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We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.

(Harrison Ford)

She's the one who makes the choices. I repeat those words like a mantra while I listen to Bella's suggestions. I don't like what she's telling me. The part of my brain that is responsible for making decisions based on reason agrees with her though.

"I can't have you working at a school where I'm the headmistress." Bella states while her fingertip circles over the glass of blood-tinted wine. I served it to her a few minutes ago.

Now I am kneeling at her feet, doing my best to hold a graceful position on the hard floor. My Domme has claimed this room here is her favorite in the whole Dungeon. It's where we first played together. The first time both of us dared to show our true face to the other one.

Her hand pets my head. I whimper when she tugs on my ponytail.

"Eyes on me,"

I lift my chin. Bella's mouth curls into a smile. I've never seen her smile at anyone else but me like this. Her smile is just for me. Warmth fills my chest. I can't help but smile back at her.

"Permission to speak?" I ask, chewing the inside of my cheek. When she nods, I clear my throat. "Are you really going to fire me? How will that look when I get fired from my first teaching job?"

She chuckles, her fingertips move through my hair. I shiver when her thumb brushes against the shell of my ear. "I never said a word about firing you."

Her lips come down to my forehead in a chaste kiss. However a kiss can be considered innocent when you are kneeling naked in front of someone.

"If I wanted to fire you, I would have done it the very first day."

I swallow and sigh while her hands cup my face between them. "I know. But you said—,"

Bella smacks my left cheek. "Don't tell me what I said. I won't have any of that. Look, we can't both work at St. Meyers. It's impossible. Plus there's a strict non relationship rule at school."

I frown. What kind of crap is this supposed to be? I get why people wouldn't like me dating my boss but…

"You need to learn to control your facial expressions when you are thinking." Bella tells me, pressing a kiss against my closed mouth. "You are an open book with countless questions."

I arch my back and correct my position. "How are we not supposed to work together anymore without you firing me?"

My stomach muscles clench while I nervously wait for her response to my question.

"I am stepping back as St. Meyer's headmistress. Angela can take over for me. She's the only person who loves this school as much as I do."

She loves the place. I don't understand why. I hated every minute of being a student there. For Bella things are different. She invested so much heart blood into keeping the school running. Thanks to a very gracious donation from a certain blonde tattoo artist with an unlimited credit card, St. Meyer's won't close.

"Keep your eyes on me, Mary Alice." Bella whispers. "You are my world now. I can live without being a headmistress. I can't live without you."

Her mouth is soft and warm against mine. It tastes bittersweet and delicious as her tongue slides between my parted lips as I take a breath.

"Go to the bed and lie down. I will be with you in a minute."

With that she kisses me a second time and stands up from the chair she's been sitting on. I wait until I hear the metal heels of her boots clicking on the floor outside the playroom before I get up. My knees hurt but I ignore the prickling pain.

I sit down at the edge of the bed and sigh when I see the selection of toys Bella has put out on display.

Anticipation makes my heartbeat speed up when I lie down and close my eyes. Time feels endless to me until I hear her voice again.

"You are the most beautiful thing on earth."

She lowers her head and kisses my left breast. "Your body is magnificent. I love how it always accepts me as its Mistress."

Her mouth closes around my nipple. I press my lips together to hold back a groan when her teeth scrap the pebbled skin.

"Deep breath," she orders a moment later when golden nipple clasps are adjusted on the tip of my breasts. The pain throbs and pulses, mixing into the sweetest torture when my mistress tugs on them for the first time. Again and again she pulls on the delicate golden chains until my skin is covered in sweat. I am slick and throbbing between my legs.

"Come as often as you want." Bella tells me, sliding her fingers through my wetness. "And let me hear you, Mary Alice."

I thrust my hips upwards. My body is hungering for her touch. It has been a cruel little eternity since she allowed me to release. Bella loves knowing I am constantly horny and wet for her.

Two fingers slide inside me with ease. She flexes and stretches them, managing to rub against the most sensitive spots deep inside me. I cry out and cramp around her digits when Bella tugs on the nipple clasps again. My climax is pulsing though me in raw spasms of pleasure.

