Chapter 1

Athena ran.

She was zipping away from the party on Olympus. She admitted it. She was running. She was scared. If he caught her there was nothing that she could do. Even her father couldn't help her against him.

She ran round the corner and straight into him.

It was nine months later. She was again running. The child was swelling in her stomach. (A/N God not human, different timings.)There was nothing she could do. It was coming now.

Nine months of hiding it. Nine months of pain. She collapsed. The child was coming now.

She screamed in pain as the baby started to come. She heard footsteps behind her followed by a curse and quicker footsteps. She looked up to see her long-time rival Poseidon, looking down with concern. He enveloped her in water and the pain went immediately.

An hour later and it was done. She had the baby in her hands. Her baby.

"Who is the father Athena?" He asked

She thought for a moment as to whether or not to reveal it. She then realised he genuinely cared.


"What, how?"

"At the party for the winter solstice he came to me in one of his many forms. He caught me and raped me. There was nothing I could do."

"What are you going to do with the child? Your father will not be happy about your oath being broken but he will be even more worried about the power this child could have."

Athena thought for a moment about her options. "You take the child."

"What, why?"

"Because you are one of the Olympians that has a head on their shoulders and you will be able to hide the child in your domain."

Poseidon thought for a moment and smiled "You do realise that you just complemented me."

"What, you think that I would argue with you if you had the brain the size of Ares'."

"Fair point, I will take the child on the conditions that you keep in contact with it. I will not have a motherless child walking around Atlantis."

Athena smiled. "I will visit whenever I can."

"Good. Say goodbye and I will be off."

Athena looked down at the child. She waved her hand over it and his features changed so it looked like Poseidon's child. The only thing that would not change are the stormy grey eyes which stubbornly stayed put.

"I will train the child Athena. One last thing, what is his name."

"His name is Perseus."

Poseidon smiled. He then took Perseus in his arms and dissipated into the sea mist.

Ten years later

Perseus ducked under the trident thrust. He swung his sword and managed to draw blood on his brother. He smiled at Triton. "First blood to me."

Triton smiled back at Perseus, and the struck again. Perseus was about to counter when he stopped suddenly.

He got up eyes glowing. "Mother." He yelled before flashing out.

He landed right outside of Athena's temple. There he was. He saw a man fighting his mother. She was winning as she was the goddess of war. She didn't however see her brother's siblings come up behind her. Ares continued to keep her occupied. Phobas was about to strike when he was blasted off his feet by water. When he and his brother got up they looked around for the culprit. They watched in horror as Athena disarmed and impaled Ares and then whipped around to face them. They ran.

Athena then turned back to Ares. "Another round to me."

She then walked back into her temple.

She shut the door and embraced the boy who was waiting inside for her. "Thanks for that. I hadn't noticed them and the help was much appreciated."

"Any time mum. Ares' face is always funny when you beat him."

"Percy I have to go but I will visit you again soon."

"Bye mum."