Chapter 18

Percy's POV

I watched the world fly past as we rose up into the sky. I could see for miles. We rose higher until I got past my unease at being n Zeus' domain. I guess that being brought up by Poseidon did that to you. I was however travelling with two of the most powerful beings in creation. My rational side won and I realised that Zeus would not touch us.

I turned to Nyx, "Do you have any idea what I require for my 'father' to unlock new power in me?" I said father like it was the worst word possible.

She looked at me and shook her head. "No, I am not sure what it entails. I believe that Chaos looked away some of your power so that you would not seek retribution against him." she sighed, "He can be paranoid sometimes. Like Uranus, Kronos and Zeus funnily enough." She looked out across the sky, "I believe that he may try to kill you to cover his tracks. Erebus may know how to unlock your powers," she turned to her husband, "Do you know?" she asked.

He looked straight ahead and the three of us developed into an awkward silence. "Yes I know, you need to either gain his blessing or you need to kill him. I am afraid that the latter is almost impossible so you will have to gain his blessing. Since he most likely will try to kill you, as my wife said, that will be incredibly difficult. The only thing that I can think of would be to do him a favour of some kind without him knowing that it is actually you." He explained.

I turned to look at them both. "Is there any way in which you two can disguise me?"

"Yes," Nyx answered, "But you will only be able to be disguised for around a week."

"That is ages. I will be fine." I said.

"No it will probably not be enough time. Remember to gain his blessing you will have to do something for him that is so difficult or painful that he cannot be bothered to do it. Therefore it is highly likely that, one week will not be long enough." Erebus said.

"Great, so I have to do an impossible quest, for the most powerful man in the universe, who happens to be my father, and happens to hate me. Without him working out that it is me, by being in a disguise that will last a week, which is highly unlikely to be enough time." I summarised.

Erebus smirked, "Yes Perseus, that is about it."


This is the last chapter of book one.

I want to make this a two book series but it may end up being a trilogy.

I know that it is short but I want to do it this way.

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