The op was going to be very dangerous. As such, Ward would be going in alone.

An organization, a very evil, world dominating organization, had control of a very dangerous device. It was a device that could exhibit mind control over any victim it wanted provided they had a sample of said persons DNA. The device had to be either destroyed or stolen, and that was a job for Agent Ward, and Agent Ward alone.

They had toyed with the idea of the whole team going in, but the risks were too extreme. They had all agreed a one man team would be better. But they all knew the risks were heavy. If Ward was captured, he may never be recovered, and even if he was recovered, there were no promises about his mental wellbeing.

In short, the situation sucked.

FitzSimmons stayed top side to monitor Grant's bio signs and tech. Colson and Mei also remained on the bus to direct him through the labyrinth and give him intel. That left Sky to drop him off, hack the system, and drive the getaway car, a fact for which she was both grateful and nervous.

Agent Ward was currently driving. He said driving helped him focus, helped him keep from getting nervous. Sky could see how that was true. With nothing to focus her mind on, she was practically going crazy in the passenger seat. She kept glancing at Grant and then back at the road, wondering if they would actually talk about how much danger he was putting himself in. Of course, it's not like it mattered. It had to be done and Agent Ward was the man for the job.

When they finally arrived at the crowded parking lot (the front for the agencies base was a law firm), Agent Ward put the car in park and let out a long breath.

"We're here," he said, talking to the team back at the bus.

"Good." Colson's voice. "Your access looks clear, as long as those codes hold. Sky?"

She cleared her throat, jolting out of her nervous stupor. "Yeah?"

"You ready to be the best hacker you've ever been?"

"Yes sir," she said, knowing Grant's life depended on it.

"All right then. I know you can do this," he said from her ear.

Agent Ward turned his deep, brown eyes on her and raised his eyebrows. "So do I. I have complete confidence in you."

Sky nodded nervously, her eyes flicking away and then back to his face.

"Agent Ward? You have a go," Colson said.

"Yes sir," he responded. His eyes were still on Sky. He suddenly cleared his throat and then turned back to the front, unclipping his seat belt. Sky felt her heart beat into her throat. She had to say something before he left, something that he would remember, something that would tell him how much she cared about him. But nothing came to her head.

It seemed like time was moving in slow motion. It felt like they sat there, staring out the front windshield, neither willing to begin the mission, for a lifetime. Sky held her breath, almost hoping Grant wouldn't go.

But then he reached for the door handle.

A moment later, he had turned back suddenly and surprised her by grasping her face between two strong hands and kissing her hard. There was no time for her to think as he deepened the kiss, fueled by passion, and nerves, and fear. He kissed her so hard, she was breathless in seconds and she felt her body responding to his.

Grasping his outstretched arms in her hands, she held on, kissing him back with equal passion. She could feel his hand in her hair, clutching her almost painfully, not wanting to let go. She wished they were closer, wished the damn median wasn't in the way, wished she could feel his body on hers. Passion was practically pulsing through her body and she never wanted something to last forever so badly in her life.

It felt like a lifetime and yet no time at all when Grant pulled his lips away, breathing hard, their foreheads still touching, his hands still tied in her hair. She grasped his arms tightly, practically begging him not to go, her own breath coming in gasps.

They were both jolted out of their revere when Colson's voice came over the radio.

"Hey, what's the hold up? Everything all right?"

Grant pulled his head away slightly so he could look deep into Sky's eyes, and then cleared his throat.

"Yes sir, everything's fine. I'm just getting ready to go in."

He was looking at her deeply, his hands still around her head, her hands still grasping his arms. They were both still breathing hard and she could see the passion in Grant's eyes.

"I don't want you to go," Sky said, swallowing hard and trying to keep her voice from shaking.

"I know," he responded, and she was surprised to hear his voice strong and clear. "But I have to. This has to be done." His dark eyes were soft as he looked at her and then he untangled his hands from her hair. She reluctantly released his arms and he brushed one hair from her face, leaning forward to kiss her lightly again.

"I'm counting on you Sky," he said, his face confident. "I know you can do it."

With one last look at her, he opened the door and was gone.