Chapter 2: Close to her heart

Bella tried to ignore the way Will was looking at Rikki, but inside her heart was aching.

They were sitting at Rikki's with Cleo and Lewis, waiting for Rikki's shift to be over. Bella moved her eyes from Will to Rikki. She was making a couple of shakes while humming some cheerful song to herself. She had a small smile on her face and looked like she couldn't be happier. Bella then excused herself and disappeared into the bathroom, just when Zane emerged from the office. He put his hands around Rikki from behind her and kissed her neck. She smiled to him. Back on their table not realizing what he was doing, Lewis had curled his hand into a fist.

"Lewis, are you ok?" Cleo's voice distracted him from Rikki and Zane.

"What? Oh, yes, yes, I'm fine, no worries."

And he let his hand fall from the table relaxing his fingers. Cleo looked at him deep in his eyes.

"Are you sure?"


She smiled to him and he faked a smile back, turning to look at Rikki again. Zane whispered something in her ear and she chuckled. He then kissed her passionately on the lips, leaving her breathless. It was Will's turn to curl his hands into fists. His mind took him back to the first time he had the chance to taste the real magic of Rikki Chadwick.


Rikki was standing on the beach and her hands were stretched while the wind was playfully twisting her hair that was loose. Her eyes wandered somewhere deep beyond the dark waves. She pretended she hadn't heard his steps behind her, but when he got close, she turned around and found herself inches away from him.

"Rikki!" He breathed from the sudden surprise of her turning back when he thought she hadn't heard him.

"Will." She smiled.

He made a step back, but she came closer to him again. His heart started beating like crazy when he felt her warm body so close to his own.

"Are you scared of me?" She asked.

"No. Should I be?"

"Maybe." She said mysteriously and pressed her lips roughly against his.

He tried to make a step back, but she put her hand on his strong arm and he shivered slightly. She broke the kiss and whispered seducibly in his ear, "23:40h. The moon pool. Tonight."

And she started walking away, but turned her head to add, "I'll be waiting for you!"

With that she dove into the water disappearing beyond the waves.

The same evening he went at Mako early, because he wanted to have a walk on the island. He slid into the hole and headed to the moon pool. When he entered the moon pool there still was no sign of Rikki. Will decided to wait for her and after about fifteen minutes she emerged on the surface. He couldn't help but smile, because she was so beautiful with her golden tail.

"Here." He said seeing she tried unsuccessfully to pull herself out and giving her a hand. "Let me help you."

And he pulled her out. She rolled so she could be sitting on her back and started drying herself off. When dhe transformed back Will's eyes widened in shock; she was wearing only a long coat and boots. Under the coat however she had only a sexy red bikini on. And because she was sitting down the coat had opened slightly and was revealing her beautiful body in a hot and naughty way. Will couldn't do anything but stand frozen on his place, trying desperately to breathe. Rikki turned her head up to him and red blotches appeared on his cheeks because of the way he was staring at her.

"Am I making you feel uncomfortable?" She asked seducively, while standing up and getting closer to him, closing her coat along the way.

"No." He shook his head. "I was just..."

But he couldn't find the word for it.

The next thing he knew Rikki's lips were kissing his, and her body was pressed to him. That's when he realized he couldn't resist her anymore. He fell for her since the first time he saw her and now when he had the chance to be with her, he wouldn't miss it for the world. He gently pulled off her coat and placed his hands on her bare back, not stopping giving her roughly kisses..

End of flashback

That's what Rikki Chadwick was doing. She was seducing men and was pulling them into the trap of her deadly charm.

Will stared at her again, seeing the small frown on her face when she turned away from Zane and walked away.

Because no matter how much men she was sleeping with, there was only one man that was in her heart. And sometimes she hated it. Because she hated hurting the people closest to her heart.