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The first thing Jenna does before she leaves her flat is cover herself in perfume, but not just any perfume: Beta perfume. She sprays herself head to toe in it to mask her real scent. She doesn't need any drama on the Doctor Who set, she doesn't need any injuries or fights over her, and most of all she doesn't need the people she love getting hurt, getting damaged. So, she tries to make others believe that she is just an ordinary Beta in society making her way through life and, hopefully not anytime soon, finding a Beta mate.

Yes, she admits that she is an Omega, but no she is not ready to share it with the world. She has heard many stories on the telly about how people, especially Alphas, die from fighting over a mate and she, like she said does not want her loved ones to be hurt, or worse killed. And one of those loved ones was the famous Matt Smith.

Oh, how she loved him. But, of course they can never happen. Can never have something because she was too afraid of losing him. Their friendship is one of a kind and she doesn't want to throw that all away, that's why her Alpha friend can never know she's an Omega.

Many times during her heat she would moan and cry out his name as she came, wishing the Alpha she loved would come to her and fulfill her needs, to love her back like she wished every night and bond with her, become her life mate.

Sadly, he is one of them that can never know about her secret and it kills her inside. The only one that does know about her secret is her 'boyfriend' Richard Madden who happens to be an Alpha. She ended up telling him when her heat accidentally stared earlier than she thought and he caught her in the studio bathroom. She locked the door of course first so that the very aroused Alpha behind the door wouldn't mate with her, and second because she didn't want to mate with him. She fought against her body's instincts to submit and quickly told him that she wasn't a Beta and that he should get as far away from her as possible.

Since then Richard has been by her side being her 'boyfriend' and, quote on quote "protecting you from any Alphas that might want to take you incase another incident happens again." Jenna always rolls her eyes. She knew the real reason why he was sticking to her side. Sure they were good friends but she didn't want to be his. She wanted to be mates with a certain actor who plays the famous Eleventh Doctor.

Stop daydreaming, Jenna. It will never happen! Jenna scolded herself, making sure to put extra Beta perfume on before grabbing her purse and heading out the door, locking it. As she was driving to the studio she checked her phone to see if she got any messages.

8 messages from Richard.

She sighed. He was a great man and all, but she's going to have to tell him to back off soon if he didn't stop worrying about her. She was fine, she can trust practically anyone on the set, especially Matt. She's got nothing to worry about and neither does he.

When she first parked her car she saw someone running up to her and she smiled when she saw it was Matt. She quickly got out of her car and was about to grab her purse when she felt two strong arms wrap around her from behind and hold her tight. She yelled out when he picked her up and giggled as he spun her around. As soon as he set her down she turned to face him, a big smile on her face and a slight blush.

"What was that for?" She asked, trying ignore the butterflies in her stomach.

Matt smiled, his chocolate-colored floppy hair swinging over his forehead, his green eyes shining bright in the sunlight and looking right into her eyes. Jenna couldn't help the red that flushed onto her face.

"I just wanted to hug you. I missed you," He said shyly.

Jenna's grin only widened,

"Awww, I've missed you, too," She opened her arms to give him a proper hug and he gladly accepted, arms bringing her closer to his chest. She inhaled deeply into his neck and sighed at the magnificence of the Alpha scent that surrounded her.

After a few seconds too long, Matt released her and they began to make their way back to the set where Steven and everyone else was waiting for them, all the while his arm swung around her shoulders. Once they made it inside Steven immediately called them over and they talked about the script together. Steven pointing out parts of the Doctor, Matt nodding along and Jenna checking her phone. It was another message from Richard. She sighed in annoyance and deleted it, shoving her phone back into her pocket staring at some wall, not paying attention to what Steven was saying, though Matt seemed to notice.

"Jen, you okay?" He asked, brow furrowing in concern.

That snapped her out of her state.


"I asked if you were alright."

"Yeah, I'm fine, just thinking," She thought she saw his eyes darken for just a moment but it seemed to disappear before she could even register.


They were at the table reading the script when she got another message from Richard. Her phone vibrated through the room making everyone stop and look at her. She smiled apologetically and quickly deleted it, looking up to see Matt's eyes darken again before he turned his head away.

She wondered what was wrong when he lifted his head slightly, his eyes narrowing in confusion and she saw his chest rising as if smelling for something. His head turning towards her as he continued to sniff the air. Jenna paled as she realized what he was smelling, her Omega scent was beginning to expose itself. She must've forgotten to spray on extra perfume like she always did at this time, she was too distracted by Steven and the script to remember.

