More Than You Know

The planet of Alluremour was veiled in such pure beauty, in light and love, inhabitant by exotic natures and the people of this planet, loyal, peaceful and joyous. Now it is only a mask, hiding dark painful secrets. The people brainwashed to think there's nothing to fear but deep down they know it's a lie.

The planet was ruled by a widowed Queen. She consumed by an unknown anger. Maybe it was the grief of losing her husband, King Clayton, or maybe it was more to it.

"This will not be acceptable," Queen Marcella said walking towards Xhanaliese, the wise sorceress.

"Talking in riddles, old woman? You are trying my patients…" Octavian, Marcella's year younger brother and army general exclaimed.

"You are not satisfied with what you have been given and you seek more."

"I want a man fit to be my King. My dear brother wants a woman that will be acceptable for his own pleasure. If we are to choose those who are worthy, make them do what we want. That will have eyes and love only us. I would do it myself but I won't take the chance of making a mistake again."

"As you wish."

"A bride, I will have."

"But we have to choose wisely, Brother."

"Then we will search the galaxy!"

"Forcing an unwilling soul will only corrupt. Tainting true love will only cause chaos." Xhanaliese vanished.

"What did she mean by that?" Octavian asked.

Marcella smiled, her lips forming an ugly grin as she sat upon the throne. "It doesn't matter. Gather all your soldiers. We won't let anyone get in our way this time."

Many Years Ago:

Deonna looked into her lover's eyes only to see that he was not who he once was. He was possessed, taken by a woman overcome with jealousy. Two hearts destined to be as one would be torn apart and lied to. The love they share forgotten, cast by a spell that could not be broken…or shall seem.

"Clayton, my love. Please...remember what we have."

Queen Deonna shook her head, the tears falling down her face. Her beautiful palace, once lively is now gloomy and cold. Her people now live in fear. Everything that she had once loved is crumbled and gone. She was broken.

King Clayton was not in control of his own mind but he was with his heart. He loved his Queen and would never think to betray her. Though, the words that he said to at this moment expressed otherwise.

Laughter filled the dark throne room. The woman of jealousy smiled evilly of victory. She continued to smile that awful smile, twirling around the room. And then she began to laugh once more.

As the woman walked up to Queen Deonna, Deonna could see the evil that lurked deep inside this woman, but only to be covered by innocent beauty. Her eyes showing every ounce of wickedness inside, Deonna began to fear for her life, but she stood her ground, not letting her fear show through. "He will not love you."

"I have him now. He will learn that I am the one who is rightfully queen." The woman grabbed Deonna by her arm, pulling her close, whispered in her ear with a hiss, "You never deserved him."

Present Day:

Diana stood leaning against the shower wall as the hot water ran down her body. She was silent with her eyes closed. She had seemed to be on an emotional roller-coaster for the past few days. She was confused and torn between what was in her heart and what was in her mind. The man that she was in love with was not only her colleague...her best friend, Clark Kent.

Every time she sees him, her face heats, her body becomes weak. But that is not how an Amazon Princess of Themyscira supposed to feel. Wanting to be with him, to have a life with him is a sign of weakness to this man, a man who can taken control of her mind and heart, a man who can take advantage of her and break her heart. But he was not that man. He was a man different from all others. He treated her equally. Although he may not agree with some things she wanted to do or say, he let her express herself however she may.

He understood her in ways no one else could. He was perfect in her eyes. He was the definition of what a real man should be. He challenged her as she did him.

Was she infatuated with Clark and desired a fantasy that may not come to be reality?

Getting out the shower, Diana dried off and put on her silk robe. She sat at her dressing table and brushed her still damped hair. She sighed putting her brush down.

She couldn't let him know these feelings. She just couldn't. She didn't want to put him in a place to where he had to choose. She lit many candles she had placed throughout her living room. She turned the lights out and let the gentle flickering of the flames soothe her stretched nerves. She was trying to settle her mind. She needed to gather her thoughts and resolve her feelings to how this happen.

It hurts inside holding herself back. Diana felt so alone. If she could tell him how she feels, without him feeling the opposite, she would do it in a heartbeat. She would do anything to have him hold her in his strong arms, to feel his lips against hers again. She wanted him to touch her, to make love to her, and tell her how much he loved her.

What Diana didn't know was that he did love her and wished could be with you right at this very moment. She didn't know, he would stay up at night thinking of her and how many times he beat himself up for letting chances slip by.

Clark flew high into the sky looking at the brightly glowing moon. It was a quiet night but yet so loud with his heart giving him a lot of grief. She has always had a place in his heart and she has even taken it over. He felt he was hurting her, lying to her about how he truly felt and he could no longer conceal those feelings. They were just too strong.

The beautiful, very curvy Amazon warrior princess was fierce. It was more than her physical form that had Clark staring at her in awe; it was the determination that burned in her blue eyes. She was loving, loyal and kind. She always gave off this certain light and warmth that he could feel in his heart.

They both felt a little bit guilty of just a little look but never touched. Hoping that they wouldn't show their thoughts were becoming… inappropriate when they were close or walked by each other. Maybe that's still too much.

They told themselves to just keep that door close no matter how bad it was killing them. Always wondering what would they will do if they had to tell each other or better yet, silence is better. In reality they just couldn't cross that line.

It didn't matter much longer of hiding because they were slipping up. At moments, they can see it on each other's face of hiding all the secrets they kept. There is something missing in their lives and the solution is quite obvious but why did this have to be so damn complicated for them?