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Yes, they can kiss like a normal couple would and they can get aroused by each other, but it's not powerful enough for them to have the desire to have sex.
They only mate when the Omega (Jenna) is in heat, or in other words her mating period. That is when the Alpha (Matt) is ready to mate with her. Once an Alpha smells the scent of an Omega in heat, their mating instincts are set into over drive, they can't help themselves and need to mate. It happens to all Alphas even if he is not the mate of the Omega. But, the Alpha can have sex anytime he wants to, not just when the Omega is in heat.

But just to let you know: MATING AND SEX IS NOT THE SAME THING! (In my story)

When an Alpha, Beta, or Omega has sex it's just like regular human sex. They use protection and everything that you do in sex, while mating is totally different.

Mating might seem like sex but there are many differences. For one, when an Alpha and Omega mate they form a powerful bond within each other. They are practically giving themselves to one another, they are committing to each other. Alphas and Omegas mate for life. The only way the bond could be broken is if either one of them dies or another Alpha breaks the bond so that he can have the Omega to himself.

Another way mating is different from sex is that the Alpha knots inside the Omega. I'm not going to explain what knotting is because I want to keep this fic T rated (for now). But, unless you want to wait, you can go over to my other fic Time Lord Instincts and in the first chapter it will explain what the Alpha does (ignore the Time Lord-yness).

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Jenna's eyes opened slowly. Oh, she was so tired. Why was she so tried? Where was she? Jenna started to look around and realized she wasn't in her flat. She started to panic until the memories of last night came flooding back to her. Richard was at her house and she drove to Matt's, where he scented her. Jenna blushed slightly at the thought.

She made a move to go to the bathroom when she felt strong arms tighten around her. She turned her head to get a glimpse of a sleeping Matt. For a moment she stopped to study his face. He looked so peaceful, the stress lines on his forehead disappeared, his cheek squashed slightly as his face rested on her shoulder, his even breathing. She really didn't want to wake him up, but she really had to go to the bathroom.
She gently grabbed his wrists and pulled lightly as to not wake him. But his arms only tightened around her waist, bringing her closer to him. She tried to stand up, only to have her crashing back to him, causing an oof to escape her.

"Matt," She pleaded, trying once more to remove him from herself.

He growled quietly in return, possessive arms wrapping even tighter if possible. She let out a whine and once again tried to free herself from his grip.

"Matt, you're hurting me." And it was true. He was squeezing her bladder and it really hurt.

He immediately loosened his hold and opened his eyes, looking for any damage he might have caused.

"Are you okay? Where are you hurt? I'm so sorry, Jenna." Were the words that tumbled from his lips, but she just breathed out a laugh.

"It's alright, Matt. Nothing serious. Though, I do need to use the loo. Be right back," She shot up from him and ran to the bathroom, Matt on her tail.

When she closed the door in his face he once again looked helpless and panicky. She was separated from him again, by a door. He grabbed the door knob and jiggled it but he knew it was locked. He was right up against the door, his feet barely fitting under the tiny gap between it and the floor. Jenna giggled quietly so he couldn't hear, but she's pretty sure he could. He was so clingy sometimes, but none the less it's part of his instincts. Even after last night she couldn't blame him for his current actions.

"Matt, everything's alright," She reassured.

"I just need to make sure you're safe." He said quickly.

"I'm just going to the bathroom, I'm fine. See?" She opened the door after she flushed the toilet and washed her hands.

He instantly wrapped his arms around her the moment she opened the door, head burying in her neck and breathing in her lovely scent. Jenna sighed lovingly and returned the hug, arms around his torso and head rested on his chest. After a few moments she pulled back, much to his disappointment, and ran a hand through his soft brown locks.

"We have got to work, you know."

He groaned.

"Yes, I know." His arms tightening around her at the thought of how he won't be able to keep an eye on her the whole day.

"But we'll be filming together so I will still be with you,"

"Yeah, but what if someone there tries to take you again?" His green eyes filled with worry.

"Then I'll tell him I'm taken." She smirked at him and kissed him before walking back to the living area and collecting her keys, heading for the door. He was confused at her actions.

"Wait, where are you going?" He moved towards her.

"Well, I do need to change. I can't go to work dressed like this, I'm still in the clothes from yesterday." She chuckled slightly at his worrisome expression and cupped his cheek.

