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Chapter 1: Day 1 and 2

A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory

A far off memory that's like a scattered dream

I want to line the pieces up

Yours... And mine...

Who was I?

"Unlock my heart."

"Y'ever wonder what stars are? Where light comes from?"

"The light in their hearts, and its shines like a million lanterns."

"Somewhere out there, there's this tree with star shaped fruit, and the fruit represents an unbreakable connection."

"My advice, Terra, if you're looking for a girlfriend, don't insult her."

"That'll be the last night we ever spent beneath the same stars.

My dreams filled with visions and moments of me and three friends: Ventus, Aqua, and Terra. I dreamed how I traveled to different worlds with Ven, how we fought side by side, and how I lost him, the others, and my teacher: Master Eraqus. Watching them, I felt happy yet sad because I think I knew deep down I'd lose them in the end. And indeed, I did. One by one, I watched them fall in their own ways; leaving me alone. Then a vision of me on a beach talking to two little boys but their images seemed blurry.

"I'm Anna."

"I'm So..."


"I'll see you two again some day! Please don't forget me! I promise I'll..."

I shot up in bed and looked around, making sure where I was. I sighed, I was still in my room and not on a beach somewhere. I've been having these dreams for a while now: ever since I woke up in Twilight Town. My memories were scattered and messed up but I've been sorting things out somehow. How? I have no idea. I remember I came from a place called California near a city by the beach, I had a family and two younger cousins I was really close to, Amy and Amanda, waiting for me to come home, I used to have a sister name Maggie but she died, a promise I made to Ven and our friends, and something about a promise to two boys. Still, other than that, I don't know much about myself. I know my name is Anna and I'm now sixteen but that's pretty much it. I don't know how I ended up here or why I'm here.

"Anna?" I heard a knock at my door. "You okay?"

"I'm find, Nihil." I said, as my best friend Nihil came in. She looks a lot like me, except for her hair green long hair and yellow eyes. She's been taking care of me and was with me since we were found in this town of eternal sunset. But unlike me, she has her memories and told me I was in an accident that caused my memories to get scrambled. Still, she did tell me my memories maybe shown in my dreams. I wonder how she knew that but I didn't argue: she was my friend and I felt like I could trust her.

"You okay?" Nihil asked, sitting on my bed next to me.

"Yeah, I just had a sad dream." I said, lying back down. "I remember I lost three friends and met two young boys. Still, why can't I hear their names? I was able to remember Ventus, Aqua and Terra."

"Don't worry." Nihil said, closing my eyes with her hand. "I'm sure you'll remember when you're ready." For some reason, her voice sounded sad and distant; she always got like this when we talked about my missing memories. She acted kind of like it was her fault they were gone.

"Okay, thanks Nihil." I could swear I heard Nihil whimper a bit in sadness but why? She has nothing to be sad about. When I went back to sleep, I knew this dream was different. I saw only bits first: talking with Amy and Amanda, playing a video game with them, then appearing on the islands from my last dream and seeing the two boys and a girl I think I met with Aqua only a little older now but like the two little boys I couldn't make out her name or her face. I talked with the boy with silver hair but I can't make out his face.

"This is our Secret Place but since you're really special you can draw something before you go."

Why? Why can't I see him and hear his name? I know he's important; he and his friends are important but why can't I see their faces and hear their names? They're voices make my heart remember something but my mind can't. I wish I could remember them: names that started with 'R', 'S', and 'K'. The dream shifted and I knew time had passed. I can see myself with longer hair and glasses, the stuff I would wear when I was in my home in California but then it moved to me fighting on some stain glass floor of Disney princesses; some having more personality than the other but still... then if moved back to the islands and the kids who looked older again, about my age in the dreams.

"I'm Kai.."

"He couldn't take his eyes off you."

"I don't think he likes me like that Kairi."

"Give me a break, Kai..."

"So... you lazy bum! I knew we'd find you snoozing down here."

And image of a drawing flashing into my brain.

"It's been seven years since we drew that."

"It's just I've always wondered why we're here on this island. If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one?"

"I've come to see the door to this world and check if the Destiny Keeper has returned."

"Tied to the darkness, soon to be completely eclipsed."

"We can't let fear stop us. I'm not afraid of the darkness!"

"Sor... Anna..."

The dream shifted again to many other places. Seeing Donald and Goofy again, beating a bunch of monsters called Heartless with my telepathic keyblade named Lunar Wish, seeing other worlds like Wonderland, the Coliseum, Deep Jungle, and getting my first kiss kind of stolen by the silver haired guy I can't remember. Still, who is that guy? Who are these friends?

