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It's Just a Nightmare - You Wish

Dumbledore sat dejected in his office. He really was getting on in his years, even though most people thought he was still the young hero who had defeated the last Dark Lord. Ever since the Tri-wizard Tournament he had felt like an overstretched elastic band and now he felt even more stretched. Lord Voldermort had mercilessly tortured his spy, Severus Snape, for arriving late at his "birthday party". However the Dark Lord wasn't stupid enough to waste on of his cleverest followers, even if he wasn't the most loyal. So Snape was now an exremely valuable spy for the Light. Being the cunning person he was, Snape had managed to pick up a few details about Lord Voldermort that were enough to scare even Godric Gryffindor. On Snape's request Dumbledore had done a parental test on the Boy-Who-Lived in complete secrecy, using one of Harry's blood samples from the hospital wing. The result was more horrifying than shocking.

The most powerful wizard alive sat at his desk staring at the piece of parchment before him that clearly stated the impossible. How was it possible? Lily must have known and if she did she would have come to him straight away. However Lily might have been mistaken, thought the boy was James', or maybe she was too scared to tell. Either way, Harry wasn't a Potter.

Snape had taken the truth extremely lightly unlike the rest of the Order of The Phoenix's council. He was probably expecting it all along. Now the truth was out there was only one other question on everyone's mind, "what do we do about it". Dumbledore was sure that Harry knew nothing of it and probably won't unless someone broke it to him, which was highly unlikely, as there were only 50 people on the light side who knew. However it was a lot harder to say the same for Lord Voldermort as he had sources everywhere now and it was only a matter of time before he put two and two together.

A loud crash from his fireplace and an extremely undignified, sooty Snape climbing to his feet loudly interrupted Dumbledore's train of thought. Snape didn't even try to even appear remotely respectable and immediately burst into an explanation,

"Dumbledore! I just been to a Death Eater meeting and. and . he knows! He knows all about it! He knows Harry is his son! Found out yesterday. you've got to hurry he's attacking Privet Drive any minute!" Dumbledore's face grew dark,

"Quickly summon the order, everyone in the order. We must stop him from seeing Harry. I know what he's going to do and the barrier is totally useless against it! Go! Quick!" yelled the Headmaster and they both disappeared down the spiral staircase.