Curse of Abaddon 02

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It was the day after Naruto received the vision about Issei dying at first he did feel like killing Issei and Rias now knew about it, she had been looking to recruit Issei into her peerage for a while after discovering that he had a strange power within him.

It was similar to Naruto's own power but far less powerful still it was going to be useful so Rias now had an eye for Issei.

Rias had hoped for Naruto's freak out to be temporary and strangely enough it was temporary which Naruto found was strange as he seemed normal enough the next day though that did not lessen the feeling that Rias and Akeno had in their hearts, they did not want Naruto to go out and kill someone he had already done enough of it.

So every day after that Rias had either herself, Akeno or any member of her peerage watching Naruto, as for Naruto he was glad that they were doing this since he didn't not want to kill anyone unless he had to.

It was here that Naruto discovered that both Kiba and Koneko were considerably skilled in hiding, he knew that Rias had sent them to watch him but he could never seem to exactly pinpoint where they were at any given time.

[With Koneko]

She turned the corner hoping to catch up to Naruto but she lost Naruto in a crowd of people her sense of smell could not help her in this situation. With the same blank look on her face she walked over to the bench and sat down, taking out her phone she was about to call Rias when a cup filled with ice cream and soda was placed next to her.

"Here take it." Naruto came over and sat down next to Koneko. "I heard from Akeno and Rias that you like sweet things."

"Thank you Naruto-senpai." Koneko replied before she reached over to accept the ice cream soda the two of them sat there and waited as Koneko finished her drink people who walked by them thought that the both of them seemed strange.

Once she was done Koneko threw her cup away and walked with Naruto for a little bit their destination was the school since Rias had called for them.

"Hey Naruto-senpai can I ask something?"

"What is it Koneko?" Naruto replied as the two of them continued walking.

"What is happening between you and buchou? Why does she want us to keep an eye on you?"

"Don't worry about it Koneko just do what you need to do when the time comes and if nothing happens then just forget about it."

As for Issei apparently Rias had been keeping tabs on him with Koneko acting as the investigator for the moment and he came to school ecstatic about something. When he revealed it to his friends you could see the looks on their faces.

Their jaws completely dropped to the ground in both shock and surprise that Issei, the Issei of the perverted trio had a girlfriend and slowly their shock and surprise turned into slight anger as they tackled Issei talking about how Issei had betrayed both their trust and brotherhood of finding a girlfriend all at the same time.

[With Naruto and Akeno]

The both of them were on the roof top of the school building having lunch, Akeno had cooked up a good afternoon meal consisting of fried eggs, rice, soup, vegetables and a flask of hot tea.

Naruto had been cleared for the moment his blood lust did not seem to go anywhere so Rias did not send Koneko or Kiba to watch over him but still she left him with a magic card that would have paralyzed his senses and alerted either Rias or Akeno.

"Here you are Naruto-kun." Akeno with a smile on her face happily handed over a bento box to Naruto.

"Thanks." Naruto replied as he accepted the bento and began to eat while Akeno did the same.

The wind on the roof was calm and there was silence between the two of them only the sound of plastic hitting plastic could be heard there while below was the faint voices of other students were heard down below.

The atmosphere to most people would have been alienating but to both Akeno and Naruto it was the usual and they would not have it any other way.

Naruto had just finished his meal and reached behind to grab a cup of tea which was when his eyes met Akeno's, Naruto noticed a grain of rice stuck to her cheek he reached over and Akeno thought that he was going to do something else and blushed up a storm.

Instead of doing what she thought he would do he just brushed the grain of rice away. "There, you had a grain of rice there."

"Ah yeah thank you Naruto-kun." Akeno replied slightly saddened that her dream did not come true.

Suddenly Naruto's eyes shot open and he heard a female voice and it wasn't like Akeno's which held a certain amount of sultriness in its tone, this girls voice was soft and weak as if the person in question had not had anything to drink or eat in quite a while. "Help me..."

