Chapter One

He felt like he had just missed a step and tumbled into another world. He could see the subway station around him and he saw people rushing for the stopped train but he froze. His mind accepted everything his eyes were telling him but all the same, he didn't feel there. It was wrong but he felt as though he was back there.

In that second of confusion, he felt the world move under his feet as though he was on the ship. If asked, he would swear to smelling the salt and the chill of the seawater as waves battered the whaler. He could hear the sound of the waves and, more importantly, the creaking of the whaler over the sounds of the subway.

He blinked and accepted the sight of people speed walking to the train. Real people with active brains, probably thinking about what they were going to have for dinner, or inactive brains, dreaming of a bottle of alcohol. These were living, normal people he saw and he accepted that but he could feel the ship, the danger, the thing inside of him. He couldn't not accept those feelings as well. So where was he?

Someone bumped into him and he accepted that. He was in the subway. He was on dry ground. He was miles from the destroyed whaler and the oil rig. He was safe? Maybe.

The feelings of the ship were fading and the feelings of the subway replaced them. He could hear the chatter of the families boarding the train. He could smell the ozone from the rails and the alcohol from the person sleeping against the wall near him. He could feel the warmth from the heater he was standing next too. These things he accepted as he moved to join those on the train.

But was he safe? The feelings of the ship had faded but they remained with him. Especially the memory of those things inside him. Was he safe? He couldn't accept that. Not yet. Not now. Not until he was sure.

He stepped onto the train and watched as the doors shut. Lights began to fly past the window as the train gained speed and shot down the tunnel. Soon, he was looking out at the city through the windows as the train left the enclosed tunnels to travel above the traffic. He saw a five pointed star sticker on a vehicle for a moment as a car drove past and hid a shudder as he felt the star creature watching him, waiting for him to lower his guard. Once again, he had missed the step and was floating between the world he saw and the world he felt. He regained his footing and continued to watch as the train moved towards his destination.

He could accept being safe if he could fully accept the world around him but he wasn't holding his breath.

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