My toes and fingers look fresh and natural with white tips. I hold my hand out to admire my nails and look down at my wiggling toes, doing the same. Kate's color of choice was red. I have never seen a brighter red than the one she has on her nails. I relax back in my chair, enjoying the scent of lavender candles floating in the air around me. The wall in front of us in a waterfall, providing soothing sounds. I lean my head back and close my eyes. This is the life.

Kate speaks up, breaking the serene quiet. "When are you going to give me some details about Jose's new girlfriend?" She turns her head to the side and I know I am about to get the full on Kate inquisition. "I know there had to have been something going on between her and Christian. He looked as if he'd seen a ghost or his worst nightmare come to life when he saw her in the bar. Were they in a relationship in college?"

I stare down at my nails as if I am watching them dry while contemplating what I want to share with her. "They were not in a relationship. I've told you before; Christian never dated anyone before me." Kate gives me an 'I don't believe you' face, which I choose to ignore. "Vera probably wanted a relationship with him but it was not something that ever happened."

"Christian told you that?"


"And you believe him?"

Now I turn my head to look at her. "Kate, I trust Christian and I believe him." There is a bite to my voice. I don't intend for it to be there, but it is.

"Ok." She looks affronted and I breathe out a long breath. "Then what distressed him?"

"From what Christian knew, Vera had an affair with a teacher's assistant while at Harvard. Allegedly she ruined the man's career."

Kate narrows her eyes as the gears in her mind begin turning. "I knew she was no good. The minute I saw her I told Elliot she was a whore."

I roll my eyes. "At least she didn't blatantly treat you like you were yesterday's garbage and merely an obstacle in the way while she tried to eye fuck your husband right in front of you." As soon as the words are out of my mouth I dart my eyes around the room to make sure we are alone. I am relieved to find that we are still the only ones in the room. I'd hate for the sweet ladies who have been taking care of us today to hear Kate and I's less than ladylike language.

"Yes, I did notice she had eyes for Christian. He seemed to have set her straight though. We need to tell Jose' what she did at Harvard. He has the right to know that Vera does not have the highest set of moral values."

"I hate the idea of hurting him." I graze my index finger over my freshly painted thumb, testing to see if the polish has dried. The pit of my stomach drops when I notice that it has. After this we are getting waxed. I still cannot believe I have let Kate talk me into a full on Brazilian. What the hell was I thinking? There's still time to back out, my subconscious raises her hand to remind me. Meanwhile my inner goddess is already on all fours, baring her business for the entire world to see. She is ahead of the game and refuses to let me talk myself out of it.

"Ana," Kate brings me out of my inner musings. "It will upset him to hear these things there's no denying that. In the long run it will be better though that he knows now instead of finding out later. Jose' has screwed up in the past. I was pissed at him when he pulled that crap with you after our final exams, but that was years ago and he has been a good friend to use in spite of that one infraction. He deserves a good woman and it is obvious Vera is not that woman."

I cannot disagree with Kate. She speaks the truth, as always. Her version may be a little more candid than mine, but it is the truth nonetheless. "We should tell him."

She nods, "We will. Right now though, my nails are dry and I'm ready to become as smooth as a baby's bottom."

I crinkle my nose. "Really Kate?" I ask in distaste.

"Most definitely." She nods her head again in affirmation.

Just then the door opens and two women, who introduce themselves as estheticians, enter the room. Deep breath, this is it, it's fight or flight time. Kate stands and all but pulls me from my chair. "Ana, she is speaking to you." She indicates the young brunette woman is talking to me and I direct my attention to her.

"Hi, Ana. My name is Jo and I will be taking care of you today." She holds her hand out to me again and this time I take it, shaking it briefly. Those hands are about to…oh dear God I cannot even think it. All credit to Jo, she picks up on my nervousness. "Is this your first time having a full waxing?"

I attempt to swallow the lump in my throat. "Yes." I squeak out. She smiles kindly. Everyone here has been so kind today. "I mean, I've had my eyebrows done but never anything else."

"Did you take any pain medication prior to your arrival?"

"I took an ibuprofen when I got here."

She smiles, apparently happy with my answer. "Good, that will help. The pain is mostly in your mind." I snicker to myself. Where have I heard that before? "I promise it will be over before you know it."

