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Title: The Mark of Perseus – Athena's Gratitude

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; replacing Mark of Athena

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, moresomes, incest, bondage, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, mpreg, shoujo-ai, hetero

Godly Main Pairings: Poseidon/Percy, Hades/Percy, Zeus/Percy, Ares/Percy, Apollo/Percy, Hephaestus/Percy, Hermes/Percy, Dionysus/Percy, Triton/Percy, Thanatos/Percy

Demi-Godly Main Pairings: Nico/Percy, Octavian/Percy, Stolls/Percy, Jason/Percy

Side Pairings: Stolls/Nico, Frank/Hazel/Leo, Jason/Leo, Octavian/Leo, Reyna/Piper/Annabeth, Jake/Will, Chris/Clarisse, Malcolm/Katie, Grover/Juniper, Tyson/Ella, Paul/Sally, Zeus/Hera (past), Poseidon/Amphitrite (past), Luke/Percy (past)

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Octavian Simmons, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Thalia Grace, Clarisse la Rue, Chris Rodriguez, Katie Gardner, Malcolm Cage, Lou Ellen, Austin Barton, Kayla Hein, Will Solace, Jake Mason, Nyssa Black, Grover Underwood, Tyson, Ella, Sally Blofis, Paul Blofis, Mrs. O'Leary, Blackjack, Arion, Scipio, Tempest

Gods: Poseidon, Hades, Zeus, Ares, Apollo, Hephaestus, Hermes, Dionysus, Triton, Thanatos, Aphrodite, Hebe, Hera, Jackson (OC)

Summary: Reunited with his Greek family, Percy has to to rescue his Nico. While also making new friends, reconnecting with his godly lovers who occasionally visit and dealing with the aftermath of his time kidnapped by Hera. There is also the matter of saving the world.

The Mark of Perseus

Athena's Gratitude

Chapter 6: Apollo and Mercury

Percy smiled lazily as he kissed Travis and Connor good bye. They were on watch duty. And after last night's doubling, Percy had deserved himself to lay in. By now, he was pretty glad for Aphrodite's blessing. Even though he had thought at first that it was just her inner pervert wanting to keep him horny for her personal entertainment. But by now Percy had... oh... He actually needed to count, wow. That was new. Poseidon, Triton, Hades, Nico, Thanatos, Zeus, Jason, Hephaestus, Ares, Apollo, Octavian, Hermes, Travis, Connor, Dionysus... Wow. Fifteen lovers. So yes, that blessing was indeed a blessing. If not for that effect of sex making him feel recharged and full of energy, he would be way too knocked out to even cope. But thanks to Aphrodite, sex didn't exhaust him, it made him fell energetic again. He also got at least part of his invincibility again, because otherwise he would really not be able to walk today, not after yesterday. But the sex itself brought him new energy and activated some kind of healing factor. Pretty handy.

"Why thank you. That one was my idea. I figured a little healing factor would be good for our favorite little hero. Sex after a fight will be the right thing to get you going again."

"I already thought that it was a very... close sunrise", grinned Percy amused and rolled onto his stomach, just to stare a little surprised. "Oh. You brought one of your brothers. How nice of you."

A Cheshire grin laid on Percy's lips as he looked Mercury and Apollo up and down. The brothers leaned against each other, returning the grin. Licking his lips, Percy sat up some.

"It's so good to see you again", smiled Mercury as he grabbed Percy's face and kissed him.

Percy too smiled into the kiss, his arms around Apollo so he could once his his with Mercury broke, pull the blonde into a passionate kiss of their own. The Sun God hummed in appreciation.

"It's good to have you back", murmured Apollo softly, lips against Percy's cheek.

"Mh... How come you two come last?", asked Percy softly, watching how the brothers stiffened and frowned innocently. "Come on, guys. You really think I didn't notice how conveniently always two of you dropped by every day since we got started on this journey? So, why are you last?"