That voice! I jumped up out of bed and looked around to see no one, which made me kind of disappointed. That voice belonged to the silver haired guy, the one I want to remember so badly. Just hearing his voice made me feel so happy but sad at the same time. That voice, it sounded so sad; regretful even. I didn't want to hear my name said like that….

"Anna, time to get up! Roxas put on some pants!" I heard Nihil yell from the next room and I can't help but laugh. Nihil is always funny in the morning, especially with Roxas. He's like a brother to us and we've been staying at his place all this time.

"Morning, Anna." Roxas said, as I got out of my room fully changed in my black and pink striped shirt, shorts, and black armbands.

"Morning." I said smiling at Roxas and I gasped. For a second, I thought I saw someone standing in Roxas's place. A boy with spiky brown hair, blue eyes, and dressed in a white small jacket and wore what I think is a red weird suit that made baggy pants, and large yellow shoes that may fit bigfoot.

"Anna? What's wrong?" I shook my head and saw Roxas standing there. Same spiky blond hair, blue eyes, and in his usually clothes.

"It's nothing, I must be still sleepy."

"Yeah, anyway lets eat."

"Yep." I said and we walked down. Nihil is probably one of the best cooks in town really and we loved eating her breakfast.

"So are you planning to head to the usual spot today?" Nihil asked, as we cleaned the dishes. Roxas already left to meet up with our friends; Hayner, Pence, and Olette.

"Well, yeah. We hang out there everyday." I said, looking at her. She knows where I always like to go so why bother ask. I like hanging out with Roxas and his friends. Granted they were the only friends I had apart from Nihil in this place, and Seifer and his gang annoyed me to no end so we had things in common.

"Well, just be careful. I have stuff to do." I stared at her.

"You're not coming today?"

"Can't, I need to do something."

"Um... okay?" I said, as Nihil sighed. She looked worried but most of all, I can tell she'd rather stay with me than go off to do what she needed. She always had this time about protecting me, which I didn't get. "Don't worry, I'll be fine, Nihil."

"I know that, its just people think you, Roxas, and me have been stealing photos around the town."

"What? No way." I said but Nihil nodded.

"Just be careful. You know how Seifer is."

"Okay, I'll see you later then." I said, as Nihil finally smiled as I left the house. Nihil was right about one thing; people did think we were thieves. As I ran to the usual spot, people were giving me looks that weren't really kind. Why would anyone steal _'s? I gasped and stopped running. I can't say _. No way, Nihil was able to say _ just a few minutes ago. What kind of thief can steal a word? This doesn't add up yet...

"Anna!" I turned to see Hayner, Pence, Olette, and Roxas coming to me.

"There you are, about time." Hayner said, his arms folded.

"Sorry, I was helping Nihil. But what's going on? Why can't I say _?"

"Yeah, we were about to go to the Sandlot and get some answers." Pence said, as I nodded.

"Okay, I'll come too. I want some answers and if it means he has it; I'll deal talking with him." I said, and we made our way to the Sandlot. Well, he's probably there because one, he likes to hang out there and play Struggle, and two, his followers Fuu, Rai, and Vivi were there.


"That was low, y'know."

"Oh yeah." Hayner said, glaring.

"Nice come back there, blondie." We looked to see Seifer, the bully and pain in the butt, coming through an entrance to the Sandlot.

"What'd you say?!" Hayner growled, they never got along and this only made things worse between them.

"You can give us back the _ now."

"Yeah! You're the only ones who would take it y'know?" Rai argued.

"Not only are you hanging around with some stranger to town but that was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamer." I looked to see Roxas, Pence, Hayner, and Olette glaring at Seifer and really I wasn't around when they got into their huge fight so I wouldn't know. "So what did you do? Burn it? Ha, not like we need some _ to prove that you're losers." Seifer said, walking to stand in front of his gang.

"Replay." Fuu said simply. Come to think of it, can't she say more than one word or is she just creepy like that? Seifer only laughed at this and looked ready.

"Now you're talking!" He said, as he, Rai, and Fuu got into battle positions while Vivi being the small little thing he is was in the background. Roxas, Pence, Hayner, Olette and I got ready in case Seifer attacked but he just stood there. "I guess if you get on your knees and beg, maybe I'll let it slide." Doubt it though, he's not the type to let things go simply. Before we could stop Roxas, though he got in front of Seifer and go on his knees as they laughed.

