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Everyone stopped what they were doing and sped off to their rooms. Kitty just looked here and there, not sure what to do when suddenly Megan grabbed her arm and began dragging her.

"Where are we going?" Kitty asked as she tried to maintain her speed with the Martian. "I was supposed to show you your room. We only have fifteen minutes to change into our costumes… so you better hurry" Megan explained as they reached a room. "This is your room Now hurry up and get dressed" Megan pushed her inside and closed the metal door.

It was so dark inside; Kitty looked for the light switch. She clicked a button and suddenly the room was filled with light. It was a simple room, nothing too big; a single bed, a mirror, shelves and a closet. Kitty thought about getting ready when she face palmed.

Damn it! She forgot to change her costume. Now she was stuck wearing the old one.

With heavy steps she moved towards the bed when her eyes landed on a box, on top of it. The Amazon examined it when she saw a small tag having a bat symbol on it. A smirk lit up her face as she hurriedly opened it. She nearly jumped with joy.

It was a new costume. It was so nice of Bruce to get her a new one.

Kitty at once pulled it on. She looked into the mirror and nearly screamed with happiness. It was a purple sleeveless top, a matching skirt that ended above her knees and dark purple joggers (She loved joggers more than heels) with pink lightning bolts and a black mask with purple highlights. Kitty performed a back flip to check if it was tight but it was quite stretchy, hey it was even bullet proof!

Kitty couldn't help but feel a bit odd; she rubbed her arms as she felt a bit chilly. The Amazon picked up the box and shaked it upside down as two things fell from it. The first thing was a hood jacket that went to her elbows; it even had the symbol of a pouncing cat with a lightning bolt at its side. Now she felt complete but when she picked up the second thing, her eyes widened with shock.

She couldn't believe that it was a utility belt! A yellow utility belt! The same one that Batman wore except that it wasn't that big. She pulled it on and smiled that it fitted perfectly.

Thunder Kitten walked to the door and opened it to find the Martian standing there. The green skinned beauty smiled at the blonde "Wow! Princess… you look beautiful" Megan's smile grew wider. "Aw thanks M'gann! Um… aren't you going to change?" Kitten pointed out that she was still in her civvies. Megan gave a smirk as her clothes changed into her costume. "There" Miss Martian pulled red braids of hair behind her ear. "Wow! Megan that's so cool" Thunder Kitten exclaimed. "Yeah I guess" Miss Martian replied. She wondered that why did she used slang? When she was on Mars, she read human fairy tales. Those fairy tales usually consisted of princesses but their language was very different from the one that this girl used.

"C'mon Miss M. Let's go" Kitten said as she ran down the hall. Miss Martian smiled before flying behind her. Everyone was in the mission room except for the speedster, which was normal as he was always late. Miss Martian entered the room with Thunder kitten right behind her, Robin was in his costume and her nearly choked on the cookie he was eating when he saw them enter, his eyes widened behind his domino mask. He was still staring when a blur came behind him and pulled him into a head lock. "Hey Rob! You ready for the mission" Kid Flash said, ruffling the raven's hair. "Dude! Don't mess up my hair!" Robin said shrugging of the speedster.

Batman entered the room and the voices went dead. At once, everyone stood in a line ready to hear what they were going to be told. The Dark knight hovered his fingers in the air when a screen popped up. "This is where you'll all be going" He said pointing to a place where a red dot glowed. "This is Mount Adams. There have been signs of strange activities going on there and…" Batman didn't complete his sentence. "Robin! Pay attention" He said coldly as he turned to look at the screen. Kid Flash looked at Robin who was trying to hide the blush on his face. Kid Flash smirked at his friend attempt. "As I was saying, you all have to go there and are only supposed to check, come back and report. Do I make myself clear?" He said, giving a hard look to the teens. "Yes Sir" Aqualad answered.

The teenagers started to walk out. "So…" Kid flash said as he elbowed Robin in the ribs "You were staring again weren't you?" He grinned. "No I wasn't Kid Mouth" Robin started to walk faster. The red head laughed as he catched up with his friend. Aqualad ignored the two as he walked with Superboy. "I don't like her" The Krypton grunted. "She is an Amazon my friend, it is normal for her to behave like that. I am sure that she will adjust fine after some time" Superboy didn't care he just focused his eyes on the two girls that were walking ahead of them. He didn't like Megan giving so much attention to someone.

They all walked out of the cave when Thunder Kitten asked "If we're going to go to Washington then aren't we going to need a plane or something" Miss Martian smiled as she gestured towards a round spherical mass "That's how we're going to get there" The blonde looked at the weird object before giving the Martian a stupid look "Ah… What is that?"