"Why don't you come with me to my flat, incase Richard is there."

A smile grew on his face as he grabbed his own keys and walked her outside, locking his door. He jumped into the passenger seat and put on his best Alpha face, making Jenna pause to look at him before pulling out of the drive way.


Once at Jenna's, Matt ran up to her door first and took her keys, telling her that it might be dangerous and that maybe he should step inside first. Jenna nodded nervously even though Richard might still be in the house. One of the signs that he wasn't there was that his scent was weak. If he was still there his scent would've been strong enough to be smelled outside. But, Matt still wasn't taking any chances.

He slowly stepped inside and cautiously looked around, looking for any signs. He smelled the faint scent of Richard and his upper lip curled slightly, barely audible growling erupted from his throat. He told Jenna to stay put so he could check all of the rooms in her house. Though Jenna didn't like the thought of Matt snooping through her stuff, she obeyed and stayed in front of the door.

While he was searching and sniffing through every room, Matt was thinking of ways to keep Jenna safe and with him all the time. She couldn't continue to live here, what if Richard returns one night? Or worse, what if he comes back tonight? Matt's hands formed fists and his hackles rose at the thought of Richard touching his Jenna.

His Jenna.

Maybe she could move in with him. He would cover every one of her belongings in his scent, every bit of her until the entire neighborhood smelled of him. He grinned at that. Then no one would even dare to approach them. Even if they were somehow separated, nobody would touch her in fear of what he might do to them.

He came to a stop when he smelt a little bit of Richard's scent on something. Looks like a piece of jewelry. He picked it up, making sure to rub his hands on it before walking back to Jenna. He was studying carefully, fingers gliding over the thin chain.

"Jenna, what's this?" He asked, holding the necklace up to her. Jenna examined the piece until recognition flashed in her eyes.

"Oh, that's the necklace Richard gave me after I told him I was an Omega," Matt's grip tightened on the jewelry, he did his best to spread his own scent through air instead of touch, trying not to make it obvious. He didn't think this through, however, because Jenna can smell him, too. Jenna noticed and reached for the necklace.

"Matt-"Matt interrupted her with a growl, which caught her by surprise. He held the necklace closer to him, rubbing his own scent on it. Then he walked around her.

"I want you to wear this as a warning. To Richard and to other Alphas who also want to take you from me."She didn't protest as he hooked the jewelry around her neck. His scent was already starting to cover her; she was being coated in him.

He took a deep breath and grinned. Now when they went to work, everyone on set would know who Jenna belonged to.


After Matt double checked every room and item (much to Jenna's discomfort), they drove to the set. Steven was pretty annoyed when they arrived late but Matt explained and he immediately understood, telling them not to worry but to understand that time was limited on the set of Doctor Who.

Matt was beginning to get anxious when Jenna was going to the other part of the set to film her scene, she wasn't in his line of sight any longer. Jenna tried to calm him down the best she could, but knowing Matt he would probably sneak away to keep watch on her.

They were filming the Journey to the center of the TARDIS episode so the scenes were shot in different corridors. Jenna was shooting the part where Clara was wondering through the corridors shouting for the Doctor and coming across the door with the red light. Jenna performed her lines perfectly and ran away from the 'exploding' door and into a small door-like area.

She breathed a smile and started to walk back when she smelled a certain scent, she froze mid-step. Her hackles rose as she recognized the smell. A person blocked her path and the view of the crew. She looked up to see him. Richard.

He was frowning at her and she gulped, suddenly feeling smaller. She backed into the small wall as he advanced on her. Matt's scent got caught in his nose and he growled quietly.

"Richard, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be filming Game of Thrones?" She asked, she tried to keep her voice from quivering. His eyes abruptly softened and he reached for her hand, which she reluctantly let him hold.

"Jenna, could you please give me another chance? I overreacted and acted childishly. I was hoping you could let me start over, so you could let me court you instead of idiotically marking you the first time I got the chance unlike your current...partner."He sneered at the last word.
That sentence enraged her. It gave her enough strength to step up to an Alpha to defend her mate. She ripped her hand, which was still sore from the last time, from his grip.

