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Title: "Let me be your hero"

In the last chapter of 'Let me be your hero': At Phillip's very first birthday, many things had changed in Helga's life; she had forgiven and forgotten the most hateful crime committed to her, she had forgiven and forgotten the pain her mother had caused her and she had even said yes to marry Arnold. After that, her life only seemed to get brighter. Life has its ups and down, but when you're living with the love of your life then things can never really be all bad.

Author's 1st note: I was a little unsure of whether to write this epilogue from Phillip's point of view or write like I'd always had, but mostly focused on Phillip. I decided to do the latter, as you'll notice when you start reading, since that's how I had written the rest of the story. So, we don't only hear his thoughts or hear him talking. Enjoy! :D

[As always, please notify me if you notice any grammar mistakes. This isn't my first language, so there's bound to be mistakes.]

Chapter 62: "I don't like her or anything"

"Ok, baby girl. Go to sleep again…" Arnold whispered as he rocked the six-year-old girl in his arms. She giggled at her dad's slight pleading, but then nodded, looking oh-so innocent. He smiled lovingly at her as he put her in her bed and she made a big yawn. "Mom will be home soon and then I promise I'll wake you up, Geraldine." Arnold promised as he tucked her into her big, pink duvet. She yawned again and nodded. It only took about five seconds before he could hear her snore softly. A big sleeping heart just like her brother. He noted, kissed her forehead and then left her room. I can't believe Helga actually surrendered and let me call her Geraldine.

Arnold stretched as he walked down the stairs and into the living room. He stopped walking when he noticed his son sitting on his knees on the windowsill, looking out desperately. He couldn't help but chuckle at the familiar sight. "You know, Phillip." He said and earned the boy's attention, but he didn't look at him. "She'll be home when she'll be home no matter how long you stare out of the window." He pointed out teasingly. Phillip turned his head to show Arnold a scowl. A scowl that only Arnold's wife could match. "You say that, but whenever you think I'm not looking, you stare out of the window too." Phillip pointed out, stuck his tongue out at his dad and then turned to look out of the window again, causing the blue bow tied around his neck to swift a little in the wind.

Phillip could hear Arnold grunt in embarrassment at having been caught and Phillip smiled gleefully. If he thinks he can trick me, he's barking up the wrong tree. He thought as he kept looking out of the window. His mom, Helga Shortman, had been on a business trip for a couple of days by now. She went on those business trips from time to time; being a spokesperson for women who has experienced rape was after all a job that required quite some working hours. When she wasn't giving speeches or holding conferences, she was working at a book company that specified in poetry. She had started that company herself after she had been offered money for her poems. After her documentary 'I'm 18 years old, raped and pregnant' came out, it received quite the attention, making Helga a well-known face in America. That was why people knew about her poetry as well and that had also been the start of her career.

Phillip had known all of this for a couple of years by now. As he grew, he noticed that he didn't resemble his mom very much and especially not his dad so he had asked them about it one day. That day had matured him in ways his peers didn't understand, but it wasn't a bad thing to know that such cruel things existed. It meant that he adored and idolized his mother even more than he'd already had before that. She had told him of Tevin, his father, the man who had raped her when she was just a teenager. She had told him about how much she had hated herself, the world around her and even him before he was born. It was a lot to take in and Phillip had cried through most of it, though he hadn't understood everything she said then seeing his mom on the verge of tears like that had been enough for him to beg her to stop talking about it if it made her that sad.

Helga had insisted on telling Phillip the truth though and then she had sat down with him alone in the living room and watched the documentary with him. Phillip had at first been fascinated by hearing and seeing his parents when they were so young, well younger. He could recognize most of the people in the documentary, that being his dad's best friend Gerald, his mom's best friend Phoebe and even Lila, Stinky and a lot of their friends that they still knew after all these years. He also recognized his grandparents on his dad's side and his grandmother on his mom's side, but when he for the first time saw his other grandpa and his aunt, he had scowled deeply at their words and their behavior. Helga's heart had swelled when he had hugged her tightly and had childishly insisted that they were stupid people.

At that tender age of only six, Phillip hadn't understood everything that he was told by Helga nor the documentary she had shown him, but he had understood that Arnold wasn't his biological father and that his mom had been in a dark place once in her life. As he grew older, he would sometimes sit down and watch the documentary again. The more times he watched it, the more he understood and now when he was six years old, he understood everything.

