"Let's just kill her and be over with it." Rick Bluntly stated.

"No, I couldn't allow that to happen. She's too…. Innocent." Chris replied, closing the window he and Rick were viewing on his laptop. "We could infect her, but that is the worst I'd be able to do with her."

The smoker glanced up at the hunter, and looked back down at his drink.

"You are no fun, Christopher."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

The two infected made eye contact

"Well, we're infected. So, since we'll burn in hell anyway, let's just have some fun! Kill some, rut some, drink some…"

"No!" Chris hissed. Just because we're the walking dead doesn't mean we have to be horrible people!"

"We ARN"T people!" Rick shot back. "Not anymore! We are monsters. You, me, and everyone else who is infected. And because I'm a "special infected", it means I get to keep my head intact!

"It's a miracle that we can still communicate and do good here on this planet." Said Chris.

"You can call it a "miracle", but I call it a curse." He guzzled the rest of his drink, then continued. "I'd rather be one of the dumb infected, not have a care in the world and just swing wildly and drool everywhere."

Chris shuddered at the thought of that. He couldn't bear to be one of the common infected. Limping around, drooling everywhere. True, it hurt to remember the life he had before this, but he was sure it was at least better than being a mindless zombie.

He sighed. "Let's just keep her under cover for now. If she becomes a large threat…. We can kill her."

Rick smiled. "Not what I was exactly hoping for, but I'll take it."

Michelle flopped down on the bed and sighed. What was going to become of her? The two outside seemed kind enough, only that Rick was kind of a perv, but otherwise kind.

"I doubt they will just kill me." She thought aloud. "I dunno, maybe infect me?" She wouldn't doubt it, having a captive survivor wasn't safe, and infecting her would make their lives easier.

Since there was nothing else to do, Michelle observed the room she was in. It was furnished, which she didn't notice the first time she was there besides the bed and the nightstand. It had a bookshelf near the door, with a desk propped up against the wall.

"Could there be anything inside the desk…? Wondered the survivor as she got up. Walking over to the desk, she examined is further. There was nothing special about it, only a few paper and pens on the top of it. Michelle began searching through the drawers, only to find more papers, writing utensils, and a children's book.

As she opened the last drawer, something caught her eye. There was a part of the drawer that was a little lighter than the rest of the wood. She ran her finger over it, and pushed it in; a button.

After hearing a "click!", another sound was heard from behind her, and Michelle turned around to see the bookshelf moving to the right of the door, revealing a hidden alcove. In it, was nothing besides hooks in the wall, looking like it was made to be holding something.

She walked over to it, and noticed the hooks were far apart.

"Whatever they were meant to be holding, it was quite large, that's for sure."

Michelle quickly turned around, and saw Chris leaning up against the door.

"Don't do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack…"

Chris scoffed. "Like that's your biggest worry. Come on, Rick and I have to speak with you."


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