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Music. That's the first thing I remember. Such happy wonderful music filled my ears as well as the joyful cries of the hundreds of people that filled up the stands. The smells buttered popcorn and cotton candy floated around the arena as children enjoyed their delicious sweets while waiting for the show to start.

I was not with those children. No, I was situated away from the spectators and behind the scenes. I was a part of the show that night. I was an acrobat, or more specifically a trapeze artist. I can't remember my name, but I know that the name of my troupe was 'The flying Graysons'. Kind of ironic when I think about it, considering who-What I am now

There was a total of six of us. I know that we were family. I remember calling two specific people mum and dad, and how happy were all together.

I was standing there in front of the mirror that night, just staring at my reflection. I wore a rather plain outfit, consisting of navy blue pant tights and a bright red top. There were two yellow lines that started from my pant line that came up my torso before speeding to the sides like a pair of golden wings.

I remember feeling odd that night, it was an odd feeling that told me something terrible was going to happen. But, I was only an eight year old boy living the life in a traveling circus. I wasn't old enough to have problems, my life consisted of doing flips with my family and playing with the animals. And with that thought in mind I went out and joined my family for the show.

How I wish I listened to myself

If only I had warned them, maybe they would still be alive.

It was during the performance, they were doing their most famous act without the net. I had asked to perform with them that night, and like every night I was turned down. I watched from my vantage point as they performed, and as mum finished the final spin, all hell broke loose.

The cables broke as they flew through the air and I watched as my parents, my family, crashed and burned. My mind became numb as I heard the smack as flesh and bone met merciless ground. My surroundings blurred as I ran towards what was left of my family. My clothes socked in their blood as I desperately clung to their broken bodies and tears streamed uncontrollably down my face. Panicked sounds replaced the once joyous ones and people ran in circles trying to escape the horrid sight, sweet smells replaced by the horrifying ones of blood and death. It was too much to take in.

When I did finally look up from the broken bodies I saw something that wasn't quite right. There was so many people running around in panic with only few were managing to keep calm and I met the eyes of one of these people and it chilled me to the bone. A man with mismatched eyes that I recognized from earlier that day, a man that I saw sneaking around the tent, a man that was now smirking as he walked towards me with something shiny in his hand.

Panic ran through my veins and my body seized up. He did this, he killed them and I knew he was going to kill me too. It was like a scene out of a horror movie as the killer got closer and closer to his defenseless victim who could only prolong the inevitable, their own death. But, that didn't mean I was going to lie down and take it.

With that I got to my feet and ran.

I ran past all the people, past the animals and cages and trailers, past the open field and into the forest. I ran with everything I had and I tried not to stop for I knew that if I stopped now, I wouldn't keep going. After running for what felt like hours I eventually misjudged the height of a branch and ended up tumbling to the ground, hard. I lied there in the dirt and cried. My legs felt like jell-o and I couldn't move my tired aching muscles, no matter how hard I tried. I ended up giving up and letting my body succumb to the painful sobs lifting from my chest. It hurt so much.

I don't know how long I cried like that but eventually my sobs turned to hiccups that turned into exhausted hiccups as I lay there under the light of the moon. I stared up at its beauty and found myself wondering if my life was of any importance.

My thoughts were cut short as I heard the distinct rustling sound of footsteps on the forest floor. Panic rushed though me as I feared that he had finally found me. My mind was running through escape possibilities as he finally stepped out of the cover of the trees and into the light.

It turns out he was actually a she.

Out from the shadows came a woman dressed in a white lab coat. Her blond hair was tied up in a bun and she wore blue oval shaped glasses that framed her sapphire eyes. With a warm smile on her face she looked like a loving mother, someone you could trust.

I only had known not to trust a mask, no matter how good it was.

I remember her walking up to me and I thought that I might have been saved. That thought was changed as she started talking though.

"Young boy, approximately eight years old. Fit, good build with promising genes. Perfect for our first human experiment. No one would miss a poor orphaned circus boy." She said with a soft voice and a warm smile.

I sat there confused as she talked. I had no idea what she was saying but something told me that it was bad and I should run away. But I couldn't. Her soft voice reminded me of my mothers and beckoned me like a sailor to a siren. I was defenseless against it.

All I could do was sit there and watch as she poked something into my neck. The pain didn't last long as my senses quickly became numb and black spots clouded my vision.

The last thing I remembered was seeing her warm smile turn cold and a strange pod arriving with writing across it reading "Project N.F"

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