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"Thanks for looking after him, Kurt."

Harry leaned tiredly against the door frame, watching Kurt hold up Teddy as the boy bounced up and down on his wobbly little legs.

"No problem." Kurt said, getting up with the baby to pass him back to his dad.

Harry watched Kurt bite his lip and hesitate a few times. He could practically see the other boy debate in his head if he wanted to ask about the lawsuit or not.

Not that there was very much to tell him if he did ask. There'd been another meeting. It was mostly useless because it seemed like Burt didn't quite know what to ask for except guarantees that his son would be safe. Guarantees that he couldn't trust the Karofsky kid to keep.

Cheques for replacement of the clothing had been handed over, Mr. Karofsky had winced a little as he wrote the dollar amount for Kurt's clothes.

Kurt hadn't experienced any recourse from Harry's actions. Yet. The combination of cowing Karofsky through his parents and the students knowing Kurt had someone that would actually stick up for him was keeping them at bay. For now. There were still slushies, Harry believed, but no additional violence even without Noah there to stick up for Kurt a bit.

The stalemate wouldn't last forever, but hopefully long enough.

Harry's lawyer was working with the private detective to acquire a great deal of damning evidence against the school. Harry didn't know the details, but he'd gathered that the two had hatched some type of plan that would keep Harry's and even Kurt's name mostly out of it.

"How's Puck doing?" Kurt asked, bypassing the elephant all together.

"OK." Or at least as well as he could be. "He's getting out tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Kurt frowned, "I thought he was given a month or two?"

"I don't know," Harry shrugged. "I didn't have much to do with it."

He hadn't. After he'd brought Sarah to meet her brother, he'd gone to see their mother with his concerns. Being beaten up was concerning. But so was the apparent lack of trial. Harry had offered his lawyer's services, but Ruth just shook her head. She already had someone working on it. And, like her mother-in-law, while Ruth didn't want to see her son get hurt, she figured a bit of time in prison would probably be good for Noah.

"He's going to have to do some community service."

"Yeah?" Kurt smirked. "There's something poetic about Puck picking up trash by the side of the road."

"I was thinking old folks home." Harry admitted. He'd mentioned it to his grandmother already and she said she'd talk to someone. "He's good with old people."

"Not kids?"

Harry shrugged, giving a bit of a half smile.

"Working mothers are vicious vipers." He said. "I don't want it getting out I have a competent baby sitter. They'd try to poach him, for sure."

"Especially if half of what he's said about his pool business is true."

"Yeah..."Didn't that just destroy their attempt at a light mood. "Well, he's stuck with Teddy and me for a little while longer at least."

Kurt shot him an apologetic smile and nodded. "Tell him I'm glad he's out."

"I will."







"Miss me?" Puck asked, giving his mom a kiss on the cheek when they got out to the car.

"I've got to be at work in twenty minutes," she batted him away. "Your friend Harry said I can drop you off at his place, he'll take you and Sarah home."

Puck just agreed, turning on the radio.

"You better not screw this up."

"What?" Puck glanced at his mother, trying to figure what she was talking about. "My parole? I just need to find a community service to do my hours. Easy."

"Not that," she sniffed. "This friend of yours. He's a good guy. Really helped us out."

"I know that."

"Do you?" His mom lit a cigarette and took a deep drag. "Social services came by."

"What? What'd they say?"

"Nothing." She gripped the steering wheel. "They were asking about my shifts and things. A lot about you and who was watching Sarah. If Harry wasn't babysitting in the evenings, we might have been in trouble."

"Fuck." They'd never really had to worry about social services before, but Puck had friends who hadn't seen their parents, brothers, sisters, in years. They didn't need to worry though. There was no way Puck would be going back to prison. He didn't care if he had to wear khakis and a collared shirt for the rest of his life, anything was better than that.

"Sarah got on A her spelling test."

"She did?" Puck didn't really keep track of Sarah's accomplishments in school, but even he knew the shrimp sucked at spelling. "She cheat?"

That earned him a smack up the backside of his head.

"She studied." His mum grumbled, "I might get to see a kid of mine make something of themselves. Something good."


"So you can go back to school tomorrow or wait for Monday."

Puck thought about it. "I'm pretty behind, might as well go tomorrow. I'll try to catch up on some of it this weekend."

That earned him a bright smile, "that's my boy."