Miss Martian looked at the ship before slightly tapping her forehead "Hello Megan!" She gave a small stare and the ball at once changed in to a ship. "Wow" Kitten's eyes widened at the bio-ship. "That is just too cool" The Amazon praised as she ran toward the ship. Robin and Kid Flash shared a look and followed, smirking. "Ah… Princess… I welcome you to the Bio-ship" Miss M clasped her hands infront of her chest. Kitty couldn't believe that she was in an inorganic ship, she usually travelled with Diana by the invisible plane but this ship was something else.

She was lost in thoughts when the seats appeared. She sat on it and found it quite comfortable, but she was surprised by the seat belt that tightened her waist. "Sweet" Kitty grinned as she looked out of the window to see the cave out of site. The blonde turned her seat, her eyes sparkled as she said "Wow Megan this is really…" But the Amazon stopped as she saw the number of smirks on the faces infront of her. She at once cleared her throat before talking in a royal accent "It is quite unique" She completed as she mentally face palmed.

Unique? Unique! That just sounds so stupid!

Kitty could've sworn that she heard the ginger snicker. Ignoring it, she looked out to see a forest and a volcano appearing quickly.

|Mt. Adams

|13:20 EST

"Two minutes in approaching Mt. Adams" Miss Martian reported. "Miss Martian engage stealth mode we do not want unnecessary attention" Aqualad ordered. Miss Martian nodded in response as the ship turned invisible. Thunder Kitten swallowed a 'That's so frik'in awesome!' comment. There was no way she was going to behave nice with anybody however, it was so boring to stay quite. Diana always told her that she never shut up and kept making ridiculous comments when they were fighting enemies but the young Amazon didn't seem to care infact she would just laugh at her sister's advice. She never kept her mouth shut, she was very talkative and now it was killing her to control her tongue that wanted to ask so many questions and tell jokes but she wouldn't allow it. There was no way she was going to be nice with the bunch of boys, like her mother said 'Men are threat to our kind.'

"We have entered Mt. Adams" Miss Martian said as she tilted her head slightly. Kaldur nodded and looked at the team "Now my friends we need to accomplish this mission with success, I do not wish it to be the same we had last time." Robin groaned as he remembered the last mission, his first mission with the team that had not gone good.

How much he wanted to become leader but Aqualad seemed to be more capable than him for the job.

A hole opened between the bio-ship, they were ready to go down. They all got up and the seats seemed to melt and disappear. Kitty grinned.

She was so enjoying this.

A blue line appeared infront of the blonde but she completely ignored it. Superboy had his eyes locked on the younger teen. He didn't like her one bit but seeing that everyone was being nice to her cause she was new, he walked to her and tried to pick her up in order to help her get down from the bio-ship. "What are you doing?" Thunder Kitten said as she backed away from the Krypton. "I am trying to help you princess" Superboy said as he again tried to pick her up. "Don't touch me" Kitty said in disgust. Superboy glared at her and opened his mouth when "He's trying to help you out Your Majesty" Robin said, smiling at the Amazon.

"Well then I guess I should make myself clear" The blonde said as she placed her hands on her hips.

"There are three rules:

None of you are allowed to touch me.

No one is supposed to help me without my permission.

I can take care of myself so any of you don't have to worry about me.

I suppose I made myself clear!" Kitty said arrogantly as she walked to the hole. She gave them a smile before jumping down without using a line. "Princess" Megan cried out. Others eyes widened at what they saw; Kitty performed a double flip before she landed on the ground with grace. Turning her head up, Thunder Kitten couldn't help but smile at the teens in the ship. She let out a small chuckle before signaling them to come down. Wally gave Robin a cocky grin as he said "Landing on the ground without breaking their bones huh…" Robin glanced at the speedster and grabbed the line, jumping down as everyone followed.

Aqualad gave a nod and they started to walk inside the forest. "How did you do that?" Kid Flash asked the blonde. Kitty would never have answered but since no one was talking to her and she was being bored to death so she answered "Do what?" She said innocently. Kid Flash smirked as he said "That jump thing… that was quite a height when you jumped without support" "Easy…" Thunder Kitten said as she pulled a strand of hair behind her ear "A cat always lands on its feet". KF rubbed his chin before giving a smile "Touché."

"Miss Martian bring up the mind link" Aqualad said, turning to look at the red head. The Martian nodded before her Amber eyes glowed green.

Everyone online. Megan asked.



Superboy grunted.

I am always there for you sugar.

