I call this TroublewithLeadersShipping. And if there is already a name well, eh mines better. ^.^

"Pico." I said blowing a strand of hair from my face. He turned to me slouching in his chair.


"Why do you like Sorbet?"

His cheeks turned as red as his hair. He opened his mouth.

"S-shut up!"

I snorted. Too easy. I put on my best flirt smile.

"It's just too bad she doesn't return those feelings huh?"

He looked away sadly. I frowned, that was mean.

"I'm sorry Pico. It's just that well…you should like me instead." I said, trying to hide the longing from my tone. His blue eyes filled with sudden surprise and don't quote me but maybe…excitement.


I smiled, under that same silent head shake. I turned from him to look out the window.


"Wait what! Oh C'mon! You can't be like that!" He said trying to draw my attention again. But that moment was over.

Maybe next time…

And that's a wrap.