few minutes ago to get everything done to follow their schedule. The manager sighed.

"Well the shooting is specifically for a yaoi novel cover requested by one of Kise's fan who is also a surprisingly famous author of BL stories. It is mostly about a male teacher falling in love with a male student in a class he is teaching. In this shoot Kise would act as the teacher and you will act as the student. Seeing that you're already in a student getup or your school uniform I don't think we need to do much to alter you. Kise should be ready in a few minutes." The manager filled in Kuroko of every possible thing using littlest words possible.

Kuroko's face was blank. Not that it isn't before but this time his mind is also blank.

Then Kise appeared and Kuroko looked and Kise from head to toe. Kise as a teacher definitely suits. In a casual black slack pants, a white button up white shirt, a black casual jacket and lastly a spectacle giving the aura of wisdom.

"Kurokocchi~ why aren't you in your getup yet?" The blonde said.

"Your manager said this would be find. And I doubt it'll be easy to find a clothe my size." Kuroko mumbled.

"Ryouta, unbutton a few of the top buttons, this is not shounen-ai but yaoi. You at least need to look seductive. And don't tuck in your shirt." The manager made a few alterations regarding Kise's appearance before informing to the photographer that everything was set.

"Alright, we're going to start the shooting now. Those not involved step aside, crews stand your stations, Kise and...where's your partner Kise?" The photographer snapped.

"Um...I'm Kuroko Tetsuya. Kise-kun's partner." Kuroko speaked up.

"...Kyaah! Where did you come from?" The photographer asked and the crew members eyes were wide. They didn't notice his presence at all.

"I was here with Kise-kun all along." Kuroko replied seemingly a bit irritated.

"..." The photographer was silent when out of nowhere she "Kyaa! Kise you've brought such an adorable uke as your partner to replace that other bastard of a model." She squealed.

Everyone sweatdropped at her whilst Kuroko remained impassive.

Kise and Kuroko stepped on the set which was a classroom setting. Well it is a classroom originally but was borrowed by the company for the shooting. The photographer started to snapped out her instructions rather happily.

"Alright, Kise-kun. We need you to look as sensual as you can and Kuroko keep up the poker face. Kise pushed Kuroko's back against the blackboard and trap him in between your arms and close in the distance between you to. No..not that close. Out of kissing distance Kise!"

Kuroko just went with the photographer's request but to say that he wasn't nervous was an obvious blatant lie. Kise was happy to be modeling in a photograph shoot with his beloved Kurokocchi. If this came out successful then their picture would definitely be published on the books cover.

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