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|Washington D.C

|9:30 PM

She sat there silently and staring at the moon. Wonder woman was sitting on a building near the jewellery store.

"Did you see anything?" She asked through her com link.

"Nothing yet" the girl on the other side responded. After about fifteen minutes, she got up, ready to fly. Suddenly there was a bang and the glass of the store broke and two shadows came out running from the store. "I see um" she said.

"I'll be right there" the female voice replied through the link.

"Idiot!" Devastation snapped. "You want to make everyone realize that we just robbed a jewellery store!" She said angrily.

"Relax will ya. You know how I love blowing up things." The man with the metal arm whose name named Destruction replied. The villains ran with full speed. Devastation looked at the bags in her hand filled with diamonds, rubies and other stones and laughed in joy. But her laughter was broken by a punch which made her fell backward. She looked up with anger and saw the floating figure above her.

"You just won't give up now will you?" Wonder Woman crossed her arms over her chest, glaring.

"Well if it isn't Wonder Wastage" Devastation said as she got up. "Where's your pathetic sidekick!" She growled.

She launched herself on her. As the fight started between them, destruction aimed his metal arm on wonder woman. He was about to shoot when he felt someone punch his face so hard that he fell far on the ground. He raised his head and saw a girl wearing a pink half sleeved shirt that formed a small skirt on her legs.

She wore long white boots with blue stripes. On her chest was a symbol of a jumping cat with a small lightning bolt that was blue. She had a fair color. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail. Two flicks of her golden hair fell on her. She had deep blue eyes. But the strange thing was that her eyes sparkled brightly. But this was not the first time he was seeing her.
"Just what we needed." He groaned getting up.

"Hello people! Thunder Kitten is here and is ready to rock!" Thunder Kitten said in a joyful voice.

"Will you focus?!" Wonder Woman said as she punched Devastation.

"Oh yeah, sorry sis." Thunder kitten replied to her sister. Destruction ran towards her and stroked his laser arm at her. The blonde girl jumped up like a cat and transformed into her cat form. At once her body was covered with bluish-grey fur. Two cat ears sprout out from above her head and her human ears were gone. A tail came out but the tail had a mace at its. She started to throw punches and kicks at him. Her claws made scratches on his skin. She then transformed into a lioness that had bluish-grey fur and dark purple eyes and pounced on him.

"How old are you? Nine?" he said as he dodged her punches.

"I just turned thirteen last December!" She said angrily. "Well you've been wearing that costume for four years and it just looks like you're a bit too old to where such a stupid costume now" He smirked, fighting back.

On the other hand, Devastation punched wonder woman and threw her. Wonder woman landed on a car. The car was crushed badly at the heavy body on it. She flew up and aimed a punch on the villain's nose. Devastation lost her balanced and received a kick in the gut. She fell on the ground with pain. Destruction saw this and was about to make run for it when a heavy body pounced on it and roared in his ear. He fell to the ground on his stomach. Thunder kitten had changed into a tigress (bluish-grey fur with purple stripes) and had pressed her paw on his head so that he could not move.

"Mffff..." He said under the heavy weight. She then turned into her human form and pulled out two inhibitor collars. She tossed one to her sister and put the other on his neck. Devastation and Destruction felt a shock and then everything went black. Just then the police arrived.

"Thank you. The people are very proud that they have heroes like you to save us from such villains..." the officer praised, but quickly stopped, seeing that wonder woman was glaring at him

"You should've been here earlier." she said, anger running in her voice.

"Well um um..." He tried to make an excuse as his fellows lifted up the villains and carried their unconscious bodies to the car.

"Did you see the looks on their faces!" thunder kitten said excitedly. "I was like this and you were all like this and when you kicked her in the gut. It was just priceless, simply priceless. You really need to teach me how to do that!"

The young Amazonian said as she threw her fists in the air. Diana looked at her sister who was just jumping up and down with happiness. She was used to her such behavior and smiled at her.

"Gim'me five." The Kitten raised her hand, Diana in return high fived her. Just then a crowd of reporters and fans were around them but none of them dared to ask the elder Amazonian princess as they weren't fond of her anger.

"I am your biggest fan!" a boy with dark brown hair shouted.

"No. I am." Another said.

"How's it like being a princess?" a reporter asked.

"Your eyes are beautiful" one fan exclaimed. Okay there were too many people with too many questions and too much love and thunder kitten was not in the mood to answer them all.

"Your hairstyle is really nice!" a fan said.

"You're really a good fighter" another fan said.

"Will you give me an autograph?" a reporter asked.

"How do you fell being wonder woman's sidekick?" A read head reporter asked. This was the only question that Kitty even considered answering.

"I am not her *sidekick*! I am her partner and her *sister*!" Kitty said anger running in her eyes. She just hated the word SIDEKICK.

"How old are you?" Another question rose from the reporters. Well there was no trouble answering this question.

"I am thirteen." She said placing her hands on her hips.

"You mean to say you're a teenager?"

"Well yeah!" she said calmly.

The reporters gave her a weird look and then they started to stare at her costume. At first Kitty didn't understand what they were trying to say but then she understood, a blush appeared on her face with embarrassment. They wanted to tell her that her outfit was way too immature for a teenager.

"Come on. Thunder kitten lets go." Wonder woman said.

"Ahan!" Kitty transformed into a cat and jumped in to her sister arms. The crowd kept questioning but none of the two princesses took notice. Diana rose up from the ground and started to fly. As they flew Diana felt something was wrong as the cat in her arms was silent. She never was silent; actually the words Kitty and silent never went together.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing" Kitty replied.

"Oh come on. Tell me." Diana insisted.

"Well don't you think I am a bit too old for my costume? Well I like it well, um… used to like it. I was thinking since I'm teenager now I should get something more umm... I don't know mature." Kitty said. She felt bad that Destruction and the reporters thought that she was a baby or something. Diana laughed in response.

"That all that's bothering you don't worry. You have thousands of dresses. You could choose one of them or we could just give the palace designers any design and they'll make it" Diana said.

"Why didn't I think of that?" Kitty said, a smile forming on her face. They both flew across buildings and landed near an old phone booth with the words 'Out Of Order' written on it. "Where are you gonna go?" Kitty asked.

"I am gonna go to the Watchtower and you are going home" She replied.

"Can I come? Please. Please. Please. I've almost grown up there. It's like my second home and it'll be nice to meet Dinah and Bruce and the others." Kitty pleaded, giving the best puppy dog eyes. But she knew well that it didn't work on the elder Amazonian.

"No, you're gonna go home and tell mother that I'll be late."

"But, but…" Kitty searched for words.

"No buts Kitty. Just go home." She ordered.

Muttering under her breathe Kitty entered the booth. A voice spoke.

'Recognized: Thunder Kitten B-10*'

And with that she was gone. Wonder woman stretched her arms and went inside.

Recognized: Wonder Woman 03

A\N: I am not sure that the designation was o.k. It belonged to a guy name Garth but I thought that this was much better for Thunder Kitten.