"Roxas!" Hayner yelled but I noticed Roxas wasn't looking at Seifer or his gang, he was looking at nearby weapons. That's it!

"Roxas! Catch!" I ran to a nearby Struggle sword and threw it to him, which he caught, as I took a Struggle sword too.

"Cheater!" Fuu yelled but Seifer just smirked.

"Don't worry, like Anna can fight." That's right. I haven't really fought before except in my dreams. Still, Nihil said they were my memories so maybe I can use that to help me. Maybe I know deep down how to fight again.

"Roxas, focus!"


"You can do it, Anna!" I heard Pence and Olette cheering to Roxas and me. Yeah, we can do this together. I looked to Roxas and he nodded before we charged right in.

"Kneel, losers!" He yelled, making to attack us but we just dodged. Seifer couldn't really put all his focus on both of us at once so he kept attacking me but to my surprise I was able to dodge him easily. It felt like this was normal and probably was if my dreams are really my memories so I had a lot of fighting experience. "Come on, quit playin' around and fight."

"Fine, you asked for it!" Roxas yelled and we attacked him with all we got making him jump back and fall to his knees clutching his side where I elbowed him.

"S...Seifer's not feeling so hot, y'know!"

"Tournament decides." Rai and Fuu said, rushing to cover their leader, while Pence took a picture of Roxas and me while we were standing in front of Seifer and his gang. I could hear the click of the camera but suddenly something white and fast came and took the camera before running off. It kind of looked like a weird sock puppet with a zipper for a mouth.

"What was that?" Hayner asked, shocked and annoyed.

"The thief?"

"Yeah." I said, nodding and Roxas and I ran off after the thing really. Wait, I looked back and didn't see Hayner or the others following after us. Where are they?

"Anna, come on!"

"Right!" I yelled back and ran with Roxas after the thief. Everything seems so weird; it was like no one was in town as we ran after that thing into the woods and to that old haunted mansion. The thief didn't look, well… human. It was like something from my dreams only white and maybe… empty. Still, on to important matters. "Give us back those _!" I yelled but the response I got from the thing caught me off guard.

We have come for you, my liege and Destiny Keeper.

Destiny Keeper? That was the title I had in my dreams, as keeper of the light and fate. Before I could even respond, the thing opened its zipper mouth and attacked with full force. Roxas and I tried our best to fight back up really not of our attacks even hit the enemy and we were being backed into a corner.

"It's no use." Roxas said, stepping back.

"We at least have to try something." I said, trying not to back down but either way it seems like a losing fight. If only had Lunar Wish, like in my dreams; then I'd be able to beat this thing no problem.

If you're not going to summon me, then fine. I'll do it myself. You can be slow sometimes, Anna.

"Huh?" But I looked down to my struggle sword to see a blue and white sword with a crescent moon at the end of the chain and at the blade end; Lunar Wish. In Roxas's hand was a keyblade too only his looked like the one the spiky brown hair boy had in my dreams.

"What the? What is this thing?" Roxas asked as the keyblade seemed to have a mind of its own and pointed at the thing in front of us… a Dusk I think? Wait, where did that come from? Still, we attacked anyway and finally we got some solid blows to the enemy and it just kingdom popped into nothingness dropping all the stolen photos… hey I said photos! Odd, what was that thing? Still, we took the photos back to the usual spot.

"What's this?" Hayner asked, looking at a picture of Roxas with a shopkeeper.

"I was his first customer after he took over the shop. So we took a picture together." Roxas said, and I looked to see a picture of Nihil and I with the ice cream lady.

"It's a really nice photo. Oh…!"

"Hey! You just said 'photo'!" Pence said, looking to Olette.

"So, Roxas, Anna, tell us about the picture thief." Hayner said, but I shook my head.

"Nothing really to say. After we beat it, it just vanished." I said, a little glum.

"Then how do we prove we weren't the ones who took 'em?" Hayner asked, as Roxas chuckled, nervously as Hayner looked down at another picture of Roxas and a girl while I was standing next to a handsome looking guy.

"It's a girl… and a guy…"

"You guys look happy, Roxas, Anna." Olette teased.

"Do not." Roxas said, as I laughed.

"Besides, I'm waiting for someone…" I said, and really I don't know what I was even waiting for.

"So, like anybody else notice that all the stolen pictures are of Roxas, Anna, and Nihil?" Pence asked, looking at all of us.

"Ohh. So that's why everyone thought it was us." Olette pointed out.

"You mean Seifer didn't go around accusing us after all." Hayner said, annoyed.

