Hey guys,

I know you were hoping for Ch 3 and don't worry I'm not here to tell you we're gonna cancel the story. It's just that Aurora has gone on vacation (don't know for how long) and it's gonna be a very busy few days with Christmas and New Year's quickly following up after each other…so I'm gonne put the story on hiatus till (somewhere in) January. We were almost done with Ch 3 but Aurora was finishing the last part so there is really nothing I can do about it, I hope you all understand. So as a little Christmas present for being so patient (and so you won't hate us) I'll show you a sneak peek into Ch3.

-Even though Batman told me I could leave the room, it felt more as if he said ''If you take one step out of this room I will personally come and hunt you down.''

Nightfall was brought back out of his thoughts by a soft knock on the door. He looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Who can it be at…11:47 p.m.? When did I fell asleep? He heard some muffles from the other side of the door and another knock, this time a bit harder.

Who could it be? It probably wouldn't be one of the Justice Leaguers this late, right? But who else could it be? He just tried the simplest thing he could think of. ''Hello?'' Again the muffles on the other side.

The doorknob slowly turned and his heart stopped for a minute. –

I know, I hate cliffhangers too but you'll just have to wait till January. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you will have a fun, loving and healthy 2014 where ever you may be on this planet :D

X x- StarGirl26