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Chapter 11 One woman, one kid, and um, an Oompa Loompa?

At Rika's rather tongue in cheek question, Ranma shook himself and smirked at the embarrassed policewoman. "Yeah, welcome aboard and all that. Rika's told us a lot about you y'know, but it didn't do ya justice."

"All good stuff I hope," Rika asked looking a little amused, her arms tightening around Shizuka where the nurse sat in her lap, both of them still on the floor. After so much danger and tension now that she was safe and with Shizuka once more in her arms, it was all that Rika could do to keep herself under control. Even so her hands twitched occasionally, wanting to move from around Shizuka's waist to her massive mammaries. There was a kind of gravity to them that she very rarely made an attempt to fight against, but at the moment it would not have been appropriate.

"Mostly good," Ranma shrugged. "She didn't say anythin' about the two of ya bein' a couple though. Ain't judging, just sayin'." He reached out with a hand and helped both women to their feet, then sat down next Saeko and Saya.

Saeko immediately moved into his lap, leaning back against his shoulder. She smirked a little as she exchanged a glance with Yuuki across from her, and wiggled her rear on his lap just a bit to get him to groan aloud, his reaction from watching the two hot older women make out still very much in evidence.

Rika chuckled a little, but mostly she was still very embarrassed by the show she had put on. Shizuka wasn't of course, but she had never been gifted with much in the way of modesty. Of course with her body that was probably a good thing, Rika thought to herself then shook that thought off while putting one arm around her lover again and looking around at the others. "This is a fantastic boat, but how the heck did you guys find it?"

"You will have to thank Saya-chan here for that," Saeko said resting one hand lightly on the other girl's thigh. "She found it for us, and getting away with it was the end result of several days' worth of adventures."

Asami raised her hand. "Asami thinks that the adventures we've had in the past few days would be the equivalent of a normal person's whole life, and Asami hopes that we don't have any more."

"Too true," said Rei, a thought echoed by Saya, Shizuka, Kyoko, Kohta and Yuuki. Nodoka would also have agreed if she weren't still asleep on one of the smaller couches. She had not woken up since falling asleep, and Shizuka had estimated that she would probably remain asleep for several more hours. She had given Nodoka a double dose of the most powerful painkiller they had in their limited resources, which would keep even a woman of Nodoka's constitution out for at least eight or nine hours.

Rika noticed who didn't join in with that sentiment, but didn't comment. She knew quite a few combat junkies among the SAT, and even more among a few JSDF companies she'd dealt with a time or two. Ranma was better at hiding it then Saeko, but that didn't mean he was actually good at it. She didn't know about the other boy though, but the fact he had one of her standby rifles by him was a little worrying. "It must have been tough in the city, hell it was tough at the airport, and we didn't even try to clear out the majority of it, simply barricading different areas."

After that they all clambered into explained to the newcomer how they had spent the last few days. They covered how much trouble they had run into from other survivors, how they had met a few groups that were still alive in the city but hadn't wanted join up with any of them. How Saya's parents were still alive and that their group might be able to hammer some kind or order out of the city, but that Saya and the others doubted it. The battle against Shido and his expanded cult was one of the highlights, and of course the all-pervading danger of the zombies which were everywhere.

Through it all Rika watched Ranma and then, as the story unfolded, switched her gaze to the boy introduced as Kohta and Saeko. It was obvious that the group's survival had rested on their shoulders and Ranma's in particular. It was equally clear that he was the leader, and his strength of personality along with the ability to take advice and to act on said advice without being irritated by it was obviously the driving force here.

Saeko was definitely his second-in-command, even in a simple conversation that could be seen since everyone else seems to differ to her when she began to talk. Outside of that the command structure, if that was what it could be called, of this group was much more fluid than a military or police unit and that was probably all to the good. It made them all closer to equals, and more flexible as well.

She looked around again, amused that she had in fact known this ship before. It had been one of several that had been marked out as possible ships being used to ferry into weapons Japan as well as around the islands. The higher-ups had discounted it considering the fact that it's carrying capacity was so limited in comparison to the others on the list, but because Shido the elder was a 'person of interest' it had remained on their watch list. The news that Rei had killed the older Shido, or at least his zombie pleased Rika. She had heard about the shit that the man had been involved in, none of it proven alas before this, and his death was poetic in the extreme. "Still, now that you have this ship what are your long-term plans?"

Ranma looked over at Saya rubbing her pink hair affectionately. "Well Saya-chan thinks that we should fort up on a small island somewhere, so that's what we're goin' ta do. We haven't decided which island yet, we were waiting until we got out onto the open ocean before we decide."

"Can I make a suggestion then?" Rika asked, rubbing at a small scar she had on the back of her left wrist thoughtfully. It was something she did when thinking she had picked up a while after she had gotten that scar. Though unlike most of her other scars this one preceded her time in the SAT. It was simply a reminder of a childhood mishap, marking the first time she ever had to get stitches. "I left the airport before the last group of survivors was carted out. I know the ground crew there was able to swap out parts enough to get one last plane up into the air despite the EMP pulse, but they couldn't have carted out much stuff with them. Airport security kept a surprisingly large cache of weapons, and I bet they had to leave most of it behind. We expended a lot of their larger caliber bullets, but they still had a lot of guns and ammo left when I was sent out on my last mission. They wanted to see if we could use fire to kill of a large amount of the zombies that had congregated on the airstrip, but it didn't work. I left right after."

Ranma looked around at the others, smirking at Kohta nearly salivating look of interest. "Debate guys, pros and cons, and Kohta you can't take part, there's no way you'll be objective about this."

Kohta pouted but couldn't argue. Asami patted his thigh companionably, and the debate began. Ranma listened to everyone's points of view as they quickly the forms into two camps. One of them led by Kiriko basically said that they didn't need any more weapons at the present time, and that the dangers of heading into a place like an airport which was infested by zombies outweighed any positives.

The other camp was surprisingly led by Saya who said that they would need the weapons, so long as they had bullets to go with them. There was no way they would be able to figure out how to make more bullets, no way they could power the industry, and where would they get the resources? But even with that any weapons that they grabbed would be useful later, even if they didn't use them, as bargaining chips with other groups. She could see any surviving fishermen who had been out at sea being very interested in them, and trading food or other supplies for working guns.

It was Yuuki however who convinced Ranma. She had gone up front to join Kyoko in the cockpit to take a look at the fuel indicator. She came back shaking her head a little. "Would the airport also have supplies of gasoline on hand?"

Rika thought for a moment then nodded. "I think that the shipping area certainly would. They used ships to bring in bulk supplies, and there's a loading and distribution center set up on the far side of the airport from where the bridge meets the island. We used a airport fuel truck full of gas to try and burn the zombies, but I doubt that was all there was."

Yuuki looked around the others. "This ship wasn't full up when we took it, it's about a quarter of a tank at the moment. I don't know how much distance that would equate to," she shrugged. Ships had never really interested her, so she didn't even know if they ran on the same mix of petrol that a Hummer or any other car ran on. "I don't even know where to put more fuel in, I haven't looked around yet, but it might be exterior which could pose another issue. And the electrical generator runs from another engine, which would also need fuel."

She had noticed that in her initial perusal of the engine room. There were two generators as well as the engine in there in point of fact, both of them very high tech which was probably why they had survived the EMP pulse. That and the walls of the ship itself of course, which were made of some high-tech fiberglass carbon composite or something. "I don't know about everyone else but I like having power, so we need more fuel."

"Then I think the ayes have it," Ranma said shaking his head. "If we're going to have to go there for fuel anyway, we might as well hit up the guns as well." He looked over at Rika. "Before we go I want ya ta make a map of the place, if you can remember enough. Saya has a computer, see if you can use it to make some maps somehow. For now Kyoko," he said in a louder voice, "get us away from anything, then we'll anchor for the evening."

Kyoko nodded. They were already well away from where nearly everything, having moved away from the bridge out to the sea while the debate was going on. After that she turned off the engines, and made her way back to the others. "Done, though I suggest we have someone on guard possibly two up top just in case. I don't think we're in danger, but better safe than sorry."

"I'll take first watch then," Ranma said but before he could finish Saeko shook her head sharply, looking at him with a certain glint in her eye that made him gulp and blush. "Or not…"

The others all laughed, but shortly after that group broke up, with Kohta and Asami volunteering to take first watch, and Shizuka and Rika following Ranma and Saeko down the ramp into the bowel of the yacht. Takashi looked askance at Rei who had just rushed after them, wondering what she was up to.

Rei however was a woman on a mission. Before the two lovers could close the door behind them she barged in, her eyes narrowed as she looked around.

Saeko raised an eyebrow. "Yes, can we help you with something Rei-san?" she said pointedly, trying to indicate that her presence was not welcome.

"I want to check something first before you two… do anything in here." She blushed, refusing to look Ranma in the eye. Rei remembered all too well how she had overheard them the previous evening in the Takagi estate, and she did not want to go through that again. "You," she ordered, pointing at Ranma, "Go into one of the guest rooms next-door and listen. I'll shout as loud as I can."

Ranma shrugged looked at Saeko who nodded, a small but amused smile on her face and complied. Once he was gone Rei began to shout at the top of her voice, and a moment later Ranma came back. "Once I closed the door I couldn't hear you."

"Good," Rei breathed deeply in relief.

Saeko laughed. "And if that is all Rei-san," she said taking the woman's hand gently but firmly and pushing her out the door. "Have a nice night," she said before immediately closing the door. She didn't bother locking it, not at the moment at any rate. After all everyone on board knew what they were going to be doing (except for Alice and Nodoka, neither of whom would bother them, albeit for vastly different reasons) and Saya might join them momentarily. She turned back to Ranma. "Now let's get go get clean."

Ranma looked down at himself shaking his head. "I hadn't even noticed," he said stripping his clothing off. "What does that say about me that I'm so used to having gore and blood splattered all over my clothing?"

Saeko shrugged. "Simply a sign of the times my love."

OOO Warning Lime/lemony goodness starts here OOO

Ranma paused, his pants halfway down his leg, staring as Saeko began to undress. Despite the fact that he had seen her body several times in both good and bad light he was once again struck by how beautiful she truly was. Her large, yet perky breasts with dark pink nipples that were outlined against her frilly white bra, a thin waist and washboard stomach, athletic and yet girlish thighs. Her dark purple hair cascaded around her shoulders as she unclasped her bra, and Ranma had to look away to keep from pouncing on her when they began to bounce free.

