Chosen Love

On the 5th day, Superman came back being transported into the Watch Tower.

"Big Blue! Where have you been, man?!" Flash asked surprised.

"It's all a little vague but I don't want to really talk about it anyway." Superman couldn't let any of them know what happened. They wouldn't understand because he couldn't even understand it, himself.

"Well you're here. So that's one thing solved," Black Canary patted his shoulder.

He was surrounded by the league still asking questions and showing how happy and relieved they were for him to be back. He was grateful for their concern but the one person he was so looking forward to see wasn't even there.

"A word," was all Batman said.

Going into the research lab.

"Where is Diana?" was the first thing Superman asked.

"She has been different since you have been gone. She leaves, barely saying anything," he answer nonchalantly. "Where the hell were you? We couldn't track you anywhere and you just appear."

"Different how? I need to see her. And like I told everyone else, I'm not quite sure. "

"That's not an answer I want. We need to find answers as to what caused those people to fall unconscious. We weren't affected but I might have to run a couple of test on you."

"Dammit that's all I know, Bruce! That's not the answer I want either! What do you mean Diana was different?"

Bruce sighed agitated. "No one could say anything about you. She-"

"Can you blame her?!" Clark cut him off. "You need to stop acting unreasonable and opinionated! Run the test. Afterwards, I'm going to go talk to her."

Bruce was a hard changing that, so at a point needed to be told off. Clark knew Bruce was soon enough going to try to interrogate him again. There was no time for that!

Late that night, Ruby stayed late at the boutique. She was in her office altering a client's dress until a mystical fire had appeared and a woman stepped through.

"Xhanaliese, we have done well."

"Yes, the plan is going accordingly. Have you retrieved the necklace?"

"In due time."

"Be sure to have it upon their arrival to Alluremour, Evolyn."

"Of course."

Xhanaliese watched Evolyn working. "You enjoy this facade life on this planet?"

"This planet is quite flawed but it reminds me of what was once Alluremour."

Xhanaliese nodded, understanding. "Shall I let Marcella know of my discovery?"

"No, not yet. For the chosen still has time. You will know when the time is right."

Xhanaliese nodded again. The mystical fire appeared. She stepped through and disappeared.

Diana was trying to settle her mind. She needed to gather her thoughts and resolve her feelings to what had happened. She was sitting on the floor of her living room on a quilt in front of the fireplace. She took a sip of her tea and took a breath because she had flashbacks of Clark touching and kissing her. She could still feel the firm grip of his hands all over her; the tenderness was nearly more than she could stand. She could still taste his lips and feel his warm breath against her skin. The feel against her skin was both comforting and arousing.

With him she had felt as safe and being held in his arms had awakened something within herself that she was struggling to comprehend. In all, she had felt desire.

The answer wasn't simple. At first it was admiration and respect, seeing a strong honest man with such a kind heart. He was so patient and she felt she could easily open up to him. The air was filled with excitement when he was near.

His blue eyes would soften with a gentle, almost intimate smile when he looked at her.

How she missed him so much.

Diana's heart jumped. She got out of her daze as the doorbell rang. Even though she knew who it was, she was still hardly dressed for company, especially, under the circumstances. Tightening her robe, she went and answered the door.

Clark's eyes bore into hers. His facial expression was so serious. Strangely, her thoughts about him had agitated her for hours, but now, his actual presence it was comforting. Damn this man. She wanted to jump into his arms but she was so angry with him for having her worry like that.

She kept her composure, feeling he needed to talk very badly. It seemed to take him great effort to get the words out of his mouth, almost as if he were choking on them.

She backed away from the doorway to allow him entrance. He stepped in and seeing how dim it was. She sensed his unease at the candlelight. What had been soothing to an individual became sensual in the company of another.

"I won't be long."

"I was trying to get my mind off some things," Diana assured easing his unnecessary discomfort. "I wasn't aware that you were back." Diana leaned against the front door.

"I was brought to the Tower. I was there for quite a while because Bruce's wanted to run some tests to get something for the case. Then I went home to get a shower."

"You look exhausted. You didn't have to come here."

"I needed to see you. Being away I had time to think."

Diana gave him a puzzling look. "Where were you exactly?"

"One of the many questions that I don't know the answer to. I was somewhere in space. I couldn't move. I couldn't contact anyone. But…" He shook his head not being able to tell her either. "Diana, I need to know that you're okay. That we are okay."

"Of course, Clark. Why wouldn't we be?"

He seemed to be trying to read her soul.

"I'm fine." She was lying. She didn't want to put any more worry on him.

He held her gaze for what seemed like forever, trying to judge if she was truly sincere or just trying to tell him what he needed to hear. He shook is head knowing the truth.

"Di, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

He had to make up his mind and not contemplate. "Bruce told me how you were."

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Well one of the most important person to me was gone without a damn trace."

