"Sophia! Sophia! Sophia you here?" I had just come upon an old farm-house, checked the perimeter for any walkers and didn't see any so I made my way inside the two-story house. Made a sweep of the downstairs and found a cabinet thAt looked like it had been slept in. As I was staring at the inside of the cabinet I heard a creaking from upstairs. Silently I made my way up the stairs and started checking the rooms, didn't hear any groans or shuffling to indicate any walkers. When I got to the last bedroom I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Sophia?" I quietly asked as not to spook her.

"Mr. Daryl? Oh my goodness I can't believe someone found me!" Sophia promptly ran into me, wrapping her arms around my middle. I stood frozen, but managed to wrap my arms around her.

"Ok ok let's get going. I'm sure your momma will be excited to see ya. We're holed up at another farm-house. There's something else you should know `this."

"What Mr. Daryl?"

"When we were looking for you, there was an accident. Carl was shot."

"What?!" She started to cry.

"Hey hey he's fine. The family that were with fixed him up, but he is still recovering."

"Ok, I just wanna go and see my momma."

"Ok let's go kid." I motioned for her to follow me outside. When I rounded the corner I saw a patch of Cherokee roses.

"Hey `phia, you see those flowers over there?" I pointed them out to her.

"Yeah, should we pick some for momma?"

"Yeah, go ahead I'll stand guard while you do." So she went over to the flowers. Meanwhile I surveyed the land to see if there was anything coming our way. Only saw a squirrel so I went and killed it quickly and retrieved it. When I got back she had seen the bloody squirrel and made a face.

"That's gross" and stuck her tongue out.

"Yeah yeah, it's food. Come on you done picking them roses?"

"Yeah we can go. I think momma is gonna love them."

"Ok `phia, now listen, we have about an hour walk back to the house and we have to go through the woods. I need you to be as quiet as possible and always stay by me. No wondering off."

"Ok Mr. Daryl I promise." So we started on our journey. We had to stop every once in a while to make sure we weren't being followed and so I could keep her hydrated. We were about halfway there when we came up in a couple of walkers. I pulled my crossbow off my shoulder and quickly took out the closest one. I looked down at her and she looked absolutely terrified, which is to be expected after what she gone through.

"Its ok `phia. Just stick close." All she did was nod. When the next one got close you could hear her whimpering and I immediately felt horrible for not looking harder to find her. Finally the last came in range and I quickly dispatched it. When I was sure that it was the last one I went and retrieved my arrows.

"Are they gone Mr. Daryl?"

"Yeah `phia there gone." I looked down at her and saw that she was shivering and rubbing her arms with her hands trying to make some kind of heat. So I took off my leather vest and held it out to her.

"Here `phia put this on. Don't want you to get sick, your momma`s done enough worrying already." Again all she did was nod and put it on. I motioned for her to start walking again. About what felt like 20 minutes went by we could finally see the clearing.

"See that house up there?"


"Carl's in the house with his parents but everyone else is camped outside. What I wanna do is surprise your momma."

"Ok how?"

"There's so.e trees right by our camp, I want you to hide behind one while I go into Dale`s RV to get your momma, once you hear us leave the RV come out from behind the tree. Does that sound like a plan?"

"Definitely Mr. Daryl. I can't wait!"

"Ok, see that tree right there?" I pointed out the tree that was about three feet away from the RV.

"Yupp, I'll go hide now."

"Ok, and remember the signal to come out."

"I will, don't worry." So I made my way over to the RV , as I passed the group I could see the smiles from everyone, so I put my finger up to my lips so they wouldn't mess this up and they went back to their daily chores. As I arrived at the RV, I opened the door and went to the back where I knew I'd find her.

"Hey Carol"

"Hi Daryl, how did the search go today?"

"Why don't you see for yourself. Come on, I have something to show you." I motioned for her to get up and follow me out of the RV.

"Come on, this way."

"What Daryl, i don't see ..."

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