My mistress removes the clasps from my nipples while she pushes a third and finally her fourth finger inside me. Her thumb circles my highly sensitive clit. The moment I realize what she's about to do, I tense. My inside clench around her fingers.

"Yellow," I whimper, surprised that I can bring out any audible words right now.

"Are you uncomfortable?" Bella asks, pulling her fingers out of me to lightly run them over my swollen sex. "Tell me,"

"Just scared of something I don't know."

Bella kisses the tip of my nose. "You don't need to be afraid. We can work up to this. Because God help me, one day you will be so full of me that you can feel me in your throat."

I moan. Bella wraps a scarf around my head and begins to tease my shoulders and arms with a soft flogger. After a few minutes my skin is prickling and I am throbbing with the need to be touched more intimately again.

Something buzzing is moved up and down my slit before the thick vibrator is pushed inside me. I whimper and moan as my body tumbles into sweet release of another climax.

"You are mine. Never forget that you are mine." Bella whispers into my ear before her mouth locks with mine again.


I am the girlfriend now. Bella introduces me to everyone at school as her partner. Angela is the sweetest person and wishes us good luck. Her eyes sparkle behind the thick glasses. It thrills her that Bella has chosen her for the position of the new headmistress.

Rose is difficult. She makes snappy comments about Bella having me on her hook like a helpless fish until Bella tells her to shut the fuck up.

"I'm sorry," Rosalie whispers when we are alone in the teacher's lounge after an awful lunch in the cafeteria. I need to convince Angela that we need to invest in hiring someone who actually knows how to create something halfway eatable.

"You are watching out for me because you care." I say, starting the coffee machine. "But it's not necessary. Bella loves me."

Rosalie pushes her glasses a bit higher on her snub nose. "You don't understand. You are a nice girl." She leans closer to whisper into my ear. "Let me warn you. Bella is into some really fucked up stuff. I don't want you to get hurt."

Crap. It's always annoying and exhausting to discuss my lifestyle with vanilla orientated people.

"Well, if she's into fucked up stuff as you call it, so am I. Bella and I…," I have to take a deep breathe. "We are the same. She and I two sides of something you will never understand."

Her carefully lip-glossed mouth twitches. Rose doesn't apologize but from now on she will hopefully hold back with her side comments.

"Can I ask you something?" She asks, pouring herself a cup of coffee that she adds some cream to. "Why did you come back here? I know how Angela and Bella love this place because it makes them feel like a second home." Rose sighs.

"When my aunt and uncle sent me to St. Meyers it felt like a punishment to me. I assume a lot of the kids here still feel the same." I sip carefully on my hot coffee. "I want to make the kids' time here better."

Rose nods. She hugs me and tells me not to let Bella control me too much. It's so obvious that she doesn't grasp the depth of my relationship with Bella.

I turn my head to Angela as she enters the room. She looks at least ten years older with her black hair tied up into a strict knot. It's the most ridiculous attempt on trying to look stricter. Everyone at school knows she's loyal and kind-hearted.

"Alice, Bella wants you to help her with packing up things in her office. I mean, in mine office. God, I am still so excited."

I ignore the frown on Rosalie's face. She's biting her tongue, probably holding back a comment about Bella treating me like a slave.

With my head held high I walk out of the teacher's lounge and head for Bella's office. This is the last time we're in here, I think, pressing the door knob downwards.

"Come here. I need you to pack up everything in the bookshelf into these boxes here."

I do as I'm told. Bella sits back in the leather chair, stroking its sides as if she's saying goodbye. In a way she is. She is giving up this part of her life so that she can be with me. I love her so much.

"Stop." She tells me, taking a little box from be as I put into on top of some books. "Get on your knees."

I sink down in front of her, lowering my head while she opens the box. My eyes catch something silvery.

"You belong to me." Bella whispers. "Would you do me the honor of wearing my collar?"

She puts her hand underneath my chin to make me look up to her. "If it pleases my mistress," My voice is trembling. I blink a couple of times to fight off the tears.