Turning around suddenly he looked towards the horizon and walked closer to the railings of the building, with each step Naruto took Akeno grew more and more worried that he had entered 'killing' mode.

When Naruto touched the railing while he thought back hoping that it was just his imagination. 'Who are you?'

'Please help me...' The voice called out as Naruto's eye blanked out and he received a vision, it was of a girl with red hair matted with dirt her eyes were purple, blank almost lifeless you could say, she was chained to the wall. 'Help me I'm at the warehouse district...'

Naruto's eyes returned to normal and he fell nearly hitting the ground if not for Akeno catching him in time. "Naruto! Naruto! What happened?" was the last thing he heard before he blacked out.

[A while later]

Naruto slowly opened his eyes beneath his head he could feel warmth, staring up he could see Akeno looking back at him with concern in her eyes. "Naruto-kun are you alright?"

Naruto nodded as best he could and picked himself up he placed a hand on his forehead and thought about what he had just saw.

The girl speaking to him seemed to be locked up in a warehouse, she was being guarded by a few people, and they seemed like the gangster type, wielding bat, switch blades and pipes. Tattoos lined were printed on exposed parts of their skin.

"Naruto?" Naruto shook his head once.

"Yeah I'm fine." He replied. "But now I need to see buchou."

Akeno pursed her lips and nodded.

Quickly cleaning up the roof they made their way towards the club house where Rias appeared to be taking a shower after doing a workout and since she wasn't expecting anyone in the clubhouse so early she had decided to step out naked.

She looked at herself in front of the long mirror that the clubhouse had her long blood red hair had grown a little and perhaps it needed a little trim on the bottom, then she noticed her breasts they felt like they had grown bigger yet still felt the same way.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and almost instantly Rias knew who it was. "Give me a minute Naruto-kun!"

Naruto had a strange habit of always knocking on doors before going in, he didn't know why he did it and neither did Rias or Akeno could figure out why he did such a thing. Still it was polite of Naruto to have such a habit instead of just barging through the door and even Koneko appreciated it on occasion.

A minute later Rias called out. "Come in Naruto-kun!" And the door opened, in came Akeno and Naruto.

"What is wrong Naruto-kun? We don't meet until later this afternoon."

"You said that you control territory as a devil right?" Rias nodded her head.

"Do you keep control of any warehouses?" Rias was surprised by his question but nonetheless she took out a folder from one drawer and placed it onto the table in front of him.

"Yes Naruto, it just so happens that I need you to check something out. I've been recently getting reports from my familiar that strange people have been coming and going in this warehouse, so could you please check it out?" Naruto reached forward and accepted the folder from Rias.

Looking it over, he found that there were blurry pictures taken by Rias's familiar and they depicted the shape of people moving through and from the place carrying crates and what not.

"I'll get right on it." Naruto hurriedly replied as he made his way towards the door but before he exited Rias called for him. "Naruto-kun wait!"

She tossed him a summoning card. "Take this just in case and please be careful."

"Don't worry about me I'll be fine." Naruto replied as he exited the room Akeno watched as Naruto exited the room and couldn't help but worry for him, if these humans turned out to be some gang of monsters then he may get killed before they got there.

Akeno turned back to Rias and saw that she had the same look of concern that she had as well but they being there could compromise the situation.

[With Naruto]

He had arrived at the warehouse and silently sneaked into the warehouse where he could hear the sound of two people talking.

"So when do you think our next shipment will be here? It is kinda boring when you have watch duty and nothing happens."

"I don't know man, either way did you see that girl in the back? I don't know what's wrong with the boss, he hasn't taken her or anything he just keeps her locked up in the back. Anyways do you see that look on her face it's like she's waiting for something?" Naruto could hear the sound of a chains rattling before the sound of a can hitting the wall echoed through the entire warehouse.

'So she is being held here...but they've got chains and I don't even know how many are here. tch This may prove to be a bit more difficult than I thought.'