"Well, obviously the three big guys called dips", grunted Mercury with a slight pout. "And Mars got demanding, worried since you were upset the last time he had seen you. Triton was being a cheating bastard, using the opportunity that your guys got dropped into the ocean. Vulcan was cheating too, what with coming to 'check on his son'. Riiight. And Bacchus, that dick, you summoned him."

"So guess who had to wait?, huffed Apollo, his lips against Percy's shoulder. "You want to see something hot? Mercy and me had a bet going on, I told him it would make you hot."

"Mercury. Please stop doing that", sighed Mercury and blushed a little.

"I wanna see the hot thing. Now", demanded Percy and sat down on the bed.

Apollo grinned wickedly and walked up to Mercury, his arms around his brother's neck. The god of tricksters, thieves and travelers grunted a little and rested his hands on the Sun God's ass, groping him just as Apollo leaned his head in to kiss Mercury. The brunette groaned, squeezing Apollo's ass tighter as he pulled him closer. The blonde whimpered, rubbing his hardness against Mercury's thigh. But the brunette trickster just smirked and kissed his brother harder.

"Fuck, this is hot", purred Percy, arching his back a little. "Did all of you hook up while I was gone? Do you even need me anymore, now that you all got another sweet piece of ass..."

The brothers broke apart and instead attacked Percy. Apollo kissed Percy's left neck, while Mercury was trailing his lips up Percy's right thigh. The son of Poseidon hummed pleased at the attention.

"Don't you ever say something stupid like that again", chided Apollo softly. "You're not just a nice piece of ass that we can replace. Sure, we adjusted while you were gone, but we missed you and we love you and we always wanted you back, all this time. You're ours, right?"

"Absolutely", agreed Mercury, nibbling on Percy's cock. "Want us to show you just how much?"

"How much I'm yours? Sure. Let's see if you can compete with your sons, Mercy", grinned Percy teasingly. "Because Con and Trav just doubled me and it was a-ma-zing."

"We really don't spank him often enough. He's such a tease", commented Apollo with a fond smile.

"Well, we also love that he's such a fucking tease", replied Mercury amused.

"True that", agreed Apollo, hoisting one of Percy's legs up for better access as he started preparing the son of Poseidon. "We really missed you, Percy. We still want you, you know. You've always been worried that if you'd take godhood, we'd lose interest in you after a while. But we spend six months searching for you, missing you. You have to stay with us on Olympus, love. Please."

"When the war is over", promised Percy, his face buried in Mercury's hair as the trickster supplied two more fingers to help with the preparation. "When the war is over, I'll take godhood."

"The others already said you changed your mind, but we kind of needed to hear it ourselves", whispered Apollo with a bright grin. "That's good to hear, babe. Now spread your legs."

Percy chuckled and followed the request. Apollo was the first one to enter him. The blonde god made a delightful sound as he kissed Percy's knee. Mercury huffed a little jealously as he squeezed in beside Apollo. The Sea Prince between them gasped softly, but rather urged them on to go deeper. Of course they couldn't deny that request, so they started thrusting, hard and long. Percy had one hand resting in Apollo's neck, caressing the blonde curls, the other in Mercury's neck, playing with the brown mess of hair. This bed was awesomely comfortable, Percy made a mental note to thank Leo for being amazing later on. Mercury released first, moaning Percy's name softly as he caught the Sea Prince's earlobe between his teeth. Apollo was close to follow him and at the sensation of being filled by two lovers, he felt the tightening of his balls, the feeling of a tightness of every muscle in his body before the release followed, the immense pleasure of complete relaxation and peace. Gasping softly, Percy collapsed on the bed.

"I need you to do me a favor, sunny boy", stated Percy with a seductive grin.

"Why from him? I can do you a favor too!", complained Mercury with a pout.

"I need a lift. Your car's the fastest around, right? You could give me a ride to New York and back in like... less than an hour. They wouldn't even miss me here. Trav said he'd make sure they'd let me sleep for another two hours, three even if nothing comes up", said Percy and sat up to stare at them with the most adorable pout. "Please. I need to see my mom. Even if it's only for five minutes. I... This is a war and I'd never be able to deal if I'd die without saying good bye to her."

