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Naruto and Harry both rose earlier than the four other boys in the first year dorms. By five thirty, they were both fully showered and dressed and down in the common rooms waiting for the rest of the Ravenclaws and Professor Flitwick. Harry was reading a book on wizarding etiquette and Naruto was reading a book on Transfiguration.

Both drew incredulous looks as the rest of the tower slowly trickled down into the common room because they had been down way earlier than the rest of their classmates. Most of the stares came from what they were reading though.

At exactly nine o'clock, Professor Flitwick entered the tower through a wall that drew amazed looks from the first years, Harry and Naruto included. The reason? The wall slid out of place to allow the professor access.

"Welcome." The tiny professor had stood on a small podium near the middle of the room. "Prefects, is everyone here?" At the nod from the prefects, he continued in his slightly squeaky voice.

"Good, good. First, I would like to formally welcome our new first years. You are now Ravenclaws. Later this afternoon, I will be handing out special assignments sheets to you all that will also contain the rules of this noble house. We have a very strong and high reputation. I expect you all to help contribute to the wonderful history of this house while you are here at Hogwarts." He stopped for a drink of water and Harry glanced at his brother. Naruto had already zoned out on the professor.

"I will hand out your schedules in a moment. I expect you all to do well in your classes. If you have a problem, my door is always open. I hope you will have a great time here at Hogwarts. Now, off to breakfast with all of you." Harry could have sworn that the tiny professor looked right at him a few times in his speech. He nudged Naruto and smiled when his brother almost fell out of his seat.

Taking his new schedule in hand, Harry pulled Naruto to his feet and they both began to head out the door.

Ravenclaw house was the first ones to breakfast. The upper years explained that this was normal and that they were almost always the first ones to breakfast. this didn't bother Naruto or Harry in the slightest as they had always gotten up really early.

Both of them took seats near the end of the table closest to the high table. Terry Boot, the boy they had met last night, sat next to Naruto as Harry was sitting on the end of the bench.

"How early did you two get up?" Terry blinked somewhat owlishly. "A prefect had to wake me and the other guys up. He told us that you two had been downstairs for at least an hour already." Harry smiled softly while Naruto answered.

"I think the clock said four fifteen." Harry nodded. "We showered and stuff and were downstairs by five. We're used to getting up super early though." Terry's eyes had bugged out at the mention of the time.

"Geez, and I thought that eight was early!" Naruto just grinned back and stuck a piece of bacon in his mouth. Terry got the hint and also began eating.

"What classes do we have first Harry?" Harry glanced down at his schedule before answering, making sure that he was correct.

"Charms at ten fifteen. Then lunch at noon. After lunch we have Herbology with Hufflepuff and a free period." Harry looked at the schedule again. "Today seems fairly easy. Not bad for a Monday." Naruto laughed and looked at his watch.

"We have about half an hour before charms. We should leave about fifteen minutes early so that we aren't late because with our sense of directions, we're bound to be late." Harry smiled and tucked his schedule back into his bag.

"Good point." They both settled into their seats and ate the rest of their breakfast in relative silence, watching carefully when the rest of the school began to enter the Great hall at about nine thirty.

At exactly ten o'clock, the boys rose and made sure everything was in their bags before heading out the hall and up the grand staircase.

"Charms is on the fourth floor right?" Harry frowned and tried to remember.

"Yeah, why?" Naruto smirked and pointed at the small plaque on the wall next to him. It read, Fourth Floor.

"That's really handy." Naruto agreed and they both headed down that corridor. About midway down the corridor, they came another labeled door. This one read, Charms.

"That was quick. Normally it takes us a lot longer to find our way around an unfamiliar place." Harry frowned but they entered anyways. It was well lit and their head of house was sitting at the desk at the front of the room.

"Hello Professor." Naruto stifled a laugh as their professor almost fell off his chair.

"Oh, hello boys! Come in, come in, wasn't expecting anyone for another ten minutes!" They claimed a desk at the front of the room and took out their books and wands.

"We weren't expecting to get here so soon either, normally it takes us a really long time to get somewhere new." The professor nodded in understanding.

"I still remember my days in Hogwarts so long ago. I got lost a lot in the first few months." This caused the two to smile. At least they would get too upset if they got lost. they most likely wouldn't be the only ones.

Slowly, students began coming into the classroom as it got closer and closer to class time. When it was time, Professor Flitwick closed the door with a wave of his wand and started by taking roll. The Ravenclaws had this class with the Slytherins.

Very quickly, the lesson began and they began practicing the levitation charm. Many different voices echoed through the room as students tried to get their feather to float.

Naruto was going first in their pair and Harry was observing his brother very carefully. He had Naruto repeat the spell as he watched and noticed what Naruto was doing wrong, then he tried it himself.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" His feather shuddered but it didn't lift off. Harry frowned and Naruto watched him carefully.

"I'll try again Harry." Harry nodded and Naruto raised his wand.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Naruto's feather lifted off the desk by a few inches before falling back down. Harry smiled and clapped softly.

"Your turn again Harry." Harry lifted his wand and said the incantation again.

His feather rose. It was very slow, but Harry poured more magic into it and soon his feather was hovering at about three feet in the air.

"Oh! Mr. Potter has done it!" Everyone in the class stopped and stared except for Naruto. He simply lifted his wand and tried to raise his feather again.

His feather lifted a few inches very slowly before suddenly it shot up as if it was a cork being shot out of a bottle of wine. It bounced up and down before his magic stabilized the input and his hovered also. Harry clapped his brother on the back with his free hand and they began trying to chase each other's feather across the room. This left most of the class gaping and even the professor stunned.

Both brothers lost concentration at the same time and blushed crimson as they realized that the entire class was staring at them.

It was going to be a long day.

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