Bella holds up the heavy silver collar for me to look at it. I'm glad she picked something other than plain leather or anything else that resembles a dog-collar. The metal is cold against my skin when Bella adjusts it around my neck.

"You are forbidden to take it off. Are we clear about that?"

I nod eagerly and kiss the palms of her hands. "Never, I promise."

She cups my face in hers. "I love you." Her lips touch lightly against mine. Then she bends her head low enough to kiss the metal butterfly on my collar. Her collar, I correct in my head. "I thought you are my weakness, but it's more like you're my strength."

I turn my head to the empty walls and bookshelves. Bella's fingers caress my hair. She plays with it and finally tugs a wisp of it behind my ear.

"We agreed on keeping play time for the weekends." She states, running her hand down my neck to circle her thumb over my collarbone. "But you look so fucking irresistible wearing my collar."

Heat pulses through my body to end right between my legs. I feel tempted to beg her to play with me here for a last time. What a way of saying good bye to this part of her life.

Bella gets up from her chair and locks the door. "You will remain silent. I don't need Rosalie, the school own vice squad, rushing in here to save your pretty ass."

My mistress tells me to undress and lay down on her glass table. "Sight or hearing?" Bella asks, pulling a scarf and a pair of headphones out.

I hate being unable to see, so I choose the headphones. Moments later, the only noise that reaches my ears is some soft classical violin music. Bella has ordered me to keep my eyes to the ceiling. What point is there in allowing me to see, if I am not allowed to turn my head?

The scent of burning candle reaches my nose. I take a deep breath and press my thighs together. In my mind I try to prepare myself for the upcoming pain.

Liquid fire lands on my stomach, right under my chest. I press my lips together, suffocating the groans of pain and pleasure as droplet after droplet of sizzling wax ends up all over my body.

My mind is drowning into a place where I am not a thinking person anymore. All I can do is feel and accept those feelings with everything I am. I cry out when a thick dollop of wax lands right above my throbbing sex.

Bella pulls the headphones from my ears. Instead of her voice I hear a shrill beeping sound.

"That's the fucking new fire alarm system." Bella tells me, trying to wipe enough of the wax from my upper body that I can put on my blouse again. "Hale is so dead and she doesn't know it yet."

I laugh. It's completely childish and inappropriate but I laugh. Bella looks so pissed for having our scene ruined. It's annoying her even more that it was Rosalie who's responsible for our unwanted interruption.

"Your ass is going to regret that you are laughing about this situation." Bella states barely unable to hold back from laughing too. She kisses my lips and helps me to flatten my hair until I look halfway un-fucked.

She picks up the phone and calls the fire department to figure out how to turn off the alarm system. By the time Bella and I walk out of her office, the entire school is gathered together there. God, this is embarrassing.

"What the hell were you two doing in there?" Rosalie snaps, looking me over from head to toe. "The alarm system showed that there was a fire inside the headmistress's office."

Bella straightens her back. Her voice is so sharp like a piece of broken glass. "Alice was so nice to help me test the new fire alarm system. So, it's working, isn't that great?"

Angela nods her head. I notice that her cheeks are flushed red. She's nervous. Maybe she's realizing that from now on she's responsible for everything that happens at the school. I feel tempted to hug her.

"We're finished with packing up Bella's stuff." I tell Angela. "Do you need help moving yours into the office?"

She shakes her head, declaring that she's going to get the walls painted into a light orange color tomorrow afternoon. This place needs as much warmth as possible, even on its walls.

"So, how's this new school like where you are going to teach?" Angela asks Bella while she helps me to load Bella's boxes into her car. I love Angela for not asking questions about my relationship with Bella. I am going to like it working under Angela.

"New school?" I repeat, rubbing my fingertips over the heavy collar around my neck. It makes me feel complete. It makes me feel like I fully belong to Bella.

"Yes, Alice," Bella states. "Have you forgotten I told you about it? This new place where they are in need of someone with a strict hand,"

Behind the opened passenger's door, she smacks her hand against my backside. I have a certain feeling that the only student at that new place is going to be me.