Matt looked at her in confusion and continued to smell her, he closed his eyes and inhaled once more. She has to get out of here before anyone else smells it. She stood up suddenly causing everyone to pause and look at her again.

"Excuse me, I have to use the restroom, if you don't mind." She hastily made her way out of the room and towards the nearest bathroom, making sure to grab her purse on the way.

Matt also excused himself and followed Jenna, he had to fight his body as it began to react to an Omega's scent. He thought Jenna was a Beta, she's always smelled like one. Maybe he's been smelling her wrong? He didn't know anymore he just needed to find her. He followed her scent to one of the restrooms and knocked rather eagerly which surprised him.

"Jenna? Are you alright?" He waited to a response, which sounded hesitant.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just that time of the month again. You know us women." Jenna hoped he would go away, her scent was growing more by the second. She rapidly sprayed the Beta perfume on her.

Matt found his head bumping against the door as the scent grew stronger, he leaned on it, sensitive ears listening for any sudden movements, jaw clenched. He heard the sound of something spraying and the Beta smell immediately hit his nose. Matt realized what she was doing and has been doing all this time. Oh, Jenna.

When the door opened the strong scent of Beta hit his face and he internally cringed at the smell. He already missed the Omega smell that once covered Jenna. Jenna smiled a fake smile and tried to make her way passed him but he blocked her path. Jenna looked up with confused eyes until she saw that his once bright green were dark with what looked like lust. He was so close to her that she could feel his breath on her face.

"Jenna," he breathed, "Why didn't you tell me?"

He started walking forward, causing Jenna to back up further into the bathroom and up against the wall. Matt maintained eyed contact while closing and locking the door. Jenna's breath became heavier and faster. She knew she was going to have to tell him sooner or later but she didn't think he would find out like this. He grew closer and the back of her head hit the wall behind her, tilting her head up to see his fringe shading his eyes. He quickly reached over to the faucet and rinsed his hand with water, closing his hand around her neck and wiping the revolting Beta scent off her. She swallowed thickly as he leaned his head down and inhaled deeply at her natural scent, a barely audible moan left his lips and his nose rubbed against her neck.

She cursed her Omega instincts as she moved her head away to give the Alpha male towering above her more access. Matt, grateful for the gesture, buried his nose further into her neck and continued to breathe in her scent, unaware that his canines were growing into fangs and pressed his lips to her neck. Jenna flinched at sharp pain in her neck and her eyes widened when she realized what was happening. She started to panic as she felt his fangs scratch her skin.

"Matt." She started to struggle against him but his hands flew up, gripping her upper arms tightly to keep her still. She winced in pain as she felt his fangs sink into her flesh, blood rolling down her pale skin and she whimpered. She couldn't believe this was happening! The Alpha she loved was actually marking her.

She heard him growl and felt his tongue as he licked up her blood and she shivered, not in disgust but in pleasure. The only noises in the room were Matt's tongue collecting the rest of the red substance and his low growling which vibrated through her bones. She sighed and Matt lifted his head, his eyes predatory and dark making her want him even more.

His tongue darted out and ran over his lips and fangs, cleaning up the left over blood and pinning her against the wall. His upper lip lifted to reveal his fangs as he gently snarled at her, a sign of dominance that she very well knew. She turned her head away until it hit the wall while still keeping eye contact, pressing her nose against it as a sign of respect for the higher rank. Matt recognized it and lowered his upper lip and taking a step back but not enough to keep her from leaving.

His eyes traveled to the red fang marks on her neck and lightly smirked. He was always attracted to Jenna and has to admit that he was rather disappointed when he found out she was a Beta. But somehow he's had a suspicion of her, that she was hiding something from him that she wouldn't tell. And now he finally knows what it is. She was an Omega, a fertile one at that and as soon as her scent hit him he knew only one thing that he had to do.

Jenna looked at him with uncertain eyes. She hoped he knew what he just did.

And oh, he knew.

He just marked her as his mate.

Author's Note: Hey! I hope you enjoyed! I really want this story to grow into something more and I think I did a pretty good job starting it off. Oh, and just to let you know no one in this story is a vampire! In this story fangs are used for mating and fighting!

Plus, only Alphas have fangs. I'll try to put that in the story somewhere.

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