Saeko chuckled, reaching out with one hand after she finished undressing to take his own. "Let's go have a shower."

She led the way into the master bedroom's bathroom, looking around in amused surprise. Like the rest of the ship there was no expense spared in here, everything was very ritzy, and the bath was as large as the one back at Rika's house. It was set up more European then Japanese, with no spouts for anyone to wash themselves before getting into the bath. But there was a large shower next to the bathtub, shaped like a triangle, following the angle of the exterior hull, with three sides the open side being the glass door. It had two shower nozzles, one handheld and one fixed.

Reaching in Saeko turned on the water, turning back to smile at Ranma who had been staring at her rear, his obvious reaction now making a visible tent in his boxers. She licked her lips at the sight but stood back, moving slightly under the spray from the showerhead as the water began to steam. "Why don't you take those off and join me?"

The tone she used when she said that was possibly the sexiest thing Ranma had ever heard, and he quickly pulled down his boxers letting his large erection spring free. Saeko, who had dipped her head into the water and was now standing there her head bowed forward as she began to run her fingers through her hair smiled at the sight, her eyes burning with desire.

Ranma stepped in to join her quickly, his dick pressing into her rear for a moment before she turned away. As the water began to hit him as well she reached up and pulled him into a kiss that quickly became as steamy as the water.

He pulled back after a moment reaching around her to grab the bottle of liquid soap, spritzing some onto his hands. Saeko shuddered as he began to work the soap into her body, first her shoulders then her arms and back moving down to her rear. Ranma went to his knees for a moment and began to kiss her rear before moving onto her legs. She inhaled sharply when he breathed lightly on her cleft between her legs but didn't actually touch it, and Saeko could feel herself becoming wetter in a way that had nothing to do with the shower.

She turned around and Ranma moved back up her body with a new allocation of soap in his hands, only cleaning her not actually fondling her, which somehow did not take away from the sensuality of the act. He finished with Saeko's neck, kissing her on the ear and then reaching over for the shampoo, beginning to do her hair in turn.

"Ahh…." Saeko actually moaned aloud as he began to work his fingers into her hair, then moaned again as one of Ranma's hands reached around her, hugging her to him. At his command Saeko leaned forward again, and he turned the handheld nozzle onto her head, washing out the shampoo thoroughly.

Once he was done he stepped back murmuring, "All clean Saeko-chan," in a deep rumbling voice that sent another shudder through Saeko. She was almost tempted to simply tell him to take her right then and there, but that large bed was beckoning, and instead she merely squirted more soap on her hands. She ran her hands along his thin yet powerfully muscled chest, down to his six-pack abs and further down. Once she was kneeling however she couldn't stop herself and she leaned forward t, causing him to throw back his head and moan when she slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth. "F-fuuuuck Saeko-chan, feels so gooooood…."

She let the head of his dick rest in her mouth for a moment before moving back, his cock making an audible popping noise as she pulled away, her tongue licking away a bit of pre-cum. "Hmmm, you taste a little tarter today for some reason my love."

Finishing the front of his legs Saeko then ordered Ranma to turn around. One hand remained stroking his shaft however, as she did the back of his legs and up his back before standing up again. Before she could speak however Ranma's mouth found hers and she whined. "Mmm…." The two of them stood in the water, making out heavily, their hands roaming.

After a moment however Saeko stood back and turned around turning off the water. "Can't use all the hot water after all," she muttered, and took Ranma's hand pulling him out into the master bedroom again. She took a look at the rather rumpled bed and shook her head. "I think we need to strip that, I really don't want to think about what that those sheets have seen."

Ranma blanched, and his cock actually wilted a little as that thought hit him, and the two went to work swiftly pulling off the sheets. Almost immediately however they ran into surprises that he really could've done without. "What," Ranma said poking the odd looking device gingerly, "is that?"

"I believe those are anal beads," Saeko said pulling out a tissue from a convenient tissue box and lifting it up fastidiously. The beads in question were about five inches long ending with a plug of some kind, each bead in turn slightly larger than the one before it. It was also colored in all the colors of the rainbow for some reason.

Ranma actually shuddered a little. "Yeah no, burn it or destroy it somehow, the ass is not a play area."

"I certainly agree with you on that one," Saeko answered with revulsion clear in her voice, and she began to open up one of the drawers alongside the bed table. Inside however she found other devices and she backed away chuckling a little. "I think that this is telling me a little too much about Shido the elder and his interests."

Ranma moved around the bed to join her and shook his head at what was revealed. In the top drawer were several toys, ranging from small to large in various shapes and sizes. They ranged from simple dildos to a small vibrator and everything in between, including one that looked as if whoever had made it was inspired by anime tentacle porn flicks. If not for the fact that Saeko had been bending over when he came up behind her and her rear was now pressing back into his erection Ranma probably would have lost said erection quickly at the sight.

However two things grabbed his attention, small packages of some kind and he pointed down at them, "What are those?"

Saeko reached in gingerly, not really wishing to touch any of the toys despite the fact that they looked rather clean, and picked up one of the two items that had caught Rama's attention. She opened it quickly and looked inside snorting after a moment. "Some kind of European brand of condoms think."

Ranma took the package from her as she reached inside to pick up the second item pulling out one of the condoms and looking at it quizzically. He ripped open the package, opened it then laughed. Saeko looked back at him and he shook his hand in her face. On one of his fingers was one of the condoms. "I believe this'd be an extra small? Not exactly useful for us." He quickly discarded the small finger condom, shaking his head.

Saeko laughed, as well, seeing it would barely fit over his tip, let alone the rest of his cock. "Indeed not," she said and held up the bottle that she had just pulled out. "Nor would we need this."

"What is it?" Ranma asked not recognizing it.

"It's called Viagra, it's a drug for men who can no longer perform." At his blank look she laughed again, "I mean that they can no longer get it up as it were," she said reaching down and lovingly caressing his cock. His cock had actually flagged because of all the odd findings, but at her gentle touch it rose swiftly to attention. "MMmmm, definitely not…"

"EEEP!" Saeko squealed when Ranma suddenly picked her up kissing her hard on the lips before throwing her onto the bed. She laughed as she bounced, and then Ranma pounced on her, capturing her lips again as his arms went around her.

OOO A brief non-lemon interlude OOO

Yuuki looked over at Saya, smiling faintly. "Not joining them?"

Saya scowled huffily. She knew that Yuuki had known since that time at her parent's place that she had joined Saeko and Ranma's relationship, but she didn't like it pointed out to her in public like this. I suppose I'll get over it eventually, but dammit Alice is still here, and she shouldn't be subjected to that kind of thing.

"If you must know," she hissed at the other girl, "I'm busy. After all someone has to take an inventory of what we've got aboard the ship. No one has yet except for the foodstuffs, but we need to know what we have here. Is there any hidden weapons cache or something, that would allow us to simply pick up gas from the port area of the airport rather than head deeper inside. How about utensils, cooking gear, clothing, anything the boys at least could use? Medical supplies, anything we can add to the stuff we've brought with us? Can we set up one of the two electrical generators you mentioned so it runs off solar power?"

That last part made Yuuki pause momentarily, since it was actually a good idea, but she still laughed seeing straight through Saya. "More like you're too embarrassed everyone else might hear you. From what I heard the other night you're quite the screamer, makes me wonder what you looked like." She looked Saya, licking her lips lightly. "I'm looking forward to seeing that in person."

The pinkette blushed, and was about to respond hotly when Rei came up the ramp from below rather huffily. "No need to worry about that," she muttered sitting down next to Takashi, who had been listening in on the conversation with a deep blush on his face. "Everything down there is soundproof. She blushed as Takashi took her hand, and looked at him shyly, as what that could mean for them suddenly hit her.

Yuuki chuckled at the two virginal lovebirds. "You may want to book your room now you know, or else I'll be moving downstairs instead. Those queen-size beds in the guestrooms looked fantastic."

No one was interested at all in taking the crew quarters, which had been the site of a lot of violence when the ship fell to the zombie infestation. Despite Kiriko's best attempts, it still smelled of blood and had more than a few red spots on the walls and beds. And besides, the sofas were just as comfy if one could deal with the fact that there were windows all around you and the blinds didn't really block out all that much light.

Rei and Takashi shared a glance full of emotion, both of them blushing red now, and Takashi eventually stood up. "Co-come on" he whispered into Rei's ear, "w-we don't have to do anything but those beds do, do look even more comfortable than the sofas, and um, I know I toss and turn when I sleep, s-so…"

Rei blushed even further, now resembling a tomato in color, but meekly let Takashi lead her down the ramp deeper into the boat.

Saya however didn't notice, too busy wondering about the implications of soundproof walls. The memory of what Saeko and Ranma had done to her a few hours ago coupled with the memory of last night at her parent's house was getting to her. About five minutes later, which she spent simply sitting there blushing and failing to take her mind off it, Saya stood up. "I'll, I'll just um go down I mean downstairs and I'll just go…." She stuttered, turning away from Yuuki's knowing stare and swiftly walked down the ramp.

Kiriko and Alice passed Saya going up the ramp along with Zeke. Alice was nearly dead on her feet, yawning and rubbing at her eyes with her free hand while the older Miyamoto sister led her along with the other. The older woman looked around at Yuuki and Kyoko already bedding down on two of the sofas and then moved Alice gently towards the small sofa by the steps up to the dining area alongside the ramp across from Nodoka. Kiriko gently helped the young girl change, batting aside Zeke when he tried to interrupt them, then tucked her in with one of the blankets they had found in a closet down below.

"Thank you, obaa-san" Alice murmured.

Kiriko laughed quietly, leaning down and kissing her on the forehead. "It's been a while since I had to tuck my daughter in, but I still remember how to do it Alice-chan." She leaned down and picked up Zeke, putting him in the cleft between the back of the sofa which led up to the eating area and Alice's head. The dog snuffled gently, and then laid down without protest leaning his head against his mistress's neck. "Sleep well you two."

With that done Kiriko turned away, moving over to claim a line of pillows behind Kyoko's sofa, chuckling quietly at once more mothering a young girl.

Yuuki watched this, her face showing conflicting emotions at the scene. Her mother had very rarely tucked her in like that. She wondered if they would have been closer if her mother had bothered to do the little things that parents are supposed to do for their children rather than simply send her a check every week and checking up on her once every few months. She hadn't even bothered to talk to her much outside of necessity when she was a little girl. Her father had tucked her in like that, but then he had run away leaving her with only memories to remember him by.

