Endless Road
At the little dojo of the third stage, Yanagi looked at sky from window. Black clouds above the fifth stage become searing. Suddenly she shrieked when she saw a big head of an ice snake in between trees.

Everyone jumped in surprise. Recca quickly ran towards the window to see what kinds of wasps that made his wife went hysterical. But the next second he shouted

"Everybody let's go to the fifth stage!!! Arashi's in danger!!!" he battered the door open. Everyone followed him but suddenly there is a loud crash voice from their back. They stopped to see but found nothing except a big hole at the broken rooftop. Tokiya and Fuuko were gone.

"Ra. .Raijin!!!" Arashi shouted and use his Raijin. But his energy already decreased. Now he can only hang on. He blocked Tokio's attack. He knows exactly that it wouldn't be long. Tokio is powerful. Arashi stepped back one by one. Pushed.

"I . . . Can't stand any longer . . .' Arashi's mind warns himself.

"Silly!!" Tokio shouted angrily. He stopped attacking. He drew himself to Arashi's left side with high speed. Not giving Arashi any time even to breathe, then without Arashi could even realized, Tokio breaks his Raijin into pieces.

Arashi gasped. His eyes widen as he looked at the broken Raijin. Automatically he did a triple somersault in the air and tried to hide himself by using Kannongakure.

"It is useless. Coward!" Tokio scanned the whole area. He can see anything merely visible. Finally the corner of his blue eyes caught the drops of blood at ground. He followed the blood stains and cuts off a tree where the blood stains ended. Arashi jumped out from the tree. He ran across the area.

'Darn! Can't hide from him!' he shook his head. Tokio turned his body and settled back the trestle. Ready to use Tsuranaru Hebi again.

"Say goodbye to world dear brother . . ." he said coldly with his blue eyes glittered dangerously. "Tsuranaru Hebi!!!" once again the blade of Ensui changed into a big dangerous ice snake. Stroked Arashi within speed of light.

"No!" nervously, Arashi's hand grabs the nearest madougu to him. Without noticing whatever it was, he uses it desperately to ward off his strikes. He closed his eyes, waiting for the icicles piercing his skin. But it never came.

When he opened his eyes, Arashi could see the ice snake came and stroked him, but somehow the icicles didn't hurt him a bit. No, it can't even touch him. Next time he looked at Tokio's face. His eyebrow frowned.

"You bastard! How could you use Tokekkai?! I'll kill you this time! No madougu can help you anymore! Not even THAT!!!" He screamed in anger.

'Tokekkai? Ice-shield?' Arashi's mind raced. 'I've heard that words, when my father told about final fight between Mikagami Tokiya and Kai at Ura Butou Satsujin. . .' he looked at his entire body, and gasped.

All of his body was covered by ice. Weird, he didn't feel any coldness. The ice-shield was saved him from the Tsuranaru Hebi. Arashi diverted his gaze into his right hand, which is where the madougu was held. His eyes blinked when he realized what kind of madougu he used to ward off Tokio's attack.

Hyoumaen Ken. The ice elemental madougu. The counterpart madougu of Ensui, the complete darkside. It originally belong to Kai, who died after his victory against Mikagami Tokiya. Funny, he didn't know how to use it but seems like using Hyoumaen Ken is easier than Raijin. He tightened his grip to the handle of Hyoumaen Ken.

"Mizunaru Hebi!" Tokio shouted and threw a big water snake towards Arashi. Arashi stepped back once and raised his Hyoumaen Ken. Naturally, he knows what he must do and yelled.

"Hyou. . .Hyounaru Hebi!!!" a big ice snake come out from the Hyoumaen Ken and crashed the water snake. A second later both snakes smashed into splinter and water drops.

Tokio gasped. His eyes widened and darkened. He's angry. Losing his patience, he rushed towards Arashi and attacked him with Ensui. Arashi join him into a deathly swords fight.

But Arashi can't hang on any longer. He running out of stamina. Slowly but sure, Arashi began to be shoved. The fight isn't equal. Everybody can see that. Arashi's level in swordship is under Tokio's. Unlike his half- brother, Arashi had lack of experience. There's only a few possibility for him to win. And to stay alive.

Tokio jumped back at least 10 feet from Arashi. Once again he settled his trestle to attack. He dropped his Ensui upright at the ground.

"Tsurara Mai!!!" He shouted. The ground cracked by the ice pillars, which popped out from the earth's surface.

Arashi jumped to avoid it, but it still following him wherever he run. His face pinched in pain. Gripping his Hyoumaen, Arashi tried to thinking about something or any techniques, which he could use to block Tokio's attack by Hyoumaen, but since he didn't know anything about it, he had no idea. He can use Tokekkai and Hyounaru Hebi by natural instinct. Actually he doesn't know how to make it.

