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Summary: What if Liz came to visit Luke when Jess was little and left him in Stars Hollow? What if Rory grew up knowing him? How would things be different? An AU fic that may eventually end in a literati.

Ch 1 Oh So Young


"I'm Wory," the little four year old greeted cheerfully to the woman who stood in the door of the diner.

"Hello Wory," the woman in the diner greeted with a fake smile.

"Not Wory, RORY!" she said persistently, "Who're you?"

"Liz, Luke's little sister," the woman introduced. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes, a little boy at her side.

"Luke?" Rory turned to the man behind the counter, "You have a sister?" The man behind the counter, Luke, nodded.

"Well, thanks again Luke honey," Liz said walking away, "Later!"

"Who're you?" Rory asked the boy who remained standing there.

"Jess," the boy replied.

"My nephew," Luke informed the wide-eyed little girl.

"Oh," Rory nodded in comprehension turning back to the boy, "You're Luke's nephew?"


"Is that all your going to say?" Rory wondered.


"Fine, then I won't talk to you at all," Rory pouted hugging her big book to her chest as Jess went to sit in the corner of the diner. Rory watched him go curiosity growing inside her blue eyes. Luke wanted to ask where her mother was, but something stopped him. Rory titled her head a little causing her brown hair to fall to one side. She walked towards where Jess sat reading head tilted, hands behind her back and taking long strides. "What're you reading?" she asked slowly and in a sing-song voice.

"A book," Jess grunted hardly distracted. Lorelai walked in just then to witness the Rory slide onto the seat next to Jess. This was just the beginning of a long friendship; both adults knew it by just watching the two.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FOUR YEARS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 "Luke?" a voice said. Luke looked up from behind the counter to see Rory Gilmore smiling up at him.

"Upstairs Rory," Luke told her before she could ask. Every morning Rory came to the diner and then she and Jess walked over to meet up with little Lane Kim and would walk over to Stars Hollow Elementary school.

"Thanks, can I go up?" Rory asked. Luke nodded and she scurried up the steps just as her mother walked in. Two minutes later Rory emerged dragging Jess down the stairs and out of the diner. Lorelai put up her hand and counted down; just as she reached one Rory reappeared in the diner door and grabbed Jess' schoolbag off the floor. Grinning sheepishly at her mother Rory grabbed her coffee off the counter and left again.

"Here!" once outside Rory shoved Jess' bag into his arms and took a sip of her coffee.

"You're crazy," Jess mumbled.

"It's all in the genes," Rory flashed him a smile and began to skip past Doose's on her way to get Lane, "Not hurry up or we'll be late."

"And we don't want that to happen," Jess said faking enthusiasm. Rory did a near eye roll and continued to walk on. The eight year olds walked on Jess trudging along unwillingly and Rory full of enthusiasm. Jess and Rory had a special connection and when Lane was thrown in the three of them were inseparable. Even with her friendship with Lane and Jess her mother was still her best friend.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THREE YEARS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"JESS!" eleven year old Rory bounded into the diner bearing a huge grin.

"What?" Jess asked looking up from his homework.

"We're moving into a house!" Rory jumped, "We're moving out of the tool-shed and into a HOUSE!"


"Is that all you have to say?" Rory asked expecting more than that.


"Fine be all Luke and monosyllabic," Rory shrugged, "I'm going to get my coffee."

"I'm not acting like Luke!" Jess exclaimed defensively.

"Whatever you say," Rory smiled secretively.

"I'm not!" Jess insisted. Rory got her coffee and began walking out of the diner.  "Where're you going?"

"Mom and I have stuff to do," Rory informed, "And if I'm going to get my mom to do anything she needs her daily dose of caffeine."

"Whatever," Jess turned back to his book as Rory backed out of the diner bearing a huge grin again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TWO YEARS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        Lorelai and the thirteen year old Rory sat on the couch having their movie night. This week was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the junk food was scattered around them. Lorelai is chewing liquorice. Rory's rubbing her sleepy eyes. Lorelai jumped up. "Did you hear that?"

"What?" Rory groaned.

"That noise," Lorelai said moving slowly towards the kitchen. "It came from your room." Rory's eyes filled with shock and then she realized what day it was.

"It's nothing mom," Rory insisted sitting on the couch, "Remember what day it is?"

"Oh," Lorelai nodded, "Hurry guys you're missing the best part!"

"Sorry we're late," Lane sighed, "My mom suspected something. Jess accidentally slipped on his way in the window."

"Ah, thirteen and already sneaking out of the house," Lorelai smiled as if reminiscing of her own days of sneaking out. "Why don't you guys just use the front door instead of scaring me to death?"

"It would ruin the essence of sneaking out," Lane pointed out.

"Right," Lorelai nodded unsure of that. "Did you get the coffee out of the diner?" Jess handed them their cups of coffee. Lorelai and Rory squealed in delight and took the coffees.

"Thanks a bunch Jess!" Rory exclaimed making room on the couch for Lane, "Love you!"

"I know," Jess smirked taking his place on the floor, "What would you do without me?"

"Make our own coffee," Lorelai suggested. The four of them looked around at each other and burst out laughing.

"We do have a coffee machine though," Rory said in between giggles.

"Luke's coffee is just better," Lorelai finished. Once Charlie and The Chocolate Factory they slipped in another movie. Lorelai and Lane both fell asleep before the end of the movie.

"Jess!" Rory hissed.

"You know you're always saying my name," Jess groaned sleepily.

"You know what day it is?"

"What day?"

"Your birthday," Rory smiled, "It's exactly midnight making it your fourteenth birthday."

"Well glad you remembered," Jess said sarcastically.

"Happy Birthday," Rory mumbled sweetly into his ear giving him a peck on the cheek.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A YEAR LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Rory snivelled as she grabbed for another Kleenex. She had caught a cold and because of her mother was bed-ridden for the weekend. She heard a bang and a curse from outside her window and smiled knowingly. "Jess unless you want to get sick before school starts you better get yourself back to the diner and work."

"Will you kick me out if I give you the soup and coffee I brought?" Jess wondered.

"Leave the coffee and soup, but I'm still kicking you out," Rory coughed.

"Poor Rory catching a cold before school starts," Jess shook his head sadly, "Maybe you'll even miss the first day of school."

"You wish," Rory laughed, "If I missed the first day or any day for that matter no one would be watching to make sure you didn't skip."

"You know me too well."

"Whose fault is that?" Rory wondered.

"Your curiosity and my book," Jess replied.

"Ah yes that faithful day. I can still picture you four years old reading in the corner thinking you got rid of me."

"I could've only wished," Jess joked.

"I'm glad you're here," Rory confided, "In Stars Hollow."

"Me too," Jess said sincerely, "Me too."

"Wow Jess Mariano were you sincere right then?"

"Don't tell anyone," Jess warned.

"Wouldn't think of it," Rory smiled as Jess handed her the soup and coffee. He then sat on the end of the bed and read her a little of Oliver Twist.


A/N: How was that? Should I go on with the story or just forget it all and get rid of it. Please tell me because I'm not sure about this whole thing. Anyway, that's it for the first part. Next chapter holds the secret to what will happen during my version of the series premiere. We'll see.