"You're not going to die, but I understand that you wish to see your mother", said Mercury. "I'll take you. We teleport to their apartment, takes less than a minute. Polly will stay here and if they need you, he'll zap over and tell us so we can return you, mh?"

"Don't call me that", snarled Apollo embarrassed.

"Aw, you're so sweet, Polly and Mercy", grinned Percy amused and kissed their cheeks. "I'll just get showered and dressed and then we can go. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


Reyna was a little suspicious as she found herself locked into a bedroom with Annabeth and Piper. They had kindly asked Hazel for a little privacy. So were the cute Greeks more daring than she had initially thought? Well, that was more than appreciated. After all the fighting that had gone down after their visit at this fort, she felt in dire need of some release. Untying her toga, it slid to the ground. Followed by a flabbergasted yelp from the cute Greeks.

"W—What are you doing?", asked the pretty blonde, covering her eyes.

"I thought you were finally ready to act on all the flirting and blushing you do", replied Reyna smoothly. "You've sending some very obvious signs there. Isn't that why you send Hazel out?"

She easily opened Piper's jeans and slipped a hand in. The native American blushed darkly.

"That's not what I-", started Annabeth to protest, beet red.

"Sh, Annie, don't interrupt her", interrupted Piper, whimpering slightly. "She knows what she's doing down there. And isn't this what we wanted to do for da—ays now?"

"Good girl", smirked Reyna, hooking a finger into Annabeth's collar to pull her into a kiss.

Annabeth had wanted to talk about the quest for the Mark of Athena and she had wanted to tell them about Jack, because she wanted to help Percy, but she was too invested. All she could think was how she wanted to beat Hera up for putting Percy through so much pain, so she wanted a second opinion. But Greeks were very emotional and Romans had a more distant look at things, which was why she had wanted Piper and Reyna to help her out. Reyna pushed Annabeth's shirt up and opened her bra. The thing she did with her tongue around Annabeth's nipple was far too distracting to really focus. Maybe sex first, talking later.


After being thrown out of her own bedroom, Hazel headed over to her boyfriend's room, pouting a little. When she entered Frank's cabin, there was a certain... atmosphere in the room. Frank, Jason and Octavian were exchanging glares, angry and heated glares, while Leo sat cowered together on his bed, his arms around his legs, looking upset. Frowning confused, she hurried over to the Latino.

"Leo? Are you alright? Did they hurt you?", asked Hazel softly.

"What? No", huffed Leo and shook his head. "They fight over who gets to take me first."

"Oh...", nodded Hazel curiously and turned toward the guys. "Stop it, all of you. Now."

"Why? I was there first. I was Leo's boyfriend for months, when you didn't even know him", grunted Jason with a glare. "I get him first. That is obvious."

"That's not how it works, Grace", snorted Octavian and rolled his eyes.

"Then how does it work?", asked Frank challenging. "Paper, rock, scissors, or what?"

Hazel heaved a sigh and got comfortable. This was going to take a while.


Percy had tears running down his cheeks as he was suffocated by his mother and stepfather. Sally's head was resting on his shoulder, her nails digging into his arms, because she held onto him so tightly, like she never wanted to let go of him again. Paul was hugging them both.

"Oh, thank you, Lord Hermes, thank you so much for giving me back my baby", whispered Sally.

"It's Mercury and... he's going to bring me back", mumbled Percy softly. "We're... in the middle of war, I can't abandon my friends. But I needed to see you. I'm so sorry for the pain I put you through. I'm so sorry for being gone for so long, for worrying you so much. So sorry... I missed you..."

Holding Jack again and listening to his baby telling him how much he loved his mommy made Percy ache to be held by his mother too, to have his mom tell him that everything would be alright.

"I missed you too. We all did", replied Sally, still clinging to him. "Not just me and Paul. Your friends, they're such darlings, they came visiting all the time. Even on Christmas."

