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I stare into the mirror, gently massaging my now shortened tresses. I briefly recall the day I walked into the hair salon and told my hairdresser that I wanted something more edgy and hot. She was as shocked to hear me say the words, as I was to be saying them.

But he had a way of subtly planting things into my mind; things that I wasn't used to saying and most certainly was not used to doing.

You have the most beautiful, baby-soft hair, Isabella.

I can still hear his soft grunts in my ear, his warm breath caressing my cheek as he winds my hair around his wrist. I shudder deliciously at the memory of him taking me deliberately, yet savagely from behind.

You should cut it. Your neck and back are exquisite; they should always be visible for everyone to admire.

I instinctively arch my neck to the side; my hand absentmindedly caresses my neck as I remember his touch, as I hear his voice. He used words like perfection,, exquisite as he made love to me, when he fucked me; when he'd take me to 'another level', as he'd put it.

Those words have embedded themselves in my head, like he'd taken a branding iron to my brain. He had a way of doing that without even trying.

"Bella, what the hell?" He appears again, snapping me out of my reverie.

"I'm coming," I appease him and he turns without another word.

Guests are mingling, and I'm fluttering around like the perfect hostess, working hard to make this important night perfect for my husband. I know that he's counting on landing an important deal tonight.

"Bella, Sweetheart, over here." James beckons. He's at the center of a group of people.

He wraps his arm possessively around my waist as soon as I reach him, and starts introducing me to the circle of people I've yet to meet.

"Edward, I want you to meet my beautiful wife, Isabella."

I look up into hypnotic green eyes, and my legs feel as if they're about to collapse from under me. The oxygen leaves my body as I stare at him, dumbfounded.

He takes my hand without a spark of recognition in his eyes, no acknowledgement of me whatsoever in his expression.

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