...Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

The sound echoed throughout my head, calming my disoriented self.

Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

...My head is still spinning. Where am I?

Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

I shifted around slowly, trying to get a sense of my surroundings. It's a comfortable temperature at least, so hopefully wherever I'm in isn't a really bad place. I hope.

After waiting for a few moments more for something to happen, I got bored. Finally having enough of the darkness, I tried to open my eyes.

Tried, mind you.

Eh? I can't open them? What's happening?

Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

...Huh? There are other sounds now?

Suddenly, it hurt.

Like, really really suffocating kind of hurt. Ouch.

I squirmed, trying to escape whatever hellhole I somehow ended up in. Sadly, my body did not really respond to my already overdriven brain.

Come on gal! Motivate yourself! Don't die by being squished here!

And my all too helpful brain provided a rather detailed hypothetical 'squished like a bug' state for me.

Wow, thanks man. Thanks.

This is indeed Great Motivation. Thanks.

Doubling my still futile efforts, I squirmed even more. All of a sudden, something burst. I can feel cool air coming in somewhere near my head, causing relief to flood through my system.

Even louder noises can be heard now, although I still can't make out what the muffled noises are. Some kind of liquid is moving around me, making squelching noises that frankly, sounds rather ew.

Feeling something blocking my path, I desperately shifted the obstacle away. To be frank, it was practically a miracle the obscenely huge and near-immovable obstacle actually did shift away from the cool windy area - my freedom!

Don't ask me how it happened. It just did. (I was secretly praying that the god of fate was laughing too hard to notice or something)

Then, something grabbed my leg/arm (I can't really tell) and pulled.

Sharp blinding pain engulfed me for a moment and suddenly, everything felt crisp, clear and cold.

I gave a loud, piercing noise of disapproval, squirming and making as much of a fuss as I can. I got picked up and dried, soon enough. But alarm bells are rapidly ringing in my head.

Brrr. Cold. I hate the cold. And am having a rather bad feeling that I'm naked. Sense of privacy, anyone?

...Maybe that warm hellhole was better. Hey! It was at least warm and comfy. Until the squishing happened…

Nevermind. I'm being wrapped in something warm and snuggly now…

And my ears are being cleaned. It actually feels really nice.

...But how did I get picked up so easily? The last I checked, I weighed almost 48kg…

I sighed. As some fictional character would say, troublesome.

"Congratulations, its a baby girl!" Someone spoke.

I froze.


I got transferred from one body heat to another rather quickly, held closer to laboured breathings.

"..A-ah, that's okay. She's h-healthy right? My baby girl..." The woman I'm near lovingly muttered.

W-What?! I'm… The last I remembered, I am a 26 year old Japanese volunteer nurse! Oh god, what happened?

Suddenly, she spasmed and let out a loud wail. I got taken from her arms and was put gently on something soft.

A few loud screams and plenty of encouraging voices later, another shrill scream was heard.

This one, sounded distinctly infant-like. Like mine.

I ignored the mental voice and focused on trying to open my eyes. Come on, it can't be that hard!

And so it wasn't.

I fluttered open my eyes, but I couldn't see anything. It's not that I'm blind or something, but everything is just so blur! Colours I can tell, but no definite shape or edges around anything I can see in my vision.

And this is way worse than when I had to wear my reading glasses, I mused.

But, I'm a baby, according to them.

A baby.


And my mental faculties promptly shut down.

When in doubt, and delusional, don't do anything. Don't even think.

Yawning, I let my eyelids slowly droop over. This body is really, really weak. And practically hormonal. That's saying something as a female that personally experienced puberty.

Cooing, the woman picked me up again, cradling me close to her chest. Leaning closer, I saw something blue on her other side that did not move so much.

"Congratulations your Ladyship, a boy and a girl. The dragon and phoenix pair is sure to bring great honour to our Clan." Someone, probably the midwife, excitedly stated.

...Fraternal twins, eh?

Well, I'm in for the long ride….

It's not like a have a choice anyway. Sigh.

Finally, I let my (new) body's instincts take over. G'nite…


"a..aaa" I yawned sleepily. Blinking my eyes open, I was momentarily hit with confusion again.

Since when is my eyesight so suckish? I was never shortsighted. Or live in a place with so much wood.

Huh? I craned my neck to the side, trying to flip myself up.

...And I failed. Miserably.

Ah, damn. What's with me today? First a horrible dream about being hit by lightning and becoming a baby and and-



I experimentally stretched myself, only to find my motor functions grossly inadequate.

...Eh? It wasn't a dream after all?

Tears welled in my eyes. Ma, Pa, where am I?

