Strike Blacklight: Chapter 4: Coming to Terms.

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Back at base…

Mio was walking to her room when she saw Yoshika run up to her.

"Umm, Sakamoto-san?" she asked. Mio looked at her.

"Is there anything you need?"

"Umm… it's not really a matter of what I need… but I thought you wanted to know this."

Yoshika then whispered into her ear.

"I overheard the commander talking to Blacklight-kun, saying that she wants him to meet her at the cliff. Do you know what's going on?"

Mio thought over the statement for a few seconds.

'Minna asking for Blacklight to meet her at the cliff? That's strange, why would she- oh no, if she plans on meeting him privately-'her thoughts were interrupted by Yoshika.

"Umm, Sakamoto-san, is there something wrong? You're looking a bit pale now?"

Mio shook her head, then turned to Yoshika.

"Yoshika, I want you to stay here, and don't let anyone else come out!" Mio ordered, then turned to dash down the hallway.

'Dammit, Minna! I know you want to protect your subordinates, but this is going too far!' Mio thought as she dashed through the base and into the night.

Back at the cliff…

'Follow your commander's orders no matter what.'

That single command was drilled into Blacklight's head the moment he could properly hear things.

'Never harm a commander under any circumstances.'

Now THAT order…

Blacklight stood, silent as he watched Minna raise her 9mm pistol at him.

"I'm sorry, Blacklight, but I have to do this, for the sake of everybody-"


Minna froze as she heard Blacklight's sudden questioning.

"Are you sure this is for everybody's sake?" Blacklight asked. "Or just your own?"

"Everybody's sake!" Minna yelled. "Your presence here worries me to no end! What if you die on a mission? What if, because of your demise, one of my comrades becomes as broken as me? Or they even commit suicide!? What if you tried to do something dirty to them when they're caught off guard!? Have you ever thought of that!?" She was shaking with frustration.

Blacklight shook his head and sighed. Then he looked at Minna with a pitying look, although it's concealed by his visor.

"Alright. Try to shoot me. Just try" was Blacklight's response as he got into a fighting stance.

Minna hesitated for a moment, then she pulled the trigger.


Minna fired at the spot where Blacklight was just a few moments ago.

She panicked as she scanned around frantically, trying to locate the experimental super pilot, wondering how he was able to evade her so quickly-

She then felt a stab of pain throughout her back as she suddenly found the ground racing towards her.

After unceremoniously face planting onto the dirt, she turned around to see Blacklight staring at her just a few feet away.

She growled, then she scanned around for her pistol. She soon found it just 15 inches away from her right hand.

She reached for it-

And then, in the span of a mere 1.5 seconds, it was far from her grasp.

Minna then looked at Blacklight, anger and frustration being the dominant emotions in her mind.

Why wouldn't this guy understand that she was trying to keep her comrades safe? Why wouldn't he see the reasoning in her words?

"If you think that killing a newly recruited subordinate on the basis of gender is protecting your comrades, then you're a mad woman."

Minna gasped at the statement, then she jumped up to face him.

"Mad woman, you say? There are some witches in this world who are being treated with cruelty by male soldiers' right at this moment. How do I know that you won't try anything with my subordinates? How do I know that you're not like those despicable pigs!? She said as she also got into a military fighting stance.

Blacklight shook his head.

"Commander, the scientists that gave me those genetic upgrades, they also modified my mind so that I have no emotions of what you call 'love' or 'lust'. Do you really think I would try to harm my fellow pilots physically or mentally?"

Minna gaped at the first sentence.

"W-W-Wait, so those guys that made you who you are, T-They also erased those emotions?" Minna asked, dumbfounded that such a group would go that far.

Blacklight nodded.

"Those emotions would slow me down anyways, as would 'anger', 'sadness', and-"Blacklight was about to say when Minna interrupted him.

What!? Those emotions- those feelings- that's what makes us human! Why would you just let them-"Minna was about to say before Mio bursted from the forest.

"Minna!" Mio yelled as she ran to them, but she stopped when she saw Blacklight unharmed and Minna without her pistol.

"Blacklight! Did she shoot you? Did she harm you in any way?" Mio asked, concerned for Blacklight's safety.

Blacklight shook his head.

"Commander tried to shoot me, but she never hit me. I disarmed her, and then we got into an interesting conversation" Blacklight answered as he turned his gaze to Mio.

Mio then walked up to Minna, then she slapped her.

"Wha- Mio-"Minna tried to say, but then Mio spoke.

"Why did you try this? Why did you try to murder our newest squad member? And don't you dare say it was for the sake of the squad! I had enough of that bullshit!" Mio all but yelled at Minna.

Minna then looked down at the ground, realizing what would've happened if she actually succeeded in killing him.

"Oh god… If I had kill him-"

"Yes, Minna, I would've been distraught, and so would the crew of the Akagi"

Minna then looked at Blacklight.

"Blacklight, I know that I was harsh on you, with all those statements, but, could you do something for me?" she asked.

Blacklight shrugged.

"Well, you are my commander, so go ahead."

"Could you… remove your helmet?"

Now THIS made Blacklight go tense.

"Minna, you know that I'm the U.S. military's top secret, right? I can't risk letting my identity getting out to the world. My previous commander would wreck me if she ever found out I removed a part of my secrecy" Blacklight explained.

"Well" Mio said. "Nobody's going to recognize you here. And besides, we're not asking for your name, although it would be nice if you told us" Mio reasoned.

Blacklight started thinking for a moment, then he reached a decision.

I can't risk my name going out, but as for the helmet…" he reached for his helmet, then pulled it off.

Blacklight's face had a sort of cross between Asian and American heritage. His skin was a light tan, noticeably similar to Mio's skin. His hair reached down to the base of his neck, and was a dark grayish color.

Most noticeable was his eyes.

They were purple.

"Purple?" Mio wondered aloud.

"Both of my eyes were modified so that my vision is better than an average human's eyes. I could also see very well in the night, as I explained to Commander here."

Mio's eyes widened, then she looked at Minna.

"Minna, how come I wasn't told of this?" she asked, irritated that Minna withheld that information.

"I didn't think it was necessary to tell you" Minna answered.


"Uh, commander? I think we should head to bed, seeing as the moon is at the 11 o'clock position" Blacklight said.

Minna quickly nodded.

But then Mio looked at her with a stern expression.

"We will be talking about this in the morning. Got it?" Mio asked.

Minna nodded.

Blacklight looked at the two friends as he walked through the forest to the base. Inside, he felt a feeling, though he can't describe it.

'Me, having an emotion other than the ones I already have? Something must be wrong with me' he though as he trudged back to base.

At the base…

Minna yawned as she neared her room.

"Well, it's been a long night, and I feel like collapsing right onto the floor"

Mio also yawned, feeling as if she were about to collapse right then and there.

Blacklight, however, didn't look or feel the same way.

"I don't feel tired" he commented.

"Maybe that has to do with your modifications" Minna replied.

As they neared their respective rooms, they decide to say goodnight to each other.

"Oh. And Blacklight, you're going to be introduced to the squad tomorrow morning along with Miyafuji-san, so be sure to get a good night sleep, ok?" Minna stated. Blacklight nodded. Then they all went to bed.

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