Clark knew it was a deeper concern. "I'm sorry for leaving every morning, especially that morning without saying anything. I just didn't know what to say."

"I never gave you any impression that I was distraught by what's being going on between us. I understood. We were caught up in a moment."

"It wasn't just a moment."

"So what was it? Tell me."

He stepped closer to her. "You mean so much to me."

It was driving Clark mad. He had to do something, but he couldn't think of what to do next. Then he had some kind of surge run through him and he grabbed Diana by her upper arms and pressed his lips against hers. Clark cupped the back her neck, his hand tangling up in her hair.

Diana was a little hesitant. However, she slightly parted her lips and Clark slowly kissed her. He smiled and pulled her towards him, running his hands lightly down her arms before encircling her waist. Their kiss became more forceful and lustful. Diana's her heart was pounding. Clark left her mouth and started down her neck. She couldn't lose control but there's no weakness in letting her body react to him. It shook Diana to her core.

Clark had long since stepped over some boundaries. And she let him do it. Diana arched her back to gain more from his gentle touches, sending chills through her body. This made her almost lose her whole train of thought.

Was this a chance they were willing to take? Why not when it's this close?

Diana pushed past him going back into the living room. She stood in front of the fireplace watching as the fire flicker. Within seconds, Clark was behind her with his hand on her hip. Diana turned to face him. He grasps her hips with both hands, firmly and he brought her closer.

He rubbed her back and then stroked her hips. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Diana placed her hands on his shoulders.

Clark kissed down her neck once again. Diana sighed and bit her lip. However, he had stopped and looked deep in her eyes.

There was a need in both of them, needing to be satisfied. His hands drifted down her body. Taking notice of her graceful curves and looking into her beautiful cerulean blue eyes.

Diana untied her robe letting it fall to the floor. She cupped his face, kissing him softly. Clark lifts her up, kneels down and lays her gently on the quilt. His hand went up and down her thigh.

Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, to abandon all of our uncertainties to a deep well of longing and need. So they were to continue and it was the understanding that there was no stopping. Mutually tired of fighting it, tired of acting like there wasn't anything between them. Things have changed. They know it, no matter how much they tried to deny it.

He inches her nightgown up. Diana rose up to take it completely off, leaving her only in a pair of lace underwear. Clark slowly caressed her breasts, and then ran his fingers over her nipple. His hand moved down her stomach and his fingers glides close to her center. Diana gave him better access between her legs. She felt his hands run up her sides, sending shivers in their wake. He wanted to give attention to her breasts. He cups her breasts and massages them gently. She let out a soft cry.

Tugging at his shirt, Clark leaned up pulling his shirt over his head. He threw it on the couch and went back to kissing her. Diana wrapped her arms around him and shuddered when she felt his skin on hers. She had never imagined that anything could feel this good.

Clark continues to go lower, leaving a trail of kisses down her body with a new sensation making her hips thrust up uncontrollably. He kisses the lining of her underwear and slowly starts to pull them down her soft legs. He then puts her legs on his shoulder kissing and licking her inner thigh. She gasps with pleasure, waiting for him to touch the spot that needed to be touched. She breathes hard and arches her back slightly as he satisfies her request. He kissed places that kept her wanting more.

The next thing Diana knew was Clark getting rid of his jeans and boxer shorts in one movement. She admire his body, feeling how...gifted of a man he is.

Diana wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. Again locking eye contact, Clark positioned himself in between her legs. Diana gasped, closed her eyes, arched her back and pressed her nails into his back as he slowly enters her. Diana tries to maintain her breathing as she gets accustomed and moaned as a whole new feeling passed through her body. Clark leans down capturing her lips in a mind shattering passionate kiss while his hand stroke up and down her leg. Her body was calling for only his. The feeling was so indescribable.

He grabs both of her hands, pushing them above her head and interlock fingers. They found the perfect rhythm. He continues the slow thrusting, never taking his eyes off her as he moves. He watches every reaction as it spreads across her face, listens to every sound of love she makes.

For the two glistening and wanting bodies, hunger revealed in this hot moment. Their slow rhythm gave way to urgent and demanding thrusts of passion being thrown into ecstasy.

Not breaking connection, they roll over with Diana on top, straddling him. She starts at a slow pace with Clark's hands roaming her body, gripping her hips to her derrière, guiding her movements. She leaned down to kiss him. Clark loved how good her breasts felt against his chest.

Clark wraps his arms around her waist and sits up. He kisses down her neck and collarbone, breathing deeply and buries his face in her chest, kissing her breasts. Diana moans his name and sighed lovingly. For a moment they didn't move. Clark closed his eyes as she began to move again, taking completely control over their movements, grinding her body against his. She placed her hands on his chest and they rolled back over. Diana let out another cry sending Clark over the edge. Her hands slide up the back of his neck. She moaned loudly, screaming, and utters his name repeatedly.