From behind him a man wearing a hard hat appeared and tried to wrap a chain around Naruto's neck, however Naruto noticed it at the very last moment and managed to elbow the man in the stomach sending him stumbling back and crying out in pain.

"Hey who's there?!" One guy yelled out.

"Shit!" Naruto swore as he rolled out into the open avoiding another crack of the man's chain.

"Oh so we've got a wise guy here huh? Looks like we're going to get some action now!" One bald man with a tattoo running down his neck jumped off his crate and began swinging his chain hoping to cause more pain on Naruto's body when it hit him.

As for the other one he had on a black winter cap which had a few holes cut in it to resemble a robbers mask, he pulled it down and reached for a tire iron. "I was hoping for this too!"

The three goons circled Naruto which was when he noticed that the chains that two of them were carrying had hooks on the end.

"Stop, I don't want to have to hurt you!" The three men could only laugh.

"Oh you hurt us really?"

"Yeah I don't think your odds right now look really good kid." One of them mocked.

"Get him guys!" Hard hat yelled out as Robber charged forward his tire iron raised in the air.

He swung down but Naruto sidestepped which just left Robber stumbling as he missed however for Naruto he took this chance and slammed his palm onto the back of Robber's face sending him to the ground.

Hard hat and Baldie then decided to toss their chains at Naruto.

Hard hat missed and nearly hit Robber who was picking himself up from the ground slightly rattled from his landing.

But as for Baldie his chain hit Naruto's arm sending him flinching back in pain but due to the hook it latched itself on Naruto's arm. "Hah got you know you little shit!"

Naruto's arm throbbed in pain from the chain hitting him but nonetheless he used his leg and stomped down onto Hard hats chain as he was pulling back.

Hard hat gave it one last pull so Naruto let go of it using Hard hats own force against himself, the reaction sent hard hat flying backwards towards a wall where he crash and dropped with a loud groan.

Robber now steady charged at Naruto who was still getting pulled on by Baldie.

Robber blinded by rage swung wildly at Naruto missing most of his hits, the last one never connected with Naruto as Robber's face met Naruto's foot sending him down to the ground.

However before Naruto could turn his attention to Baldie there was the sound of footsteps and it looks like they were going to have plenty of company.

"Well well well looks like we've got a little shit who thinks that he could take us on." One guy mocked while the others around him laughed and even more filed into the room behind. "You know we do a certain thing to trespassers around here."

Their leader took out a switchblade that seemed to be caked with a little bit of blood at the very tip.

Baldie let go of his chain and went to his gang's side while Naruto pulled back into a corner and unwrapped the chain from his arm, the throbbing was starting to really hurt Naruto who winced with each link that he took off until finally his arm was free.

"Oh what's wrong scared?" Leader mocked in a sing-song voice while his gang laughed it up.

Naruto took in his surroundings but could not find any place where he could get out without fighting the gang, he was about to reach for Rias's summoning card when he heard something. 'Cover your eyes.' It was that girl's voice again.

Naruto turned and covered his eyes which was when the glass covering a part of the roof came crashing down, raining razor sharp shards down onto the gang members some of whom were scrambling for cover while others were taken down

From the hole a figure dressed in a red cloak dropped down in front of Naruto in his hands was a flashlight?

"Argh who the fuck are you!"

"Me?" The figure pointed to himself. "I am Kingfisher and all of you are my targets."

"Another smart ass get him!" Leader ordered as his gang charged forward with bats, knives, tire irons and whatever they had on hand at the moment.

"Sigh, it's like lamb to a slaughter." Kingfisher relaxingly replied as he brought his flashlight up shining it on the people, although Naruto couldn't see it he could feel the blood lust in the room suddenly increasing and he would be right as a crazed smile came across Kingfisher's face.

"Wait stop!" Naruto reached out wanting to stop Kingfisher but he was too late as Kingfisher's eyes went red and in an instant everyone that was caught in the light had lost something.

Kingfisher continued to smile as gang members fell to the ground screaming as part of their exposed flesh suddenly went missing leaving their wounds spurting blood out, those that had more dangerous weapons didn't have a chance to scream as their heads suddenly went missing.

