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*Grief is the price we pay for love*

(Queen Elizabeth II)

A BDSM club at daytime is a bizarre place. The smell of disinfectants overpowers the faint smell of leather and sweat. I follow Bella, trying to avoid making any noise with my high-heels wearing feet on the cold floor.

"I don't think working at night is a good idea for a pregnant woman." My Domme tells Charlotte who is running her fingertip over a bottle of brandy. "We can discuss that again once the baby is born."

Bella walks over to a St. Andrews cross and pets the polished wood with her perfectly manicure hand. "Come here, Mary Alice."

I don't hesitate. Excitement spreads through my veins, making my clit throb almost painfully between my legs. "Lift your arms, sweet pet."

The metal of the shackles is cold against my skin. I've been tied to St. Andrew crosses before. The only thing different this time is the daylight shining through the windows. That and Charlotte who is watching me and Bella play. Her mouth is parted slightly. She's licking her lips, mesmerized by the view. I feel exposed. I feel naked although, I'm still wearing the corset and the excuse of a plaid skirt. My heart is in my throat when Bella's hand glides between my legs.

"Doesn't she look lovely, Charlotte?"

"Yes," Charlotte whispers, stepping a bit closer to us. "But the shackles are too high. Maybe you should make her stand on a stool."

Bella smacks her lips and rubs her chin. "Get one from the sapphire room – now."

When Charlotte walks off, Bella leans over to whisper into my ear. "Are we still green, my sweet pet?"

I nod. But the truth is that I'm feeling colorblind right now. It is making me uncomfortable to have Charlotte being here while Bella plays with me. Yet, at the very same time having her watch us is turning me on.

Roughly and unexpected Bella pulls on my hair. "You are to answer me without hesitation when I ask you something."

"Yes, Mistress," I stutter. "I think I'm green."

She unclasps the shackles and takes my hand to steady me as I step down from the cross. "You thinking that you are green, is not enough."

I cringe. The wave of disappointment that's rushing through me instantly brings tears to my eyes. "I'm sorry, Mistress."

"If you cry now, I'll whip your ass so that hard that you can't sit down one minute tomorrow." She snaps, tugging roughly on my hair. It makes my scalp prickle a bit. "Why do you think I'm asking you how you feel? Because I have nothing better to do with my time?"

She slaps my left thigh. "I care about your wellbeing. You are uncomfortable with playing in front of others. Nod, if I'm right."

I lower my head twice. "But it's something my Mistress seems to enjoy a great deal."

Bella kisses my temple. "You are very right about that, sweet pet. Oh there's Charlotte coming back."

Charlotte returns without the requested stool and mumbles an apology.

"It's fine. Now, let's see if I can get you another job here. One that doesn't require you working at night while the club is open."

We follow Bella into her office. The resemblance to the one she has at school is weird. I notice the same picture of the moustache-wearing tall man that she has on her desk there. Here it is framed in antique looking gold and topped with a riding crop that is nailed above it to the wall.

"Master C. was Bella's father." Charlotte whispers into my ear when she notices me staring at the picture. I nod and walk closer to the picture. "You have his eyes." I say, turning to Bella. "Where's your father now, Mistress?"

"Hell, I suppose. Or some forbidden place in heaven where he gets to pour hot wax over fallen angels the entire time." Bella's mouth curls into a smile. "That's what he would have liked."

She sits down on her leather chair and opens the cupboards. "Charlotte, do you know how a scanner works?"

Charlotte nods. "Of course, I do. Do you want me to be your secretary?"

"Let's call you my personal assistant. I will be busy handling some…things at my vanilla job. That's why I need you to scan all the applications and email them to my office there."

Charlotte nods again, taking a huge pile of papers from Bella. "Can we kick Peter out of the club when he shows up here again?"

"Only if you can provide me with a Dom or Domme to replace him with him or her. Everyone is replaceable. Aren't they?"

I shake my head. I can't imagine someone else taking Bella's place instead of her. More so, I don't want to risk being replaced myself by another Sub who is more willing to participate in public play. I need to overcome my uncomfortability for the sake of keeping Bella interested in me.

Very slowly, I sit down on the edge of Bella's desk, letting my skirt glide up high enough so that she can see a bit of my clean shaven sex. "I don't think I would be a good secretary."

The brown in Bella's eyes turns darker as her pupils dilate. "You serve other purposes."

Her hand slides up the inside of my right thigh. "Charlotte, the scanner is on the other side of the office."

I whimper when Bella's long finger begin to massage my folds. When I would close my eyes now, I could simply imagine that it's just me and her.

"Look at me, Mary Alice." Bella commands. "Keep your eyes on me." Her thumb rolls lightly over my clit. "Does this feel good?"

A groan leaves my lips. "Yes, Mistress, very good."

