"An American Cardcaptor"
A Cardcaptor Sakura Alternate Universe Fanfiction
Written by Kate "SuperKate" Butler (duncan@avenew.com)
Prologue: "The Legend of the Clow"

It was a small room, almost too small for two people to be living in, and yet they dwelled there, anyway.
The first of the duo was a small, pale girl with an obscenely long mane of gray-black tresses, tresses that
swept past her shoulders and down her back to curl off at the small of her back. Usually, she resorted to the
simplicity of a pink headband to hold back the unruly waves but today, as she bent close to her computer monitor,
reading glasses perched on the tip of her nose, those familiar strands of hair were pulled back into a high

The other girl - if she could be called a girl - was seated cross-legged on a bed, her green eyes squinting
down at a sheet of paper. She was, all things considered, a simple-looking child; her tresses were shoulder-
length and the color of freshly-baked bread, and today, as they almost always were, those same tresses were pulled
back into two little pigtails.

After a few moments of perplexed silence, the brunette set down the papers she had been holding and turned
to her friend. "Tomoyo," she beckoned, causing the dark-haired one to glance up from her computer, "have you
ever heard of the - " She paused, glancing back at her stack of pages. " - 'Legend of the Clow.'"

"The legend of the what-now?" blinked the other, her purple-blue eyes widening. "What in the world are
you talking about?"

Moaning softly, the brunette collapsed onto her pillows, her eyelids fluttering shut. "It's my stupid
Myths and Legends class again," she whined, groping for and finding her stuffed Hello Kitty doll. "I have to do
a ten-page report on this STUPID legend about a crazy-ass magician who made a book full of cards and expected
them to have magical powers."

Her companion chuckled. "I think that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, Sakura," she responded,
turning back to her computer. "How in the world are you going to do a report on something that is obviously very,
VERY made-up?"

"Stupid history major," muttered the brunette as she rose to a sitting position and swung her legs over
the edge of the bed. For a moment, she did nothing but stare at the wall, studying the anime posters that she had
painstakingly hung and re-hung until they were perfectly straight. Her second year at the university had promised
to be nothing more than fun and games, but it turned out that such a promise was actually a neon-colored lie.
Since the beginning of the semester, she had done nothing more than study, write papers, and deliver
presentations. How in the world was that fair, especially when her roommate had enough free time to play on the
computer all the time?

'You shouldn't have been a history major,' the dark-haired one had joked one day at lunch, finding her
friend to be particularly bitter about the whole arrangement. 'Graphic design is the way to go! I mean, look
at how little I do!'

Shaking such memories from her head, Sakura slipped on her tennis shoes, rising to her feet. Outside,
the leaves of the oaks and maples that lined the quad were turning colors for the first time that year, greens
fading to orange, tan, and gold before their very eyes. "I have to go down to the library," she informed her
roommate idly, snatching up her keys and stuffing them into her jeans pocket. "We supposedly have a copy of this
Clow Book in special collections, and I might as well start at the source."

Fingers that had been busily typing paused, and Tomoyo glanced up from her work, frowning slightly. "Do
you want me to go with?" she questioned, cocking her head slightly to one side.

"Nah," responded the brunette. "I don't think that anything big could possibly happen down in special
collections beyond my getting bored out of my skull and deciding to play solitaire with Clow's cards." She winked
a green eye, and her friend grinned. "I promise to be back for dinner, okay?"

"'Kay!" chirped her roommate, turning back to the monitor. "Have a good time!"

Sakura wrinkled her nose. A good time? Yeah, right.

End Prologue.

Preliminary author's notes: This is the first installment in a fic I will work on intermittedly from now on.
As you can see, it's an Alternate Universe, so I really don't want to hear whining about how I wrote an AU,
because, cry about it, I wrote it anyway. Expect a chapter every two weeks.... Maybe more often. I hope more