She shook the sad thoughts off quickly however looking over at Kyoko, whispering now so as not to disturb Alice. "Not going to try and join Rei and Takashi? I've seen the looks you give Takashi a few times."

Kyoko chuckled quietly, stretching her arms above her head thrusting her considerable chest forward for a moment.

Kohta gaped then blushed looking away quickly but Asami had still noticed and became depressed again, looking down at her own very modest chest.

"I won't deny I'm tempted," Kyoko said, smirking a little at the young man who had turned away so abruptly. He wasn't the type that she would generally bother teasing, but it was still nice to get a reaction out of young men like that. It had been her dirty pleasure through most of her teaching career, especially after she broke up with her long-standing boyfriend. There was just something amusing to the thought that all those boys would have hard-ons caused by her and rush off to their girlfriends, who would never know that their reactions were because of Kyoko rather than them.

She smiled over at Yuuki, who among all the women here (save possibly Nodoka) would understand that thought. "But first times should be with other people who are also learning, especially if you're in love. Those two have been pussyfooting around each other for years, and beyond that crap with Rei and Hizashi they were a rather sweet couple as long as I have known them. Pity that Rei never saw how lucky she was, but it was true."

"And besides it will make it much better for you if he already knows what he's doing," Yuuki said dryly.

"That too," Kyoko chirped, taking off her glasses and setting them on the floor by the sofa. She laid down smiling faintly as she looked over at where Kohta was now trying desperately to convince Asami that he likes her breasts him just as much as large ones.

"I mean come on," he said desperately waving his hands as he stood in front of her "size isn't everything, um it it's what you do with it. After all a-a person with a handgun is just as dangerous if not more than a person with a rifle, especially if he knows what he's doing and the rifleman doesn't! Er, and um I-I've always heard that small ones are better because they're much more responsive and…" he stammered to a stop, blushing.

Asami finally broke out of her stupor, laughing a little and touching his cheek fondly. She leaned in kissing him on the lips, then moved to his ear and said, "Tomorrow night it's our turn to have one of the guestrooms, and just for that Asami's going to rock your world."

Her tone of voice gave her words even more impact and the feel of her against his chest her arms around her and her admittedly small breasts pressing in on his chest caused Kohta to shoot backward blood spurting out of his nose like a fountain.

She chuckled, and took one of his arms dragging his almost comatose body out of the sitting area and out onto the sunning area at the back of the boat, closing the glass door behind them. "Goodnight everybody, don't worry, Asami will wake this one up when they get up there."

The ones left inside chuckled, though even Kyoko didn't really think that a guard was necessary out here on the ocean. They didn't see any other boats in the vicinity moving around before the sun went down, nor had any of them spotted any lights moving around afterward.

"What about you?" Kyoko asked reaching for the controller that she had found that controlled the lights of the area and the blinds, which would could be set at three different levels, which was simply fantastical. The accoutrements on this boat were beyond anything Kyoko had ever seen before. "You're not going to join Ranma and the other two?

Yuuki smiled. "I don't want to be tempted. I want my first time with Ranma to be just two of us. That way I'll have his full undivided attention. From the look I've seen in Saeko's eyes a few times it's quite a treat…" Yuuki shivered a little in anticipation. It had been weeks since she last had sex, and she knew that being with Ranma would blow away anything she'd ever had before, if only in endurance wise.

Kiriko shuddered a little where she was laying down on the pillows behind Kyoko's sofa, not really wanting to think about her nephew like that. It also brought to mind too many memories of her husband, and she sighed sadly, remembering. Gut shot wounds like he had taken would have been tough to heal even if he had been immediately taken to a hospital, under the current circumstances she held out no hope that he was still alive.

Kyoko laughed, one hand over her mouth to muffle the sound. One part of her still wondered what it would've been like to be with Ranma, but she reminded herself that his personality just wasn't one she could see herself happy with. And besides Takashi is a very nice young man, handsome and strong. Let him have of a bit of seasoning, a bit of experience and he'll probably become just as good a lover as Ranma seems to be even if he doesn't have a martial artist's endurance. With a final sigh she snuggled into the almost sinfully comfy couch, pressing the button on the remote that turned out all the lights on the first floor of the boat. It still retained a few running lights, but that was all. "Goodnight everybody."

In the dark all three women began to fall asleep quickly, exhausted by the day and lulled by the fact that they were safe, free of any worry about the zombie peril for the moment. Tomorrow would be another day, and would again bring to mind the fact that their world had changed irrevocably, but for now in the dark of night on this boat they could forget that.

OOO we now return to the limey/lemony goodness OOO

Saya swiftly made her way through the corridor to the master bedroom, and steeled herself for a moment before opening it. She was rather surprised that it wasn't locked, yet also grateful. It would have hurt her feelings more than Saya cared to admit if Saeko had locked her out. And she knew it would have been Saeko, Ranma wasn't the kind to remember about doors and locks especially not when he was dealing with a passionate girlfriend. She made her way inside quickly, closing and locking the door behind her.

At the click of the lock the two lovers looked up from their passionate make out session and Saeko smiled. "You're just in time, Saya-chan." Her hand reached between them and she grabbed Ranma's cock with one hand as she moved to the side letting Saeko see it. "See?"

Saya laughed a little weakly, but her eyes remained locked on the two of them, taking in their naked forms. She moved toward the bed quickly, divesting herself of her clothing under the two lovers' appreciative gazes, but she didn't want to admit that she hadn't wanted to join them if the others could hear her. "I was waiting um, I mean I was waiting for you guys to have a shower. Blood and gore is not attractive. I…EEP!"

She squeaked suddenly as Ranma reached out quickly grabbing her arm in a gentle yet firm grip and pulling her down onto the bed where he captured her lips. Saya tried to fight back for a few seconds, then submitted almost entirely, letting Ranma pull her body down on top of him as their tongues began to swirl around one another in her mouth. She began to make noises deep in her throat then shuddered a little when Saeko ran one hand from her neck down to her rear fondling it and pulling her panties down her legs.

After a few minutes she leaned back, breathing heavily as Ranma at last relinquished his grip on the back of her head and her mouth. Both Saeko and Ranma immediately began to work on Saya's breasts, which were fuller and two sizes larger than Saeko's. "Ooooh God," Saya moaned. "That feels so good, ahhhh…. Why didn't we get together before all this crap happened?"

Ranma chuckled a little around her nipple before licking it one last time, then moving down the curve of her breasts to her belly button where he began lay little kisses all around her decently flat but not toned stomach. "Maybe because we'd only known each other for a few months? Maybe we just needed a push?"

"Or," Saeko put in, moving back from the nipple that she had been sucking on to tenderly run her tongue around Saya's areole and the rest of her breast before moving onto the one that Ranma had vacated. "It could be because society would've frowned upon a threesome like ours?"

"Fuuuckkk society," Saya groaned, "Ooooh my god, s-sometimes you just have to do what feels good, and thisSSS, this feels way too damn gooo-EEK!" She squeaked as Ranma grabbed her hips, lifting her easily into the air a few inches before pulling her forward over his body and up as he turned onto his back. Saya wound up with her pussy directly above his face, her knees on either side of his head.

From this angle he could stare upward directly at her pussy, which was glistening with her arousal. Saya's pussy was slightly larger than Saeko's. Saya's pussy had lips to it and was slightly larger overall, whereas Saeko had a very small pussy no lips, but simply a slit. Saya's was also a darker color for some reason, and Ranma wondered why that was for a moment but decided that it didn't matter.

With both of his hands on her rear Ranma urged Saya down towards him, and Saya complied eagerly nearly screaming when Ranma ran his tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top, taking care of the little nub he found there before doing it again then swirling his tongue around her pussy lips. "AHHH… soooo good… god Ranma!"

She nearly collapsed at that point and it was only because Saeko was pushing her from behind that she fell forward rather than backward pulling herself away from Ranma's questing mouth. Saeko gently turned the girl around, hearing the wordless growl of protest from below as she momentarily removed his feast from Ranma but he quickly went back to work when Saya took up her new position facing down towards his legs.

"MMMM….AAHHHH…EEEEEE!" Saya's eyes were half lidded with pleasure and she was now moaning almost constantly as Ranma worked on her, and her moans rose into a shriek when he began to use his fingers on her, first one then two entering her. Saya was tighter than Saeko was during their first time, and it was all he could do to get two fingers inside of her.

Saya had experimented with herself a few times and broken her hymen with a vibrator she had bought with her mother's connivance after a conversation that had embarrassed the young Saya immensely at the time but for which she was strangely grateful now. But she had bought a small thin one (being sold by the door, faster to get in and out of the store that way) and that had been a while ago. While Saya had her privacy at her parent's house for the last few years, she had never been really inclined to try anything, so her sessions were few and far between.

Saeko moved from next to her down to where Ranma's cock was standing at attention pointing straight up at the ceiling. Saeko threw her leg up over Ranma's chest, moving down her his chest slowly, her now drenched pussy grinding against his hard muscles before her rear bumped into his cock. Her smile of pleasure widened and she reached back and with one hand, lifting herself up and moving back further before slowly guiding Ranma's large cock into her. Every inch brought her further pleasure and she moaned aloud. "Ohh, my god, can't get used to your size, koi. Soooo good!"

Saya rocked to the first of what would be many orgasms that evening as she looked at the blissed out expression on Saeko's face when she began to move up and down on Ranma's cock.

The purple haired girl reached forward, grasping the other woman by the back of the neck to pull her into a kiss. The two women began to make out while Saeko rode Ranma and Saya ground herself into his face. They continued in this position for a while, the two girls pulling back occasionally to breath or scream out their pleasure and also taking time to latch onto one another's breasts.

"AHHHH!" Her second orgasm had Saya fall to her side, pulling her nipple out of Saeko's mouth and falling away from Ranma's mouth. She was almost out of it again like she was in her room back home but not quite. Her eyes were still open and she was still watching the action as Saeko really went to town on Ranma, riding him even harder and faster.

Ranma reached up with both hands, one hand beginning to grip Saeko's thigh, helping her along as he thrust up against her. His other hand began to tweak and play with her nipples, pulling them and rubbing them gently in turns, trying to create a sensation of both hard and soft.