"Matt didn't 'idiotically' mark me when he got the chance! Well maybe that's not true, but at least I wanted him to mark me! You on the other hand advanced on me and tried to make me yours without thinking about what I thought!" And with that she pushed passed him and tried to call out for some of the crew members but, Richard grabbed her bruised hand and she yelped when he yanked her back into his chest. He growled in her face and she whimpered, shrinking back at the dominance being displayed by the Alpha above her.

"Jenna, I'm asking nicely which you should appreciate. Now, I'm going to ask again: Jenna, will you give me a second chance so I could court you?" Jenna was shaking slightly, but before she could answer, a strong, vicious voice spoke from behind her.

"No, I don't think she will." Matt stood behind her, chest buffed up and muscles tense. Jenna let out a sigh of relief at the sight (and smell) of her mate and tugged her hand from Richard's grasp only to have it tighten. She whimpered in pain.

Matt snarled ferociously, taking Richard aback before he snarled in return. Both Alphas staring each other down with a poor Omega stuck in the middle. Jenna tried to tell them both that they should stop and that this was very inappropriate in a place like this. But, as always the Alphas ignored the Omega and continued to growl and threaten the other. Matt giving a final warning for Richard to let his mate go.

Once again Jenna tired to escape Richard's grip, it only tighten to the point of it being unbearable. This time she cried out and Matt attacked, clasping Richard's shoulders and shoving him backwards, making him lose his clutch on Jenna's hand.

Jenna backed away, watching as the two Alphas fought. Matt had the upper hand and was pinning Richard to the wall, baring his sharp fangs and snarling. Richard was growling with his fangs also exposed, using all of his strength to push Matt back. The two Alphas tumbled to the ground, clawing and scratching, even kicking, trying to gain control of the fight, which Matt had at the moment.

Jenna yelled out for the crew members to come and help, being an Omega it was easy for her to get injured in an Alpha fight, even if it wasn't intentional. The crew, made up mostly of Alphas and Betas, helped separate the two from each other. The Omegas stayed behind and seemingly watched. It took two Alphas to get a hold of Matt and four Betas to keep Richard back.

Both were still growling and snarling, either one trying to attack. The Betas had to hold Richard harder when he jumped to get to Matt, making Matt react and lurch himself toward Richard, fangs still barred. Before long security came to the rescue and escorted Richard out of the building, he was still fixed on striking Matt.

Matt, being an Alpha, had the instinct that all Alphas had to chase after the defeated opponent until he was out of his territory. He surged forward after the other Alpha, but the security was strong enough to hold him until Richard was completely gone and his scent had dissolved.
They had made sure Matt was calmed down well enough before they hesitantly let him go. Matt shrugged them off and quickly made his way back to Jenna. He searched her frantically, smelling for places that had Richard's scent on her and checking for injuries.

"Are you alright, Jenna? Did the bastard hurt you in anyway?" He asked. Jenna could see some of the scratches on his face that he had received from Richard.

Unfortunately, his scent was everywhere but the only harm done was on her wrist, which he kissed gently.


After that incident Steven told them they had the rest of the day off, at least they recorded some footage. Matt took Jenna back to his flat and repeated the process that happened the night before, only this time Matt was much more possessive.

He marked her more than one time, leaving bite marks all over her neck and he went as far as taking some of his clothes off to scent her. She whimpered and pulled Matt closer, needing his dominating scent and territorial marks. Matt complied greatly and sank his teeth into her shoulder, drawing more blood. Jenna moaned slightly as he licked up the blood, running his tongue all over her shoulder and neck.

He didn't even bother to set her on the couch, instead the moment they stepped into his door he dragged her (carefully) to the floor and straddled her, legs on either side trapping her. She whined and whimpered for him, arms pinned to the hard ground.

Now, Matt has decided for her to move in with him. Jenna seemed to agree with him and joy filled his chest. In a few days, maybe even tomorrow, he would help her move in with him. When Jenna mentioned calling a moving company he growled. He didn't need other Alphas eyeing her while they were moving her belongings.

Jenna simply nodded and closed her eyes. This was exactly why she didn't want anyone, including Matt, to know that she was an Omega in the first place and today was the perfect example. Matt and Richard got into an Alpha fight, luckily one that wasn't nearly as violent as most, and Matt's face (including Richard's) got scratched up because of it. She didn't want to be in the middle of all of this.

But, she has to admit she loves Matt and doesn't regret becoming his new mate once so ever.

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