It took a second but a second was all that was needed as those bodies dropped to their knees and started spurting out blood all over the place and soon enough everyone who was in the room had a bit of blood on them.

Kingfisher was completely drenched in the stuff which made Naruto wonder could it be that the red on his clothes was blood? He was also drenched in a bit of blood but he didn't mind it his hands were already covered in blood.

Gang members who were still alive soon went into shock due to their injuries and they eventually passed away leaving only their leader alive.

The gang leader saw all his members down and only he was left remaining, Kingfisher walked up to him and pulled his hood back revealing white hair. "Hahaha wasn't that great?"

"Y-You monster your fucked up man completely fucked up!" The gang leader tried to run but Kingfisher shined his flashlight on the exposed part of his ankle and in an instant the gang leader fell to the ground his foot had been completely cut off at the ankle.

The gang leader now sprawled on the floor screamed in pain as he tried to stop the blood flow from his ankle that used to have a foot attached to it, where was his feet you ask? Well it was on the ground upright cut right off the ankle.

"Tsk tsk tsk you shouldn't run when someone is talking to you. Especially me you know? It's rude but I'll overlook it so now look here." From his cloak Kingfisher took out a pistol which made the gang leader whimper in fear. "Yeah you know what this is right? But let me remind you."

"Kingfisher stop!" Naruto ran up and was about to punch Kingfisher when from above someone in a full black cloak threw a set of chains around Naruto and pulled him back.

Struggle as he could Naruto could not free himself from the chains.

Kingfisher raised the gun and fired off one shot that was aimed at the man's arm, the bullet went through the fabric of his clothes, flesh and exited out the other side. Once the pistol fired the gang leader screamed into the air.

Kingfisher licked his lips relishing in the sound of the leader's scream. "Now what I'm going to do is this." Kingfisher pointed the pistol at the man's head and did the same with the flashlight.

"See I've never really tried out which one was faster a gun or my powers so now is a really good time to try it." The gang leader was now frantic as he tried to crawl away screaming for help.

"Please don't it was just a job and I needed the money please I don't want to die! Please I'm begging you for god's sake let me go!" The man cried out tears streaming down his face some snot running down his lips as well.

Kingfisher could only laugh delaying the inevitable. "Oh how I wish I could let you go but my client wants to see this done and over with, so sorry I guess you can only blame yourself for getting mixed up in this kind of company."

"Kingfisher stop!" Naruto screamed out

Taking aim Kingfisher fired the gun that went off with a bang.

The bullet went but never hit the man's head instead it hit the wall behind the man's head, as for his head it was gone leaving only a pool of blood that sprayed the wall behind it and dripped down gathering at its foot.

"Hahaha I knew it! My power is better than a gun after all." Kingfisher was laughing it out loud looking proud of himself.

The chain released Naruto who fell to the ground and then to his knees, as for his associate he or she had disappeared as soon as the leader was dead.

All the death around him but it wasn't caused by Naruto instead it was done by another force a person who took glee in taking their lives, relishing in screams and blood.

"Don't act that way." Kingfisher commented, he looked down at Naruto with narrowed eyes. "That's the way the situation would have played was either you or them and obviously I picked the one who needed it more."

Naruto clenched his fist in anger Kingfisher was right but still this much death was not needed, they just needed to be scared off not massacred.

"Now let's see that wound." From within his cloak Kingfisher took out a roll of bandages and wrapped up Naruto's arm as best as he could.

Naruto did his best to ignore Kingfisher as he went deeper into the facility with Kingfisher followed him for some reason, the inner walls of the warehouse were plastered with red graffiti, discarded wrappers were thrown on the ground.

When they turned the final corner they could see at the far end was a locked steel door.

"Here let me take care of this." Kingfisher commented before he pointed his flashlight at the lock and soon a part of it disappeared allowing Naruto to tear what was left of the lock off.