Kitten couldn't help but feel a headache. She was hearing voices… in her head! Voices in her head! How wrong that sounded no matter how many times you say it.

Princess are you alright? Aqualad asked his eyebrows bended upward. Kitty didn't look good.

Ah… yeah I'm fine. This is just really strange… I've never actually had someone in my head before. TK said, feeling a bit relaxed.

Well, I guess you have to get use to it cause from now on we'll all know what in your mind. Kid Flash said his voice filled with flattery.

Robin didn't know why but he had an urge to punch his best friend.

Alright everyone. Let's get to work. Aqualad said as he went into the shadows.

Everyone exchanged glances before disappearing as well.


Aqualad I found some men, they tried to shoot me but I knocked them out. Kid Flash reported through the mind link.

Yeah, I found some guys too. Looks like they were protecting something. Robin said as he examined the unconscious bodies.

Do you know what they were protecting? Aqualad asked.

Yeah, there's a place in the bottom of the forest, a lot of goons are guarding it. Robin replied.

Team! Get to the bottom now. Aqualad ordered as he quickened his speed.

Soon, all of them were hiding behind trees as they watched the men before them stand quietly. There was a metal door on the ground, which lied beneath them.

Aqualad turned to the teens his eyes filled with determination.

We need to take them all out and examine what lies beneath that door.

Everyone smiled as they pounced on the men.

"Hold where you are!" The man ordered as he aimed his gun at Superboy but before he could pull the trigger a yellow blur came ahead of him and his gun was snatched out of his hands. "I'll take that thank you very much" KF said as he snatched the gun from all of them. Robin charged on the men, his hands releasing bird-a-rangs. Aqualad's grip tightened on his water bearers as he electrocuted the masked men. Miss Martian's eyes glowed green as she raised her hands; the goons went up in the air and smacked each other out. Kitten bolted on top of one before changing into a lioness and shredding his clothes into pieces with claw marks, she jumped back and changed into her human form and kicking him in the ribs. Superboy, seemed to enjoy it more than the others, he pulled two of them with their heads and smashed them together.

In about five minutes, all of the goons were lying on the ground. "That was so awesome… we took them all out so easily" TK cheered with excitement. "Yeah… we sort of do this every day so I guess you're going to stay huh?" Robin said as he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Well if this is gonna saty this way… then I may stay" Kitten smiled, her eyes sparkled even more. "Um… Princess why didn't you use your belt?" Robin asked. Kitty looked at the belt chained to her waist. "I uh… just got it so I… don't know how to use it…" Kitty said embarrassed, she didn't make eye contact. "Alright… let's go go go" Kitty said changing the topic. "I am quite sorry but I do not think that you should come with us princess" Aqualad said stepping forward. "Uh… why not?" Kitty said looking confused. "We do not know what lies inside and I do not wish you to get hurt so it would be better if you stay here and guard us, if someone comes please tell us and we will be there to help you" Aqualad explained. "I told you I can take care of myself! I want to go down and fight not stay here and do guard duty!" The Amazon burst with anger. "I am the princess and I order you to let me go inside" Thunder Kitten commanded. "I am sorry but none of us are your people nor are you in your land. I am the leader and I say that you shall stay here" Aqualad said, pressuring the words.

Kitty couldn't believe it; first she was said to stay on guard duty and then some boy could boss her around!

"Alright fine! Go… I'll just stay here" Thunder Kitten's voice dripped with venom as she turned around, her back facing the others. Aqualad just looked at the teens and said "Everyone else come with me." With that he opened the passage and jumped inside quickly followed by Kid Flash, Superboy and Miss Martian. Robin stayed there as he looked at the angry Amazon. He lifted his hand trying to cool things down when "You can leave now" Kitty snapped without even looking at him. Robin bit his lip as he took a glance and jumped through the passage.

"Ah…!" Thunder Kitten let out a huff as she sat on the green grass.


"Aw guys! We shouldn't have left her like that!" Robin pouted as they walked through a place that looked like an underground cave. "Safety is more precious before anything" Aqualad said as he walked infront of the others. "Why? You already missing her." Kid flash smirked. Robin just glared at him as he caught up with Aqualad. "I agree, I don't want her to get hurt" Miss Martian said as her caring instincts kicked in. Superboy just grunted; in his point of view Kitty was a spoiled brat who needed to learn respect. "Where are we anyway?" Kid Flash asked as laboratory came in view.

Suddenly a smoke began to fill the air, "Nobody breathe!" Robin cried but he knew it was too late. The last thing he knew was seeing darkness.

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