A/N: Hey bookworms :) This weeks challenge was a Halloween challenge. We were given three choices :

1) leaking

2) skeleton

3) create your own monster

We could choose either one, or incorporate all three. I decided to go with skeleton. :)

This is set in season 8 because the location I chose is the bunker. No spoilers other than that. 300 words on the nose. :) Hope you all like it! :D

It's just a silly little thing that makes completely no sense. I felt like the brothers needed a little fun ;)

Sam tried to muffle the laughter that threatened to creep up on him. Dean sat across him, his face a mask of irritation and embarrassment.

He couldn't believe his little brother caught him off-guard.

Sam had found a fake skeleton lurking in one of the bunkers' many secret rooms which led to the birth of an idea to scare his big brother. He'd need to time this just right and would have to search for just the right moment.

Dean had exited his bathroom in a burst of steam muttering pleasantly about awesome steam showers before going to his closet and opening the door, only to find a skeleton plop down from above and hang in front of him.

Not expecting it, Dean had tumbled backward and slipped over the wet trail he'd left behind from his journey from the bathroom and had let out a high-pitched scream.

Sam, who watched this with a gleeful look, was reduced to clutching his stomach and wheezing in laughter on the floor outside his big brothers' room.

"Sonuvabitch," Dean had snarled knowing full well who'd done this. "SAM, I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!"

Sam had laughed even louder, and despite himself, Dean had smirked fondly. It had been so long since he'd heard his baby brothers' carefree laugh. If him falling flat on his ass made Sam forget his worries and laugh fully, it was worth it. It was definitely worth it.

"Bitch," he called out as he looked across the table to see Sam shaking with quakes of silent laughter.

"Jerk," Sam replied promptly.

And hearing the long-lost exchange of love warmed both brothers' hearts. They unknowingly cherished this moment and Dean vowed silently to get back at Sam. Oh, his baby brother was so going to regret this.


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