Late Night Calls

"Why is it that I'm the first person you call when you need a favor but the last person you call when you want to hang out with someone?" Veronica's voice was husky from sleep, after all Eli had woken her up with his phone call.

"I have no idea what you're talking about V, I haven't asked for a favor in weeks." Not since his first call, the one that had started this string of late night calls. He enjoyed hearing her sleep filled voice and the way she would grumble about being tired in the morning.

"You also don't ask me to hangout either, you just call at one in the morning." He paused, but there was no anger in her voice which made him relax slightly. "Maybe I find that sleep filled voice of yours soothing, it helps lull me to sleep." Eli suggested only half-joking; he always seemed to sleep better after their conversations…even though they didn't really talk about much.

"You're supposed to say it's sexy, not imply that I put you to sleep." Choking back a laugh he closed his eyes, not about to admit the things her husky voice did to his body. "Baby you can keep me up all night if you want too." Her sweet laughter washed over him through the phone making him smile as he kicked the blankets off his leg feeling warm. "So what did you want to talk about tonight?" Veronica asked catching him off guard slightly since he never actually had a subject at hand to talk about.

"I checked out a new hog today." It was out of his mouth before he could stop himself; he wasn't going to talk about it. Veronica was silent for a moment or two before she spoke again and he could almost see the concern creasing her brow; and he had to push away the need to smooth it away. Reminding himself he couldn't even see her now. "Is that a good idea?"

"I was just checking it out, besides we're not in high school anymore."

She sighed and Eli prepared himself for her lecture. "You're right we're not in high school but we are still in Neptune and the PCHer's are still a thing." It was his turn to sigh. "I'm aware, I still live in the same neighborhood but they can't stop me from owning a bike." He wasn't worried about it, none of the guys who had been in the gang when they were in high school were active members, in fact he and Hector had just had a poker night with some of the other guys.

"You owe me a ride." She spoke and Eli frowned not sure if he had heard her properly. "What?" "I said you owe me a ride." Lips pulled back into a grin as he remembered her petite body pressed against his the few times he'd given her a lift somewhere.

"You can ride my big ol hog anytime you want to baby."

Her soft groan had the opposite effect she had probably wanted it too but he couldn't help the heat that pooled throughout his body; doing his best to ignore it. "Only if it's big." She taunted reminding him of the day they first met in the quad. "I told you babe, it's legendary." More laughter floated through the phone and he shifted slightly hearing a similar rustling on her end almost as if she was trying to get comfortable. "Well if it's as big as you say it is I'll be your girlfriend."

Eli snorted before laughing. " 'Fraid it's too late to go to prom together."

"Darn and I had such big dreams." Veronica murmured before yawning and mumbling out a half assed apology. "Oh I bet you did." Eli stated as he readjusted the phone. "You've always had big dreams V." "Keeps a girl young." Veronica said right before another yawn escaped her making him sigh. "This is where we say good night." "Sorry, had a long day and I just can't seem to stop yawning tonight." Eli smiled and shrugged in the darkness even though he was alone. "It's fine, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Sleep good Veronica." Eli was just about to hang up when she spoke again. "Goodnight, and Eli?" "What?" Veronica sighed and he frowned but remained silent. "I'll talk to you tomorrow." Biting back a sigh he agreed that she would.

However he couldn't deny being slightly disappointed that they had not made any plans to actually hang out, the time would come though, and until it did he would continue with their nightly phone calls. After all he'd been in love with her since high school that wasn't about to change clearly…So all he had to do was bide his time until it was the right one to make his move. It would happen and he was ready for it.