That did the trick and Ranma groaned as Saeko's pussy clamped out them around him like a vice as she came once again. "FUuucccckkkk Saeko-chan, so tight!" Ranma grunted, his hands now clenching the mattress underneath him as he attempted to stop himself from cuming right there.

Saeko came down from her own high and noticed this. She leaned down, pushing her breasts against his chest as her hips once again began to move up and down. She whispered into his ear. "Cum for me Ranma!"

Ranma pulled back, his eyes slits, "Going to cum soon Saeko-chan!"

Saeko giggled in reply, her hips doing all the work now, the rest of her body lying boneless on his own.

Ranma captured her lips in a searing kiss. His hands went from their present position to her rear, and he began to thrust up into her even faster and harder. Saeko moaned into his mouth, but Ranma refused to relinquish the kiss as his hips began to thrust erratically, his own end coming at the same time as her third peak of the evening.

Saeko finally pulled away to scream her orgasm to the rest of the room. She barely removed herself barely in time as Ranma bellowed her name as he shot off like a geyser into the air and over her thighs. A few spurts even hit the underside of her breasts.


Above them on the top floor of the yacht, Nodoka moaned and muttered in her sleep, turning to one side, a victory fan falling out of the sleeve of her uninjured arm.


Saya gaped at the amount of cum Ranma had pumped out, and the fact it looked immensely thick as well. "Good god, I, I hope we have the morning-after pill somewhere, if even I little of that gets inside us..." she said shaking her head, not knowing that Ranma had cum in Saeko during their time at the mansion since she had been so out of it.

"We do," Saeko sighed, looking down at where Ranma's cum covered her lower body, dribbling down from her breasts, and moving back a bit, allowing Ranma's cock to be seen from between her thighs.

The pinkette gulped seeing that Ranma's erection had not gone down despite the amount of cum he had pumped out. She tentatively reached out her hand, gathering some of his cum off Saeko's thighs and bringing a dollop up to her mouth. Surprisingly the taste was like a mix of saltiness and oranges for some reason. With that worry assuaged she then leaned forward, placing her head between Saeko's thighs. She slowly began to work her mouth along the bulbous head or Ranma's cock, and Saeko moved back off Ranma, letting Saya have more room to work with.

"SSSSaaaaya," Ranma groaned with delight at the feeling. With one hand he gently pushed her way however, raising her up to kiss her on the lips, not even noticing the slight taste of himself on her lips before it swiftly turning them around so that she was laying down and he was hovering over her.

Ranma spent several minutes working on her lips neck and breasts again, his hands slowly caressing her, working on her pussy and clit occasionally. It wasn't long until she was once again dripping, mewling and panting with desire.

He soon positioned himself between her legs looking down at her his head cocked to one side.

Saya nodded slowly, looking torn between anticipation and concern as Ranma prepared to enter her. "Go slow okay, I've never used any toy that big, and I know first times are supposed to hurt but…"

This proved a prophetic statement as Saya winced in pain as Ranma's head began to push into her pussy. Her teeth clenched as he pushed even deeper, inch by inch and her hands on the mattress became curled and she was literally fighting herself to not yell that he needed to pull back out.

Ranma however saw this and slid slowly back out. "We can stop if you want?" he said compassionately leaning down and kissing away her tears. "I don't want to hurt you Saya-chan."

"I-It's fine," Saya said, still wincing slightly as she got used to the first few inches. She was dismayed however at how much of him was still left over, but hopefully it would get better soon.

Saeko reached over and began to play with Saya's breasts. One hand ran down to the pinkette's pussy running one finger along the edge of where she and Ranma were now connected, playing with her clit. Her mouth latched onto one of Saya's nipples again, further increasing the sensations Saya was feeling.

After a few moments Saya nodded, and Ranma eased forwards again sliding a few more inches into her. He stopped again, showing amazing self-control, when she winced and groaned, her hands once more clenched on the mattress beneath her. "Goood, that hurts…" She opened one eye however when Ranma tried to pull all the way out. "Don't you fucking dare! I can do this!" Ranma winced, but nodded.

This process continued for a time, but Saya refused to let Ranma pull back out, and despite the pain of his cock entering her for the first time she had a small orgasm somewhere in there when it rubbed against a small nub of nerves somewhere in her. Finally Ranma was bottomed out in her, and simply remained there, letting Saya get used to him. This took several minutes even with Saeko encouraging Saya with nips at her nipples, neck and lips.

Eventually Saya nodded up at him and Ranma began to move slowly, so slowly out of her then back in slightly, out, then back in some more, alternating the amount he thrust into her at any one time, and it wasn't long before Saya now felt only pleasure, and urged him on. "H-Harder Ranma, I can take it now!"

Ranma obliged, piston being in and out of her full-length for a moment watching her reaction before going even faster at it. Saya shrieked "AIEEE!" She actually thrust back for the first time, coming off the bed, her back arching with another orgasm. Saya looked up then as Saeko rearranged herself to be kneeling over her head. Her pussy was dripping again, her thighs still sticky with Ranma's cum.

Saya tentatively reached up and began to finger and tongue at the other girl's pussy. Saeko tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before, it was okay but not great, and she strangely wondered if the old wives tale about oranges making your lover's juices taste better was true and if so where they could get some. That was her final rational coherent thought for a while as she lost her self in the pleasure of the moment.

Saya was tighter than Saeko had been, and she had taken much longer to get used to him but she was now and Ranma was pistoning in and out of her. He leaned down taking one of Saya's nipples in his mouth as his hands rested on her thighs helping him to change up his assault, adding different speeds and slight angle changes to it. "EEEE!" Saya squealed into Saeko's pussy, causing the other girl to moan at the sensation.

At that point Saeko reached down, pulling Ranma up into a kiss that lasted until they had to break off to breathe. When they did Ranma moved down, licking and sucking at her nipples, alternating one to another. "God you taste so good Saeko-chan, could do this all day. Just like Saya-chan's pussy it's soooo tight, I might never want to leave!"

Saeko laughed, throwing her head back. "Thaaat, that sounds like a lovely idea, maaaybe oh right there, maybe some other timMEEE!"

Ranma chuckled deep in his throat, and the lovemaking session continued. Saya stayed docilely on the bottom, having two more orgasms before Ranma's thrusts became more frenzied and erratic. "Saya-chan, I, I'm gonna….!"

That caused Saya to panic for a moment, and she quickly pushed Saeko off her face. "Pull out! I don't want to chance iTTTT!" Her voice ended in another squeal as Ranma changed the angle of his thrusts, slamming into her g-spot again.

He nodded agreement however, thrusting a few more times, sending her once more over the edge before pulling out, his cum launching from his cock to cover Saya's stomach and chest. Spent for the moment Ranma crashed down onto the bed next to his two lovers, pulling them both into a hug, crushing Saeko against Saya's back.

"That," Saya said gasping from her own aftereffects, "was fantastic, even better than back at the mansion."

Ranma smiled happily, while Saeko simply raised one eyebrow as if to say 'and you were thinking it wouldn't be?'

The trio cuddled for a time, but soon enough Ranma was once again standing at attention, and Saeko eagerly began round three. Saya on the other hand, not being a martial artist, any kind of athlete or even owning a high pain threshold was sore now that the endorphins had fallen to a normal level. But she watched avidly as her two lovers went to work on one another again, positioning herself at the head of the bed once Ranma began to take Saeko from behind doggy style, letting the other woman return the favor Saya had done her earlier. Soon however all three were spent, and they curled up in the bed, turning out the lights and collapsing into a deep sleep.


In one of the guestrooms Rei and Takashi lay out on the bed occasionally looking at one another and then away, their hands briefly touching then away. Neither one of them was willing to take that first step, though both of them wanted to.

That was until a particularly loud moan got through from the master bedroom just enough to be heard as a low mumble in their room and both of them blushed. Rei began to curse, hoping that that didn't mean that the soundproofing wasn't enough. However the jolt from the noise had given Takashi enough impetus to reach out and turn her head towards him.

Rei's eyes widened briefly as he leaned in for a kiss. Rei had to fight with herself not to flinch away, and was thankful for it when their lips met. It was soft, it was tentative, as if Takashi hadn't kissed anyone before, yet it was above all tender, and he made no move to deepen it. He simply kissed her, not attempting to open his mouth or lean further in or try to control the kiss, just kissing her, and Rei finally relaxed, responding to it.

After a moment Takashi pulled back smiling at her. "Even now that we're safe, who knows what tomorrow will bring? I-I wouldn't want us to, you know, run into more trouble or anything before telling you how much I cared for you." Even now he couldn't quite bring himself to say the word love it was just too damn embarrassing, but he hoped Rei understood.

Rei nodded and then blurted out "I'm sorry!"

Takashi cocked his head and she went on quickly "I mean, I'm sorry I went out with Hizashi. I wouldn't have done it, I mean I like him well enough but I didn't like him that way but then he asked right after all that shit with Shido happened and he was always there, always willing to make me the center of his world and that was what I needed at the time. I know it was bad looking back on it but at the time I was just too hurt and too scared. I needed that support."

"If you had asked, or even said anything," Takashi replied, running his fingers down the side of her head to her neck and then up again. "I could've been your support too."

"But you wouldn't have made me the center of your world, you never were willing to do that," she replied taking his hand and kissing his fingers gently. "You were always too interested in baseball and sports and trying to get a scholarship that way. At that time I couldnt've handled simply being your girlfriend, not your exclusive priority."

Takashi shrugged, not really able to argue that and Rei smiled. "That's alright though, I'm stronger now and so are you. We can be our own people without one of us leading the other around."

With that Rei leaned down and kissed him this time, smiling faintly as she felt his arms go around her. After about five minutes of kissing Takashi deepened the kiss, and she squeaked a little as his hands ran down her back to her rear gripping it hard. She squeaked again as he moved away from her mouth finding a spot on her neck that caused her to moan aloud. "Right there , OHHhhhh…."

She sat up in bed, moving to take a position on top of him, while her hands went down to the bottom of her shirt lifting it above her head. In preparation for bedtime Rei had not in fact put on a bra when she changed into her nightclothes, and her breasts bounced free the moment she pulled her shirt off them. Looking down she laughed aloud seeing his poleaxed expression and reached down taking his hands gently and lifting them to her breasts. "Hehehe, you can touch them if you like."

