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Chapter 2

Snakepaw had always disliked how crowded LeafClan seemed to be. In green-leaf, when he and Slatepaw were born, the nursery was home to several other kits already. He could barely wiggle without hitting someone or even end up being stepped on. The older kits had a tendency to step on his tail or even trip over him. When Snakepaw finally moved out of the nursery, the crowd seemed to simply move with him. Every morning that he didn't wake up on his own, he was stinging in a spot where some cat had just prodded him or stepped on him. Someone always had dawn patrol. Snakepaw sometimes even found himself, begrudgingly, wishing he'd been born into a different clan so he wouldn't have to deal with stepping on or tripping over paws or vice versa.

Mothpaw had dawn patrol that morning. Snakepaw barely escaped the apprentices' den before the fat, fumbling tom awakened. In a way, Snakepaw enjoyed being up in the morning long before any of the other cats were. He could watch the sun crawl up over the tall grass in LeafClan territory. Snakepaw stretched, yawning quietly to himself, and Mothpaw staggered out of the apprentices' den, a hiss following after him. Apparently Mothpaw had stepped on Slatepaw again. Snakepaw assumed he hadn't tried avoiding the incident either, no matter how scary Slatepaw might be later when she finally caught Mothpaw.

Seednose, Dappledpel and Mapleflower were already waiting on Mothpaw. Mapleflower spared Snakepaw a glance. Her green-blue eyes glowed with a curious expression. Snakepaw yawned again, and Mothpaw shook out his fur, his tubby belly jiggling around him. Mothpaw then padded forward to join the three cats.

"Snakepaw..." Mapleflower meowed his name to call the young tom's attention to her, "Would you like to join the patrol?" Her eyes twinkled with a small smile. Snakepaw yawned again. He didn't particularly want to join them, seeing as he preferred to spend his mornings alone. However, going on a dawn patrol wasn't a bad idea either.

"Alright," Snakepaw answered after a long moment, padding toward the group. Seednose nodded, then led the patrol out into the grass. The tall, golden stalks quickly closed around their bodies, making Seednose almost invisible, as he was the furthest away from Snakepaw. Snakepaw padded alongside Mothpaw, who apparently did not know how to walk quietly. It felt like the ground was thundering beneath the tubby, brown tom's large paws. Snakepaw couldn't believe that Dappledpelt ignored it, or worse, just didn't notice. In fact, Dappledpelt was quietly talking to Mapleflower. When the cats broke through the cover of the grass, they were at a brook which marked the border between LeafClan and SandClan.

Due to the lack of foresight in LeafClan territory, LeafClan cats were known for their ability to scent and hear things long before FireClan cats and definitely before SandClan cats. At the brook, Snakepaw paused to scent the breeze as it flowed past the cats. Seednose and Dappledpelt were checking the border. Snakepaw could smell the scents of prey and some plant that was possibly an herb, along with blood and something faintly familiar, but he couldn't place it. Snakepaw gave Mapleflower a curious look, but didn't voice his question. It was probably nothing.

"What's wrong?" Mapleflower asked, meeting Snakepaw's gaze. Snakepaw shook his head slowly.

"It's nothing," he meowed in reply. Mapleflower nodded, turning back to Dappledpelt and Seednose.

"Shall we head to the FireClan border?" she asked, waiting on the two senior warriors. Seednose nodded to Dappledpelt.

"All clear," Dappledpelt meowed, and the patrol slipped back into the grass. Snakepaw hung back a bit from the group, but kept Mapleflower in sight. Mothpaw fell in stride with Snakepaw.

"It wasn't nothing, was it?" Mothpaw hissed in a low tone. Snakepaw shot him a venomous glare, "You couldn't place it could you?" The fur on Snakepaw's neck stood up on end. He ignored Mothpaw's prying question, quickly catching up to Mapleflower. Snakepaw rarely felt like talking to the other cat.

"So I was right..." Mothpaw muttered to himself. Snakepaw preferred focusing on the task at paw rather than falling to idle chatter with the mouse-brained Mothpaw. Mapleflower took Snakepaw's coming into stride with her as a queue that he wanted to talk to her, and she was more than happy to oblige.

"Darkstorm says you're a great apprentice," Mapleflower meowed, attempting to begin conversation with the stony apprentice.