She smiles and when her lips crash against mine I can hear the buzzing noise of the scanner in the background. The muscles in my pussy clench. "Oh my God,"

"It's still Mistress for you and not God, Mary Alice." Bella says. "I love how your cunt is soaking wet whenever I touch it."

One of her fingers glides inside my channel. She curls it up and begins to rub it against a deliciously sensitive spot. "Now, how does this feel like?"

"Good," I whimper, throwing my head back. "So good,"

Bella adds a second finger to the first one. The sensations are great. I am trying very hard to not moan but it's so difficult.

"Your cunt is the tightest pussy I ever fingered in my life." Bella groans, thrusting now three fingers rhythmically inside me. "And when you come it gets even tighter."

My insides begin to throb. The muscles in my stomach get ridged. The moment the spasms of my climax take over, Bella pulls her fingers out. I grunt. I want to beg her to put them back to let me come.

"Such a naughty girl, my fingers are all prune from you being so slippery." She rolls her chair a bit backwards against the wall behind it. "Now, get on your knees."

She grabs my head and presses it directly between her parted thighs. "Serve me with your tongue."

I take a deep breathe. Her musky scent is making me dizzy. I lap at her outer lips and lick down to her entrance. Here I focus my attention on. I lick her like a sweet and exotic fruit. Again and again, I thrust my tongue into her slick, hot wetness. She groans, moaning profanities while I close my lips around the hood of her clit.

"Fuck, oh fuck, yes…yes…yes." Her voice is a raspy grunt when she falls apart. I cough in an attempt to swallow as much of her arousal as possible. My entire face is covered in her juices. I want to drown in them. Yes, it really gets her off to know someone is watching her. The way her body reacts to having another person hearing her being fucked is mind-blowing.

I get up and wipe my chin. My heart is pounding in my chest. I never felt so naughty before in my life.

"Charlotte, bring her a tissue and clean her face." Bella orders, casually running her fingers through her hair.

I notice that Charlotte's cheeks are flushed pink. Her breathing is a bit louder, like she's just ran a marathon or something close to that. When she begins to wipe the traces of Bella's climax from my face both of us simultaneously mouth a thank you.

"Good pet," my Domme mumbles, stroking my head. "Isn't she a good little pet, Charlotte?"

"I'm sure she is. Master C. would have liked her."

The compliment is strange and yet it's the nicest thing someone has ever told me. I look at the brown-eyes man again, wondering if Bella inherited her preference for leather and pain from him like those beautiful eyes of hers.

"The Dungeon was his before he died." Bella explains. "I'm the only Domme in the country, probably the only Domme in the world who inherited a sex club."

"When my grandma died, I got an ugly tea service from her. I don't even drink tea." Charlotte says. "What about you, Aly? Did you ever inherit anything?"

I cringe. The memory of three simple wooden caskets flashes through my mind. The scent of wax and corn flowers fills my nose. I can still feel aunt Esme's hand around my smaller one. The way her grip tightening even more when the priest begin to speak the first words of a prayer.

Ashes to ashes.

"Aly, are you okay? Did I say something wrong?" Charlotte asks, rubbing my left arm gently. "I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's alright, Charlotte." Bella tells her. "Why don't you wait in the car? Alice and I have something to discuss."

When Charlotte is gone, Bella coughs. She rubs her chin like she's thinking hard about something. "Sit down. We need to talk."

"About what just happened?" I ask, sitting down on the edge of the desk. "I have to admit that I liked it more than I thought I would."

She shakes her head. "It's not about the scene. I feel like we need to discuss your parents and how their death affects you."

I snap. The pain inside me is sharp and cruel. No. I don't want to talk about them. They are dead. What would talking about them change?

"I don't want to talk about my family. They are dead. They are dead." My voice sounds like it doesn't belong to me. It sounds like that of a stranger in my ears, a stranger with a way too shrill voice. "My parents and Cynthia are dead." I'm sobbing now. "You already know that. Don't you? I'm sure my aunt filled you with that information before she shipped me off to St. Meyers to get rid of me!"

I sniff. I blink and the next thing that happens is for Bella to smack my left cheek. A moment later she pulls me on her lap. Her arms wrap around my back as she holds me close. "Calm yourself. Nobody has tried to get rid of you. That's just not true."

My body quivers. It's only her presence and the way she holds me tightly that keeps me from breaking down completely. "Why are you making me talk about them? Why are you making me think about them? It's not fair."

Life's not supposed to be fair. And how can it be fair that I'm still here and they are not? Why was I the only one who got out of that burning house? Why me? And why is Bella forcing me to think about stuff that I would prefer to avoid thinking about?

Her breathe is warm against my scalp when she presses her mouth against it. "I know. You must miss them so much."

And for the entire time she holds me in her arms, I can't cry a single tear for my dead family. But late at night, when I fall asleep in Bella's bed, the almost forgotten nightmares return to me without any mercy…