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Author's note: This is going to be friendship for the first while. No threesomes. Ever. There may, eventually, be slash. Maybe.

Burt glanced over at the house across the street as he was getting the Sunday paper. New neighbors had moved in, though he hadn't actually seen anyone other than movers in the past week except a kid that looked about Kurt's age and a red headed woman who was probably the mom directing where things went.

Maybe he should go over and introduce himself? Burt frowned, going back inside. He didn't want to be one of those interfering nosy neighbors, but at the same time he didn't want to be rude or uninviting. Thankfully, Kurt came in at that moment, answering all of his problems.

"What are you up to today?" Burt asked, sitting down to eat a barely tolerable bran cereal Kurt insisted was good for him. At least it had some dried fruit in there to sweeten it a little.

"You wanted me to go over the shops books," Kurt reminded him.

"Right," Burt nodded. Kurt had started taking care of the bookkeeping this summer, the boy did it better and faster than Burt. Even his accountant had approved of the change. "You could put that off until tomorrow."

"Oh?" Kurt's eyes brightened, likely already planning to call Mercedes. "But you said you needed me to cover a full shift at the shop tomorrow. Jim's on holidays."

"It should be slow in the morning, you could do it then." Burt shrugged, "It's just, we've got those new neighbors with a kid about your age. I thought you might like to go introduce yourself or something."

"You've met them?" Kurt glanced towards the front of the house, like he could see across the street from there. "And?"

"I haven't met anybody." Burt grumbled, "I just thought you could make something. Like cookies or something. Be neighborly."

Kurt smiled, that knowing smile Elizabeth used to always have when she knew what Burt was up to even before he did. "I'll make those double chocolate brownies. The really unhealthy ones. "

"Yeah?" Burt's mouth was already watering. He hadn't had those brownies in months. Kurt was really picky about what he ate now.

"I'll have to go shopping." Kurt said, already heading to his room to get dressed. "I'll make sure to fill you in on all the gossip after I meet them." He didn't let Burt say anything about not caring about gossip.

Kurt glanced in the mirror, making certain his hair was absolutely perfect before squaring his shoulders and heading outside. His father was inconspicuously mowing the lawn, having started just after snatching a brownie and munching it down when he thought Kurt was distracted. Hopefully he wouldn't find the other piece Kurt had set aside for him until the next day.

He could hear a baby crying as he came up to the front door.

"One moment!" he heard after he rang the doorbell. A few seconds later the front door opened to reveal a very cute boy holding a screaming baby. "Can I help you?" he asked, his soft British accent making shushing sounds at the baby as he petted its back.

"I'm your neighbor from across the street," Kurt held up the tray of brownies. "Just wanted to say hello. I can come back later…"

"No, come in. Come in." the boy opened the screen door and stepped away. "If you'll just give me a moment, I need to change Teddy."

"Of course." Kurt went and sat in the living room, as the boy left to change the baby. The place was nicely decorated. The Chesterfield was an antique blue floral and ornately carved oak, as was the matching furniture. There wasn't a television, but an old fashioned gramophone stood next to a shelf with vinyl records. Kurt was just giving into the urge to go paw through them when the boy came back, quiet baby snuggled to his chest.

And what a chest it was. The boy was wearing soft red striped pajama pants and had obviously put on a cardigan to answer the door. His well-defined chest and abs were very much on display.

"Sorry about that," the boy shifted the baby to his left and held out his hand. "I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

"Kurt Hummel." Harry's palms were callused and his grip was very firm, Kurt noted. "And this is?"

"Teddy." Harry smiled down at the boy. "Well, Ted. But I call him Teddy."

"Is there anyone else in the house?" Kurt hadn't heard anyone.

"No," Harry smiled slightly. "Just me and Teddy."

"Oh!" Kurt smiled back, well aware of the bit of censure that the other boy would probably be receiving when the neighbours found out that bit of information.

"Do you want a cuppa?" Harry offered. "Or I think I have some instant coffee somewhere."

"Tea is fine," Kurt cringed a little at the words 'instant coffee'.