"I-I've never done this before," Takashi admitted even as his hands molded to her breasts and his thumbs began to flick at her nipples.

Rei moaned aloud at the sensation he was giving her, and the knowledge that this was Takashi doing it, the boy she had loved since practically kindergarten! That added a whole new dimension to it, making it even better than the few times she and her old boyfriend had gone this far. "Trust me," she muttered, "Most of this will be new to me too."

She leaned down, and he leaned up to meet her, their tongues now and questing for one another. Rei found that Takashi was now dominating the kiss, and found that she actually liked it that way. After a moment however Rei pulled back and sighed faintly as his hands once more began to knead her breasts. Her own hands began to inch down his chest to the bottom of his t-shirt. "I guess we'll just have to do what feels natural..."


Having taken one of the guestrooms for themselves Shizuka and Rei had immediately moved into the bathroom. Well, after another intense make out session the moment the door was closed anyway.

First they both rinsed and soap one another, going over their bodies inch by inch. By the time Rei and Takashi were really getting into it however, they had moved on. Now they lay back, with Rika being pillowed in Shizuka's massive chest while the hot water steamed around them. The nurse was playing with her lover's light purple hair for a moment, while Rika's own hands were on Shizuka's knees pulling them around her waist so she could start playing with her lover's feet.

"I missed you sooooo much," Shizuka said pulling Rika back against her. Shizuka's breasts pressed into her lover's back as her arms went around Rika's much more modest chest. Not to say that they weren't large because they were, Rika was known among the SAT as one of the hottest women to ever wear a uniform for very good reason. It's just that they were smaller than Shizuka's bountiful breasts. The nurse was probably in the top 10 in the nation in that department.

"I missed you too," Rika said her breathing a little heavier now that Shizuka was kneading her chest. Right now though she wanted to take some more time to talk before they moved on to more physical pursuits. "I'm amazed that you all made it through, and without losing anyone along the way to hear you all talk about it."

"I am too," Shizuka sighed laying her forehead against the back of Rika's head, breathing in her sense. "It feels a little unreal sometimes, but we all made it from start to finish, and picked up more friends along the way. If it wasn't for Neko-chan, Saeko-san and Kohta-kun, I don't think any of us would be alive today. I know I owe Saeko-san my life from the very beginning, and Neko-chan saved Kyoko when this all began at the school."

Rika hummed for a moment, then asked a question she really wished she didn't have to, but in times like these... "And are any of them a danger to themselves or others? How are they doing mentally? I know civilians aren't really trained to deal with crises situations like soldiers and policemen, how are they holding up?"

Shizuka let her go as Rika moved away to lean against the side of the tub, her dusky breasts lifting slightly out of the water. Rika's skin was naturally darker in hue than normal Japanese, and her bright pink nipples stood out even more because of it.

The nurse frowned, thinking hard, not a hint of her normal airheaded nature visible on her face. "I think this chance to unwind is precisely what we need before tackling our next job which will be much more mentally demanding rather than emotional and physical I hope. Rei and Saya I thought would be dangers at first, Rei wasn't really mentally prepared for any of this but she seems to have turned the corner in the past two days and Saya slipped easily into an advisory role. Kyoko is sort of our group's counselor, that and her budding attraction to Takashi-kun seems to be keeping her going. Alice has bounced back from her father's death with the speed of youth, though she still has nightmares at night when she's asleep."

She shook her head at the thought, this would actually be the first night they spent anywhere that she would not be bunking with the young girl, and she resolved to unlock the door just in case Alice wanted to join them at some point after Rika and her fun was finished for the night. After a full day she doubted that her lover or she would be up for more than an hour and a bit of lovemaking.

"The two mothers are alright. I will have to wait and see how Nodoka-san responds to not having her dominant arm. Frankly if we had a hospital that wound of hers wouldn't be much of an issue, but as it is she will probably never be able to fully regain her former strength in that arm. That could cause her to go into a depression, but I don't think so. Both of them are very strong mentally, and Kiriko was a policewoman, she's trained to deal with crisis situations."

"I thought I recognized her," Rika mused. "Traffic division right, wasn't there a major altercation between her and some biker gang or other? She beat the living daylights out of them?"

Shizuka shrugged. "I know she was part of a biker gang in her youth, Rei mentioned that once, but I don't know anything else."

Rika nodded, now having turned in the tub so that her knees were up against her chest one of her lover's feet between them as she began to work her nails down the underside of it causing Shizuka to shiver. She was amused as always by how Shizuka could flip her personality like that.

Anyone else would have thought that Shizuka would've been the one to watch out for in danger of breaking, but Rika knew her best friend/lover far better than that. Shizuka was deceptively strong mentally and emotionally. She had to be deal with all the trials that had been thrown her way since puberty hit with such force.

Shizuka had put up with a life after that point of needling barbs from fellow women and constant come-ons and solicitations from men, ranging from subtle to forceful. She persevered and won through, as she had when faced with other challenges in her life, not only her parents sudden death but higher education and several others. While there was no real comparison to that and the world they now inhabited in terms of danger or stress Rika was certain that Shizuka would mope, whine then get on with her work and the next day just keep on going.

"And the rest?" she murmured, working her fingers in between Shizuka was toes.

"Eep…" Shizuka squeaked a little at the sensation, her breathing coming out slightly faster now. She had to shake her head for a moment to get back to the conversation, but Rika didn't stop her ministrations simply smiling warmly at her. "I oh, I, think that Kohta would be the one that is most in danger of cracking. He's a gun nut as you probably noticed, and I don't like the fact that he simply enjoys shooting so much, not really caring about what his target is. But I, oh right there AKKK! Um, I, I think Asami has him well in hand, and she's already taken him strongly to task a time or two. In turn I think he is her strength, she'll keep going as long as he's there toOhhhh… to help her along and hold her hand."

Rika had continued to knead Shizuka's foot, and she smiled at the little pauses and breaks her attention to it caused, but her mind was on what Shizuka was saying. The fact that if either one died the other would break down or become a danger to the group was left unsaid. "Does Ranma know about that?" She asked not specifying what she was talking about, and pausing in her ministrations, "And what about him and the others?"

"Saya knows for certain," Shizuka answered without any hesitation or doubt in her voice, though she was pouting at her lover stopping her ministrations of Shizuka's feet. "That young lady is by far the brightest young woman I have ever met. She's also very good at noticing things like that as long as they don't have to deal with her. I doubt she's shared it yet, but if anything happens she will. Without Neko-chan around however Saya would not be the pillar of strength she is, those two are sort of necessary for one another much like Neko-chan and Saeko-san."

"I'm not worried about Yuuki either, she's adaptable and a survivor used to looking out for herself. Yuuki's meshed well with the group and she is very interested in joining Ranma's little harem."

Rika laughed a little at that, shaking her head but then went on more seriously. "What about Saeko and Ranma? Even I can tell those two are the central pillars for the entire group."

"They are and it's funny," Shizuka chuckled a little darkly. "Out of everyone aboard, despite Saeko-san's desire to test out the king-sized bed I don't doubt that they are the only ones that didn't need the down time, either physically or mentally. Neither of them really fit in common society. Oh," she waved one hand raising it out of the water making waves in the water for a moment. "Saeko at least can play the part of a normal young woman, but I think the tension in her would've built up inside of her eventually. And Neko-chan's never made any bones about being anything but what he is, a consummate martial artist with a bit of a dark side to him and no understanding or respect for most of societies norms. Or scientific ones either, come to think of it. They fit in this world, in a way that none of the rest of us do."

Rika cocked her head one eyebrow raised and Shizuka shrugged. "They won't ever become a danger to us, not unless they get out of hand in combat and refuse to retreat or something like that. Both of them generally care for the group, and will defend all of us to the best of their abilities, it's just that they're more at home in this world and the implications of living in it than anyone else. Saya-chan balances the two of them out well, injecting a bit of common sense and being able to hopefully control their battle urges if the time ever comes to rein them in. It hasn't just yet, though I think we came close when we were ambushed by that group or thugs right before we picked up the two mothers outside the police station, and again right there."

The purple haired policewoman nodded, then shuddered as one of her lovers hands found her legs underneath the water and began to slide towards her pussy. She eagerly took the hint turning quickly and kissing Shizuka hard pressing her back against the edge of the tub, their breasts mashing and rubbing wetly against one another. "Enough about that for now," she murmured, pulling back for a moment, "let's move on to more important things."

Shizuka giggled throatily and then began to attack Rika's neck laying little kisses and bites on it just the way she knew Rika liked it. Their hands began to fondle one another's chest, both of them knowing precisely what buttons to push, how to touch the other in the way to get the best reaction.

Rika slowly pulled back, both hands going under Shizuka and raising her into the air slightly by her ass, standing up easily despite her girlfriend's weight in her arms. Though nowhere near as strong as a martial artist Rika was plenty strong enough to carry Shizuka out of the tub and plant her on her feet outside before they both grabbed towels, still fiercely kissing their breasts pressed together so tightly you would be hard-pressed to get a playing card between them (except right down their cleavage of course). Rika gently pushed Shizuka around dominating her easily just like Shizuka enjoyed, being a very submissive individual in bed so long as she trusted the other person.

Later neither of them would remember how they got out of the doorway of the bathroom and into the guest room they had taken over, but soon Rika had Shizuka on the bad splayed out, her blonde hair still wet from the bath sticking to her head and down her back as Rika began to move down her body.

The blonde's own hands rested on Rika's head gently, one hand gently moving down her spine to her tight rear grabbing it and kneading it for the moment. The other moved to her front and began to tweak one or Rika's light brown nipples.

Rika's landed on Shizuka's legs pushing them wider spreading them so that she was spread-eagled on the bed before her fingers began to find Shizuka's pussy. A sudden wicked thought occurred to Rika and she grinned wondering where this would take them both in the short and long-term. She leaned up whispering in Shizuka's ear. "The way you talk about Ranma, I bet you're interested in him aren't you? Want to ride the Wild Horse do you?"

Shizuka gasped and panted as two of Rika's fingers entered her pussy at the same time as Rika spoke. Shizuka shook her hips lifting off the bed wildly. "Oh" she moaned, "D-don't say that, I'm faithful, you're, you're more than enough for me."

"Oh please," Rika said laughing. "I saw the way you looked at him a few times tonight, I bet you would like it if he was here right now." Shizuka's panting moans answered her, and she chuckled. "I wouldn't mind riding that horse myself, it would certainly be an experience at least."