"That's... nice... I wish I could have been there", murmured Percy upset.

"Believe me, we do too", grunted Paul, ruffling Percy's hair. "Are you alright though? Where have you been, all this time? I know Nico checked with the Romans regularly. He's a good kid."

"He... is", grinned Percy, blushing a little. "I was... somewhere else. I'm fine. It's fine. It'll be fine."

"It will be fine?", repeated Sally concerned, pushing Percy off some for the first time. "What will be fine? Something must have happened. Percy, talk to me. Your father came and visited the other day, he said he was concerned about you. You were healthy, but... depressed, was the word he chose."

"Mercury, can you give us a moment, please?", asked Percy tenderly.

"I... sure. Gotta go and do a mail-run for uncle Pluto anyway. I'll be back in ten", nodded Mercury.

The god zapped away and left the family alone. Percy heaved a deep breath. If something happened to him during this war, he wanted Jack to have a good home, to have the best mother possible.

"I was... pregnant. That's why Hera took me, because she did something to me so I got pregnant by my... lovers", replied Percy, his voice soft and broken. "It was some godly magic, she wanted to create a... weapon. Because for this war, we need the union of a god and a demigod. So... she created a baby that is the perfect union between god and demigod. My baby."

"Every time I think I'm prepared for anything the gods may throw our way...", muttered Paul.

"I'm a... grandmother...?", asked Sally slowly, clasping one hand over her mouth.

"Yes. He's... he's perfect, mom", confirmed Percy with a sad and proud smile. "My baby boy. I named him Jackson. Jackie. He's perfect. But... But she took him away from me. Hera took my baby and she gave him to another goddess to raise a—and she's... using magic to age him... Make him old enough to fight in this war. I don't want my baby to fight in any war. I—I want to keep him safe. He's my baby and he's so beautiful and a—adorable and..."

He broke down in tears, burying his head in his mother's lap. She caressed his hair softly, whispering tender words to sooth him. Paul sat next to her, had one arm around her shoulders, shock written over his face as he tried to process.


Apollo got bored. Just sitting around and waiting if the crew needed Percy had gotten boring after about two minutes. So he had left and played a little card game with his kids – to show Percy he could be a good daddy too, besides he hadn't seen Will, Austin and Kayla in a while. He also gave Jake the dad-speech, just for kicks, because the boy looked awesomely frightened at it.

"Dad, please. Please stop scaring my boyfriend!", complained Will embarrassed. "Get out!"

Grinning slightly, Apollo retreated. Enough embarrassment for now. Humming softly, he decided to check in on the opposite cabin. Which proved to be highly entertaining, because there was the cute Latino, with Pluto's brat next to him and three other growly Romans standing in a circle.

"You look like you're in dire need of a little advise", hummed Apollo amused. "What's wrong?"

"None of your business, Lord Apollo", grunted Octavian with a glare.

"Oh! No, I know what's wrong", laughed the blonde and sat down next to Leo, his arms behind his head. "You're fighting over who gets to fuck the cute one first. Been there too. Not with this one, but yeah, those cute, little Greeks. Horrible teases, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are", nodded Jason with a dreamy expression on his face.

"Okay, cutie, listen now", grunted Apollo and turned serious. "The thing is, you have to train them better. Percy knows how to handle us gods, you need to figure out how to keep those few demigods in line. Because if they smash their heads over your ass even though they should focus on this war, then the Big Boss will be grumpy. You do not want to be the cause for dad's grumpiness."

"N—Not really", agreed Leo nervously. "But... what do I do?"

"Okay", grinned Apollo amused, ruffling Leo's curls. "Adorable little thing. You need to teach them to listen to you. You call the shots. Percy does too. Whenever the other gods got into a fight over him – Pluto and Jupiter used to like all the time and Mars and... your dad too – he'd just tell them they won't get any. Percy's rule number one: If they can't play nice, they can't play at all."