But suddenly he felt his arm lifted in reflex, and Hyoumaen Ken is ready to show it's true power.

"Hisame!!!" Hyoumaen Ken burst out thousands of icicles, flying towards Tokio. Tsurara Mai's attacks get stopped because Tokio must to part his concentration to block the rain of icicles.

Tokio can't hold his anger any longer. He ran toward Arashi.

"Tsuranaru Hebi!!!" he screamed as the big ice snake once again strikes Arashi.

"Hyounaru Hebi!!!" Arashi strikes too, and another ice snake come out and ready to attack. But just before the two snakes met . . .

"Kamaitachi!!!" a female's loud voice come from somewhere. Suddenly, winds blow heavily like tornado, and crashed the two ice snakes into pieces.

"Yamete!!" Fuuko appeared. So did Tokiya. They landed at their feet. The two young men blinked as they looked at their parent's appearance.

"Mom?!" both of them spoke in surprise. They stopped their movements.

"Tokio!! Yameru!!" Tokiya slapped his son. So hard, Tokio fell back to the ground, when he lifted up his face, Arashi could see his lips bleeding, his light purple eyes widen, begging for pity. He looks afraid. Unable to speak even a word.

But Arashi had no chance to thinking about him. He must restrain himself. His injured legs couldn't support his body anymore. He fell on his knees. But for his surprise, his mother didn't help him.

"Stand up!" Fuuko command him with deep and cold voice. Arashi blinked. His mother's face is full of anger and anguish. Her eyebrow frowned. Hardly, Arashi try to forget about his legs, he used Hyoumaen Ken as his prop to help him and do his best to stand up. He faced his mother.

"You are so stupid!! Why didn't you stop when he asked you to?! If you're not on this pity condition, I will beat you!!! You could be died you know! You're a ninja or what?! Even animal never thinking to attack if it knows that its enemy is stronger!" she lifted her hand to slap Arashi but she didn't.

Arashi already fell. Fainted. Caused by lack of energy and bloods.

Tokiya caught his body just before he bumped to the ground. He carried the boy at his arms carefully, and then he turned his face to the gate. The next minute the entire senior Hokage were gathered.

"Arashi!!!" Raiha shouted when he looked at Tokiya, who was still carrying his son. "Is he alive?" Tokiya nodded. Then he let Raiha carried Arashi.

Tokiya walking towards Tokio. He's still kneeling down on the ground. Undare to lift his face up, unable to speak, even to move a bit. Tokio's head bowed deeply. His Ensui crumpled at his side, it's ice blade already melted. Tokiya squatted down in front of him.

"Tokio. . ." he tapped his son's shoulder. But Tokio didn't move a bit. "I must to congrats you . . .because this is the first time that your alter ego coming out and it didn't kill anyone." He shrugged. After all it wasn't really consolation words.

The next time Recca gave them new instruction. Kaoru will be the fifth examiner to replace Tokio. He will take the rest of cadets. Yanagi wants to heal Arashi but Fuuko forbid her. Raiha take him back to Tokyo by Kurei's helicopter. And the rest of them were back to the third stage, including Tokio.

All way long, Tokio kept silent. He walks alone behind them. He never lifted his head, his gaze dropped to the ground. It seems that he have such big guilty stormed at his mind. He ignored the trail of blood at his corner lips. He was afraid.

At third stage,

Recca and the other senior Hokage sat down at the chairs around the table. Their eyes gazed at one point. Tokio.

The young man stands up beside the door. His head still bowed deeply. Recca took the initiative to break the silence.

"Tokio, please sit down." He said politely. But Tokio didn't move.

He dropped himself into his knees. Once again knelt down in front of them. Tokiya opened his mouth to say something but Recca lifted his hand to hold him.

"Mikagami Tokio," he repeat "I asked you to sit down at the chair, not at the floor." Tokio, still bowed, shook his head slowly in response. Recca sighed, he looked at all of senior Hokage, give them a sign, they nodded. "Fine, if you're on the floor, so do us." Recca got up from his sitting position, then sat down at the floor, across Tokio. The others following him. And it works.

Realizing that, Tokio automatically lifted his head in panic. Recca's eyes caught his gaze. His light purple eyes widen in horror. His face looked pale, and his bloody lips shivered. Recca tried to smile. He looked at him with soft eyes.

"Don't worry, we're not mad at you. Actually we've already known about it."

