Michelle peeked down the dark alleyway, gripping her fire axe tightly. She didn't want to risk attracting any infected with the flashlight, so she just let her vision get used to the dark. She slowly crept down the narrow path between two buildings, and positioned herself behind two garbage cans when she came to the end of the alleyway.

"Why am I even doing this? What's the point?" She thought to herself. It had been almost a year since the outbreak, and she had survived all this time. Her family had been slaughtered within the first month by infected that did not look like the rest. She vaguely remembered the three infected that had killed her parents and younger sister: One had a large arm, another had boils covering his face, and was able to shoot his tongue at people far away, and the final one had been a very agile infected, his face covered with a hood.

Michelle surveyed the street she would have to cross in a few moments, and saw that there was a single common lazily walking away from her. She took this as her chance, and quietly scampered across the street and into the closest building she could find. To her surprise, there was a room with a heavy metal door, or more commonly called, a "safe house." She dashed in the room, and shut the door. She exhaled, and sat up against the wall. The exhausted survivor looked at her clothes, which were all filthily from trying to find a safe house. A shower was really needed, but running water was rare these days.

As Michelle was lost in her own thoughts, she didn't see the hunter until it was far too late.

A lone hunter was sitting in a booth of a small diner, legs propped up on the table. He had just scored a female survivor, whom tasted wonderfully and, to his pleasing, was terrified out of her wits.

"The scared ones are always fun to play with" The hunter chuckled to himself as he recalled his last moments with the girl alive. He had fooled her into thinking he was his friend, and he, when her guard was down, slit her throat with his claws. He now wished he had saved some of her blood, because he was getting quite thirsty. He got up with a grunt to get more blood, but he then spotted a female survivor running across the street to the diner he was in.

"This is going to be fun…" The infected said to himself. He ran into the safe house, shut the door, and hid behind one of the shelves. He was hoping she would come in, because he had no idea how to open a door besides breaking it with his claws. He would do the same with the door to the safe house, but it was made of heavy metal that only a tank could break. As he thought these things, the female survivor entered the room. He was startled by this, and suppressed a growl. As he watched this female, he noticed a zip-tie on the shelf he was hiding behind. He had watched another human work one of these things, and caught the trick to using them. The hunter slipped the tie into his pockets, and looked at the survivor, who was sitting on the ground, looking down. He took this opportunity to crawl out of his hiding spot, and pounce on her.

Michelle screamed as the hunter landed on top of her, not expecting an infected to be in a safe house. She thrashed around, trying to escape the hunter on top of her. The infected simply pinned her arms to the ground, and laughed at what he though was her "antics".

"SOMEONE HELP ME!" Michelle screeched, frightened that this hunter would be the last thing she would see before her death. She then witnessed the hunter move her hands over her mouth to quite her, and take out a zip-tie to tie her hands together. He laid her tied hands above her head, and put one of his hands over her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

By now, Michelle wouldn't have been surprised if she crapped her pants. She was shaking with fear, and was on the verge of tears. She looked at the hunter, who was grinning ear-to-ear at her. He could feel her shaking, and see her fear. His first thought was to tear into her, but he decided against it. Instead, he decided to do something he had never done before, but first, have some fun with the girl.

Michelle gasped as the hunter caressed her cheek, looking at her like she was his prize. He slowly moved his hand down her cheek, and lightly touched her neck. Michelle looked at the infected with wide eyes, fearing what he would do next. He then moved his hand down the upper part of her body, and continued until he reached her thigh. He stopped, and slowly removed his hand, gazing at the female.

He slowly removed both hands, and stood up, taking a step back from Michelle. She very quickly stood up, and planted her back against the wall, the infected still staring a hole through her head. She cautiously opened the door to the safe house, about to run out, but was taken by surprise from the hunter, who brought her to her knees and put her in a rear naked chokehold. Michelle struggled, and found herself slowly losing consciousness. She struggled to the best of her ability, but the entire struggle was fruitless. Her body went limp, and the hunter smiled as he let go of her body, laying it on the ground.

He put Michelle's unconscious body on his back, and walked out the door to the safe house.