Phillip had been very mature about the whole thing, though he had locked himself up in his room the first couple of days when the truth had truly sunk in. Once he came out though, he had hugged his mom and told her that he loved her and that he was so happy that she hadn't given up on her life or him. He had then hugged Arnold and thanked him for loving his mom and even him though he wasn't his real son. Arnold and Helga had been shocked at the maturity of Phillip, but Miriam had reminded them that Helga had always also been very mature for her age and they had just laughed in relief.

Even though Phillip perhaps didn't fully understand the meaning of suicide then he did understand the meaning of death. He had, after all, experienced one funeral in his life. The funeral had been the one for both of his great-grandparents whom had died around the same time with only a few hours in-between. He had seen his dad cry heavily, his mom console him as she cried herself and he had looked at his newly born baby sister whom hadn't understood a single thing that had been going on. He remembered thinking that she had been lucky not to understand; not yet understand the feeling of losing someone, but he knew that she would experience it someday and he had chosen to be there for her when that would happen.

Phillip had a bit of a hard time getting used to Geraldine at first though. He had just found out that Arnold wasn't his biological father and then a new child came whose real dad actually was Arnold. He had been so jealous, angry and scared. But the more he feared that he would be left aside, the more he noticed how his mom would always make him play with all of them, have him help her read to the baby and how she would always kiss his forehead first when it was time to sleep before she would kiss her daughter's. These little things slowly became unnecessary as his confidence grew and he one day kissed his sister's cheek to his parents' happiness and relief.

Phillip had been deep into his daydreams for some time, something his mom always teased him for and told him he had gotten that after Arnold rather than her though he had noticed that she could daydream just as much as Arnold could, when he finally saw the black car appear on the street. "Mom's home!" he exclaimed happily and Arnold almost dropped the pan in his hands in shock. "Phillip, please! Your talent for surprising me is not something me or your mom had hoped for you to inherit after me!" he scolded, but laughed as he put the pan back on the stove.

"Not sorry!" Phillip stated as he jumped off the windowsill and ran out of the living room. Arnold rolled his eyes and went to the window. He noticed his wife stepping out of the car and she turned to look at him. Her blonde hair was tied into a tight bun and she was wearing a fuchsia-colored jacket and pencil skirt. He would never get used to that look on her. She looked so oddly professional and grown-up. To him, she would always be his girlish and yet tomboyish girlfriend no matter how old or sophisticated she got.

Helga noticed Arnold looking at her and she smiled at him. He lifted his index finger and pointed repeatedly towards the front door, giving her the usual warning sign that Phillip was waiting for her at the door. He could see her laugh as she winked at him and then walked towards the front door. Arnold slowly walked towards the hallway where he knew Phillip was ready to dive at his mom as soon as she would walk inside. Arnold stayed hidden inside the living room, but he was watching Phillip who resembled a lion cub trying to attack a butterfly.

As soon as the front door opened though, Helga dove at Phillip before he could do anything. "Ow!" Phillip bellowed dramatically as Helga pinned him to the floor. "It's a million years too early for you to surprise me, bucko." She told him and then let go of his wrists. "Aw, man, will I ever be able to overpower you?" he asked with a bit of a pout as he sat up on the floor. "Hmm, keep taking those karate lessons from your dad and you just might." She told him as she ruffled his hair. He swatted her hand away and readjusted his hair with a pout before he wrapped his arms around her. "Welcome home!"

Helga laughed at Phillip's mood change, but she was used to it by now. She had a slight fear of how bad his mood changes would be once he was a teenager though. An invisible shiver ran through her at the mere thought. She held her son and rocked him a little as she looked at Arnold who was slowly approaching them too. "Is Geraldine asleep?" she asked before he sat down on his knees next to them. "Yeah, just got her sleeping again." he told her before he wrapped his arms around the both of them.

"Dad, you're squishing me!" Phillip said breathlessly, but Arnold just squeezed tighter. "Hey, I missed Helga too, you know." He pointed out, but Phillip didn't give up. "She's my mom!" he reminded him, but Arnold was stubborn as well. "She's my wife." He told him, but then Phillip snorted. "Only because I asked her for you." he told him and Arnold let go to look at Helga in shock. She whistled innocently while Phillip turned around to smile triumphantly at Arnold. "You told him?" he asked as he quirked an eyebrow. "Hey, I figured he had the right to know that his own dad didn't have the balls to ask his girlfriend to marry him." Helga answered with an innocent shrug. "Helga, watch your mouth." Arnold reminded her half-heartedly. "She can't watch it." Phillip insisted and put his finger on Helga's nose. "It's under her nose!"