"Like... because the three of them fought over who gets me first, they're all not getting any at all?", asked Leo thoughtful, frowning a little. "But then how do we decide who goes first...?"

"Rule number two: You decide. And if they can't live with your decision, they're free to pout on their own and jerk-off", continued Apollo. "You're the one having your tight, little ass stretched by their cocks so you decide how many, when and which ones. And they need to learn to live with that, even if they may have to sit one out. You're only human too, you can't always satisfy everyone."

The more Apollo talked, the more did Jason's, Octavian's and Frank's faces darken.


Annabeth was cursing beneath her breath as she tried to straighten her clothes. A quest. Another one. But this time to face Hercules. Jason was an obvious choice and Piper's charmspeak sounded like the right thing to take along. So Annabeth was standing at the rail, fingers clawed around the wood, watching the smaller-growing figures. Grover had tagged along, promised to protect them. After all, he was still a protector, even though he was the Lord of the Wild.

"Don't fret, Annabeth. She'll be fine. She's... extraordinaire", whispered Reyna.

The Roman had her arms on either side of Annabeth, was standing behind her. Annabeth nodded stiffly, knowing what Reyna said was true, but still worrying a lot herself. She took a deep breath and leaned back against the praetor. Frank and Octavian were standing close by, bickering.

"Where is Hazel?", asked Reyna concerned.

"With Leo. She's not benched like we are", muttered Frank with a pout. "And we can't even watch the game! How is that fair? I don't like Percy's rules at all."

Annabeth frowned, highly confused. But what Frank said reminded her; Where was Percy?


Percy was physically drained by the time Mercury brought him back to the ship. He had spend at least twenty minutes crying in his mother's lap. The trickster was probably worrying what was wrong with him. Not that Percy was going to tell him. He had told Annabeth, because she was his Wise Girl and if anyone was going to figure out how to get his baby back, it was her. And he had to tell his mom, because... she was his mom. And if something was going to happen to him and Annabeth figured out how to get Jackie back, Percy wanted Paul and Sally to raise him as theirs. He didn't exactly trust his gods with parenthood, at least not without Percy being there to supervise them. Of course that was his preferred scenario. Him, raising his baby on Olympus with Jack's dads. But he was a demigod, he knew that best-case-scenarios scarcely happened.

"Dad. You brought him back. Good for you. Will already told us that his dad had been bugging him and his siblings, so we tracked Apollo down and he admitted that you stole our Percy", grunted Travis displeased as the Stolls entered the cabin. "Where did you take him?"

"To see my mom", replied Percy, smiling a little. "Did you know Calypso is living with us now? Mom told me. The gods freed her, because of you. My thoughtful tricksters."

"Well, you mentioned her. She seemed important to you. You regretted that you wished for the cabins for the minor gods and didn't have more wish left to also help her", shrugged Connor and crawled into bed with Percy, pulling the Sea Prince up against his chest.

"I didn't see her. She was in school. How weird is that?", snorted Percy and shook his head. "She's making her high school degree so she can attend college. This is so... weird. But I'm happy for her."

"I'm sure Sally was glad to have you back, even if only for a short time", whispered Travis.

"Are you going to tell me why you were crying?", asked Mercury softly.

"Not now, please", yawned Percy. "I'll explain everything, one day. Not today. Thank you, again. Go and take Apollo and get back on Olympus. Tell them to stop constantly sniffing around. I'm doing fine, really. I can't get distracted by you guys all the time, really."

"As you wish, Perce", sighed Mercury and leaned in to kiss him. "Be safe, love. And you two, keep him safe. No losing him or getting him hurt, you hear me?"

"Yes, dad", chorused Travis and Connor and rolled their eyes while snuggling up to Percy.

Author's note: We're officially through with the gods. Two more chapters and the epilogue to go.

Next chapter will have Percy taking some time with his four demigod lovers on the ship, after the freaky pirate tries to have his way with Percy which gets his lovers into protective mode, then there's Leo roaming Rome with Frank and Hazel and him meeting Jack!