He still didn't utter any words, but his face getting relaxed. Fuuko moved closer to her son, she takes a handkerchief from her purse and wipes the trail of blood at Tokio's lips carefully. His father had slapped him hardly, but he did it to get him back. Tokio turned his head to face his mother. He let Fuuko done her works taking care of him and threw her a thankful gaze.

"Don't worry my son, we'll do our best to help you . . ." she whispered and kissed Tokio's forehead.

Slowly, Arashi opened his eyes. He felt his head was very heavy. His eyes were blurred and he can't move his body. He groaned in pain a little.

"Arashi! Thank god!" Ranki's voice. And then Arashi saw her, Enki, and his father. They gathered around him. Then Arashi realized that he was on his room.

"You did not recover consciousness for two days!" Enki showed his usual grin.

"What was happened to me?" Arashi murmured.

"You're beaten up very badly. Thank God you're still alive." Raiha smiled. But Arashi's eyes shut open quickly. He tried to make a sat position.

"Father! He wants to kill me!" He whispered in thrill.

"Eh? No! He's just want to. . ." Raiha tried to explain.

"HE WANTS TO KILL ME!!!" Arashi shrieked uncontrollably. His body shakes and his eyes widened in horror.

"Who wants to kill you?" Ranki asked him.

"Mikagami Tokio!!! He hates me! He wants to kill me!!! He . . ." Arashi can't hold his emotion. "He hates me! He doesn't want to let me stay alive!"

"No! Arashi! He's your brother! He'll never kill you!" Raiha tried to calm his son.

"He almost kills me! If I didn't get the madougu, I'll never be here right now!" Arashi looked at his father. "The madougu saved me!"

"Madougu? You mean, this?" Enki lifted his arms up. It holds a sword. The Hyoumaen Ken. Arashi nodded.

"I don't know how can it be, Hyoumaen Ken and Ensui are the opposite madougu like Fuujin and Raijin. But it have link against each other. Is this a fate? But like the rule before, this madougu is yours. But, are you sure that you want to wield this?" Enki put the Hyoumaen Ken at the table.

"It's okay! As long as this madougu could protect me from Ensui, I'll try to handle it as good as possible." Arashi smiled weakly at the Hyoumaen Ken.

"As your information, Hyoumaen Ken is a madougu to kill. It has it's own intelligence and always thirsty of blood. Please think about it!" Enki sighed and left the room.

Ranki and Enki walk silently all way long towards their home.

"Ranki?" Enki breaks the silence.


"Do you think Tokio really hates Arashi and wanted to kill him?"

"Out of my mind. Tokio is a nice person. I think the Senior Hokage hid something. They're not denying about Arashi's injures caused by Tokio for purpose! But I still couldn't believe if Tokio did it because of his will."

"Shit! Another secrets revealed!" Enki groaned.

Tokio sit down at the sofa. Reading a newspaper. But his mind reeling into the scene that was happened two days ago. His heart was filled with guilty. Although Raiha and another Senior Hokage said that they'll help him, Tokio still doubted it. He knows exactly about his MPD. And he knows that his father has been tried vary kinds of alternative medical treatment to help him but always faced the dead end.

He sighed. He can't concentrate. He threw out the newspaper and decided to get some fresh air. He grabbed his BMW Nazca C2's key and drove off.

He ignored the hundreds eyes which look at him while he stepped out from his car. He had been accustomed with people's reaction like that since he was a little. His father always attracted many women outside. Every time they going out together, little Tokio even could realize that his father attracts women and girls. When he's 10 years old, there are some women come to their house, tried to be nice to Tokio, and ask him if he wants her to be his mother. But Tokiya refused them all.

When Tokio was a teenager, he's inherited his father's natural ability to attract girls. He had grown up to be a very handsome boy. He have silver hair, good-looking face, brain, money, well-built body, and else. Girls always hanging around him, but unlike his father, he's not an iceman. He keep friendship against them all and being nice to every girl. He knows all the way to make them happy. He was perfect at all.

From the outside.

Nobody knows about his other personality except his father. Because he always killed everyone who knows about it. Without any exception. He doesn't like it. Being a murderer is not a choice. But when his alter ego comes out, Tokio is being locked; he can't control his body anymore.

Tokio stepped in into the nearest music station. He started to choose CDs and tries to forget his guilty as best as his could. He's just minutes there until there's someone tapped his shoulder.

"Ranki? What are you doing here?" Asked Tokio as he realized who was it. Ranki just grinned.

"Same like you, well, look for CDs." She showed two CDs on her hands. "Alone?" she asked as she tilted her head a little. Cute.

Tokio smiled at her. "Yeah, give me the CDs, I'm going to pay them." He offered his hands and pointed his finger to the cashier.

