Sole Survivor

Chapter One:

My eyes popped open at the sound of Prim crying in terror so I naturally jumped up from my bed to go comfort her. Today was her first reaping she must be terrified, I remember my first reaping twelve years old, no father or mother there to comfort me, only Gale my companion for what seems like forever. I murmured words of comfort in her ear and rubbed her back soothingly, eventually she calmed down for me.

Once she stopped crying I sent her to go wake mother while I went out to go hunting for possibly the last meal I would ever get for us. But I haven't been picked for the Hunger Games so far, who says I'll go now and Prim has even less odds. I walked through the Seam waving to people who were calling my name and continued walking as I passed the Hob and all the outer lining houses to get to the fence that kept us all in the district. I went straight to the spot where I knew there was a hole in the fence, waited for a hum that let me know if there was any electricity running through it, and continued through the hole.

Once I was out of the district I went to the log where I hide my bow and the tree where I kept my arrows. I scooped up a handful of leaves from the ground, crumbled them, and sprinkled them over my head to disguise my scent.

I but my bow into position and crept up onto a fallen log and over a creek, I picked up a rock and threw it into a bush to scare the deer I knew was behind there.

I quickly notch an arrow and was about to let it loose when I heard a load, "CATNIP," from behind me.

I frantically shot the arrow at the deer who was long gone by now and when I missed the impossible shot I turned around to yell at the only other person out here.

"Gale, that was the first deer I saw in months," I was so angry that deer would have feed the entire village!

"Really Catnip, what were you going to do with that buck, the district is crawling with Peacekeeper's," Gale said amused.

"I know," I said, "but I wanted to have it just in case I get picked to go into the Hunger Games, so my family will have something to eat."

"Katniss, you know that I would take care of your family just like I know you'd take care of mine," Gale said in his easygoing nature that only his close friends and family got to see.

"We better get back Catnip the Reaping's going to start soon," Gale said after a comfortable pause.

"I haven't caught anything yet," I protested.

Gale rolled his eyes and, just as I had before, scooped up a rock and threw it at a tree sending all kinds of birds into the air. So acting on instinct I notched an arrow and shot down three birds, two with one arrow and one with one arrow.

"I bet your proud of that lucky shot aren't you," commented Gale.

I smirked at him, "Yes, yes I am."

I walked back into the house with my three birds and put them under a bowl so they wouldn't spoil too soon. Prim came skipping into the room dressed in her best clothes twirling around and swinging her arms gaily.

As soon as she came near me I scooped her up into my arms and swung her around in a circle laughing as she giggled.

"Little duck," I sang, "your tail is sticking out don't forget to tuck it in."

She smiled sweetly at me before gazing over my shoulder at something; I turned around to see what it was and saw my mother holding a pretty blue dress out to me hesitantly.

"I brought you this to where," she said softly.

I scowled at her untrustingly but took the dress anyway and went upstairs to bathe and dress something I almost never do.

When I was done I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my mother in the doorway behind me. Once I saw her she walked up behind me and started to braid my hair it was a simple braid and her skilled fingers did it easily. When she was done there was a long beautiful braid in place of my ordinary brown hair and that combined with my dress made me look amazing.

"You should get going," she said tenderly.

"Yeah," I agreed solemnly.

I went down stairs, grabbed Prim, and left for the Reaping her first Reaping and my fourth the chances of us getting picked are insanely low because compared to everyone else we have barley any names in.

As we got closer to the Reaping stage we saw more and more Peacekeepers and eventually they separated us into the categories boys and girls and by age groups. Prim frantically tried to hold on to me when they tried to put her into the twelve's age group but I tried to bargain with them.

"Just let me bring her there," I pleaded with one of the Peacekeepers.

He let me bring her but he went with us and brought me back to my age group once Prim was in her hers.

After everyone was there Effie Trinket came onto the stage with a drunken Haymitch who promptly fell of the stage. It was pretty funny but nobody laughed but Effie because of the strict aura that the Peacekeepers let out.

Once she calmed herself down she started the Reaping, "Welcome to the 74th annual Hunger Games Reaping," and as she said that Haymitch got up for some reason from next to the stage and tried to climb back onto it. He kept falling down the stairs so eventually Peacekeepers went over and escorted him down the stage and back to his house.

"Well that was entertaining," she said breathless from her laughter, "let's get started and as usual ladies first."

She reached her hand into the jar that held all our names and also as usual everyone held there breathe hoping it was no one too close to them.

After five agonizing seconds of breath holding she finally calls out, "Primrose Everdeen."