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Chapter 1

Three Days

The wind rushed past her, muffled by the clear barrier surrounding her as she flew through the air. Clouds and blue sky were all she could see for three days, maybe an odd bird, but nothing more. Her anxiety kept her awake, on edge as she wondered what she'd be facing when she finally hit the ground.

She was alone, again, and this time she knew she couldn't count on a soft landing amongst people she could depend on. She could only wonder what was in store for her and her friends, the tumult and chaos that had descended on the New World finally catching up with them as the Marines and World Government went to new extremes to wrest control of the seas from the pirates running rampant and lawless.

No one was safe anymore. The most innocent of countries, the most peaceful of citizens, had to watch it all torn apart the moment a pirate ship landed on their shores and the Marines swooped in to smash them, and any who stood in their way, all of them no better than bugs under foot. It was war, plain and simple, and collateral damage was to be expected. Still, no one had ever expected the number of civilian casualties to get so high.

Nami's mind was taken from her musings as she felt herself begin to descend, her tired eyes searching for some sign of what she would face. The first time they were separated by Kuma, it was in order to give them a chance to escape, come back stronger than before. This time it hadn't been Kuma who sent them all drifting apart, this time it was the Marines hoping to weaken the crew. They were all surely flying straight into a trap, blind and alone, with no real hope for their survival.

She could see a small grassy island come into view as she strained her neck. It seemed completely deserted, except for the Marine warship that had dropped anchor just offshore. The closer she got, the better she could make out the small dots of Marines waiting on one of the green slopes, their guns ready, aimed at her as they lined up and made a landing strip of sorts.

With a resigned, exhausted sigh, she shut her eyes, waiting for the hard impact that was sure to come as the protective bubble around her vanished. With a thud, her body fell to the ground, the momentum from her flight sending her rolling along the grass, twigs tangling in her long hair, dirt and grass staining her skin and clothes, until she came to rest with a pained groan right in front of a Vice Admiral and his men. The clicks of their guns' hammers cocking into place forced her to turn her head up from where she was strewn on her stomach, meeting the Vice Admiral's cold eyes with her own tired and helpless gaze.

She wasn't running away this time.

Her head fell back to the ground, no fight left in her as blackness took her. At the back of her mind, she was relieved when the only thing she felt after was the cold metal cuffs wrapping around her wrists and not the sharp bite of a bullet piercing her flesh.

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