Arnold rolled his eyes with a smile and stood up. "Just as snarky as your mom." He observed and started to walk towards the living room. "You're the one who fell in love with that snarky girl." Phillip pointed out before he followed him. "So what does that say about you?" he questioned while Helga stood up from the floor. Arnold turned to show Helga that he was frowning because of Phillip's comment. "Helga, say something to your son." He told her and she gave him a slanted look as she approached him. "I find it very interesting that whenever he misbehaves, he's my son." She said before she kissed Arnold's cheek and started to walk toward the stairs. "I'll go and wake up Geraldine. Speaking of which, we really need to find a nickname for her." she added and shook artificially, but playfully.

"How about Gerald?" Arnold suggested sarcastically and Helga turned to give him a slanted look. "Don't go there, buster. It was a big enough shock for me when I realized that Geraldine was the female version of Gerald; don't make me remember how much Gerald laughed when he realized as well." she warned him before she smiled and continued up the stairs. "I'm surprised he didn't pee his pants after laughing so much!"

Arnold snickered at Helga's comment and then turned to walk back into the living room where Phillip had just grabbed a stool to reach something inside the cabinet. "Ahem." Arnold coughed warningly and Phillip flinched. He turned to laugh awkwardly at being caught, but Arnold was smiling at him nevertheless. "No cookies before after dinner." He said. "Oh, let him have a cookie!" they heard Helga yell from upstairs. Her hearing range continued to amaze the both of them. "He'll figure out a way to get ahold of one with or without your consent anyway, Football Head!" she added and Phillip snickered as he grabbed a cookie. "Yeah." He said and waved the cookie victoriously. "Mom's right… Football Head."

Arnold growled when Phillip added his old nickname to the taunt, but then just walked past him and grabbed ahold of the pan again. "At least prepare the table as a thank you for the cookie?" he suggested hopefully and to his only slight surprise, Phillip started to do exactly that without any complaints. Arnold couldn't help but smile; Phillip was a true mix of both him and Helga. A rude, dramatic bully like Helga and a sensitive, helpful Mr. Brightside like Arnold. He shook his head in amusement when he noticed how careful Phillip was with decorating the table.

"You sure Geraldine was sleeping before I got here?" Helga asked outside in the hallway. Arnold looked towards her voice and the sound of his daughter's manically laughter. "She was sleeping when I left her… Why?" he asked nervously before Helga appeared in the doorframe with Geraldine using only her legs to hold herself up around Helga's waist, looking like a snake. "She was jumping on her bed when I got into her room. She tricked you again." she said before Geraldine swung herself up and wrapped her arms around her mom's neck.

Arnold made a hum in embarrassment when he heard Phillip laughing. "Well, that's not my fault." He insisted while Helga struggled to hold Geraldine close to her, but the young girl insisted on climbing around as much as she could. "How is it not your fault?" she asked before putting Geraldine down on the floor, only for the girl to then hang onto her leg. "Who do you think she's inherited the skills to prank me from?" Arnold asked as he pointed at Helga with the ladle in his hand. "He's got you there, mom." Phillip said with a grin and Arnold smiled proudly, but then noticed Helga quirking an eyebrow. "That may be so, but I'd say she's gotten that from your grandmother too." She insisted and looked down at her daughter. "Along with her energy!"

Arnold snickered and had to give Helga that. Both Gertie as well as Phil had been healthy and lively right until the day they died. He sighed a little melancholically, but then smiled again. "Phillip, please help your mom get rid of that little pest." He said playfully. Phillip laughed too and then skipped towards Geraldine. When she noticed him, he roared as he lifted his hands with his fingers crooked as if he had claws. Geraldine shrieked happily at the familiar game, let go of her mom's leg and then ran as fast as her short legs could while Phillip chased her.

