Calypso sat on the beach, staring glumly at the craters form two months before, when he blew up her dining table. Two months since he left.

Last time it was two years, though, thought Calypso. And before that…

But she knew better. They never came back. They never could, anyways.

I hate my curse. I hate the Fates. I hate everyone. And I miss him, Calypso thought bitterly. She sighed and got up. She started to brush herself off, then stopped, remembering how he never minded her being dirty.

I might as well stay like this. No need staying clean if there's no one to look pretty for.

Calypso walked down the beach, her thoughts slowly drifting farther and farther away….Then she crashed into the forge.

"Di Immortales!" Calypso cursed, crashing to the ground. She gazed around at the abandoned forge, made of mud bricks, and the cold, empty fire pit. She had tried to stay away from this place for weeks, but just always fell into a trance and ended up here.

Tears dropped on the sand in front of Calypso. She wiped furiously away at her eyes, trying to stop them from forming, but soon gave up. Calypso cried for what seemed like forever. She flopped down onto the ground and hugged herself. When she looked up, the moon had come out already. She cursed herself again, then sat up. An invisible servant had brought her dinner, and also a blanket. Calypso pushed the meal away, but wrapped the blanket around herself. It was a cool night. Calypso leaned against the forge, thinking about her past life, gazing into the night sky. The stars were out, and it was a full moon. She remembered his last words, when the wind blew them across to her.

"I'm coming back for you Calypso. I swear it on the River Styx…" But she knew he couldn't. She wanted to scream at him, to say that he was an idiot making that oath, that it will never happen.

I just want to die right now. Better than this. It's been three millennia already.

Suddenly, a bright column of light illuminated across the water. Some stars seemed to twinkle and shine a bit brighter, and they formed a pathway across the night sky. Calypso was startled.

Is this some kind of omen?

Just then, a bright column of fire streamed into the night sky. She spotted a large object flying towards Ogygia, in the moon. At first it looked like a bird, but it was still getting bigger. Calypso stared at the growing shape, which soon became visible.

It was an enormous gleaming bronze dragon, with hue glowing ruby eyes, sharp talons, and a pair of beautiful, shimmering metal wings. Riding on top was–-

"It can't be," Calypso gasped as she jumped up and ran towards the beach.

"INCOMING!" Leo Valdez yelled, as he steered Festus the bronze dragon down to the beach. They landed but slid across the sand, sending up clouds of dust and sand into the air, then finally skidded to a stop right in front of Calypso. Once the air cleared, Leo jumped down in front of Calypso. She blinked and rubbed her eyes, pinching herself to make sure this was real.

"Miss me?" he asked, grinning like a madman and stretched out his arms, like he wanted a hug.

So Calypso ave him one.

She tackled him down to the ground, kissing him on the lips. After several long seconds, they separated, looking into each other's eyes.

"I can't believe it. You're back. You're really back," Calypso whispered. Leo laughed, making her heart jump.

"'Course I'd be back. I swore it on the River Styx. Can't break promises or else bad things would happen, right?" Leo said. "Now, you wanna get off this island or not?"

"But Leo, I told you no man ever finds Ogygia twice. How did you find your way back?"

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