Clark growled her name. Their bodies both demanded more, each giving to the other. Building up tension, the rocking movements, the loud moans and screams, the heat they felt holding on to each other, it was hours of pure passion as they met each other thrust for thrust. Diana poured everything into her kiss with Clark as she reached her peak. Clark wasn't far behind. Waves of pleasure ran through them.

Not ready for the real world to intrude, Clark kisses her neck and lips, holding each other close in an embrace.

Early the next morning, Diana woke up and nuzzled her head into Clark's bare chest, soft against her cheek. She noticed that they were in her bedroom. She smiled, thinking how thoughtful it was for him to carry her to bed and he still had his arms protectively around her.

So what does this mean? This was more than a sexual dealing. It was a declaration of love and both of their hearts were still having the same reaction from last night.

"Diana?" Clark whispered to her, he kissed her forehead delicately and rubbed the bare skin of her arm.

Diana looked at him. His eyes sparkled with adoration. The truth lies in his eyes. He caressed her cheek as he smiled.

Diana leaned up planting a kiss on his lips. She moved to be completely on top of him and laid her head on his chest. Clark placed his hands low on her back.

When he was making love to her he said three times, he loved her. Anything she had asked, he gave it. He wanted her, she submitted.

Marcella let her anger take control as she reached the golden doors of the ballroom. Taking a deep breath, she opened the doors. Marcella screamed as she threw a glass vase against the wall.

Deonna stood in the corner watching her rant.

Marcella had been gone for nearly a week. She wasn't successful with her search. She felt that Xhanaliese had her purposely going to dead ends and well it was going to be a dead end for Xhanaliese.

And of course, Xhanaliese wasn't the only one she wanted to take her anger out on.

Deonna lowered her head.

"I gave you a simple warning," she said.

They were face to face, hazel eyes staring into dark grey ones.

"However, it seems that you cannot even do this one simple little thing. Why must you be selfish and conniving? You were not to go into the garden."

"I- I don't understand. I have done nothing," Deonna said in a low voice. "My apologies but I don't think I am the one to blame."

Marcella stared at her. Stepping back from her, she continued to stare at her before she raised a hand and slapped her so hard across the face; Deonna fell to the floor, her cheek stinging. Deonna stood back up holding her cheek. She blinked back the tears that threaten to fall. It would not do good to show her tears to the bitch in front of her.

"You're nothing but a whore. Swindled your way around my King until you got what you wanted," Marcella said harshly. "I can easily kill you but what is the joy in that. I want you to feel as much pain as I did and die slowly. Understand?"

Deonna glared at her.

"I asked you a question!"


"Yes what?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good! Now leave me. Oh and if you dare try to speak that way again, you will regret every waking moment for the rest of your pathetic life."

As if she already wasn't living in hell. Deonna walked off.

Xhanaliese appeared behind Marcella. "Queen Marcella."

"My patience is very thin. You said that I would find my king! You failed me."

"I have something that might intrigue you."

Skeptical, Marcella turned to face the sorceress. "Oh really?"

Octavion walked in. Marcella smiled.

"Brother, Xhanaliese has something to tell us."

He frown also skeptical. "This better be good."

Chanting her words, mystical flames appeared.

"What is this?!"

"Behold Earth."

"Earth? Is this some kind of a joke?! If I wanted to find my King on Earth I would be better off finding him on Alluremour."

"Living amongst the humans are beings, some are just humans but there are those who posses great power, who protect Earth and are praised. Behold what they call the Justice League."

All the league members appeared, showing them in action.

Marcella and Octavion were definitely intrigued.

"Hmm…so many to choose. Who is he?"

Xhanaliese smiled slightly. "He is who they call Superman. He is Kal-El of Krypton."

"Kryptonian? How could that be when that planet no longer exists."

"He was saved by his Kryptonian mother and father, sending him to earth moments before it was destroyed. He was raised by humans. His human name is known to be Clark Kent."

"Hmm…yes. He might be fit to be King with his compelling attributes."

"The woman. She is beautiful." Octavion was greatly impressed.

"She is known as Wonder Woman, the Amazonian Warrior Princess Diana. Also known as Diana Prince. She believes in honor and truth, gifted by the Greek Gods and Goddesses. "

"She is a princess, valuable treasure to a man. That is all that matters."

Marcella glared. "You want her as your bride, Octavion?"

"Yes, sister."

Marcella was reluctant.

"Very well. We will be leaving for Earth." Marcella said. "Xhanaliese, for the first time, you haven't been so useless and to be honest this was going to be the last of you. If this is not to my satisfactory-"

"Understood, my Queen."

Marcella smiled evilly. "One more thing, once they are in our possession. Be sure to block or erase their memories. We will fill in the blanks. I also want their powers suppressed until necessary use."

Xhanaliese bowed and vanished.

Marcella smiled to herself. This time she felt confident.