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Tim POV (Tim 8, Damian 5)

I stared at the toddler, his blue eyes staring into mine. A man groaned next to us, his mouth foaming slightly from the mixture of poisons I had given him. Blood covered the floor, the knife glinting in the 5-year-old's hands. "You should go for the neck next time. It's cleaner, and faster." I said, looking back at the man.

It wasn't like the man hadn't deserved it. He's raped more kids than I could count, and only got away with it by killing the same amount of people. And in a way, it was hilarious that two kids would be the ones that ended his life.

"Tt." He said, wrinkling his nose at me in a way that others would deem cute, and I would deem annoying.

"You realize you sound like a horse when you make that sound, right?" I asked, raising my eyebrow as his eye twitched.

Tim POV (Tim 9, Damian 6)

"You're a little brat, you know that right?" I asked, wincing as I stitched a gash in my leg.

"Tt. It's not my fault you could not dodge, Grayson." Damian said, scowling at me as he drank some water.

I shook my head, sticking my tongue out in concentration so I wouldn't mess up. After all, Talia was going to kill me for how much blood was already on the floor, the last thing I needed was to get into more trouble. "Why did you even throw that knife at me? I haven't tried to hurt, tease, or poison you for the past week." I asked, glaring at him through the corner of my eye.

"Simple, Grayson. You weren't ready for it. If it hadn't had been me, it would have been worse. I don't want you to get worse." Damian said, trying to find big enough words to show his real meaning while trying to still act tough.

I blinked, my lips twitching at Damian's concern. "Your such a demon brat." I said, as fondly as possible.

Tim POV (Tim 10, Damian 7)

"Why do you let them do this to you, Timothy? You are stronger, smarter. You shouldn't be this hurt." Damian hissed, glaring at my wounds as I wrapped them with new bandages.

"Damian, I can't let them think I'm an assassin. They could use that against me, and black mail me to work for them. Or, something." I said, finding every excuse I had that sounded better than, I'm scared.

"You can't, I can. I could tie them up when they are asleep, and then torture them." Damian said, looking up at me with cold blue eyes that have learned to look past my words to read in between the lines.

I gave him a grim smile, shaking my head. "Sorry Damian, but I would prefer if you didn't even meet them." I said. After all, the last thing I needed was the Drake's ruining another child's life.

Tim POV (Tim 11, Damian 8)

"Listen, you piece of filthy shit. Damian Al Ghul isn't to be hurt, got it? If I ever see you hurt him again, I'll kill you." I hissed, twisting the knife in his arm around until he was screaming so loudly my ears were ringing, and the sound of bones breaking was easily heard.

I stood up, looking back at Damian. "Are you okay?" I asked roughly, yanking his arm so that I could look at his arm.

It was cut deeply, just enough that I would have to use stitches on his arm to make sure it healed cleanly. "Tt. Fine." Damian said, yelling 'ow' when I started cleaning his cut roughly. He could handle it. If anything, it would make sure he was smart enough to not get hit with a knife again.

Tim POV (Tim 12, Damian 9)

"You are leaving." Damian said from the door way.

I froze from where I was packing a bag, then continued. "Yes. It will be an undercover mission, so it may take a while." I said, nodding.

I bit my lip, forcing myself to not look at Damian's blue eyes. As much as I wished I could stay and train with Damian and the League, all contact with any connections to the Light was to be kept at a minimum. That meant no fighting with the demon brat, no teaching him poisons, and no helping him when he got hurt. And, I was going to hate it.

"Tt. Then don't do anything stupid, Timothy." Damian said, right before running up and hugging me.

I twisted around, staring down at the kid, that as far as I've known, has never hugged anyone. My eyes softened, and moved so that I could hug him back lightly. "I'll be fine. I will tell Ra's to keep you in touch with my updates, but that's the most I can do. Don't worry though, I'll come back." I said. We let each other go at the same time, and I grabbed my bag.

"Of course you will. I'll hunt you down if you don't." Damian said.

I smiled, ruffling his hair before I left. "Of course you would, Dami."

So, basically, this is a few drabbles of Tim and Damian. I thought it might be good for you guys to see what kind of relation ship these two had, before Tim went with Young Justice. The first is of them meeting, the second is of Damian protecting Tim, the third is one with them both wanting to protect each other, the fourth is Tim trying to protect Damian, and the fifth is obviously of the last time they saw each other.

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