Chapter 1: Having sex or making love?

He is now, ready to share
Ready to love, ready to care
Unfold his heart, with nothing to spare
Join him now, if you dare.

Rikki Chadwick was a dangerous woman and everyone in the Gold Coast knew that. She wasn't the type of person to be messing around with, because if someone did wanted to mess with her, she'd made his/her life hell. Being the beautiful woman she was, and having powers and the best of friends she could ask for, she was more than unbreakable. She was invincible. She was a person who knew exactly how to get what she wanted, and she always won, getting what she wanted and the way she wanted it.

There were a few people that could confirm it in a heart beat.

Lewis and Will were sitting at Rikki's again, waiting for the girls to come back from Mako. They seemed to be deep in their thoughts, but when the girls finally came in, Will and Lewis both looked up at them. They tried to look at their girlfriends, but instead their eyes wandered almost immediately over the body of the girl next to them. It was a dirty, nasty look, showing their hunger for her.

Her hair was up in a ponytail and she was wearing her usual clothes: sexy short shorts and a t-shirt, but that didn't stop them removing those clothes quietly in their thoughts. They could barely remember when exactly she stopped being just their best friend and their sister, and became what she was at present: the drug they needed to survive. They both could still feel her warm body on top of them from the previous nights. Their eyes found her seducible lips and Lewis and Will tried so hard to erase the burning memory of her kisses and of the touch her hands left all over their bodies.

Their thoughts were interrupted when Zane walked over to her, wrapped his hands over her waist and pressed his lips at hers. They both winced strangely at that, both feeling exactly the same as all the drug addicts; they wanted their drug only for themselves. They knew they only had what was called "a casual arrangement" with her, but lately they started to realize she was leading them to the point of no return when all they wanted was more and more and it was becoming harder for them to resist.

Their girlfriends sat next to them, but Rikki disappeared with Zane in the office. Will turned to look Bella in an unsuccessful attempt to forget about Rikki, while Cleo placed a quick kiss on Lewis' lips. Lewis faked a smile to Cleo, but he was deep in his thoughts, remembering the day he fell into the trap of Rikki's fatal attractiveness and his own unfulfilled desires.


It was a casual day, not long after he got back from America.

He was sitting in Rikki's waiting for Cleo, while Rikki was making some juices behind the bar. Finally Cleo arrived and Rikki walked over to them to greet Cleo and to ask what they wanted to drink, saying her shift soon would be over and she would join them. They said they wanted what they usually drink and she nodded. When she walked back to give them their juices, she took advantage of Cleo not paying attention and put something under Lewis' glass. He noticed it and quickly took it, putting it in his pocket.

A few moments later, while Cleo wasn't looking, he read it quickly. It said only "23:00h, "Queen Street 4", tonight". Lewis put back the note into his pocket, trying to figure out what the hell was all that about.

About half an hour later, when it was already 19:00h Rikki's shift was over and she and Cleo went to swim along with Bella. Lewis had a quick chat with Will, before they left the cafe as well. Will went home, but Lewis went for a walk on the beach. The breeze was fondling the skin on his face, while he was deep in his thoughts allowing them to run wild. When it was 22:00h Lewis went to find the address Rikki had given him earlier. It turned out it was a small house in one dark alley. Lewis knocked on the door, but there was no response. He pushed it open and went in. It was pretty dark inside and full of dust. Like one of those houses from the horror movies that there was no one living there for ages.

"Hello?" He shouted. "Rikki? Anybody here?"

Again no response. He saw a door on his left and opened it. It turned out it was leading in the kitchen. He walked out of the kitchen and continued further. He heard a noise from a key turning in a locker and his body shivered.

"Rikki? Is that you?" He whispered.

Suddenly he felt someone putting his hand on his shoulder. He jumped and turned around in a flash. And he caught his breath. Rikki was standing in front of him with a candle in her arm. Her hair was no longer up in a ponytail, but was a mess of beautiful curls falling down around her face. She was wearing a black dress, that was too short in a very sexy way and was revealing boldly big part of her chest. She was more beautiful that ever.

Rikki looked just breathtaking.

Before Lewis could do anything she leaned her head and pressed her lips roughly on his pushing him roughly into one of the rooms and putting the candle down. He knew it was madness and he wanted to stop her from going on further, because he knew that if someone found out, Zane and most of all Cleo would get hurt, but the honest truth was he had dreamed for this moment for ages. He always knew it would never happen, because he was with Cleo and she was with Zane, but he couldn't deny he had fantasizing about this one moment for too long.

End of flashback

Will and Bella waved for goodbye after informing Lewis and Cleo that they were going to the boatshed. Bella was happy, but Will's thoughts were still wandering wild, about Rikki. Cleo gave Lewis another kiss and said she has to go home, because she had received a message from Kim about some "emergency" at home. So he found himself sitting alone on the table. After sitting quietly for a couple of minutes he saw Rikki walking out of the office with Zane. Rikki was making up her t-shirt, and Zane was fixing his belt. Realizing in a second what that meant, Lewis felt waves of anger and jealousy filling him all over. He stood and walked away from the cafe.

He went for a walk on the beach that lasted hours, before he finally realized he was going to be late for his "meeting" with Rikki tonight. Few hours later she was on top of him again, and looking right into her beautiful blue eyes, Lewis couldn't help but smile. She was kissing him roughly everywhere, as he entered her and kissed her neck. She moaned and he pressed his lips hard on hers. And just when they were in the highest state of ecstasy, she pulled away from him, in an attempt to disappear into the night again, like she always did. But this time he jumped after her, taking her hand in his. This time he didn't let her go. He couldn't.

"Stay." He said only, and gently pushed her towards the wall, kissing her neck.

She shook her head.

"I can't. I have to go."

He pulled her hand and she fell on top of him, pushing him on the floor, their faces dangerously close. She could feel his warm breath on her face. He pulled all his courage.

"I love you." He told her.

Her whole body tensed.

"I knew this was a mistake." She breathed, but he stopped her with a gentle kiss.

When he released, he told her, "Tell me you don't love me too. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't feel the same way I do."

She looked him straight in the eyes.

"I don't."

"You're lying." Lewis said. "I can see it in your eyes. This thing between us is not just a sex anymore, and you know it."

"Stop." She said. "You're wrong. This is only sex, and nothing more. Casual arrangement, remember?"

"For goodness sake, Rikki! It stopped being casual arrangement ages ago and you know it!" Lewis said kissed her neck.

She moaned quietly and he smiled.

"See?" He said smiling through kisses. "You love my kisses, you love my touch, you" He said giving her roughly kisses.

"No I don't." She breathed in between.

He pressed his lips against her bellybutton and she buried her fingers in his hair, leaning back her head, moaning louder and louder. He sensed the pleasure her tensed body felt, being in his arms. An hour or so later, for first time ever, she was wrapped in his embrace under the covers, and her head was resting on his chest.

"We are not just having sex anymore." Lewis whispered in her ear and touched her lips with his. "We're making love."