"Are they really all of us?" Roxas asked.

"Yep." Pence said, showing them the pictures and he was right. Each picture had either one of us, or all three of us together. "Right? Every single one. Wouldn't it be weird if the thief wanted to steal the real Roxas, Anna, and Nihil or something?"

"C'mon, get serious. Why would anyone want to steal a bonehead like Roxas, a girly like Nihil, and a airhead like Anna."

"Oh, thanks!" Roxas said, as he and the others laughed but I didn't. I got a bad feeling at what Pence said. Like it was happening, but how did I know that? I went home early and quickly had dinner before going to bed. Surprisingly, Nihil wasn't home even when I went to bed but I wanted to get the thoughts out of my mind. That night though, my dreams were different. Before I had my usual dream memory bit it was like I was in a real place. I was floating behind Nihil, who as walking beside a tall man in a dark coat, a familiar coat.

"Are you going to be okay? Those Nobodies…" Nihil said, looking at the guy worried.

"I'll be fine." The guy said, but it didn't seem right. It felt like I knew this guy but the voice wasn't right. The two of them reached a computer room to see a guy dressed in red and black sat at a huge computer. I would describe his face but his face was wrapped in red bandages and even if I could see skin, it was dark like it was burnt but it could be from the shadows of the bandages. I think I remember his name… DiZ.

"Organization miscreants… they've found us." DiZ said, annoyed.

"But… why would the Nobodies steal photographs?" The man asked.

"Because they can't tell the difference, they only sent Dusk after all." Nihil said, looking at DiZ warily.

"We're running out of time. Namine must make haste." DiZ said, and I could swear I could see a chat of me on one of the screens of the computer before I was swept into my memories. I saw myself laughing with Donald, Goofy, and the brown haired boy, trying to stop the silver haired boy I seemed to like from leaving with Maleficent but failing, begging the silver haired guy as he pushed Jasmine into a dark corridor, closing keyholes in other worlds, and getting kidnapped by the silver haired guy in the belly of a monster space whale.

"It's okay, Anna. We'll all be together again, I promise."

I felt like crying as I watched as the silver guy leave; my past self was in fact crying. I can tell from my memories I really liked that guy, I liked him for years but only from afar and I was trying to save him because I could try; because I loved him and I think I still do. It really hurt me when I watched the boy looking over the body of the girl I couldn't remember but she looked lifeless; maybe dead.

"So, K….'s like a lifeless puppet now?"

"Precisely." Maleficent said, and I can tell she wasn't even sorry. I could see the ghost version of my younger self, watching next to the boy, a look of horror on my face.

"And her heart was…"

"Taken by the Heartless no doubt."

"Tell me, what can I do?

"There are seven maidens of the purest heart. We call them the princesses of heart. Gather them together, and a door will open to the heart of all worlds. Within lies untold wisdom. There, you will surely find a way to recover K….'s heart. But you'll need the Destiny Keeper to guide you to that knowledge."

"But Anna won't leave S…. She can't see S… will abandon her in the end."

"It's just like a told you, Anna is blind to the follies of that boy. Therefore, you must be the one to save her and become stronger so that she'll follow you instead of that boy."

I wanted to really scream, I didn't want to see this and as the boy let darkness inside him; I screamed in protest with my past self and I woke up with a start as Nihil sat at my bedside. She looked worried, and had a basket of clean towels next to her; she must've taken them out of the drier.

"Anna, you okay?" Nihil asked.

"Yeah, I just had a bad memory dream." I said, putting my hands in my head. I felt like crying, but why? It wasn't about being sad, far from it; I was scared for that boy. I worried if he was safe but that had to happen about maybe a year ago… what's the point of worrying?

"Well, if you're sure..." Nihil said, leaving and I lay back in bed. I wish these dreams weren't memories. Maybe they aren't and they're just a figment of my imagination. They probably are since they're too strange but still, it doesn't explain why I can summon a keyblade and being called the Destiny Keeper like in my dreams. I went back to sleep hoping to get the ideas out of my mind and they did. Only the memory of a world with an annoying mermaid princess and how the group and I had to save that world came into mind so I guess that was a bit of a relief.

The next morning was really nice at least. I got up early to make breakfast today and I kind of let out some steam, as I was making the scrambled eggs. Nihil had something to do today and left early so I went with Roxas to the Usually Spot.

"A keyblade?"

"Huh?" I turned to Roxas. "What's wrong?"

