My Candy-Bunnies are back. How I've missed them!

Very short sniplet that came to me while watching the 8 man tag match on SD. Takes place backstage after Cody's 'firing'.

Title: The Right Thing

Warning: Slash

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

They all knew it was fake. That he'd be gone 2 weeks, 3 at the most. But it still felt unreal to him. He didn't want to go. Didn't want to leave everything and everyone behind. Not even for such a short period of time.

"You'll be back soon."

Randy's hands were cradling his cheeks, thumbs soothingly rubbing over the tear-stained skin as he murmured those words against trembling lips. It wasn't a question but a statement. There to reassure the younger man.


Cody's eyes were closed, the usually bright blues hidden from him. He hadn't been his usual self. All day. All week.

"You go marry that beautiful girl of yours. Take a break. Enjoy life for a little. And when you come back, you'll show everyone."

It wasn't his fake firing that made him nervous. Or the wedding that made him feel sick to his stomach. It was Randy's damn calmness. As if the other had already given up.

"Those three weeks will be over quicker than you'll realize."

The low rumble did nothing to reassure him, not even when soft lips grazed his own again. The grip on his bag tightened to a point where his fingernails dug painfully into his own palm. And he was unable to open his eyes. Afraid to do so. Because everything would become real once he did.

"You gotta go now, Codes. Do the right thing."

The words stung more than anything, though he knew that Randy didn't mean them that way. It had been his idea after all. That they'd fight. The original plan had been him versus Roman. And while it had first sounded like a great idea, he'd regretted it as soon as the bell had rang. Anyone but Randy would've been better.

"I'm sorry."

It were the first words Cody had spoken since their match, voice unsteady, small, like that of a little kid scared to death. And he felt Randy's hands on his cheeks immediately twitch.

"Don't. You've shown them all today. Especially me. And I wish I could show you how proud of you I am, but…"

The rest of his words died in his throat, emotions taking over the else so calm and rational man. Something Cody had worked for long and hard. Breaking those walls.

"I gotta go. We'll see us in three weeks."

This time it was Randy who was at a loss for words, humming only in acknowledgment, the whole situation finally registering in his head. Even though they had talked about it a hundred times already. He was stunned to silence, completely immobile as he felt Cody's tender touch on his wrist, prying himself free, and then the younger man was suddenly gone. Small, shaky steps towards the Exit. Tears falling freely down his flushed cheeks, eyes downcast.

It just didn't feel right.

Cody stopped when he heard his name being called, almost pleading, hoarse, and while he hoped he hadn't just imagined it, he turned around in slow motion to be greeted with needy, passionate lips, Randy's hands resuming their position from earlier to hold Cody in place. Possessively. Desperately.

And when he pulled away, not at all ashamed about the public display of utter emotional breakdown, he saw that bright sparkle in those baby-blues again, a relieved smile flashing over the handsome features of the young boy who'd grown up under his watchful eye.

"I'll be waiting for you."

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