Okay so this is actually another chapter of Ch26. I originally wrote this one first before the other one. I was facing a huge writer's block when out of nowhere a plot bunny jumped out of its hole so I seized it but it was literally different than the original chpater 26 so I wrote another version. You guys don't really have to read this...I just think It's a waste to not post it when I've completed the chapter even though I ended up writing another chapter.

"Kise-kun…don't hate me." Kuroko uttered when Kise was about to took off Kuroko's turtleneck light sweater.

Kise stopped his movements, his fingers caressed the tealhead's cheeks lightly. "Why would you say that, Kurokocchi. You should know I will always love you, nee~" The fingers that softly caressed the smooth cheeks lay flat on the bluenette's chest and fly to the hem of Kuroko's shirt back again. "No matter what, my heart belongs to Kurokocchi~" Somehow the tone seems a bit sad. Kise pushed up the black cloth to expose the tender skin.

He touched every single kiss marks lightly and hovered above the bruises, Kise pushed the shirt above Kuroko's head throw it to the side. There was a number of bruises on Kuroko's wrist, arms and his shoulder blades were covered with red crescent marks. Kuroko's nipples were darkened into red as if they were repetitively and continuously abused.

"But you have a fiancée." Kuroko stated, his voice croaked.

"Yes." Kise answered with a single word, guilt dripped.

"Why?" He asked a single question that can create so many answers.

The blonde wrapped his long arms around the bluenette's small body gently, his gaze kept on the tainted pale skin. "My father made a contract. To save his wretched company on the edge of bankruptcy. If he didn't pay the amount he borrowed from Katsuki co. in 2 years then they will have a merger between companies." There was a long pause. "Though I made me and her relationship official….when you rejected me."

Kuroko's eyes widened by a fraction ."She's that girl. The one that looked like me."

Kise gave a sigh. "Yes, I said to her that if she wants to date me she must make a few changes on herself." Kuroko quieted, Kise continued to inspect the hickeys all over the upper body parts."So many." His voice was almost inaudible. "Did it felt good, Kurokocchi?" He traced over a bruise, Kuroko hissed.


"Did you like it?"


Kissing the redden nipples lightly he continues questioning. "How many..times..did he.." Kise can't continue his question, just hoping that Kuroko will know what he meant.

The phantom player jolted. "I don't know." Wincing he continued. "I can't….count…"

The blonde hummed, he continued to kiss the boy's skin focusing on the hickeys scattered. Giving feverent kisses and slight licking on the navel lines the model stopped when neared the hem of Kuroko's pants. He slide his fingers under the pants at the side pushed it down slowly, so slow as if dreading something. Kise felt a sad smirk decorating his face. True that he dreaded to see more kiss marks all over the milky legs and purple bruises at some parts but he was prepared for it.

"Kurokocchi…" Kise whispered to himself mostly.

There were still some blood and cum stains in between the 'phantom' inner thigh. Spreading the pale legs apart Kise saw a small tear at the small ring muscles of Kuroko's butthole. He flipped the fragile male around and make him stand on all fours with ass stick out to his face.

Akashi had been rough with his Kurokocchi, and obsessed. In his mind Kise pictured a fragile angel being defiled by a cruel demon with unquenchable sexual desire.


"What is it Kurokocchi, hmm~?" His forefinger tracing along the curving spine down to the crevice of the small, round ass.

"I…don't want to do it."

Kise pushed his forefinger in a swift motion inside the abused hole. "Eh~? But I want to, Kurokocchi."

"Ah!.." The bluenette gasped, his saliva drooled.

Kise was being careful as to not hurt the writhing bluenette and open the tear causing him to bleed. Though Kise was sure he wouldn't be able to stretch the bluenette without causing the slight tear to open up again. Well if he can't enter the bluenette it is still fine, there is another way to continue this afterall, the bluenette can enter him. But before that he wants to touch his Kurokocchi first. His finger dug itself deeper, wriggling and curling to search for that sweet spot.

"Kise-kun…..please." Kuroko begged again, though he himself was hard and aching for Kise's cock to just ram into him.

"I'll rape you if I have to, Kurokocchi." Kise threatened. His forefinger continued to delve itself inside, searching every corner of the tiny hole. "Tell me Kurokocchi…how many days he had you in his…posession?"

Kuroko paused his pitifully begging to think about the answer. "From the day you were absent." Kuroko answered quietly, that makes it more than a week almost a fortnight actually.

The model hissed, twisting his finger around. Kuroko suddenly jerked "Ngh!.." Kise knew that he had found the bluenette's sweetspot, Kise made another motion and rubbed his finger against the prostate, Kuroko cried out in pleasure.

Kuroko badly wanted to stroke himself as the heat pools into his lower abdomen, it feels neglected. Bringing his left hand towards his cock, Kuroko touched himself lightly as if caressing his own length. Kise took his forefinger out and slowly took the bluenette's smaller hand and put it aside. It is his job to pleasure the tealhead, he should not have to stroke himself to cum.

His hand grabbed the bluenette's cock, his thumb sliding on the slightly leaking slit. Kise used his other hand to spread the milky legs further apart before the twitching hole was visible and unhindered by ass cheeks.


"Don't ask me to stop, Kurokocchi. I'll force myself into you if I have to." He half-heartedly threatened.

The bluenette was silence before he continued. "We'll…do it."

Kise's ears perked up, a grin showed.

"We'll do it…when you've settled things with your fiancée." Kuroko said, his teeth clenched.

His grin faltered and Kise resigned himself with a sigh.