"Imagine it Shizuka, Ranma would be standing right there," Rika went on teasing her blonde lover, nodding at the bedside right by their heads. "His large cock would be hard and ready, ready to plow you into the mattress, but for now just standing there stroking himself watching us. Can you imagine it, can you imagine what he'd think if he knew that we were doing this thinking of him, what he would do to you?"

Shizuka moaned again and suddenly spasmed her whole body going rigid as she came her juices squirting out onto the bed. Rika laughed gaily, bringing the hand she had used to stimulate Shizuka's pussy up to her mouth and licking the juices off it. "Delicious as always," she murmured laughing again as Shizuka recovered a little to look at her in shock.

"W-were you serious?" Shizuka asked. "I meant it, I'm more than happy with just you, you know."

Rika moved up her body, her legs on either side of Shizuka's until she was resting on the other woman stomach right below her gigantic breasts. She brought Shizuka's hands up to her chest where they immediately began to fondle and play with Rika's breasts once more and Rika sighed a little. "Back before this began I would never have even dreamed of sharing you love, but in this world? You know you and I talked about adopting once or twice, or maybe going in for artificial insemination."

Shizuka nodded, gulping a little as she realized where this conversation was going. But the very idea of it also caused a pool of fire to start simmering deep in her stomach and lower down as well.

"Well, Ranma can give us both what we want, children of our own. He can put one right here," Rika said reaching down and patting her flat toned stomach before moving down her own body caressing her pussy for a moment where it met Shizuka's stomach, patting the blonde's stomach. "And right here. These," she continued both of her hands now moving up to squeeze and fondle one of Shizuka's breasts. They were so big each of them needed two hands to really stimulate. "These could produce milk someday, milk for children that you and I could raise together."

"OOOHHHHh….." Shizuka moaned again, the idea of producing milk not just for her baby but for her lover making that fire inside her burn even hotter and she reached up and pulled Shizuka down into a searing kiss. Those were the last words spoken in that room for the rest of the evening, and Shizuka was proven wrong, the two of them were up for more than three hours of lovemaking rather than just an hour or so. Luckily Alice did not come down and try to get into bed with them, or her education in certain matters would have been accelerated very prematurely.

And so the night progressed, the group aboard the yacht unburdened and unthreatened by the world around it as they were at last able to unwind.

OOO Lemons are over, lemons are over OOO

Ranma woke up and stretched languidly, smiling down at Saeko and Saya who were still out of it. Saya was splayed out above Saeko, her pink hair mingling with Saeko's purple hair. Saeko murmured in her sleep as Ranma extracted himself from between them, writing is hands down there thighs and legs for a moment before forcibly turning away and getting dressed for the day. He frowned a little as he looked down at his clothing.

Despite the fact that they had picked up several items of clothing along the way, most of that was weather gear, and they only had a few packets of boxers to add to the amount that Ranma had grabbed from home. Spread out between him Takashi and Kohta (as well as Yuuki for some reason, who claimed she hated wearing panties when she didn't need to) they weren't going to last very long, but luckily thanks to the ship's laundry room they would be able to clean them easily enough. Still he pulled on a clean pair, then his one remaining clean pair of pants and a clean shirt.

Silently Ranma moved out of the master bedroom closing the door firmly behind him, hoping that the two girls would remain asleep for a few more hours, since they both needed it. He stood still for a moment sniffing the air and smiling before moving down the corridor towards the kitchen area past the ramp going up to the main area of the ship. He found Nodoka in the kitchen puttering around wincing occasionally as she tried to use her injured arm and found herself unable to. "Hey mom," Ranma said moving into the kitchen kissing her on the cheek. "How are you? Did you take any more pain pills for yer arm?"

"I did, and I am having an alright morning I suppose despite my wounded wing as it were. Though I daresay nowhere near as good as yours," she said smirking at him and Ranma actually blushed a little. "I hope you were a perfect gentleman with Saya and Saeko my son."

"No worries there," Ranma muttered looking away embarrassed to talk about something like this with his mom.

"Good, now you can help me make breakfast for everyone. From the ingredients here I think it's bagels, cream cheese and bacon. Whoever was on this boat likes bacon quite a bit," she said laughing a little. "The refrigerator holds an entire drawer of it. Rather disturbing really but a good thing for our group I suppose."

Ranma shrugged, and began to move around the kitchen at her directions while she sat on the central table giving out orders like a queen.

The smell of bacon cooking permeated the air, rousing Zeke up above who in turn roused his mistress by bounding up over her head and down to the ground before making his way down the ramp. Soon Alice followed, sniffing the air appreciatively as she did, and was roped into helping Ranma set up a table up top.

Luckily Kiriko had done a magnificent job of clearing off that area before even their meal of the evening before, and it wasn't even a hint that several dead bodies had inhabited the seats there.

In the sitting area Yuuki and the others began to wake up, stretching languidly as they pulled themselves from the best sleep any of them had since this all began. Not even sleeping at the Takagi estate had allowed them to rest this way. A few of them had been able to sleep well there, but Kyoko and Yuuki couldn't get past quite the they were knowledge that they surrounded by armed men who they didn't know.

Asami and Kohta came in from the sunning area, having taken turns on watch throughout the night. They were both looking much more sleepy than the others, but still much better rested than they had previously and both gunners sniffed the air appreciatively. Soon enough a small banquet was set up and the noise of the group at the table roused Saeko, Saya, Rei, Takashi and Shizuka. Rika had woken up an hour before to work with Saya's computer and had been sitting in the pilot's station working with it.

Once everyone arrived at the table there was a whole lot of blushing going on at the dinner table, mostly from Rei and Takashi but Shizuka for some reason was joining in too. Ranma caught her looking at him a time or two and wondered what that was about but shrugged off for now.

Saya was also looking a little embarrassed, and very sore. She had winced every step of the way coming up the ramp, and had downed several painkillers that she had taken from the small emergency medical kit before coming up. Despite the fact that her adrenaline and arousal had offset it at the time, Saya was going to be sore for several days because of the amount of activity last night.

"Were you able to make up a map of the airport for us?" Ranma asked looking over at Rika.

"I did," she said slowly "but I'm not certain any more we should do this honestly. As I was making the map I realized that fighting our way through that part of the airport is going to be a bitch and a half. It's not like the front of the airport which is just one large hallway with breaks in it you know, this is an area where there are a lot of twists and turns, a lot of rooms along the halls where zombies could hide, and I'm not certain if it's worth the risk anymore."

Saeko and Ranma exchanged a look and a brief smile. "Don't worry about that," Saeko replied, "we're good in enclosed spaces." With that they got down to the nuts and bolts of the operation moving over with Rika and Kohta and Saya to look at the 3-D rendering that Rika had made.

Rika walked them through the several entrances they could use, including the one that was leading up from the small docking area. It wasn't actually small, in the sense that it was only for small boats, but it was only large enough for two cargo ships at a time. When docked the ships would be uncovered, but there was some cover provided by concrete roof over the rest of the docking area, and along the little walkway that led from that area up to the main airport.

Of course the main freight came up from a large conveyor belt, which was about as wide as two men across. "That's our entry point then Ranma said tapping it. Saeko and I can get up that easily, and it'll take us into an area where we'll have more room for a bit to deal with any zombies."

"That's nice and all for the two of you, but what about the rest of us?"

"You're not coming." Ranma said bluntly.

Saeko elaborated. "The two of us are by far the best close combat specialists of the group. You yourself said these weapons would be in an area where you would be more likely to be attacked from every direction then have clear lanes of fire. We can handle that environment better just the two of us rather than a larger group."

"You can't be serious," Rika scoffed, "you'll need backup in there."

"We have backup, each other. We'll be better able to watch our backs together than in a larger group, we'll be able to move faster, and there won't be any danger of friendly fire."

Rika gaped at them, but over the next ten minutes found that she couldn't dissuade them. The only concession they would make would be Ranma agreeing to pull someone else up with them to guard the top of the conveyor belt.

"But," he said looking over at Kohta sharply, "You don't shoot unless you damn well have to. And," he continued, now looking over at Shizuka and Kyoko "When we disembark you move the ship away from the pier. No physical contact between the boat and the pier until we clear out the dock. We'll fill up if we can before you pull out, but after that no physical contact."

"But if you're being chased at that point won't that make it more difficult to get away?" Nodoka asked. She was now very, very irritated indeed that her dominant arm was out of commission. That idea of her son and his girlfriend/possible wife (after all how exactly were they going to find a priest to marry them legally or whatever here in this messed up world) going in there just the two of them bothered her quite a bit.

"We won't be, and even if we are, going from what Rika can tell us that end of the pier should be easily enough to defend." Ranma said confidently.

"You will take a radio with you at least," she said her voice brooking no argument. Both of the martial artists looked at one another and simply nodded in reply to that.

Within an hour the yacht was ready, the anchor pulled up and they were on their way. It only took them about 15 minutes to get close to the island, and another 10 to move around it and find the small cargo port.

There were about 10 zombies are so scattered around the loading area, but Kohta Rika and Asami were all situated at the prow of the ship with their guns, though that had engendered some salivating from Kohta when he saw her twin pistols. When she had informed him she had to leave her own sniper rifle behind on the bridge before Ranma and Saeko had come to her rescue Kohta had nearly wept when he found out what kind it was.

Rika stood there ready and waiting to lend more firepower to any defense needed, but was impressed by the way the Asami and Kohta swiftly gunned down the ten zombies, both of them using their sniper rifles, which now had silencers on them given to them by Rika from her pistols.

After that was done the boat slowly eased along one side of the dock until Ranma and Saeko jumped out onto the pier grabbing the ropes and tying the ship down quickly.

Yuuki immediately moved over to join them on the dock, stopping momentarily to look at the side of the ship where a small flap opened allowing her to start refueling. Takashi, bum ankle and all still helped her pull the long hose from the station at the far end of the dock area, though it barely stretched down to the yacht.

Saeko and Ranma moved to the end of the dock and remains there on guard while Takashi and Yuuki went past them to grab the hose and return. After a moment Yuuki motioned Takashi and Ranma over to her. She nodded at the large metal can gas container. "This things got nearly all of its fuel inside," she said happily. "Only problem is its electronic and we'll need to pump it out instead using the emergency pump here," she said tapping the large wheel along one side of it. "I don't suppose either of you big strong men could handle that, could you?"