"Just thinking about what happened yesterday, the sword I summoned." Roxas said, picking up a stick. "I've been getting these weird dreams and in that one, a boy was also able to use it. You were also in them too?"

"Seriously? No way."

"Yeah." Roxas said and slashing the air with the stick. But nothing happened. "What was that about?" Roxas asked and tossed the stick over his shoulder but we didn't hear a clang as it fell on the stone road. It was a thud. We turned to see the same fall guy I saw in my vision last night. "Sorry... About that..." But I don't think he was thinking about the pain or what Roxas said, I can feel his gaze on me and even as we went into the Usual Spot I can still feel it on the back of my neck. Thing is though, it didn't feel threatening; in fact it kind of felt sad and pained. When we got inside though, Olette handed me a nice sea salt ice cream and we all at the best ice cream ever.

"Do you guys thing we'll always be together like this?" Pence asked as we sat down.

"I sure hope so." Olette asked and I stared at Pence.

"Buddy, where did that come from? Doesn't sound like you." I said, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, well, you know. Just thinking out loud." Pence said but that didn't seem like it.

"Well, I doubt we can be together forever. Isn't that what growing up is all about?" Hayner pointed out. "What's important isn't who often we see each other, but how often we think about each other, right?"

"Get that out of a fortune cookie?" Pence teased, laughing.

"That's it, no more ice cream for you!"

"Come on, I think it was nice." I said, smiling.

"Man, today's turning out to be a drag." Hayner groaned.

"Maybe because of yesterday's memory thief." Olette said and I have to agree. The pictures stolen had Roxas, Nihil, and me in them. It can't be a by chance. A sudden flash of memory of a group of people in black coats came into mind and even a guy with silvery grey hair that looked slightly familiar.

"Nuh-uh. You know what it is? We don't want summer vacation to be over. That's all! So, how about this?" Hayner said getting up from his spot. "We all go to the beach! Why do we go to the beach? Because we haven't gone once this entire vacation and Anna and Nihil haven't gone there yet! Blue seas! Blue skies! Lets just get on the train and go!" Hayner made to run for the exit but none of us moved. "No? Aw, c'mon!"

"Maybe you forgot but we're broke." Roxas pointed out.

"Maybe you forgot, I'm smart!" Hayner said, running out and Olette and Pence followed but I stayed. If my memories are right, then we'll never get to the beach.

"Roxas, Anna, come on." Pence called us and we followed to see the group standing in front of the struggle poster.

"Just two more days to go." Hayner said, looking to Roxas. "You and I have to make the finals! That way, no matter who wins, the four of us split the prize!"

"Sorry there isn't one for you, Anna." Olette asked but I just shrugged.

"It's okay. Besides, it's called the 'four crystal trophy' for a reason. Nihil and I will be fine." I said, smiling but I was kind of sad. I was just a stranger in this group. But I had my Wayfinder, keychain, and cellphone charm, the only physical piece of my past. I must've gotten them for a reason. In my memories and dreams, I've been a part of different groups so what's so bad about missing this one.

"It's a promise." Hayner said, hitting his fist with Roxas. "Now, lets get down to business. Once ticket to the beach is nine hundred munny. How much for the six of us."

"Six?" I asked.

"Isn't Nihil coming too?" Olette asked as I shook my head.

"She's been busy with something lately. I barely see her."

"So just the five of is then." Pence said and I nodded.

"That means we need 4500 munny." I calculated.

"And three hundred munny each to spend there. What's that for all of us?" Hayner asked, looking to Olette and me.

"Fifteen hundred munny. Total of six thousand munny." Olette said, as Pence put his hands behind his head.

"To spend on what?" Roxas asked.

"Pretzels, of course! What else is there?" Hayner answered.

"Many things..." I muttered thinking about my home. To be honest, I don't like beach food so I might not use my money anyway.

"So, where were we?" Hayner asked.

"We need six thousand munny altogether. But all we have is..."

"I've got eight hundred." Pence said.

"... Six hundred fifty." Olette said, quietly.

"Hundred fifty, sorry." Roxas said and everyone looked at me.

"I have one thousand munny, but I was gonna spend it on a cake." I said meekly.

"That's two thousand six hundred munny! We need three thousand four hundred. Lets find ourselves some odd jobs and earn some dough! We have till the train leaves to earn six hundred and eighty munny each!" Hayner cheered. Where does the kid get his energy? "Meet at the station with cash in hand!" He yelled and ran off.

"Didn't he say he had it covered?" Pence asked, and I shrugged.

"Whatever. Those pretzels are sounding good." Roxas said as I stuck out my tongue.