Helga groaned loudly as she walked wobbly towards her husband. "Thank you!" she said and lifted her arms lazily. He laughed at the exhaustion on her face and then wrapped his arms around her waist. "Tough day?" he asked as he rocked her gently. "Tough days." She corrected and sighed heavily. "I can't believe how many women still come to hear me speak. It's ridiculous." She added and then jumped onto the counter behind her. "Don't try to pretend for a second that you don't love that all these women look up to you." he told her and put his hands on each side of her thigh on the counter. She seemed mockingly thoughtful about it for a second until she noticed his skeptical look and laughed. "All right. Fine. It's not the worst way to spend time." She admitted and then put her arms over his shoulders. "I'd still wish I had a little more time with you."

"You're not away for that long." Arnold pointed out and Helga cocked an eyebrow at him. "Who was it who cried as soon as I got home the first time I was gone?" she reminded him and he frowned in embarrassment. "Phillip." He answered defiantly. "And you, bucko. Don't put the blame on the once-upon a time baby." She said and shoved him playfully at his shoulder. "Ow!" he cried artificially and pouted. "Aww…" she said mockingly, but then put her lips adoringly against his shoulder, causing him to flinch in slight surprise. She loved that she could still make him embarrassed after all these years. She leaned back and smirked at him. "I missed you."

Arnold smiled lovingly at Helga before his hand went to her bun and he pulled the bowtie out of her hair. She shook her head, making the hair fall down on her shoulders and all the way down to her lower back. "I missed you too." He said before putting his hands on her cheeks and kissing her for the first time in what felt like forever. She could always take his breath away even she only did something as simple as moaning into his mouth.

"Mom!" Phillip bellowed in a strangled voice and caused his parents to let go of each other's lips and look at him. He was currently crawling across the floor with his little sister holding onto him tightly. "She won't let go!" he said with a choked laugh when her arms tightened around his neck. Arnold and Helga couldn't help but laugh as they went towards their children. "Geraldine, let go of him." Arnold begged her and crouched down next to them. "No way, you just hold on, Geraldine." Helga said and turned to look at Phillip. "Phillip, you need to learn to get her off your back."

"Helga!" Arnold scolded playfully, but Phillip seemed to get his game-face on. He snuck his arms behind his back, grabbed a strong hold on Geraldine's blouse and then swung her in front of him. While Arnold gasped in shock, Helga simply caught Geraldine with ease. Rather than starting to cry, which most kids probably would have done out of shock, Geraldine simply started laughing. "One more time!" she insisted and was about to leave her mom's lap. "Naw, Geraldine. I think daddy's had enough heart attacks for today." Helga insisted and looked at Arnold who was now lying exasperatedly on the floor as if he had just passed out.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Geraldine begged before she bounced onto her dad's stomach, causing him to grunt deeply at the pain. Phillip hissed sympathetically and looked up at Helga who was trying to hold back a snicker. "Mom, you don't understand the pain dad's going through right now." He scolded her and punched her arm. "Hey!" she said in mock surprise and rubbed her arm. "Careful, young man or I'll use that bowtie to strangle you."

"No!" Phillip cried dramatically as he held onto his blue bowtie, stood up from the floor and ran out of the room, unaware that Helga wasn't chasing him, but simply rolling on the floor laughing. Geraldine was laughing too once Arnold had gotten capable of doing the same thing. He sat up on the floor, holding Geraldine onto his lap with only slight difficulty since she was currently using her thighs as drums. "You really shouldn't bully him like that." he said half-heartedly, but she just blew a raspberry at him, which Geraldine mimicked instantly. "Don't teach her stuff like that." Arnold begged, but couldn't help but laugh.

"Is the coast clear?" Phillip asked playfully as his head appeared in the doorframe from outside in the hallway. Helga quirked an eyebrow at the question, while Arnold simply chuckled. "I promise the she beast won't harm you." he said playfully and Helga gasped. "She beast?!" she repeated, but then couldn't help but laugh loudly when Phillip bounced towards them. "Oh, I'll get you for that one someday." She said before standing up. "But right now, I'm starved."

"That was heavenly!" Helga said before she slumped onto the couch in an exaggerated manner. Arnold grinned at her compliment before he and Phillip grabbed the plates to carry into the kitchen. Helga had her eyes closed, but then heard Geraldine approaching and opened one eye. The now somewhat tired girl climbed onto Helga's stomach and laid her cheek on her chest. "Food is the perfect sleeping pill for you…" she observed tiredly and closed her eyes again while she caressed her daughter's blonde hair. Geraldine's green eyes closed immediately and she yawned loudly.

