Firebender Dovahkin

Rating: T

Genre: Adventure

Summary: The Mythic Dawn killed off the last dragonborn in Tamriel, instead of making someone else dragonborn. Akatosh decides to grab one from another dimension. That other dragonborn just so happens to be the exiled Fire Nation Prince Zuko who Akatosh thinks can learn some important lessons from traveling in Skyrim. How will this prince of fire fare in the frigid land of ice and snow?

Legal Disclaimer: I am not the owner of Avatar: the Last Airbender or Skyrim, they belong to Nickelodeon and Bethesda respectively and I am not making any money of this, just having fun.

Timing: This story begins when Zuko is 16 shortly before Katara and Sokka find Aang


Zuko was on the deck of the ship fishing or more accurately he was pretending to be fishing. After traveling around on a ship for three years, he had learned that people left you alone if you were fishing on a ship and right now Zuko really wanted to be alone. He hadn't slept worth anything last night and was in an even surlier mood than usual.

Suddenly he was no longer on a ship; he was standing in a dark room in the middle of nowhere. Zuko however, was not very interested in wondering where he was or how he got there, he was too busy staring at the huge fiery (literally) dragon in front of him

"Hello Zuko" the dragon said conversationally

Zuko didn't understand how a dragon was able to talk but what he asked instead was "Who are you?"

"I have been known by many peoples in many different names and forms, Amun-Ra, Apollo, Amaterasu, and Akatosh to mention a few."

As the dragon spoke each name (he/she/it Zuko wasn't sure) changed form, first into a man with the head of some sort of bird, than a highly muscled man that glowed gold, then a woman dressed in a Kimono that looked like it was made of sunlight and last a strange creature that seemed like a dragon but not quite. It wasn't serpentine but rather lizard like; Zuko didn't know what it was.

"To your people, I am Agni" the dragon continued and again the dragon changed shape, this time returning the form it had when Zuko had first seen it

"Why are you bothering with me?" Zuko asked bitterly "you should go talk to Azula, she's your favorite."

"That is what men think but they are wrong, even the fire sages who SHOULD know better have mistakenly assumed that I favor your sister because she is a prodigy but that is NOT the case at all. The TRUE path of fire is not easy; it is one of struggle and conflict. Azula has worked hard but she has never TRULY struggled and she has never known true conflict, the kind that occurs in the hearts of men and spirits alike-"

"Spirits have hearts?" Zuko asked

"Metaphorically speaking yes," Agni responded, he wasn't annoyed by the interruption, he had been watching Zuko from the moment he was born and he knew how Zuko was. He had been looking forward to the day that Zuko ascended the dragon throne, he was a throwback to the old days, a young man of courage, honor and compassion then Ozai ruined it. The fire sages had been forced to work overtime to keep it secret that Agni had NOT blessed the victor of that Agni Kai as he usually did and they hadn't succeeded completely, rumors had spread.

"I regret, my son, that your path is even harder than is normal for my children." Agni continued

Zuko didn't like the sound of that

"However, you must succeed or all is lost." Agni said "Know that I am always with you my son, and that I have faith in you."

Zuko opened his mouth to protest, he wanted to tell Agni to pick someone else, he was a screw up, a failure, all his father's negative taunts were running through his brain but before he could give voice to anyone of them. His world went black.

Once Agni had sent Zuko to Tamriel he thought to himself, I am truly sorry Zuko but there IS no other choice. Out loud he said "Good luck, Prince Zuko."

AN: I know this is short but it's a prologue, they're supposed to be short. The actual chapters will be substantially longer I promise.