"Oh, okay, so I might not to queuing at the cashier." she gives her CDs to Tokio and took out her wallet to get some money.

"I'll pay it." Tokio smiled and prevented her to take out her money. Then he dashed out to the cashier, leaving the confused Ranki. A minute later he's back to the spot where she stands.

Ranki outed a little protest "You don't have to treat me, I have money to pay it!"

Tokio just smiled and gave her the CD. "Just take it as my present."

Ranki chuckled. "Well, thank you." Then they are stepped out from the music station. Deep inside, Ranki enjoys the envy glances from the girls at the shop as they are walked out. No longer, they're reached the parking area.

"Ranki, do you have time? Or d'you wants to go home?" Tokio asked her as he drove off.

Ranki shook her head. Then the kunoichi asked back. "No. Why d'you ask?"

"Well, wanna go out with me?" Tokio smiled at her and grinned naughty like.

Ranki pinched his arm playfully and smiled too. "Is this a date? Okay!"


After walking around anywhere, they're stopped off at a café. They are took seats near the window. Ranki really enjoyed this date. Tokio is such very nice person. He's kind, royal, handsome, and perfectly perfect! Not to mention the luxury car that he owned. People look at them in both astonish and envy gaze. It would be stupid if there's any girl who rejects him. What a lucky day today!

The brown haired girl looks at the guy in front of her. "Tokio."

The young man lift up his head and lock his light purple eyes to her brown ones. His eyes showing 'what's up' question. Ranki let her smile widened.

"Thank you." Tokio tilted his head a little to give her 'what for' sign. Ranki laughs a little. "For this," she holds her CDs, "And for this date! I'm really happy today!"

Tokio laughs too. "It's okay." And added a little at his mind. 'Girls. I have enough experience to get along with them, so there's no need for being clumsy in front of her.' He then takes his cup of espresso and sips it slowly.

"Well, will your mother mind if you going home a little late?" Tokio asked Ranki as he paid the bill. The younger kunoichi quickly get his words. She took out her keitai and dialed her home. She talks for a minute and smiles after she did it.

"Yeah, she's not mind as long as I'm with you. But she had told me that I must to protect you! Kinda funny huh? Your skill is greater than mine, why should I protect you anyway?" she laughed. But Tokio just threw her a very thin smile.

"Uhm, that's good. You should hear her advice." Tokio dropped his gaze to the floor. But second later he lifted up his face cheerfully, "So, let's spend this night!" he encircled his arm around Ranki's shoulder and take her out from the café.

All night long they're go along the city. Tokyo is a metropolitan that never sleep. And they are ended up at the central park.

"It's 1.30 am now, are you sure that you still want to spend the rest of this night here?" Tokio opens his can of soft drink that he had just bought from the automatic machine. He gives Ranki a can of soft drink too.

"Never mind. Oh yeah, I want to ask you about something, but if you don't want to answer me, it's okay. Would you . . . " Tokio cuts off her words with his nod.

She took a deep breath before spoke. "Ehm, about the test few days a go . . . "

Tokio instantly paled. But he tries to recover it as hard as he could.

Ranki continued, "Enki and I has been came to Arashi's house to look after him."

Tokio threw his empty can. "Oh really? . . . so how's his condition now?"

"Umm, not very good yet. He's beaten up. I've never seen him in that condition as long as my life. I mean, he's pretty tough . . . "

Tokio get out from his car dramatically. "I'm the one who create it. So what's exactly that you wanted to ask me?"

Ranki turned her head to Tokio. "When we came to him, he's just awake and screamed hysterically that . . . "

"That I want to kill him." Tokio cuts off her words. "Is that what you want to ask me about?" He gave her cold shoulder.

"No, I mean . . . I . . . I don't believe it! That wasn't true, right? You're a nice person after all; I can't believe that you could do such a thing like that! You should come to look after Arashi and tell him that wasn't true! You just tested him!"

"So? Do you think I'm not a person, who could kill? I must to thank you for believe in me, but . . . " Tokio turned his body. His face looks cheerful. His eyes closed. And he smiled.

Ranki tilted her head a little. "But what? Am I right about you?"

Tokio stepped closer to her. "How can I do such a thing against my own brother, Ranki . . . He's my only brother! We have the same mother!" He rubs Ranki's hair. His blue eyes locked on her brown eyes. His fingers going down to her jaw line.

"Ranki, it seems that you are the most precious girl to Arashi." Tokio asked her. Ranki's face instantly burned. Tokio chuckled when he saw the changing color of her face. And he continues, "Good girl, you know Arashi had been stole my mother for all his life. And now is my turn . . . to take his most precious person!"

His blue eyes glittered dangerously.



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