"Mom, don't fall asleep just yet!" Phillip suddenly exclaimed, causing Helga to shoot her eyes open. "Huh? What?" she asked groggily and sat up with Geraldine still on her lap. "You told me that you had been practicing a new song on the piano and you promised you would play it when you came back home!" Phillip reminded her with a big grin and Helga smiled. "Right…" she said tiredly and swung her legs out of the couch.

"You've been practicing a new song?" Arnold asked in surprise as he wiped his hands off in the towel. "You didn't know?" Phillip asked mockingly. "Well, I didn't know because she didn't tell me." Arnold answered with the same mocking voice. "Does she have to tell you everything before you figure it out?" he asked and Arnold frowned. "Don't get snippy with me." He warned and reached out for his bowtie. "No!" Phillip exclaimed, held his hands to his bowtie and ran towards the piano where Helga had just sat down. "Don't think I'll help you." she said before playfully reaching out for his bowtie as well. "You two are dangerous!" he exclaimed dramatically before he plunged onto the couch next to Geraldine. Helga and Arnold smiled at each other. "We've been told."

Arnold then walked to the couch to join his children. "Ok, Helga." He said and squeezed in-between them playfully, causing them to laugh hysterically at the ticklish feeling. "We're all snuggly and ready." He said. "Readily." Geraldine insisted and then climbed onto Arnold's lap. He held onto her while his other arm went around Phillip's shoulders, but the boy barely noticed as he gazed at his mom. "Come on. Play!" he begged. He loved when Helga played the piano, it was one of her few feminine sides. Not that he didn't love her typical masculine sides, oh no. He loved that she was the best of both worlds; he really did admire her, though he would never actually tell her that.

Helga chuckled softly and then turned to look at the tangents. "No complains if it sucks, ok? I haven't been practicing this one for that long." She warned and put her slender fingers on the white and black triangles. "I hear the wind… call your name. Tt calls me… back home again. It sparks up the fire, a flame that still burns. Oh, it's to you, I'll always return…" She sang softly and then picked up the speed of the song.

"I still feel your breath… on my skin. I hear your voice… deep within. The sound of my lover, a feeling so strong… Always to you, I'll always belong. Now I know that it's true… My every road leads to you… and in the hour of darkness, darling… your light gets me through." Helga kept singing, looking only at the piano as she always did when she was fully focused on what she was playing. Arnold couldn't believe that he could still get so mesmerized from simply hearing Helga playing the piano. He turned his eyes to look at Phillip and saw the enchanted look on his face. He then turned to look at Geraldine and saw that she was mostly just looking sleepy, but she was wearing a smile on her face nevertheless.

"I've seen every sunset and with all that I've learned… It's to you… I will always… always… return…" Helga finished softly and played only a few more notes before he fingers left the tangents. She turned to look at her family who was smiling broadly at her. "That was so good!" Phillip exclaimed and jumped off the couch. "Yeah?" she inquired and opened her arms when he ran to her. "Yes, Helga, it was very beautiful… and quite fitting." Arnold added and smiled while she hugged Phillip. "Seems like Geraldine thinks it's rather… calming." Helga observed with a snicker as she watched her daughter sleeping peacefully. "What do you want from her, Helga? She just ate." He reminded her, grabbed a stronger hold of her and then stood up from the couch. "I'll put her to bed… For real this time."

"Goodnight, sweety." Helga said to Geraldine even though she couldn't hear her. Arnold started to caress Geraldine's hair as he walked out of the room. "So, Phillip, did anything new happen at school?" Helga asked as she rocked him a little bit. Actually, it wasn't really fair that she was even attempting to ask so casually. Arnold had already told her that she should ask him as soon as she got home. He had refused to tell her why though and she had been so curious ever since.

Phillip seemed thoughtful for a second. "Oh, yeah." He said and jumped off the bench. "We've got a new girl in class." He said casually and went towards the couch. Helga quirked an eyebrow at this information. "A new girl?" she asked as casually as she could, but couldn't help the curious tone in her voice. "Yeah…" Phillip answered casually, turned around as he sat down on the couch and then frowned. "A real pest, too." He added. "A pest?" she repeated and tilted her head to the side. "Yeah, this goody-two-shoes type. Really annoying." He explained.

