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Endless Road

Fuuko lies down at the hospital bed. She was tired. But happiness blooms in her heart. Yes, she feels sick and tired after the process, but she's happy.
The nurse smiled at her while the doctor examined her condition. Fuuko let out a little sighs when she saw two men standing besides her bed.

"Raiha…" that was her first word. The purple haired man smiled.

"Shush…relax…save your energy, Fuuko…you're great!" He greeted at her. And then Fuuko turned her head to see the other man.

"Tokiya…" Tokiya didn't say any words, but he looking at Fuuko curiously. And then he began to spoke.

"Okay, you did your job perfectly. And I'll take care for the rest…" Tokiya stopped. Fuuko blinked her eyes. Raiha did the same too.

"No, what do you mean, Tokiya? What's the meaning of "will take the rest"? Fuuko asked nervously. She tried to sit on her bed but Raiha stopped her. She's still too weak.

"I'll take care for the rest, I mean, your responsibility is over. Now is my turn to take my responsibility. You don't need to think about it anymore, so you can get your old lifestyle and forget about it. You can go back to the college, you've been postponed for six months, if you not going back, so I'm afraid that your classes will be…"

"I don't care about my lessons Tokiya!!! Now tell me what you mean exactly!" Fuuko let the words out half-screamed. "Don't say that you will…"

"Excuse me…" the nurse interrupted. She smiled at Fuuko and then she put down a white bundle besides Fuuko. "He's a nice boy; may I know what his name is?"
Fuuko's eyes stared at Tokiya, so does Raiha.

"His name is Tokio…Tokio Mikagami." He replied clearly. The nurse nodded and then she left.

"Nice name, Tokio." Fuuko sighs and stared at her sides. "Now, Tokiya, please, don't say that you will take him away from me…" a teardrop ready to fall from her eyes.

"But I will…your duty is over. After all he's mine." Tokiya replied coldly.

"You can't do that Tokiya!!! How could you!!!" Raiha can't hold his anger. "You're such a heartless man if you do that! You can't separate a mother from her child anyway, even if the father of the child is you!!"

A/N : short one, for opening. Thank you for reading :)