Sniffling, I tried badly to control my tears. Ultimately, they still leaked out. I sobbed softly, looking out to the golden yellow skies beyond the doors.

Where am I? Where is this place? I want to go home!

Gradually, my sobs floated throughout the room, drawing the attention of my adult companion.

Someone padded over softly, cuddling me in her arms, cooing. "Hush hush dear, its alright. Are you hungry? Mama's going to feed you now."

To my surprise and eternal shame, she did. Imagine having an adult's mind in an infant's body that needs breastfeeding. I'm sure you can guess the rest.

After burping me and checking my diapers (the horror!), she slowly rocked me and sung a soothing lullaby that I never heard before. I admit, her voice is really, really gentle and calm, tempting me to sleep away my worries once more.

My emotions warred within me, namely guilt, apprehension, worry and a small, miniscule amount of excitement. Excitement at being an entirely new person, with no one to judge you.

But I rapidly squashed it. Worry won this round.

Her long black hair wasn't put up this time, so I could smell the jasmine fragrance from them. Hesitantly, I shyly looked up, curious about this woman I was born to. Curiosity will kill the cat, as some might say.

...I hate my new eyesight, have I ever told you that? Or at least, an infant's eyesight.

But it was then I noticed her hair actually looked slightly bluish, although it is rather dark and hard to notice. I slowly moved my hand over, trying to bring some strands closer to take a look.

Noticing my actions, 'Mama' laughed softly, bringing me closer to her face. Then I saw her eyes.

Shocked, I stilled.

My 'Mama's eyes were black. As in pure, charcoal black, that kind. Medical information roughly swarmed in my head, telling me the probability of such things actually happening stood a chance of-


My head spun again, most likely from information overload. Wow, apparently it seems true that a baby's mind really can't hold much thought at once.

Seeing as I actually stopped moving in her arms, she worryingly shifted me around, walking across the room. I snapped out of my pain induced daze, and gave her a slight smile. At this, she calmed considerably and smiled back.

Feeling slightly guilty at causing her worry, I silently promised myself not to give her trouble. After all, I still have an adult's consciousness so I can keep myself out of trouble as much as I can. Like not crying over spilt milk and the likes.

As I mentally laughed at myself for the stupid joke, 'Mama' left the room and sat on the porch.

"Nozomi. It's a beautiful name, ne Nozomi-chan?"

Curious, I turned to face her once more. Seeing as she had my attention again, she smiled widely.

"You're a sister now Nozomi-chan. Take care of Itachi-chan when Tou-chan and I are not around, kay?" She hummed.

Itachi? Itachi, Itachi, that name sounds familiar, where have I heard it before? Not everyday do you hear of someone being called Itachi.

Just then, 'Mama' stood up from the porch, walking into one of the nearby rooms.

My eyes took awhile to adjust to the different lighting, before focusing on the small cot I'm being carried towards.

'Mama' gently placed me beside a warm sky blue blanket and tucked me in with a pink one. Wondering, I inched closer to the shifting blankie, only to suddenly stare straight at the face of a sleeping baby clad in white pyjamas.

...I have to admit, seeing tear troughs on a baby's face is kinda creepy, no matter how small they seem to be right now. Chances are the troughs will become quite deep and prominent on their faces once they grow older.

But still, so cute! My little brother (because there is no other possibility) was drooling at the side of his mouth, sucking his thumb. Now that, is the entire picture of innocence.

Someone entered the room then, causing 'Mama' to spin around sharply to face the intruder.

Picking my baby brother in her arms, 'Mama' sighed worriedly. "So how is he?"

"He's fine, nothing wrong, the healer said. Just that they only need to monitor him for a few more weeks to give the all clear." The man grunted.

"That's great. Ne, Itachi?" 'Mama' cooed. "Say hello to Papa?"

The man grunted again, but I think I saw his face morph into a smile. Or maybe it was a trick of the light. Blame my eyesight.

As he turned to leave, the red and white thing on his back caught my eye. I suppose it was the coincidental angle or something, because I could finally make out the shape.


A red and white uchiwa emblazoned on the man's back. Just like the lanterns hanging outside.

Uchiwa. Itachi. My brother.

Itachi Uchiwa?

Just then, everything clicked.

Oh. OH.

I'm the twin sister of Uchiha-fucking-Itachi!

Oh god, my life is so screwed. As if dying once is not enough.

Sad to say, I immediately fainted upon reaching the conclusion.

Definitely not one of my proudest moments.

A/n: Well, I was rather bored so...

Yeah, came up with this. Creative constipation, plus the uniqueness of this is just too hard to resist. Slow development, otherwise where's the fun?