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Daryl's POV

It had been a month since that first night after the farm. We've been pillaging through houses, but we just couldn't find anything worth staying at. Everyone was getting antsy, we couldn't stay outside to sleep because anywhere we stopped, it seemed like the walkers were right on our asses. We finally got lucky, I saw a sign for a self-storage center about two miles from where we currently were. I honked the horn to get everyone to pull over.

"Keep your knife on you at all times if your going out, I'll be right back just gotta talk to Rick quick." I said to both Carol and Sophia.

"Yes, Mr. Daryl." I nodded and got out going over to Rick's car.

"What's up Daryl?"

"I saw a sign for a self-storage center about two miles up the road. Think its worth checking out. Usually there's a fence around the area and we can sleep in the units, there's bound to be mattresses in the units. Could be ok for a couple days while we search for more supplies and I can go hunting finally."

"Ok, let's go check it out." Rick said and we headed back to our vehicles.

"Come on 'phia, Carol, were leaving." I saw them leave Lori and Carl. I narrowed my eyes at the kid, he's gonna start becoming a problem soon. Can't have him corrupting 'phia. They got in the truck and we headed for the storage unit. It didn't take long to arrive, luckily it was off the main road a ways, so hopefully no one would see that we were here, and there was a fence around the whole property.

"Were gonna go check for any walkers, stay in the truck please, both of you."

"We will Daryl, I promise."

"Ok, be back soon." and with that I got out of the truck, grabbed my crossbow and extra arrows and went over by Rick.

"How bad you think it is in there?" Rick asked.

"Don't know, only one way to find out though, let's get to it." We cut the lock off and went into formation, Rick at point, me and Glenn on the sides. The storage area was shaped in a square with four rows and about twenty storage lockers in total along with a main office. That was where we found the only walker, looked to be the manager or some shit.

"Looks clear, let's bring in the cars and we can start going through the lockers." Rick said, Glenn and me nodded in agreement and went to our separate cars. I could see Carol and Sophia looking around anxiously so I waved to let them know that it was ok and got into the truck.

"We only found one walker, were gonna stay here to see what we can find. In the morning I'll go out hunting see what I can find, but for tonight were gonna clean out some lockers and sleep in them tonight." I explained.

"Ok sounds good." we headed inside to the storage center and got to work, we parked the cars outward so we could get away quick if need be, and started clearing out the lockers.

"Daryl would you take Sophia with you? I'm gonna help Lori with dinner."

"Sure, me and 'phia will look for a locker for us, maybe we'll find some warmer clothes and blankets, that would be nice."

"Yeah, tell me about it." said carol.

"Ready 'phia?"

Sophia's POV

"Yup Mr. Daryl, I'm ready." I walked right beside him as we stared on our row. The first locker was about half full with lots of bags.

"I'm gonna keep going down the row, see which one is pretty much empty, that's the one we'll be stayin in."

"Ok, I'll go through this locker, see if there's blankets or something."

"Be careful, if you need me just yell."

"I will." and he headed over to the next locker. The first box that I looked through was just papers.

"Useless." I muttered to myself, and threw it to the side, I decided to go through the boxes later figuring that the others would probably be the same. There was a couple garbage bags towards the back, behind some kind of cabinet thing. I got to the first bag, it had one blanket in it, so I put that by the entrance to the locker and went to look at the second bag. This was the jackpot of the locker, it had three blankets, and some sweatshirts. I rifled through the boxes and didn't find much except a couple hats and a pair of gloves. The rest was papers and useless junk, so I walked out in search for Daryl.

"Mr. Daryl?" I called out.

"Yeah 'phia?" I heard him call from a couple lockers away.

"I found four blankets, some sweatshirts and a couple hats and a pair of gloves."

"That's great, this locker seems ok to sleep in, I found two mattresses and with the blankets we should be good."

"Ok I'll go get the blankets and the other stuff."

"I'll be here." I turned and headed back to the locker I was in.

Daryl's POV

I watched as she left to go get what she found, and once she was out of sight, I started to get things sorted here. I had gotten all the extra furniture into the next locker so we'd have more room and spaced out the mattresses.

"Here Mr. Daryl, these are the blankets and the other things." I went over by her and grabbed the blankets.

"Wow, this is the most ugly thing I've ever seen, and I had some ugly blankets growing up." I said holding up this yellow and green plaid blanket. I heard her giggle before handing me the next one.

"At least this one isn't so bad, neither are those. Put two by each mattress, that way we can lay on one and cover up with the other. Gonna have to use one of our other blankets as a pillow though."

"Ok, I'm gonna go find momma, I'm sure that whatever they made for dinner is almost ready."

"I'll be along in a minute."

"Ok, Mr. Daryl, thanks for letting me help you."

"No problem 'phia." and with that she went out in search for Carol. I reached into my packet to bring out the necklace I found earlier, by some weird twist of fate it was a Cherokee rose. I figured that I would give it to Carol tonight during watch. I ran my finger across it before putting it back in my pocket and leaving for dinner. It looked like it was already done, so I got in line to get my food.

"Here ya go Daryl."

"Thanks, don't forget we got watch tonight, I got something for ya."

"I remember, just have to do the dishes after dinner and I'll be out."

"Sounds good." I headed over to our spot by the fire, 'phia on one side and Carol would be on the other. As soon as I sat down I started to shovel the food in, much of the food tasted the same so it didn't pay to try and savor it. Carol finally joined us by the fire after the last person was given their share. She gazed at me, watching me eat.

"You know, the foods not going to grow legs and run off right?" she joked, I looked up, grunted and went back to eating. Once I was finished, I dropped my plate in the little basin they had for the dishes and grabbed my crossbow.

"See ya for watch"

"I shouldn't be long." I nodded and left. About 15-20 minutes later I could see her walking towards me.

"That was fast."

"Yeah, Beth offered to do the dishes for me." I nodded and turned back my attention to watch. I was started to get nervous, I didn't know how to give Carol the necklace. So I decided not to say anything at all, and just handed her the box.

"What's this Daryl?"

"Open it." So she did, I stole a glance over at her and could see the tears in her eyes and she opened the box.

"Oh Daryl, it's beautiful. Thank you!"

"No problem, thought ya would like it."

"I do, can you help me put it on?" I nodded and motioned for her to turn around so I could do the damn clasp.

"There ya go." She turned around and the next thing I knew, we were kissing each other.

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