Opening the door it revealed the girl who had her hands chained together which was what Naruto saw in his vision it was remarkable how she looked like a different version of Rias.

This girl's hair was much darker than Rias's blood bright red hair, the girl's eyes were also a dark violet shade instead of blue and she didn't have the one strand of hair that stood up.

The girl looked up and smiled. "You came...You really came." She replied relieved that someone had come to save her and slowly stood up.

Kingfisher saw the locks on the girl's leg and cut them in half, Naruto approached the girl carefully so that she didn't touch his bare skin however instead of him helping the girl, she dove into his arms and raised her hands over his head before kissing Naruto on the lips.

Naruto taken aback by such a thing happening laid there stunned for the moment he thought that something was going to happen but nothing which must have meant that the girl wasn't a full human.

When the girl kissed Naruto, Kingfisher's eyebrow went up and he chuckled. "Well this is awkward...boy do I feel like the third wheel right now. I'll leave you two alone I've got other things to do." Kingfisher waved goodbye and walked away humming a song as if the massacre in the other room had never happened.

As for the girl while kissing Naruto she collapsed into his arms unconcious, Naruto chalked it up to exhaustion and so he picked her up and carefully brought her out of the warehouse.

Not forgetting about the dead bodies that now littered the floor of the warehouse Naruto went in and found that the place was a huge arms cache with boxes upon boxes of weapons, probably enough to start a small war in japan.

There were pistols, high powered assault rifles, shotguns, body armor, batons, boxes upon boxes of ammunition and riot helmets. Strangely enough there were also small canisters of oil there as well.

Which made him wonder if there were all these weapons why those guys would use chains and what not to fight.

Naruto didn't like it but he had to clean up the mess that Kingfisher left him and the gear would be useful for him so grabbing a small bag he filled it with a few vests if anything they could be used to fix his clothing and he also grabbed some batons today proved that he may just need some actual weapons to defend himself.

Once he was all set he grabbed a single canister of oil and doused all the bodies with it the bodies were dead anyways he could feel it, finding a lighter among the gang members body he set the entire warehouse on fire.

He knew that Rias owned the district in underworld terms but this place in human terms belonged to a human business man who was not related to Rias at all.

As the place began to burn Naruto knelt down and gave a small prayer asking for forgiveness in not being able to help them and to hope that they would find peace in the afterlife.

Shouldering his bag of vests Naruto and the girl on his back Naruto made his way back to the school using every back alley route he knew so that he didn't have people he bumped into wondering why he smelled like blood.

[Back at the club house]

Naruto had managed to enter the school compound thanks to a small secret entrance that was made by the school delinquents and he made his way to the club house where he burst through the doors and collapsed there, he was dead tired and his arm had really been hurting all this time.

"Naruto-kun!" Akeno and Rias cried out the both of them ran up to him Akeno picked him up and laid him on the couch and there she saw his bandaged up arm while Rias picked up the girl and brought her over to the other couch she was dirty and seemed a little underfed but other than that she would be fine with some food, water and plenty of rest.

Akeno unwrapped the bandages and saw what happened Naruto's arm was injured badly and he would need stitches to make sure it healed right.

Akeno looked up to Naruto who nodded. "Do it, can't go to the hospital for this too many questions but no reinforcement alright?" Akeno nodded understanding what Naruto meant.

Akeno held a healing spell over his arm and watched as the flesh slowly mended itself before asking. "Naruto-kun what happened to you? And who did this to you?"

"Gang members they-they were there at the warehouse and they attacked me." Akeno bit her lip down Naruto must have been in some pain as his wounds closed up which was when a certain scent suddenly hit Akeno and Rias.

It was the scent of fresh blood and it was all coming from Naruto.

"Naruto why do you have the scent of blood on you? And what is that bag filled with?"

Sighing Naruto began to explain what happened at the warehouse and by the end of it Akeno and Rias were wary of this new figure known as Kingfisher, his abilities and his motives.

Chapter end

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