"DO YOU HEAR THAT?" Christian cups his hand to his ear. Has he lost his mind? I listen intently and no distinct sounds can be heard. I flip the switch on the wall in the kitchen. Both dishwashers are humming quietly. When Christian first insisted we have two dishwashers in our kitchen I thought he was crazy. On days like today when the entire family comes over I realize there was a method to his thinking.

"I'm not sure what I should be listening for." I nudge him with my elbow as I walk past him and into the great room.

He follows beside me. "Nothing in particular, it is quiet. Our house has been full of noise all day." He threads his fingers in mine as we begin to ascend the sweeping staircase and brings my hand to his lips where he presses a warm kiss. "Happy one year anniversary of bringing our son home, Mrs. Grey." I stop and turn to face him, mentally calculating the dates that have passed since Ted's birthday on Tuesday. Christian is right. One year ago today we came home from the hospital with Ted. We came home as a family. Christian's gray eyes gleam with love. He gazes down at me and cups his other hand to my cheek. "It was the fourth best day in my life."

"What were the other three?"

He gives me a lopsided smile, as if he really needs to tell me. I know what the answers will be, yet I wait patiently to hear the words pass through his sculpted lips.

"The day I met you, our wedding day and the day we met our son."

"Those were my best days too." I whisper and stand on my tiptoes to kiss him. Christian releases my hand and wraps his arms around my waist, turning our soft kiss into something more sensual and passionate. My belly dips and somersaults with the promise of the passion to come. When he breaks our kiss I smile up at him breathlessly.

"I cannot wait for more 'best days', Mrs. Grey."

"Me neither. I can never wait for more with you, Mr. Grey." I emphasize the word more. There is always more to come for Christian and I. It was our beginning, it is our present and it will be our future. I am his more and he is mine.


*****Ladies, This is THE END of Fifty Shades Complete Part 3. Thank you all so much for following along with me on this journey. I had intended for this chapter to be a little longer, but it just felt right to end it here and I always follow what feels right to me. Christian and Ana tell the story, I just write it down for them. I hope you all will agree that this is the perfect ending. I am outlining Part 4 and will have something up this weekend. Teddy will be 18 months old in Part 4. Ana will become/be pregnant with Phoebe. I am planning to write a bit of fun with the Grey's TTC Phoebe. I think that will provide some spicy levity after this somewhat sad and serious story. I am also writing a Mother's Day short story. It will be set during present day, May 2014. Teddy will be almost 2 and Ana will be 6 months pregnant with Phoebe. This will be posted on Sunday, so if you don't follow me as an author be sure to do so. Thank you all for reading and writing to me! Your words of encouragement mean so very much.*****