"I used to call your dad goody-two-shoes." Helga pointed out and stood up from the bench. "Yeah, but this isn't the same." Phillip insisted and crossed his arms. "How so?" she probed and sat down next to him. "I don't know. She just… bugs me." He said with a pout. "Your dad used to say that about me." She said in a singsong voice and he gulped in surprise. "Mom, I don't know what you're getting at, but I don't like her or anything." He insisted as he frowned at her. "I didn't claim that you did." She said and his eyes turned big when he realized that he had walked right into her trap. "But I like the fact that you thought about it yourself."

"I've only know Lisa for one day!" Phillip said with an embarrassed frown. Lisa? Helga repeated curiously in her mind. "Sometimes that's all it takes. It took me about less than a minute to fall in love with Arnold." she pointed out. "That's not the same!" he insisted stubbornly and stood up from the couch. "Just because dad told you that he liked your pink bow and that Lisa told me that she liked my blue bowtie doesn't mean - - "

"She likes your bowtie?" Helga interrupted with a proud smirk and held back a snicker as a distinguished blush spread across Phillip's face. "Yeah, but so what?! That doesn't mean that I like her!" he insisted once more. "Even though she's the first one to have ever liked your bowtie rather than making fun of it?" she questioned before flashing her eyelashes teasingly at him, causing him to frown deeply again, his cheeks still a little red. "I don't like her." he insisted stubbornly.

"Fine. I believe you." Helga said sarcastically and stood up from the couch. "The hell you do." Phillip said and she turned to scowl at him. "At least wait until you're thirteen to say that word." She told him, but he just stuck his tongue out at her. When she did the same thing, he laughed at the image. She smiled at him, ruffled his hair and then kissed his forehead. "Go to bed, my little lovesick son." She said teasingly and then pushed him at his back. "I'm not in love with her! I just… don't hate her either." He insisted before he ran up the stairs. "Doi!"

Helga snickered at Phillip's last addition to his sentence. She sighed happily and then slowly went out of the room and up the stairs. She watched Phillip walk into his room, slam the door in protest to her former teasing and then she simply walked past his door. "Goodnight, my little soon-to-be-in-love son." She said teasingly and then walked into her own bedroom. Arnold was right in the middle of pulling his shirt off his torso so he didn't notice her. At least not until she started tickling his stomach. "Helga!" he exclaimed in shock and laughed along with her once she had let go.

"I just heard about Lisa." Helga told Arnold as she started to take her shoes off. "So that's her name." Arnold said thoughtfully. "He refused to tell me." He explained and Helga chuckled. "That's because he doesn't fear you the same way he fears me." She joked and put her shoes on the shoe shelf. "What did he tell you?" he asked and she seemed artificially thoughtful for a moment. "That she's an annoying goody-two-shoes that likes his bow and whom he doesn't like or anything." At the last four words, she had made air quotes with her fingers and then gave Arnold a knowing look. "Should we prepare the wedding?" Arnold asked playfully and she giggled as she went to wrap her arms around him. "Naw, give it some time…" she told him and nuzzled her nose against his. "If he's as slow as you, we're gonna be waiting years before he even has the guts to ask her out."

The end

Author's 2nd note: *Le sob* it's actually fully over now… Someone asked if I was planning to try to continue this from Phillip's point of view, but in the end, I just want to have this be the ending, you know? I've been writing on this for almost a year now, I think it's time to declare it finished :)

I was unsure of whether to give Arnold and Helga another child. I thought it'd might be weird for Phillip so to speak, to be around a child who actually is the biological child of both his parents, but I hope I managed to put a realistic view on it for him. Also, I felt like I had to name her Geraldine… I figured: Hey, Phillip is named after Arnold, it would only be fair to have Geraldine to be named after Helga, right? xD

Ok, so, you might be thinking: Why Lisa? Simple: Lisa is the name of Craig Bartlett's wife and I wanted her to have a name that made sense in the Hey Arnold! world even if she is only a character that is mentioned rather than a part of the actual story.

So, this is the official ending! No more! It is totally complete now. *Le big tears* I hope you enjoyed and I am so happy and grateful that you have read the story to this point. I hope that you will enjoy my future work and stay tuned for more of my stories :D