"I can live without them." So we went off, each of us doing different things. Well, there was one thing I've always wanted to do and I got my chance when and old woman asked for a street preformed and I got a chance to sing. It felt great to let everything out, the people listened to me and they seemed to like it. Still, it felt like I've done this before. Singing in front of people but not for money. Soon, I finished and earned enough munny and was about to collect when I saw the guy from before. "Hello." I said calmly.

"Do you remember?" He said and it was a low voice that chilled me to the bone. I know that voice.

"Don't be afraid, Anna." I turned to see a blonde girl in a simple white dress and blue sandals. "It's been a while, Anna." She smiled kindly and I knew her at once.

"You're Namine."

"Yes, I'm glad you remember at least a little." Namine looked to the cloaked man. "Aren't you going to say anything?"

"It's nothing." He said turning away from me and I felt heart broken for some reason.

"Wait!" I grabbed his sleeve. "You're the boy, with the silver hair, aren't you? What happened to you?" The person was silent as Namine looked sad.


"It's alright." He said and summoned a dark portal and left quickly. Namine looked to me sadly.

"Sorry, Anna. Nihil and I didn't want this to happen to you but it was the only way to keep you safe." Wait, she knows Nihil? "Still, it think you'd accept your dreams are you missing memories. Still, I'm trying my best to help you but I think something is holding it back. You're going to need to face whatever it is if you want to help, Sora."

"Sora..." That name felt familiar, like an old friend I haven't seen in a long time.

"Hey, Anna. Who are you talking to?" I turned to see Olette but when I went to look back at Namine, she was gone.

"N... Nothing..."

"Anyway, lets go to the station. Hayner and the others are waiting." I nodded and followed Ollete to the station where the hyper Hayner stood with his foot tapping.

"All present and accounted for?"

"What've we got?" Pence asked.

"Lets see..." Roxas said, taking a small pouch of munny. "Just this."

"Good job." Hayner said.

"Nice work, everyone. Added to what we started with, we now have..." She pulled out her handmade pouch happily. "Tada! Six thousand five hundred munny!"

"Sweet!" Hayner cheered, as Olette gave Roxas the pouch.

"Let's get tickets!" At once she and Pence ran off to the station.

"We can't be together forever... So we'd better make the time we do have something to remember." Hayner said and Roxas and I stared at him.


"Gotcha!" Hayner teased, playfully punching Roxas's arm.

"God, are you nuts today Hayner?" I asked running after him. I heard a thud behind me and I turned to see the same guy in the black cloak picking up Roxas's arm and I can hear him speak one word.

"Can you feel Sora?" That hit me.

"Riku!" I yelled out but he was already gone.

"Roxas, Anna! Three minutes!" Hayner yelled at us and Roxas ran to others but I stayed behind. Riku... Now I remember his name. But why, why did I forget? I thought I was the Destiny Keeper and I should know these things. I didn't even notice when the others came back.

"Anna, you saw that guy right? You said his name." Roxas said, and I nodded.


"There was no guy." Hayner said but we looked up to hear the train whistle as the train going to the beach left.

"Oh boy..." Pence sighed.

"There wasn't anyone... there?" Roxas asked and he looked to me. I wanted to say more but my mind was too mixed up. I went home early to rest and I lay in bed thinking. 'What's going on?' I thought, covering my eyes. I fell asleep quickly and again I had a vision. I stood beside Nihil. She stood next to Riku who had Olette's pouch.

"Is it really that hard to make a beach?" Riku asked.

"We'd be giving the enemy another entry point." DiZ said.

"What about this?" Nihil asked, taking Olette's pouch.

"We can always buy sea salt ice cream." DiZ said laughing. Really I don't get his sense of humor. "Object from that town must be kept out of the real world. You can delete it." But Nihil still held it, she looked guiltily but I don't know why. 'Please, someone tell me what's going on.' I begged, allowing my brain to go into memory mode.

Anna: Um... Crystal you okay?

Crystal: sorry, it was hard to write this out. Since you are awake but not yourself, it was hard to get into the mindset.

Nihil: in other words, she got a headache while writing this chapter.

Oliver: what's new?

Crystal: why i outta... (gets out a dagger)

Oliver: O.O now crystal...

Crystal: (does a battle cry and chases after Oliver, who screams like a little girl)

Lunar: (looks to Penelope) and he's your boyfriend.

Penelope: (sighs) sadly yes.

Anna: Anyway, join us next time in Chapter 2: Day 3 and 4. See you soon!