I look over at Kate who is speaking with her esthetician as though she has known her for her entire life. Kate, the ever outgoing bubbly person, she looks over at me. "Are you ready, Mrs. Grey? You know he is going to love it."

The two ladies smile knowingly. I square my shoulders in determination. "Ready as I'll ever be." Okay so my body language exudes more courage than my words and tone of voice do. I can do this. I can do this. I follow Jo back to a small room, repeating the same mantra over and over in my head.

"Mrs. Grey." I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling above me. I have to blink a few times to fully focus my vision. My eyes were shut so tight I see purple dots when I open them. I swallow, my mouth is dry, even hands ache as I slowly un-fist them, my fingernails leave tiny half-moon imprints against my palms.

"Am I finished?" I ask in a hesitant voice. Please let her say I am done, I don't think I could take another minute of having hair ripped from the most intimate places on my body. The entire process was over more quickly than I had anticipated; it still was not a pleasant experience though.

"You are. Would you like a mirror?" She offers me a silver hand mirror and I take it from her hand. This is…awkward. Please hide me now. I know Jo is waiting for me to inspect her handiwork. Trying to be polite I position the hand mirror so that I can see between my legs. My skin is bare and has a slight pink tint to it. "Your skin will be sensitive for the next twenty-four hours or so. Some women feel little to no discomfort at all while others need a few more doses of ibuprofen and prefer to go without panties until the discomfort subsides." She explains and I give her back the mirror.

I move to sit up and wince. Yes, well it would be my luck that I appear to be one of the women who experiences discomfort. Seeing my body language Jo gives me a plastic tube. "This balm will help." She explains and I take it gratefully. I will definitely be applying this. My inner goddess who was all green lights a go earlier is not looking as sure of herself now. Jo's next words have her cringing, shrinking further in the corner than she already is. "I also recommend that you abstain from sex for the next twenty-four hours, or until the irritation subsides. Again, that is different for all women."

No sex? I Christian and I came here to reconnect with one another. I am going to kill Kate. I thank Jo and she sees me back to the room where Kate and I left our belongings. Kate is there already dressed and all smiles when I return. Once we are alone I let loose on her. "Kate! How could you talk me in to this? I feel like I am on fire and I just found out I cannot have sex for twenty-four hours! Why did you not tell me that was a side effect I would have to endure after having a Brazilian wax?"

She shrugs her shoulders. "Chill out Ana. It's not like that for everyone. How was I supposed to know your lady bits would be sensitive? Besides, I am sure Christian will take care of you. Don't sweat it. You will feel amazing before you know it." She grabs her purse and takes a seat, reapplying her lipstick, waiting for me to get dressed. I am still standing in front of her gawking like an idiot. Of course this is no big deal for Kate; she's not the one who feels like her pants are on fire. That would be if you were wearing any pants right now. My subconscious attempts to show her snarky attitude. I shoot her a threatening glare and she wisely mocks zipping her mouth shut and throwing away the key.

I decide being ill with Kate is not worth it. I sigh and disappear behind the screen to put back on my clothes. Gingerly I pull on my panties, thankful I wore simply pink cotton ones. I don't think I could handle any other fabric. I am pleased to find that I am not as sensitive as I thought I would be. I pull my gray maxi dress over my head and step into flats.

"Elliot just texted to ask if we were finished and I told him we are. He and Christian are outside waiting for us." Kate calls to me just as I step out from behind the screen. My face forms a grimace and I flinch slightly. "Oh, Ana…are you that sore? I am so sorry." Finally, some remorse from, Miss Get Your Lady Bits Waxed Katherine Grey. "I never should have talked you into this."

"Don't worry Kate, I'll manage."

She gives me a timid smile. "You're not mad?"

"I have my own mind Kate, I could have said no."

"I would have been relentless on you though."

"Yes, you would have." I can't help but giggle.

"You'll be glad you did it when you and Christian have sex. It will feel amaz…"

I hold my hand up to cut her off. "Right now even thinking about sex hurts. Let's just get out of here. I think my vagina has already taken a running start is out of the building."

Kate bursts into a fit of laughter and hooks her arm with mine. "Let's go see what our men have planned for the rest of our day." Whatever it is I hope there is alcohol involved, I most certainly could use a drink right now.