"You're a coffee snob then." Harry laughed, and led Kurt to the kitchen, which was all soft yellow and warm woods. He filled the kettle and put it on the stove.

"How can you tell?"

"Please. I know one when I see one." Harry gently set Teddy down in some sort of swinging basket. "Am I going to expect a lot of drop ins?"

"Maybe a few," Kurt admitted. They really didn't have the nosiest of neighbors. It was a good neighborhood. "You know, just to introduce ourselves and get the dirt. My dad would have come, he didn't want to appear nosy but he didn't want to be a rude neighbor either. So he sent me."

"Of course," Harry smiled again. "Do you go to school?"

"Yeah, I'll be a junior at Mckinley high this year."


"In high school we have four years," Kurt easily explained. "Freshman is first year, then sophomore, junior and, finally, Senior year."

"Ah," Harry nodded in understanding. "So you're a third year student then."

"Are you all done school?" Kurt couldn't help but ask. Harry really didn't look like he was even sixteen yet.

"More or less," Harry shrugged. "I suppose you could say that I'm… what was the term… upgrading? Just a few courses long distance. I study at home, send in my work and will go in for the big exam at the end of the course. Should be finished by the holidays."

"And then?" Kurt asked, curious.

"And then we'll see." Harry shrugged. "I'll probably take some long distance college courses or something, but I'm mostly going to be a home dad for a few years."

"What about a job?" Kurt couldn't help but ask.

"No need," the water was boiling, so Harry went and filled the pot, bringing it back over to the table. "My parents died when I was young, but left me enough to live on for a bit. What about you Kurt?"

"Me?" Kurt shrugged. "Not much to tell really. I have two more years left in this backwater town and then it's off to New York city."

"New York?" Harry poured them both a mug of tea.

"Broadway, baby." Kurt sniffed the hot brew before taking a tentative sip. "This is nice."

"Thank-you. So you uh.. dance?"

"And sing," Kurt confirmed. "I'm in my high school glee club, but our stupid director always gives the solos to Rachel and Finn."

"Glee club?"

"Gaga, you don't know what Glee club is?" When Harry shook his head Kurt groaned. "It's show choir. We sing, we dance. It's a big thing. Didn't you have it at your old school?"

"No," Harry said, thinking back. "I know we had some sort of choir. But the only dancing was ballroom at the few formal events we had."

"What kind of awful school did you go to?"

"The private exclusive kind." Harry leaned forwards and glanced at the positively trendy look Kurt was sporting. "It was a boarding school. Complete with pointy hats, and large over-robes we were expected to wear all the time. I think I have photo somewhere if you want to see."

"I don't know," Kurt mused. "I want to say no, but at the same time I think I need proof that you're not lying to me."

"Watch Teddy?" Harry asked, when Kurt nodded, the boy left the room only to return a few minutes later with a photo frame… and a pointed hat.

"You weren't kidding?" Kurt looked at the thing in revulsion, but picked up the picture. There was Harry standing with his arm around a red headed girl. Beside him was another red head that made Harry look ridiculously short and girl who really needed a hair brush. He wondered if either girl was Teddy's mother. "It's an awful uniform." Baggy robe thing covered them like sacks. And the girls both had knee highs. That went out in the early nineties.

"Duly noted, but the pockets were pretty good to hide stuff in. You play any sports? I was pretty good at Rugby, captain of my team and everything."

"I played football for a while last year," Kurt admitted, internally debating on giving him the whole story. "I was the kicker and pretty good, but it wasn't my thing."

"You get hurt?" Harry guessed.

"No," Kurt shook his head. "I don't like getting sweaty or dirty. I was just trying to pretend I was straight. For my dad."

"Straight?" Harry blinked and tilted his head. "Like, the opposite of bent?"

"Yes," Kurt braced himself. "Like as in gay."

"Huh," Harry shook his head. "Is that something you were hiding? Cause with those clothes, that hair and the limp wrist thing you're doing. It was pretty obvious even without the dancing bit. So did you come out, as it were? Cause if you want to do it in style, my mate Seamus would tell you that getting caught shagging on the most hated professor's desk right after lunch was worth every detention he had to serve."

Kurt laughed.