Takashi and Ranma shared a grin, and moved over quickly to grab one end each of the large wheel. Yuuki scuttled back past Saeko to make certain that nozzle was correctly aligned then nodded her head over her shoulder. "Good to go."

The two boys began to move the wheel around, almost immediately hearing the creaking and groaning of the pump inside the container pushing the gas out and down through the tube. It took about 15 minutes to fill up the boat, and after that Yuuki asked the boys to stop for a moment before rushing over to grab up on of several dozen emergency gas containers, filling it up as well. She handed it up to Kyoko to put away in the engine room downstairs. There was a way to fill up the engine from inside the engine room so this would see them through quite well. Yuuki frowned thoughtfully worrying her lower lip. There were over nine more containers like that, but was it worth the time and danger?

She voiced those thoughts and Ranma for frowned for a moment, looking around. "All right little bit of a change of plans here. Kohta, Rika, you two are on guard here Asami, you stay put there. One of you stay by the conveyor belt, the other one station yourself by the walkway up to the rest of the airport." He looked over at the others. "Break out the nail guns and the shotgun as well, just in case. Yuuki, Takashi and Rei, you're own pump duty."

The group responded immediately moving around swiftly leaving only Shizuka on the ship to remain in the pilot's chair just in case they needed to make a fast getaway anyway.

The noise of their moving around attracted a few zombies that were in the hallway, and one zombie actually fell down the conveyor belt but it was swiftly killed by a single blow from Ranma. Rika took care of the group that had responded by the hallway deeper into the airport.

After that Saya and Rika prepared a defensive position right at the entrance to the hallway. "You do know this is insane right? Rika asked, looking over at Ranma. "There are at least 200 zombies in there, maybe more, and you two don't know the area enough to head straight to where you're going."

Saeko shrugged. "I have a very good sense of direction and a good memory of maps, I think I can direct us, and besides," she smiled, and Rika suddenly realized that Shizuka was right about these two. They took being combat junkies to the Nth degree. "That just makes it all the more challenging."

Asami and Kyoko had set themselves up by the conveyor belts heading upwards, just in case, while Saya (armed with one of the nail guns) and Rika took up position behind their barricade staring down the corridor. Kohta stayed back on the prow of the ship, ready to add his firepower to either position.

Ranma nodded at Saeko as she moved up to join him the looked over to Kyoko and said "We'll be back."

Kyoko nodded firmly, having no doubt that the two could handle anything it the airport could offer them. They'd survived so far after all, they could survive this.

Ranma and Saeko jumped up onto the conveyor belt and swiftly raced up the ramp, able to deal with the shifting of the belt underneath them rather easily though Saeko had slightly more difficulty than Ranma.

Up top they immediately ran into 12 zombies who had been milling around by the entrance to the conveyor belt, unable to get on top of it. The zombie that had fallen down might have been turned during his attempt to get up onto the belt in his attempt to get away from the zombies.

They struck like lightning, Ranma whipping out his meteor hammer and dealing death (debatable true) left and right while Saeko swiftly slaughtered anything that came within sword's range. Like this the two of them cleared the area around the conveyor belt with ease. A few more zombies were making their way towards him, but Ranma raced to meet them killing all three quickly.

The conveyor belt emptied out into a another storage area, somewhat empty at the moment but normally bustling with activity as the food for the planes was moved over to small vans that would take them out to the planes. Another conveyor belt carried more food and food ingredients deeper into the airport to the back of the food court and the worker's cafeteria. After looking around at all this Ranma asked, "Where to now?"

Saeko pointed at one door leading off to the right. "That will take us to the office area, move through that up to the third floor and then find a lounge that should be on the right as we exit up onto the third floor from the stairs."

"You're the boss love, I can't remember maps for crap." Ranma replied with a shrug and the two moved off.

As they entered the corridor several zombies turned towards them, the door having a loud creaking noise that attracted their attention. The two martial artists grinned at one another and charged forward weapons at the ready. One doorway they passed opened and more zombies poured out, causing Saeko to stop in place her blade lashing out to kill the first two and then catching the third with her backswing as Ranma barreled into the first four killing them all with swift strikes from his meteor hammer.

The sounds of the dead bodies hitting the ground echoed loudly in the hallway, and more zombies began to appear.

"This place must've been overrun the moment Rika pulled back," Ranma said conversationally, as the two stood back to back making their way through the horde slaughtering any that came within range. Still more came on, but neither martial artist was in danger of weakening.

"Indeed," Saeko said blandly, dodging an outstretched arm before beheading its owner. "Remember what Rika said, she was supposed to provide some kind of diversion with fire. The diversion obviously failed even more spectacularly than she thought."

"I wonder if that means that last batch of people got out, or if they're still held up in here hoping for rescue or whatever?" Ranma's fist and legs lashed out at three targets at once, smashing two back and slicing the head off the third.

"I don't know," Saeko said, slicing another zombie in half at the waist before taking the legs off another zombie, before her blade came back finishing the job.

The two lovers continued to hack and slash their way down the corridor, until they reached the staircase leading upstairs, a few minutes after the first flood of zombies had tapered off. Ranma looked up the staircase, a winding one only about the size of two men abreast and twirled his meteor hammer meaningfully. "I'll leadoff, you follow me after."

Saeko nodded, and took up position at his back following him up the staircase swiftly. They found only one zombie in the stairwell, but when they broke out onto the third floor they found four more. One of them looked as if he had tried to blow his own head off, and there were several dead bodies lying around, both former zombies and humans who had been ripped apart. The zombie who had tried to kill himself was wearing a uniform, while the others appeared to be workers from the airport.

Saeko dispatched to one of the zombies while Ranma simply slaughtered the other three and they stood momentarily over the body of the SAT soldier bowing their heads briefly in prayer. "At least he died swinging," Ranma said as he lifted his head up.

The purple haired swordswoman looked up from where she had been mumbling a Buddhist prayer for the departed and nodded. With that the two moved off. Despite their concerns this hadn't actually been very difficult so far, and both of them were tense and ready for anything.

Throughout this corridor they came upon dead bodies, both human and zombie. The entire hallway was riddled with bullets and the two martial artists could barely find room to put their feet down for bodies. Here and there were bodies of humans who had been ripped apart but retained their weapons. Despite knowing that Kohta would have wanted them to, neither martial artist could bring themselves to take their weapons or check their clips or anything like that. It seemed disrespectful to the dead in the extreme.

About 10 minutes later they found the lounge area that Rika had described to them. Inside they found several dozen rifles of various kinds, though neither of them were knowledgeable enough to know which was which. However a thorough search turned up not a single box of bullets.

The two shared a glance and then played rock paper scissors for a moment. Ranma lost and groaned aloud. "Best two out of three?"

Saeko merely laughed and waved a hand at him moving over to guard the doorway. Ranma sighed, pulled his backpack off from around his shoulders and reached inside to pull out his walkie-talkie. "This is Ninja to Megane-hime, can you read me, over?"

"God damnit," said Saya's voice. "Would you stupid fuckers stop it with the god damn call signs they don't serve any fucking purpose! And I hate mine! Now, what is it? Did you find the guns?"

"Yeah we found the guns, but no bullets." Ranma shook his head. "Tell Rika that that diversion of her's probably failed badly. There was one hell of a fight up here," he paused before going on, his voice somber. "We found a guy in the same uniform she's wearing up here."

After a moment Rika's voice answered her. "Did he die a zombie or as a human?""

"Human," Ranma said not wanting to tell her the truth. "He got bit but he also bit of bullet instead of being turned. And he went down swinging him and a few others. It looks like a war zone up here, at least 30 zombies dead and 10 humans ripped apart not a one of them turned." That was a lie of course, more than half of them had turned and been cut down in turn but Rika didn't need to know that.

Rika sighed heavily wondering if she should have come back after the diversion with setting the gas tanks on fire hadn't worked.

"The problem is though we didn't find a single box of bullets." Ranma continued, "Are you sure you guys gathered it all in one place?"

"Positive," Rika said. "The airport security forces kept a major arms locker on hand for any issues that arose, and we pulled it all out for this crisis. They didn't have nearly as many rounds as we could have liked for the number of guns though, so I guess that makes sense."

"Then we're on our way back down," Ranma said shrugging.

"Wait!" shouted aloud voice and there was a huffing and puffing sound from the radio as were Kohta joined in. "We can still use the guns can't we I mean we need to take them with us! Think about the trade resource they could be! And maybe we could figure out a way to make bullets at some point!"

Ranma grunted irritably, and estimated the number of guns he could carry and still be able to fight. "Saya, it's your call. Is it a good idea to take these with us, 'cause I gotta say I don't think it is."

"Please I'll do anything, you guys let me have those guns please! At least give me a description of them! Come on, with four or five of them we could arm everyone!" Kohta yelled hysterically into the radio.

"We don't have enough bullets to go around," Saya muttered pushing the boy away from the radio (and out of her personal space). She thought for a few minutes then shook her head. "I don't think so Ranma, if there's no bullets there this is a wasted trip, and as good as you two are you cna't carry many of them. Grab one or two i suppose, but I think we're wearing out our welcome here. We're full up with gas, if you find any clothing or anything grab it, but otherwise let's get out of here."

"Roger," Ranma said and signed off and Saeko forged their way back down the stairs, while Ranma grabbed to short, stubby automatic guns. Luckily they didn't meet any more zombies, though they could see dozens through doors into the public area of the airport. They did make a few stops, moving into the shopping area and coming back with packs of t-shirts and other items of clothing (though no underwear, alas) and stuffing both their backpacks with them, as well as a few bags of food and some medicines, but not much of either.

Soon they were back at the conveyor belt and Saeko whooped a little as she slid down it.

Ranma chuckled coming down after her, and nodded at everyone around them. Kohta was sulking by the conveyor belt having abandoned his position on the prow of the yacht. He crouched there poking the ground irritably and muttering under his breath about 'ungrateful peons' and 'barbarians' but Ranma simply ignored him looking around at everyone else. "Pack it up guys and gals, let's get out of here."

Everyone else followed the order with alacrity but even with the two guns Ranma had brought back Kohta was still disconsolate. He kept on poking the wall until Ranma grabbed him by the shoulder lifting him bodily up by it and literally throwing him onto the boat. "There are more important things than guns Kohta, and right now you're lying next to one."