"I'm sure," Snakepaw remarked drily, completely dismissing the she-cat. Mapleflower looked a bit hurt, but made no attempt to leave his side or talk again.

The patrol came to a massive forest that did a fair job of blocking out the sunlight. It towered over the five cats. Although dark and uninviting at first glace, Snakepaw figured it was more similar to LeafClan territory than most LeafClan cats thought it was. Dappledpelt was showing Mothpaw how to check the border, since it was easier when there was actually landmarks for the border. Then Seednose caught wind of the approaching FireClan patrol.

"FireClan," he warned gently. Dappledpelt quickly moved Mothpaw away from the FireClan border with her multicolored tail. Mothpaw fell back onto his butt, and Snakepaw couldn't help the snort that escaped him.

A mottled black and white she-cat approached, following her was a russet tom and a small, black she-cat. Dappledpelt stiffened, and Mapleflower narrowed her eyes. Snakepaw stood back, already gauging that it wasn't going to be a fair fight. FireClan had a smaller patrol. The FireClan cats seemed to mirror their tense appearance, but when Snakepaw looked to Seednose, the light brown tom was completely relaxed. Seednose held his tail high, his green eyes smiling at the FireClan cats.

"Stormpelt, Russetheart and... Nightcloud, right?" he meowed. The mottled she-cat, obviously Stormpelt, relaxed visibly when her yellow-green eyes met Seednose's kind, green ones.

"Seednose," the she-cat replied, her black and white fur laying down. Mapleflower turned to Seednose in confusion, but Dappledpelt let out a soft purr of appreciation.

"I heard we chased a rabbit into your paws last sun," Seednose continued jovially.

"You did," Russetheart nodded. Seednose nodded back, his eyes closed. Then he glanced at the patrol with him and flicked his tail in the direction that FireClan had come in.

"Well, we must be off. Duty calls," Seednose meowed, and the FireClan cats nodded in acknowledgment. Seednose padded on ahead, and the rest of the LeafClan patrol followed after. Mothpaw stared at Seednose with wide eyes.

"How did you do that?" he asked. Snakepaw's ears perked up, since he happened to be curious as well. Dappledpelt purred.

"Seednose is the friendliest cat in the whole forest," she meowed. Mothpaw looked at his mentor.

"But what does that have to do with making everyone act like we're friends?" Mothpaw questioned, not seeming to understand what Dappledpelt meant, and Mapleflower shook her head lightly.

"Everyone knows me, and I make a point of knowing everyone," Seednose answered, "Familiar faces aren't that scary." Mothpaw stared at the small tom in awe. Snakepaw was impressed. He'd never really noticed Seednose moving about during a gathering. Dappledpelt purred again, bumping her shoulder against Seednose's and the tom seemed to smile at her.


Spiderkit batted a fallen leaf with her paws. It crunched and crumpled as Spiderkit chased it across the FireClan camp. Mistysky caught the playful kit by her scruff, carrying her back over to the nursery.

"Spiderkit, running around like that could get a cat hurt," Mistysky meowed. She gave the fluffy kit a quick lick on the forehead before padding off to join a hunting patrol. The she-cat still acted like she was Spiderkit and Elmkit's mother. Spiderkit thought that was silly of Mistysky. She and Elmkit didn't have a mother or a father. They had each other, and that was, at times, more than enough for Spiderkit. Elmkit was a big, lazy bum but she loved him. Elmkit was probably napping or doing something else that involved moving as little as possible. Spiderkit crouched again, eyes on a shaking leaf. She leaped forward, tumbling into the bush. She rolled right through the leaves and over the roots. Finally, Spiderkit rolled right out of FireClan camp.

Spiderkit looked around with wide eyes. The trees were gigantic, and they stretched high into the sky. In fact, it was barely seen beyond the massive tree limbs and their fat, orange and red leaves. Spiderkit gazed at the giant forest in awe. Slowly she stood up onto her paws. Some of the grass was tall enough to brush her underbelly, and it tickled. Spiderkit padded a couple steps forward, but then decided it all was a bit to overwhelming for her. She turned tail and returned through the bush. She found Elmkit, snuggling up right next to him, shivering with excitement.

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