Kohta opened his eyes after his surprise trip through the air to notice that Ranma had aimed him to land right next to where Asami had moved back to take up station at the brow of the boat.

He nodded and sighed sadly while Takashi and Ranma undid the ropes holding the boat against the peer before jumping aboard themselves. Shizuka slowly started the engine, backing the ship away before turning around once they got out into open water turning away from the airport.


The group headed out into the ocean for a few hours, while the two martial artists got some food and another shower before rejoining the rest.

"Where to now? Did you guys decide on an island?"

Saya nodded firmly. We're heading down towards Kyushu for the moment, the island were aiming for is called Gajajima, and it should be more than large enough for us. It's easily defensible, and will have enough land for us to put under plow or whatever the phrase is. I can guide us there by compass and by landmarks if we get close enough."

Ranma nodded and waved at Shizuka who was looking at them through the open door to the cockpit. "Make it so Shizuka-san."

"Aye-aye sir!" Shizuka laughed bring up one hand to salute, and turned back to her controls.

It was still bright day out, and Yuuki shrugged. "If that's all, I'm going to go change into my bathing suit and way out and get some sun. And you lot said I was stupid for grabbing those suits for us all. Hah, who's laughing now!" She looked at Ranma for a moment smirking. But before he could analyze her look she walked down the stairs followed by some of the other girls.

Kyoko and Rei both wanted to get some sun as well, as did Saya though Saeko moved over to one of the sofas and laid out on it for the moment. Ranma cocked an eyebrow at her and she shrugged. "Just a little tired, our exertions last night plus today have pushed my endurance a bit."

Ranma blushed a little at that, but decided to get some sun himself and headed down to grab up one of his cleaner pair of boxers and put them on in lieu of a suit.

Despite that first day's excitement the next three days passed peacefully enough. The ship made its way down towards the target island, moving with the coast always in view and as the compass directed. She figured if they could find a few landmarks then she would be able to find their place much easier, but for now this would do. The fact that the ship also had sonar on it helped warn them off a few times from a few reefs and even a ship or two drifting dead in their path during the night.

They saw a few ships in the distance moving around during the day, and even tried the radio a few times always having Kohta, Takashi or Ranma do it, just in case. Yet despite this no one was answering, and Shizuka and the other adults exchanged a glance every time this became apparent.

Yet despite this the days were just easy days, spent getting to know one another outside the dangers of combat and without the fear of zombie attacks hanging over them. The Miyamoto sisters and adults in particular didn't know much about one another and used this time to bridge that gap.

Today, Yuuki was once again laying out on deck, near the front of the ship this time rather than on top or in the back, her barely there bikini once again barely covering her body. Her head was turned so that she could see Ranma and a smile on her face showed she knew what she was doing to him. Ranma had barely controlled himself that first day, but had lost it early the next day when she came out for some early morning sunning while he was getting ready to turn in from a night on guard. Yuuki hadn't been a virgin like Saya or Saeko, but neither had she been with a martial artist before, and Ranma had worn her out. It was only because he had pushed the top of her swimsuit into her mouth had kept her from waking up the entire boat with her moans.

Ranma however had other things on his mind as he had caught a flash of white out on the water caught his attention from their far left side. "Sail ho," he shouted "or whatever the call is."

Saeko and a few of the others came out onto deck quickly, looking the direction he was pointing. "Kyoko says it's course will cross ours if we keep on our current heading. Should we change course or what?"

Ranma frowned, but shook his head. "Nah, not yet, wait until we can see the boat better before making a decision." A few minutes later they were close enough to see that there were only three figures on the small boat. "Pull up alongside, I can't tell who they are, but they look human, er generally speaking. One kid, one woman, and one, um… oompa loompa?"

Saeko and Saya exchanged a glance, discounted the ending there, then looked over at Kyoko who shrugged, but nodded. If it had been a trio of adults or even teens, maybe Kyoko and the other, more pragmatic ones among their party could have convinced Ranma, Nodoka, Kiriko and Rei to leave them be. But the mention of a kid changed that equation.

Almost as soon as the yacht pulled alongside, Nodoka who had come out and was leaning against the railing along that side of the yacht gasped in astonishment. "Master Happosai, is that you?!"

Ranma stiffened at the name but by that time the little gnome had jumped aboard, quickly grabbing onto Rika's chest before jumping to Shizuka and away. "GAHAHAHAH, so many lovely ladies so little time!"

Amid shrieks and angry yells Happosai perched on Nodoka's uninjured shoulder looking down at her injury. "I see you haven't come through this whole mess unscathed my dear,. Then he looked up at all of their enraged faces, as well as the fact Saeko had pulled out her sword already and Rika was cocking her heavy pistols.

"Now, now," he said smiling in what he hoped was a winsome manner. "Just call it my greeting my special greeting to lovely ladies." Happosai then turned back to Nodoka. How are you doing my dear, besides the obvious I mean, its been many years since I saw you. I can't sense that ne'er-do-well husband of yours, did you kick him to the curb at last? You were always too strong willed for Genma to be happy with."

The others growled at his groping but Nodoka simply smiled as if the old man was a long lost friend, or possibly a respected adversary. "Yes I did eventually, and then, wonder of wonders, my son found me, leaving me with the best thing to come out of that marriage."

Ranma frowned a little at the mention of his father, wondering if this old man was the Grandmaster he had heard about once or twice from other martial artists. Genma had never mentioned him, but the name had shown up in his scrolls a time or two.

A polite cough from below made him turn and look down into the boat again. Ranma's first thought upon looking at Kasumi was that here stood a woman who was possibly the most gentle soul he had ever met. Dark, honey brown hair falling down her back, a simple homemakers outfit that somehow on her looked very good indeed, an angelic face as pretty as any of the girls he was already with, dominated by brown doe-like eyes looking up at them. Besides her looks she just seemed to radiate this aura of peace and kindness. Next to her stood a young boy around Alice's age, tough looking and with a grim set to his mouth but other than that he looked as if he had come through the zombie crisis with all his bits and his mind intact.

"Hello, may we come aboard please?" said the woman, "I am Kasumi Tendo, and this is Makoto Nagano."

"Oh, um, I'm Ranma, and this is my group, they'll introduce themselves. Hold on," Ranma said jumping down to them. He hoisted the little boy up onto his shoulders, and picked Kasumi gently up bridal style, somewhat enchanted by her eyes. "Um, anything here ya want to keep?"

Kasumi gulped. Ranma holding her like this was very different from grandfather holding her like this, and she flushed more than a little as she felt his hard chest alongside her head, his skin warm under her cheek. "N-no, no-nothing," she stammered trying to control her blush, "We ran out of food yesterday, and none of us had any personal items when we boarded."

Ranma nodded and then leaped up again to land aboard the taller yacht, smiling at Kasumi's giggle and the little boys shout of astonishment.

"Well Makoto, Kasumi, this is our crew." Alice and Zeke came forward first.

The two young children looked at each other little warily but eventually Makoto held out his hand. Alice shook it then he went down to one knee to scratch behind the puppies years, while Ranma turned still gently folding Kasumi's arm unconsciously as he set her on her feet.

Saeko saw this gesture and smiled faintly, moving forward to exchange a hug with the young woman. "My name is Saeko Busujima, welcome to the club my dear," she said. The double meaning flew over Kasumi's head at the time, and she simply smiled and hugged the purple haired woman back. In the coming days she would come back to that comment and wonder how Saeko had known that she and Ranma would eventually become an item, but it was obvious that the two formidable looking people were an item.

"And this is Saya-chan and Yuuki-chan." The affection in Ranma's voice as he introduced the two girls made Kasumi wonder about her previous assumption, but the reality of their situation would become clear that evening. "And the tanned gal is name Rika, and the lady standin' next to her is Kyoko sensei, and then Takashi and my cousin Rei. Shizuka and my aunt are inside, you'll meet 'em in a moment."

Kasumi nodded, and Yuuki took her hand, guiding her around the side and then inside the yacht with the children following as Ranma signaled Shizuka she should turn the boat away from the sailing boat.

With that done Ranma turned to look over at Happosai, who was still perched on his mother's uninjured shoulder. "So you're the old man who used to train my old man"

"I taught him a lot my boy, but you should know our school emphasizes learning on the fly. And may I say," Happosai said looking around at all the lovely women aboard the yacht, "that you have fine tastes my boy, fine tastes GAHAHAHAH!" the old man cackled. Then he went on more seriously "I'll see how good you are when we can get to this island Nodoka-chan mentions. Since you're the only one besides me who practices Anything Goes, that means I need to make certain you're up to snuff."

Ranma frowned but after a moment nodded, "If you can help me start to use my ki better, then you're on."

Saya sighed, running both of her hands through her hair. "Just what we need, a lecherous martial artist, must be our lucky day." Suddenly she felt something grabbing her bust, then felt her bra disappear from around her breasts despite the fact that she was still wearing a shirt over it.

She gasped and opened her eyes bringing her arms down to cover her chest as Happosai darted away cackling. "Pretty beauties, pretty beauty's all mine!"

Ranma groaned looking over at his mother. "Are you sure taking this guy along is a good idea? I could still stuff him back aboard the sail boat y'know."

"Not at all," said Nodoka, shaking her head. "But he is a martial arts master, and he will be able to teach you a lot more about ki and anything involved with it than you could ever learn on your own."

Ranma scowled as he heard shrieks from inside, and even a faint 'oh my, grandfather!' but nodded. "I just hope it's worth the aggravation." With that Ranma bolted inside to join the chase.

Inside, protected at the moment by the closed door to the cockpit Kyoko shook her head looking over at Shizuka who was piloting the yacht away from the smaller craft. "I think our group just got a lot livelier, I just wish I knew if that was a good thing or not."


End chapter

I was somewhat tempted to just leave this story as is, and let other people make their own conclusions about the conclusion. However, I won't do that to you, I will post a final chapter, which will be set several months into the future, and maybe have a few flashbacks to things that happened as they set up their home/fortress. Probably not though because, and a lot of my reviewers were right about this, once you leave the zombies behind, there goes the danger and drama, and frankly the interest. I love some of the characters, Saya and Saeko leading the group, but I am nearing the end of this tale, because I refuse to write mere fluff or lemons for the sake of lemons. And before anyone bitches about Yuuki not getting a lemon, I did not want the lemons to dominate the chapter, and if I added another one, then they most certainly would have.

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